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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of St. George's Bay

Pages 21 - 27

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 21              
129 140 McISAAC Archie A. Head M M 75
    McISAAC Catherine Wife F M 37 (?)
    McISAAC Allen Son M S 2?
    McISAAC Angus Son M S ?
PAGE 22              
    McISAAC James Son M S 7
    McISAAC Daniel Son M S 3
    McISAAC Roland Son M S 11 Mos
    McISAAC Annastia (sic) Daughter F S 13
    McISAAC Lucy Daughter F S 10
    McISAAC Florence Daughter F S 3
130 141 SMITH John Head M M 42
    SMITH Julia Wife F M 42
    SMITH Archie Son M S 17
    SMITH George Son M S 16
    SMITH Charles Son M S 12
    SMITH Gorden Son M S 10
    SMITH Andrew Son M S 2
    SMITH Elizabeth Daughter F S 15 Mos
131 142 HAYES James Head M M 43
    HAYES Frances Wife F M 40
    HAYES James Son M S 13
    HAYES Mike Son M S 10
    HAYES Patrick Son M S 3
    HAYES June Daughter F S 14
    HAYES Geraldine Daughter F S 22
    HAYES Honora Daughter F S 8
    HAYES Frances Daughter F S 6
    HAYES Mary Daughter F S 5
132 143 CORMIER John Head M M 56
    CORMIER Elizabeth Wife F M 53
    CORMIER William Son M S 28
    CORMIER Secil Son M S 24
    CORMIER Sears (sic) Son M S 23
    CORMIER Frank Son M S 20
    CORMIER Gerald Son M S 18
    CORMIER Wilfred Son M S 13
    CORMIER Martin Son M S 10
PAGE 23              
    CORMIER Beatrice * Daughter F S 26
* NOTE: Beatrice was lined out in pencil at a later date. Doesn't appear to have been done by the enumerator.
    CORMIER Margaret Daughter F S 22
133 144 McISAAC Cornelius Head M S 29
134 145 McISAAC Alexander D. Head M M 63
    McISAAC Mary Wife F M 60
    McISAAC Daniel Son M S 31
    McISAAC Jane Daughter F S 25
    McISAAC Sears (sic) Adopted M S 21
135 146 GILLAM Emmanuel Jr. Head M M 30
    GILLAM Mary Wife F M 23
136 147 GILLAM Emmanuel Head M M 70
    GILLAM Mary Jane Wife F M 75
137 148 O'QUINN Narcis (sic) Head M M 38
    O'QUINN Julia Wife F M 39
    O'QUINN Hughie Son M S 13
    O'QUINN Murdock Son M S 12
    O'QUINN James Son M S 10
    O'QUINN John Son M S 8
    O'QUINN Anthony Son M S 6
    O'QUINN Arthur Son M S 5
    O'QUINN Margaret Daughter F S 4
    O'QUINN Ellen Daughter F S 2
    O'QUINN Josephine Daughter F S 1
    O'QUINN Marie Daughter F S 2 Mos
138 149 GALE John W. Head M M 35
    GALE Theresa Wife F M 28
    GALE Mary Daughter F S 11
    GALE Elsie Daughter F S 9
    GALE Helen Daughter F S 4
139 150 GALE John J. Head M M 38
    GALE Jessie Wife F M 37
    GALE Edward Son M S 16
    GALE John Tom Son M S 15
PAGE 24              
    GALE Paul Son M S 13
    GALE Michael Son M S 11
    GALE Bernard Son M S 9
    GALE Gerald Son M S 7
    GALE Frank Son M S 5
    GALE Andrew Son M S 3
    GALE Gordon Son M S 2
140 151 McNEIL Charles Head M M 35
    McNEIL Elizabeth Wife F M 36
    McNEIL Charles A. Son M S 1 Mo
    McNEIL Martha Daughter F S 10
    McNEIL Pearl Daughter F S 8
    McNEIL Dorris Daughter F S 6
    McNEIL Irene Daughter F S 3
141 152 O'QUINN Medrick (sic) Head M M 70
    O'QUINN Matilda Wife F M 65
    O'QUINN Matilda Daughter F S 21
    O'QUINN Michael Adopted M S 10
  153 O'QUINN Charles Head M M 25
    O'QUINN Loretta Wife F M 19
    O'QUINN Harold Son M S 1
  154 O'QUINN Arthur Head M M 33
