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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of St. Barbe

Pages 75 - 82

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 75              
30 33 WATTS Bramwell Head M M 29
    WATTS Hazel Wife F M 27
31 34 SHEARS James E. Head M M 33
    SHEARS Dorcas Wife F M 33
    SHEARS Joan Daughter F S 8
    SHEARS James Son M S 7
    SHEARS Pauline Daughter F S 5
    SHEARS Floyde Son M S 3
    SHEARS Benjamin Son M S 1
    SHEARS Thomas Son M S 6 Mos
32 35 SHEARS John Head M M 50
    SHEARS Edith Wife F M 44
    SHEARS Bryant Son M S 22
    SHEARS Samuel Son M S 19
    SHEARS Maidment Son M S 14
    SHEARS Pearl Daughter F S 11
33 36 SHEARS Gorden (sic) Head M M 30
    SHEARS Violet Wife F M 27
    SHEARS Scott Son M S 5
    SHEARS Ethel Daughter F S 5
    SHEARS Mona Daughter F S 2
    SHEARS Elizath Daughter F S 7 Mos
    SHEARS Clyde Lodger M S 27
34 37 SHEARS Selena Head F W 61
    SHEARS Clark Son M S 16
    HARVEN Effie Head F W 24
    HARVEN Corinza (sic) Daughter F S 3
    HARVEN Ruby Daughter F S 5 Mos
35 38 LAING Fredrick Head M S 32
    LAING Clayton Brother M S 11 (sic)
  39 PIERCEY Harry Head M M 28
    PIERCEY Elizabeth Wife F M 24
    ROSE Mary No Entry F W 53
    LeGETTE Alma No Entry F W 35
PAGE 76              
    PIERCEY Esther Daughter F S 2
    PIERCEY Phylis Daughter F S 2 Mos
36 40 SHEARS William Head M M 47
    SHEARS Pheoby Wife F M 43
    SHEARS Stanly Son M S 22
    SHEARS Effie Daughter F S 20
    SHEARS Stewart Son M S 18
    SHEARS Clayton Son M S 16
    SHEARS Roland Son M S 14
    SHEARS Sidney Son M S 12
    SHEARS Cecil Son M S 10
    SHEARS Gladys Daughter F S 7
    SHEARS Lewis Son M S 2
    SHEARS Sushana (sic) Mother F W 83
37 41 SHEARS Chesley Head M M 34
    SHEARS Jane Wife F M 24
    SHEARS George Son M S 6
    SHEARS Lillie Daughter F S 4
    SHEARS June Daughter F S 2
38 42 PARSONS Benjamin Head M M 47
    PARSONS Annie Wife F M 43
    PARSONS Edna Daughter F S 22
    PARSONS Daisy Daughter F S 20
    PARSONS Garland Son M S 18
    PARSONS Donald Son M S 16
    PARSONS Stella Daughter F S 14
    PARSONS Winifred Daughter F S 12
    PARSONS Kathleen Daughter F S 9
    PARSONS Benjamin Jr. Son M S 7
    PARSONS Lillian Daughter F S 5
    PARSONS Sidney Son M S 3
39 43 PARSONS Elizabeth Head F W 63
    PARSONS Meshach (sic) Son M S 24
PAGE 77              
    PARSONS Myrtle Daughter F S 20
40 44 PARSONS Isaac Head M M 66
    PARSONS Eliza Wife F M 63
    PARSONS Wallace Son M S 39
    PARSONS Stuart Son M S 35
    PARSONS Elizabeth Daughter F S 22
41 45 PARSONS Meshach (sic) Head M M 56
    PARSONS Elizabeth Wife F M 50
    PARSONS Robert Son M S 24
    PARSONS Isabella Daughter F S 18
    PARSONS John W. Son M S 15
    PARSONS Edith Daughter F S 12
    PARSONS Norman Son M S 10
42 46 PARSONS Alexander Head M M 29
    PARSONS Pearl Wife F M 27
    PARSONS Ralph Son M S 3
    PARSONS Madeline Daughter F S 1
