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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of St. George's Bay

Pages 92-98

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 92              
61 61 LEGGE Karl HEAD M S 23
    LEGGE Philip Joseph Father M M 79
    LEGGE Fanny Mother F M 59
    LEGGE Ruth Cousin F S 15
62 62 MOORE Isaac HEAD M W 54
PAGE 93              
    MOORE Nellie Daughter F S 25
  63 DELOUCHE John HEAD M M 38
    DELOUCHE Gladys Wife F M 27
63 64 LEGGE William R. HEAD M M 54
    LEGGE Annie (?) Martha Wife F M 47
    LEGGE Dorothy Daughter F S 21
    LEGGE Gerald Son M S 17
    LEGGE Noah Son M S 14
64 65 LEGGE Thomas HEAD M M 54
    LEGGE Jane Wife F M 43
    LEGGE Wm. Gordon Son M S 22
    LEGGE Richard Arthur Son M S 20
    LEGGE Lowell Son M S 18
    LEGGE Mary Catherine Daughter F S 3
65 66 LEGGE Isaac HEAD M M 38
    LEGGE Leona Wife F M 32
    LEGGE Wesley Son M S 13
    LEGGE Viola Daughter F S 11
    LEGGE Mildred Daughter F S 9
    LEGGE Austen Son M S 8
    LEGGE Neatha (sic) Daughter F S 6
    LEGGE Vernon Son M S 4
    LEGGE Godden Son M S 3
    LEGGE Garland Son M S 2
    LEGGE Wm. Thomas Father M W 78
66 67 SHEARS Arthur Job HEAD M M 35
    SHEARS Georgina Wife F M 30
    SHEARS Gertrude Daughter F S 13
    SHEARS Jane Hannah Daughter F S 10
    SHEARS Albert Son M S 7
    SHEARS James Son M S 5
    SHEARS Amelia May Daughter F S 1
    SHEARS Catherine Jane Mother F W 71
PAGE 94              
67 68 GILLAM Warren HEAD M M 47
    GILLAM Annie Wife F M 40
    GILLAM Delphine Adopted Daughter F S 9
68 69 HULAN Hilyard HEAD M W 35
    HULAN Augustus Son M S 12
69 70 ALLEY Thomas HEAD M M 43
    ALLEY Belle Lavina Wife F M 37
    ALLEY Regina Daughter F S 13
    ALLEY Wm. Roy Son M S 12
    ALLEY Vincent Son M S 4
70 71 GILL Abram HEAD M M 45
    GILL Audrey Wife F M 26
    GILL Richard Son M S 10
    GILL Arthur Son M S 5
    GILL John Son M S 2
    GILL Betsey (sic) Daughter F S 1
    GILL Catherine H. Mother F W 72
71 72 GALE Thomas Jr. HEAD M M 24
    GALE Winnie Wife F M 24
    GALE Egbert (sic) Son M S 3
    GALE Darcy Son M S 1
    GALE Dean Son M S 3 Days
    GALE Thomas Sr. Father M W 68
72 73 GALE Charles HEAD M M 43
    GALE Annie Wife F M 32
    GALE Nancy Daughter F S 16
    GALE Percy Son M S 7
    GALE Irene Daughter F S 5
73 74 HULAN Harold HEAD M M 44
    HULAN Ethel Wife F M 36
    HULAN Dorris Daughter F S 11
    HULAN Stephen Son M S 10
    HULAN Caroline Daughter F S 8
PAGE 95              
    HULAN John Q. Son M S 2
    HULAN Delores Daughter F S 1
74 Vacant House owned by Llewellyn Shears. Now living at Corner Brook    
75 Vacant House owned by Robert Hulan. Now living at Middle Barachoix    
76 75 SHEARS Walter Byers HEAD M M 41
    SHEARS Jessie Edna Wife F M 40
    GALE Vera Maud Adopted Daughter F S 16
77 76 SHEARS Richard Ed. HEAD M M 38
    SHEARS Audrey E. May Wife F M 33
    SHEARS Jane Alice Daughter F S 8
    SHEARS Mary Mother F W 78
78 77 SHEARS John James HEAD M W 38
    SHEARS James Ronald Son M S 3
    MYLES Emma Domestic F W 43
    MYLES Andrew Boarder M S 16
79 78 SHEARS Richard Eli HEAD M W 74
    SHEARS Stella Grand Daughter F S 13
80 79 SHEARS Wilfred Roy HEAD M M 26
    SHEARS Ada Wife F M 26
    SHEARS Alic (?) Gertrude Daughter F S 9 Mos
81 80 SHEARS Stephen Chatter HEAD M W 65
82 81 MORRIS John Steward HEAD M M 30
    MORRIS Alice Wife F M 27
    MORRIS Gladys Daughter F S 7
