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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Twillingate

Pages 231-234

Community of
South East Arm
Dwelling Family SURNAME Given Name Relationship Sex Status Age Religion
NOTE: SDA = Seventh Day Adventists
PAGE 231                
151 124 FAGEN James HEAD M M 41 UC
    FAGEN Phoebe Wife F M 39 UC
    FAGEN Vengeline (sic) Daughter F S 9 UC
    FAGEN Lilly Daughter F S 7 UC
    FAGEN Robert Son M S 5 UC
    FAGEN Kenneth Son M S 3 UC
    FAGEN Mary Daughter F S 11 UC
152 125 WHITE George HEAD M W 73 UC
    WHITE Donald Son M S 22 UC
  126 MARCH Thomas HEAD M M 37 SA
    MARCH Mamie Wife F M 25 SA
    MARCH Winston Son M S 3 SA
153 127 WALL Samuel HEAD M M 60 SDA
    WALL Isabell Wife F M 54 SDA
    WALL Clayton Son M S 12 SDA
154 128 WALL Amos HEAD M M 61 UC
    WALL Annie Wife F M 53 SDA
    WALL Claude Son M S 31 SDA
    WALL Malcolm Son M S 21 SDA
PAGE 232                
156 129 LANGDON Arthur HEAD M M 43 SA
    LANGDON Lucy Wife F M 40 SA
    LANGDON Walter Son M S 16 SA
    LANGDON Evelyn Daughter F S 13 SA
    LANGDON Melba Daughter F S 9 SA
    LANGDON Attwell Son M S 8 SA
    LANGDON Gerald Son M S 6 SA
    LANGDON Ronald Son M S 3 SA
    LANGDON Alwin *1 Daughter (sic) F (sic) S 3 SA
157 130 YATES Adolphus HEAD M M 82 UC
    YATES Mary Jane Wife F M 72 UC
    EVANS Louie Adopted Daughter F S 16 UC
158 131 BOONE Wm A HEAD M M 28 UC
    BOONE Ada Wife F M 23 UC
    BOONE Mildred Daughter F S 3 UC
    BOONE Ronald Son M S 2 UC
    BOONE Raymond Son M S 9 Months UC
  132 WHITE William HEAD M M 27 UC
    WHITE Elizabeth Wife M M 24 UC
    WHITE Maude Daughter F S 3 UC
    WHITE Mable Daughter F S 1 UC
159 133 COX Charles HEAD M M 56 UC
    COX Margaret Wife F M 53 UC
160 134 BUDGELL George HEAD M M 65 SA
    BUDGELL Maude Wife F M 36 SA
    BUDGELL Gertrude Daughter F S 13 SA
161 135 BOONE George HEAD M M 64 UC
    BOONE Dorcus Wife F M 57 UC
PAGE 233                
162 136 BOONE Isaac Sr HEAD M M 57 UC
    BOONE Patience Wife F M 51 UC
    BOONE Abraham Son M S 21 UC
    BOONE Temple Son M S 16 UC
    BOONE Eric Son M S 6 UC
163 157 BOONE Edward HEAD M M 61 UC
    BOONE Fannie Wife F M 56 UC
    BOONE Helena ? Daughter F S 20 UC
    BOONE Garland Son M S 18 UC
    BOONE Muriel Daughter F S 16 UC
    BOONE Calvin Grand Son M S 6 Months UC
164 138 BUDGELL Joseph Sr HEAD M M 70 SA
    BUDGELL Fannie Wife F M 62 SA
    BUDGELL Bennett Son M S 21 SA
    BUDGELL Stephen Son M S 18 SA
165 139 HUSTINS Rheuben (sic) HEAD M M 44 UC
    HUSTINS Pearl Wife F M 40 UC
    HUSTINS Wilbert Son M S 17 UC
    HUSTINS Harry Son M S 15 UC
    HUSTINS Gladys Daughter F S 13 UC
    HUSTINS Eva Daughter F S 10 UC
    HUSTINS Ivy Daughter F S 7 UC
    HUSTINS Llewlyn Son M S 9 UC
    HUSTINS Raymond Son M S 5 UC
    HUSTINS Alonzo Son M S 1 UC
166 149 HUSTINS Ralph HEAD M M 37 SA
    HUSTINS Violet Wife F M 31 SA
PAGE 234                
167 142 (sic) MILLEY Hayward HEAD M M 35 UC
    MILLEY Selina Wife F M 31 UC
    MILLEY Francis Son M S 10 UC
    MILLEY Ada Daughter F S 2 UC

Contributed and Transcribed by Glynn Hewlett

Page Last Modified: Saturday January 16, 2016 (Don Tate)
LANGDON, Alwin *1 HE is a SON. As you notice that Ronald and Alwin are both 3, they are actually twins. Evelyn was my grandmother. Janelle Penney -

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