43 47 SNOW Edgar Head M M 56
    SNOW Mazie Wife F M 36
    SNOW George Son M S 20
    SNOW Martin Son M S 16
    SNOW Charles Son M S 14
    SNOW Eveyn (sic) Daughter F S 12
    SNOW Orilla (sic) (?) Daughter F S 9
44 48 MAJOR George Sr. Head M M 38
    MAJOR Fanney Wife F M 38
    MAJOR Hatte Daughter F S 15
    MAJOR Evelen (sic) Daughter F S 13
    MAJOR John Son M S 11
    MAJOR George Jr. Son M S 8
    MAJOR Pearl Daughter F S 6
    MAJOR Walter Son M S 4
    MAJOR Isabella Daughter F S 2
PAGE 78              
45 49 PAYNE William C. Head M M 47
    PAYNE Ida C. Wife F M 35
    PAYNE Clarron (sic) H. Son M S 17
    PAYNE Maxina (sic) Daughter F S 14
    PAYNE Elizabeth Daughter F S 11
    PAYNE Alton Son M S 10
    PAYNE Clyde Son M S 8
    PAYNE Gerald Son M S 6
    PAYNE Bride Daughter F S 4
    PAYNE Greta Daughter F S 2
    PAYNE Donzella (sic) Daughter F S 1
    PAYNE Vronica (sic) Daughter F S 2
46 50 LAING Edgar Head M M 26
    LAING Matilda Wife F M 38
    BUTT Stanly Son M S 15
    BUTT Lyda (sic) Daughter F S 12
    BUTT Nina Daughter F S 10
    BUTT Ened Daughter F S 8
    BUTT John B. Son M S 5
    SNOOKS Annie Servant F S 20
47 51 WHITE Harvy Head M M 25
    WHITE Marigold Wife F M 20
    WHITE Gerald Son M S 1
48 52 WHITE Stephen Head M M 59
    WHITE Harriet Wife F M 53
    WHITE Steward Son M S 20
49 53 PAYNE Freeman Head M M 35
    PAYNE Julia Wife F M 29
    PAYNE Hedley Son M S 5
    PAYNE Ramond (sic) Son M S 3
50 54 WHITE Eli Head M M 54
    WHITE Sarah N. Wife F M 51
    WHITE Wilson R. Son M S 19
    HATCHER Annie No Entry F S 24
PAGE 79              
    WHITE Victor Son M S 17
    WHITE Albert Son M S 14
    WHITE Eunice C. Head M M 22
    WHITE Harriet Wife F M 21
    WHITE Lucy Daughter F S 1 Mo
51 55 WHITE William Head M M 42
    WHITE Annie Wife F M 36
    WHITE Chesley Son M S 18
    WHITE Howard Son M S 16
    WHITE Rendell Son M S 14
    WHITE Bertha Daughter F S 10
    WHITE Simeon Son M S 6
    WHITE John Son M S 4
    MAJOR Jane Servant F S 17
52 56 YOUNG George Head M M 38
    YOUNG Elizabeth Wife F M 26
    YOUNG William Son M S 8
    YOUNG Stella Daughter F S 4
    YOUNG Hector Son M S 3
53 57 NICHOLLE Arthur Head M S 35
    NICHOLLE John Brother M S 42
    NICHOLLE James Brother M S 32
    NICHOLLE Walter Head M M 48
    NICHOLLE Elizabeth Wife F M 39
    NICHOLLE Alexander Son M S 13
    NICHOLLE Ross Son M S 5
    NICHOLLE Vara (sic) Daughter F S 3
    NICHOLLE Madge Daughter F S 2
54 58 NICHOLLE William Head M M 50
    NICHOLLE Diana Wife F M 48
    NICHOLLE Earl Son M S 18
    NICHOLLE Ralph Son M S 15
    NICHOLLE Mildred Daughter F S 13
No Entry No Entry PARSONS Wm. * Head M W 82
 Note: Wm was added to the bottom of the page without reference where it matched with.
PAGE 80              
    NICHOLLE Arthur Son M S 11
55 59 WALTERS James A. Head M M 55
    WALTERS Susie Wife F M 52
    WALTERS Thomas Head M M 49
    WALTERS Annie Wife F M 39