    MORRIS James Son M S 5
    MORRIS Marion Daughter F S 1
    MORRIS Rebecca Mother F W 67
    MORRIS Gertrude Sister F S 24
    MORRIS Rosena Niece F S 4
83 82 MORRIS Henry Ralph HEAD M M 39
    MORRIS Susie Ada Wife F M 30
    MORRIS Mabel Daughter F S 8
    MORRIS Ralph Son M S 6
PAGE 96              
    MORRIS Beulah Daughter F S 5
    MORRIS Milton Son M S 3
    MORRIS Joan Daughter F S 2
84 83 SHEARS John Bissett HEAD M M 41
    SHEARS Ethel Wife F M 31
    SHEARS Laura May Daughter F S 12
    SHEARS Vivian Ruth Daughter F S 10
    SHEARS Charlotte K. M. Daughter F S 6 Mos
85 84 MORRIS George Moses HEAD M W 55
    MORRIS John Son M S 22
    MORRIS Percy Son M S 20
    MORRIS George Son M S 16
    MORRIS Arthur Son M S 13
86 85 SHEARS George HEAD M M 60
    SHEARS Alice Wife F M 56
    SHEARS James Richard Son M S 29
    SHEARS Gordon Max. Son M S 14
    SHEARS Jessie Adopted Daughter F S 18
87 86 GILLAM William H. HEAD M M 59
    GILLAM Mary Wife F M 58
    GILLAM Annie E. Daughter F S 21
  87 GILLAM John Osborne HEAD M M 28
    GILLAM Amanda Wife F M 25
    GILLAM Geraldine Daughter F S 4
    GILLAM Hazel Daughter F S 2
88 88 ALLEY Joseph HEAD M M 78
    ALLEY Caroline Wife F M 77
89 89 RENOUF Isaac Joseph HEAD M M 68
    RENOUF Caroline Ann Wife F M 70
    RENOUF Kenneth Son M S 40
    RENOUF Phoebe Daughter F S 25
    RENOUF Beatrice Grand Daughter F S 5
    LEGGE Amanda Sister in Law F W 75
PAGE 97              
90 90 LEGGE Stephen Robert HEAD M M 59
    LEGGE Bessie Wife F M 53
91 91 GALE Robert HEAD M M 70
    GALE Lizzie Wife F M 70
92 92 RENOUF James Ed. HEAD M M 32
    RENOUF Masie Wife F M 27
    RENOUF Sarah Ann Daughter F S 9
    RENOUF John James Son M S 8
    RENOUF Mary Marg. Daughter F S 7
    RENOUF Maria B. Daughter F S 3
    RENOUF Neil Wm. Son M S 1
93 93 SHEARS James Allen HEAD M M 63
    SHEARS Mary Wife F M 64
    SHEARS Ernest Grand Son M S 9
94 94 HULAN Charles Roy HEAD M M 30
    HULAN Mary Wife F M 20
    HULAN Russel (sic) Son M S 9
    HULAN Raymond Son M S 7
    HULAN Olive Marg. Daughter F S 1
95 95 LEGGE William E. HEAD M M 33
    LEGGE Leona Wife F M 26
    LEGGE Edith Daughter F S 9
    LEGGE Charles Son M S 7
    LEGGE Elsie Daughter F S 5
    LEGGE Robert Son M S 3
    LEGGE Leola (sic) Catherine Daughter F S 1
    LEGGE Isaac Thos. Father M M 62
    LEGGE Jane Mother F M 58
96 96 GILLAM Thelma HEAD F W 22
    GILLAM Stephen Chas. Father in Law M M 61
    GILLAM Lucy Mother in Law F M 59
    GILLAM Deaker (sic) Brother in Law M S 28
    GILLAM Wilfred Nephew M S 13
PAGE 98              
97 97 RENOUF Philip Fred HEAD M M 64
    RENOUF Juliana Wife F M 65
    RENOUF Edward Son M S 33
    HULAN Hilyard Grandson M S 5
98 98 JANES John HEAD M M 47
    JANES Annie Ethel Wife F M 41
    JANES Lilla (sic) Daughter F S 19
    JANES Muriel Daughter F S 17
    JANES Naomi Daughter F S 14
    JANES Albert Ed. Son M S 12
    JANES William B. Son M S 9
    JANES George Daniel Son M S 3
99 99 BROWN Fredrick J. HEAD M S 27
    BROWN George Father M W 87
100 Vacant House owned by Charles Legge of Robinsons      
101 Vacant House owned by Edgar Legge of Robinsons. Now residing at M??? D??? in Humber District

Transcribed by Anne Keating (November 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (December 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday August 16, 2016 (Don Tate)

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