    O'QUINN Annie Wife F M 25
142 155 GALE James Head M M 24
    GALE Ellen Mother F W 63
143 156 McARTHUR Angus Head M M 59
    McARTHUR Selena Wife F M 42
    McARTHUR Archie Son M S 25
    McARTHUR Cyril Son M S 14
    McARTHUR Donald Son M S 8
    McARTHUR Anna Daughter F S 18
    McARTHUR Mary Daughter F S 16
    McARTHUR Jane Daughter F S 12
PAGE 25              
    McARTHUR Margaret Daughter F S 10
    McARTHUR Sarah Daughter F S 4
    McARTHUR Rose Daughter F S 1
144 157 McISAAC Joseph Head M M 61
    McISAAC Unice (sic) Wife F M 43
    McISAAC Lloyde (sic) Adopted M S 18
    McISAAC Elizabeth Adopted F S 13
145 158 McNEIL Alexander Head M S 53
146 159 McNEIL John Head M S 38
    McNEIL Sharlet (sic) Mother F W 68
147 160 ST CROIX Stan Head M M 38
    ST CROIX Annie Wife F M 32
    ST CROIX Joseph Son M S 13
    ST CROIX Peter Son M S 11
    ST CROIX Frank Son M S 9
    ST CROIX Nicholas Son M S 5
    ST CROIX Fintin (sic) Son M S 8 Mos
    ST CROIX Margaret Daughter F S 7
    ST CROIX Elizabeth Daughter F S 3
148 161 O'QUINN William Head M M 34
    O'QUINN Olive Wife F M 28
    O'QUINN Gerard Son M S 8
    O'QUINN Agustin (sic) Son M S 2
    O'QUINN Terence Son M S 5 Mos
    O'QUINN Unice (sic) Daughter F S 7
    O'QUINN Olive Daughter F S 5
    O'QUINN Beatrice Daughter F S 4
149 162 McISAAC John A. Head M M 66
    McISAAC Annie Wife F M 63
    McISAAC Thomas Son M S 24
    McISAAC Dorothy Daughter F S 17
  163 BRAKE William Head M M 21
    BRAKE Elsie Wife F M 19
PAGE 26              
    BRAKE Emelda (sic) Daughter F S 1
    BRAKE Zita  (sic) Daughter F S 6 Mos
150 164 O'QUINN Peter Head M M 74
    O'QUINN Emma Wife F M 60
    O'QUINN John Son M S 22
    O'QUINN Anna Daughter F S 16
151 165 O'QUINN George Head M M 26
    O'QUINN Agnes Wife F M 22
    O'QUINN Roland Son M S 1
    O'QUINN Vincent Son M S 3 Mos
152 166 MUISE Dennis Head M M 28
    MUISE Beatrice Wife F M 24
    MUISE Andrew Son M S 4
    MUISE Norman Son M S 3
    MUISE Kenneth Son M S 1
    MUISE Ellenora (sic) Daughter F S 4 Mos
    MUISE Florence Mother F W 66
153 167 GUERNIER Louis Head M M 24
    GUERNIER Emma Wife F M 29
154 168 O'QUINN P. J. Head M M 36
    O'QUINN Julia Wife F M 34
    O'QUINN Thomas Son M S 8
    O'QUINN Bernard Son M S 5
    O'QUINN Martin Son M S 4
    O'QUINN Agustin (sic) Son M S 2
    O'QUINN Ellen Mother in Law F W 64
155 169 McISAAC Archie Head M M 33
    McISAAC Rose Wife F M 29
156 170 BRAKE Joseph Head M M 41
    BRAKE Mary Wife F M 40
    BRAKE Cyril Son M S 20
    BRAKE Bernard Son M S 13
    BRAKE Michael Son M S 10
PAGE 27              
    BRAKE Carol Daughter F S 6
    BRAKE Stanley Son M S 5
    BRAKE Kevin Son M S 2
    BRAKE Matilda Daughter F S 17
    BRAKE Regina Daughter F S 16
    BRAKE Dorothy Daughter F S 15
    BRAKE Rita Daughter F S 9
    BRAKE Geraldine Daughter F S 7
    BRAKE Ignatious Daughter (sic) F (sic) S 4
    BRAKE Clophous (sic) Daughter (sic) F (sic) S 1
157 171 McISAAC Angus C. Head M W 38
    McISAAC Loretta Daughter F S 6
    McISAAC Gimma (sic) Daughter F S 4
    McISAAC Catherine Mother F W 62

Transcribed by Gervase Cunard (November 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (December 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday August 16, 2016 (Don Tate)

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