    WALTERS Ivy Daughter F S 15
    WALTERS Bertha Daughter F S 10
    WALTERS Cora Daughter F S 8
    WALTERS Milton Son M S 5
    WALTERS Rosa Daughter F S 2
56 60 MAYNARD William Head M M 53
    MAYNARD Deborah Wife F M 45
    MAYNARD Gorden Son M S 22
    MAYNARD Stanely Son M S 20
    MAYNARD Sidney Son M S 17
    MAYNARD Gerturd (sic) Daughter F S 15
    MAYNARD Mary Daughter F S 13
    MAYNARD Maggie Daughter F S 7
    MAYNARD Angus Son M S 5
    MAYNARD Edith Daughter F S 3
57 61 PAYNE Samuel Head M M 38
    PAYNE Elsie Wife F M 28
    PAYNE Reata (sic) Daughter F S 11
    PAYNE Burke Son M S 9
    PAYNE Ada Daughter F S 6
    PAYNE Carrol Son M S 11 Mos
58 62 PAYNE Angus Head M W 74 (?
    PAYNE Walter Head M M 47
    PAYNE Florence Wife F M 32
    PAYNE Fannie Daughter F S 5
    PAYNE Evelin (sic) Daughter F S 2
59 63 PAYNE Norman Head M M 39
    PAYNE Mary Wife F M 29
PAGE 81              
    PAYNE Cecil Son M S 13
    PAYNE Florence Daughter F S 9
    PAYNE Allen Son M S 7
    PAYNE Elizabeth Daughter F S 1
    YOUNG Levi Lodger M W 64
    YOUNG Roy Lodger M S 23
60 64 PAYNE Clayton Head M M 23
    PAYNE Mary Wife F M 18
    PAYNE Harold Son M S 6 Mos
    PAYNE Albert Head M M 46
    PAYNE Mary Wife F M 45
    PAYNE Henry Son M S 14
    PAYNE Stella Daughter F S 4
61 65 PAYNE George Head M M 37
    PAYNE Eva Wife F M 18
    PAYNE Vilson Son M S 2
    PAYNE Lucy Daughter F S 7 Mos
62 66 PAYNE Benjamin Head M M 29
    PAYNE Clara Wife F M 23
    PAYNE Charles Son M S 5
    PAYNE Lorenzo Son M S 3 (?)
63 67 PAYNE Ebert Sr. Head M M 32
    PAYNE Fannie Wife F M 24
    PAYNE Clarence Son M S 8
    PAYNE Edna Daughter F S 6
    PAYNE George Nephew M S 14
    PAYNE Jacob Head M W 41
    PAYNE Pheoby (sic) Mother F W 66
    PAYNE Ebert Jr. Son M S 12
    PAYNE Clara Daughter F S 10
64 68 FRANCIS George Head M M 48
    FRANCIS Emma Wife F M 32
    FRANCIS Ethel Daughter F S 17
PAGE 82              
    FRANCIS Roland Son M S 15
    FRANCIS Annie Daughter F S 13
    FRANCIS Clyde Son M S 10
    FRANCIS Stanley Son M S 8
    FRANCIS Hilda Daughter F S 4
65 69 PAYNE Samuel Head M M 66
    PAYNE Abical (sic) Wife F M 67
    PAYNE Stedman Son M S 24
    PAYNE Maxwell Son M S 22
    PAYNE Charles Son M S 19
    PAYNE William Head M M 28
    PAYNE Mary Wife F M 27
    PAYNE Sarah Daughter F S 3
    PAYNE Reginald Son M S 1
66 70 PAYNE Annah (sic) Head F W 76
    NICHOLLE Philip Nephew M S 23
    YOUNG John Head M M 49
    YOUNG Elizabeth Wife F M 39
67 71 DYKE Edward Head M M 48
    DYKE Sarah Wife F M 47
    DYKE James Son M S 23
    DYKE George Son M S 22
    DYKE Annie Daughter F S 18
    DYKE Caroline Daughter F S 13
    DYKE John Son M S 10
    DYKE Hector Son M S 6
    PAYNE Ruth Lodger F W 78

Original transcriber is unknown

Re-Transcribed by Gervase Cunard (December 2004)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (November 2004 by Mary Rawlinson)

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