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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Harbour Main

Pages 304 - 309

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 304              
244 265 NUGENT Robert Head M M 64
    NUGENT Johanna Wife F M 62
    NUGENT Edward Son M S 24
245 266 NUGENT Joseph Head M M 53
    NUGENT Kyran * Son M S 20
* NOTE: A line has been drawn through the above entry. Entered here for reference
    NUGENT Nellie Daughter F S 17
    NUGENT Vernon Adopt Son M S 17
    NUGENT David Son M S 10
    NUGENT Francis Son M S 7
    NUGENT Patricia Daughter F S 5
    NUGENT William Son M S 3
    NUGENT Mary Wife F M 45
246 267 DWYER John Head M M 55
    DWYER Mary Wife F M 51
    DWYER Kathrine Daughter F S 24
    DWYER Patrick Son M S 23
    DWYER James Son M S 20
    DWYER Agnes Daughter F S 16
PAGE 305              
247 268 COUSINS William Head M M 63
    COUSINS Mary Wife F M 54
    COUSINS Elizabeth Daughter F S 21
    COUSINS John Son M S 18
    COUSINS Mary Daughter F S 9
248 269 ELLARD Thomas Head M M 80
    ELLARD Katherine Wife F M 59
    KING Agnes Daughter F S 17
    CARTER James Son M S 17
249 270 NUGENT James V Head M M 44
    NUGENT Mary Wife F M 39
    NUGENT Arthur Son   S 17
    NUGENT Reta (sic) Daughter   S 14
    NUGENT Mary Daughter   S 13
    NUGENT Andrew Son   S 11
    NUGENT James Son   S 5
    THOMAS Agusta Step-Son   S 4
    THOMAS Caroline Sister in Law   S 29
    THOMAS William Sister in Law's Son   S 1
250 271 NUGENT Michael Head M M 63
    NUGENT Sarah Wife F M 55
    NUGENT William J Son M S 28
    NUGENT Philip F Son M S 27
    NUGENT Alexander Son M S 25
    NUGENT Elizabeth * Daughter F S 23
* NOTE: A line has been drawn through the above entry. Entered here for reference.
    NUGENT Eileen Daughter F S 21
    NUGENT Hannah Daughter F S 20
    NUGENT Marguerite Daughter F S 19
    NUGENT Genevieve Daughter F S 17
    NUGENT Roy Grand Son M S 1
PAGE 306              
251 272 NUGENT Vincent M Head M M 31
    NUGENT Kathrine Wife F M 32
    NUGENT Megdalin Daughter F S 10
    NUGENT Vincent Son M S 8
    NUGENT Desmond Son M S 4
    NUGENT Dolores Daughter F S 2
    NUGENT Rose Daughter F S 7 Mo
252 273 JORDON Felix Head M M 41
    JORDON Margaret Wife F M 35
    JORDON Jerome Son M S 7
    JORDON Isobel (sic) Daughter F S 5
    JORDON Andrew Son M S 1
    DAWE Mary E. Domestic F S 23
253 274 NUGENT James J. Head M M 58
    NUGENT Hannah Wife F M 58
254 275 NUGENT Edward Head M M 52
    NUGENT Ceiley Wife F M 43
    NUGENT Elizabeth Daughter F S 21
    NUGENT Frances Adopted Daughter F S 10
255 276 NUGENT Leo Head M M 49
    NUGENT Rachel (sic) Wife F M 60
    NUGENT Mary E. Daughter F S 23
    NUGENT Frank Son M S 17
256 277 ANTHONY Job Head M M 48
    ANTHONY Ethel Wife F M 38
    ANTHONY Effie Daughter F S 4
    ANTHONY Leslie Adopt-Son M S 10
    HANN Mary Lodger F S 9
257 278 DELANEY Mark Head M M 40
    DELANEY Matilda Wife F M 50
    DELANEY Evelyn Daughter F S 9
258 279 ANTHONY John Head M M 59
    ANTHONY Emma L Wife F M 26 (sic)
PAGE 307              
259 280 MORGAN Samuel Head M M 39
    MORGAN Mary Wife F M 39
    MORGAN Dorothy Daughter F S 9
260 281 ANTHONY Alfred Head M W 56
    ANTHONY Joseph Son M S 16
    ANTHONY Robert Son M S 14
261 282 ANTHONY Lorenzo Head M M 51
    ANTHONY Patience Wife F M 48
    ANTHONY Annie M. Daughter F S 21
    ANTHONY William Son M S 20
    ANTHONY Stephen Son M S 17
    ANTHONY Cecil Son M S 15
    ANTHONY Mabel Daughter F S 11
262 283 HUSSEY Mugford Head M M 43
    HUSSEY Fannie Wife F M 35
    HUSSEY Mary Jane Mother F W 78
263 284 PORTER Abraham Head M M 31
    PORTER Annie Wife F M 28
    PORTER Bertram Son M S 9
    PORTER Lily Daughter F S 7
    PORTER Wilson Son M S 5
    PORTER Harold Son M S 4
    PORTER Fredrick Son M S 3
264 285 MOORE Nellie Head F W 35
    MOORE James Son M S 15
    MOORE Dermot Son M S 12
265 286 DAWE James Head M M 26
    DAWE Cecila (sic) Wife F M 22
266 287 NOTE: Used for a family in Kelligrews
PAGE 308              
267 288 DAWE William T Head M M 46
    DAWE Elizabeth Wife F M 48
    DAWE Anne W * Daughter F S 24
* NOTE: Lined out on original page. Included here for reference
    DAWE Madline (sic) Daughter F S 23
    DAWE Marion Daughter F S 19
    DAWE Philip Son M S 17
    DAWE Mary Daughter F S 14
    DAWE Ethel Daughter F S 13
    DAWE Patrick Son M S 10
    DAWE Rita Grand-Daughter F S 3
    DAWE Nellie Grand-Daughter F S 1
268 289 NUGENT John Head M M 60
    NUGENT Jane Wife F M 53
    NUGENT James Adpoted-Son M S 13
    HANLON Albert Man-Servant M S 20
    HANLON Kevin * Man-Servant M S 17
* NOTE: A line has been drawn through the above entry. Included here for reference
    HANLON Mercedes Domestic F S 19
    DOYLE Agustus Lodger M S 35
269 290 MORGAN Silas Head M M 41
    MORGAN Susan Wife F M 41
    MORGAN Clarence Son M S 18
    MORGAN Verner Son M S 16
    MORGAN Bertram Son M S 13
    MORGAN Gwendolyn Daughter F S 11
    MORGAN Margaret Daughter F S 7
    MORGAN Laura Daughter F S 4
    MORGAN Louise Daughter F S 2
    PICCO Mary Mother F W 69
270 291 DAWE Annie Head F W 62
    COVEYDUCK Gertrude Neice F S 16
PAGE 309              
271 292 DAWE Arthur Head M M 41
    DAWE Minnie Wife F M 35
    DAWE Stella Daughter F S 11
    DAWE Fredrick Son M S 9
    DAWE Evelyn Daughter F S 7
    DAWE Warren Son M S 3
272 293 DAWE William F Head M M 46
    DAWE Violet Wife F M 28
    DAWE Christopher Son M S 23
    DAWE Kathleen Daughter F S 21
    DAWE Mary Daughter F S 9
    DAWE Agnes Daughter F S 7
    DAWE Francis Son M S 5

Transcribed by Winona Mann (April 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (April 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday March 29, 2016 (Don Tate)

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