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1935 Census of Newfoundland.

District of LaPoile.
Section from East Cul de Sac (inc) to Goblin Bay (exc)

Microfilm Reel # M-8049, Pages 371 - 375

Community of
Richard's Harbour



REL=relationship to head of household
STA=marital status
AGE=age at last birthday

Where writing in the original is difficult to decipher, the word(s) are placed
in brackets with a question mark to indicate that that's what it looks like.
Note: Richard's Harbour has since been abandoned.


PAGE 371              
1 1 PACK Wm. James Head M W 50 yr
    PACK Charles John Son M S 20
    PACK Jane Elizabeth Dau F S 18
2 1 SKINNER Thomas Head M M 40
PAGE 372              
    SKINNER Elizabeth Wife F M 38
    SKINNER Rita Edith Dau F S 14
    SKINNER Wallace Son M S 8
    SKINNER Reuben Edward Son M S 6
3 1 SIMMS Ephraim Head M W 59
    SIMMS Esther Mother in Law F W 78
    PIERCEY Emma None F S 17
    SIMMS Abraham Son M S 22
4 1 SKINNER Abram George Head M M 53
    SKINNER Maggie Wife F M 47
    SKINNER Frederick Son M S 22
    SKINNER Stanley Son M S 19
    SKINNER Maxwell Son M S 16
    SKINNER Harold Son M S 9
    SKINNER Elsie Dau F S 5
5 1 SKINNER Simeon Head M S 26
    SKINNER Berthina Mother F W 69
6 1 SKINNER Matthew Read Head M M 29
    SKINNER May Violet Wife F M 24
    SKINNER Freeman Son M S 4
    SKINNER Jean Ethel Dau F S 3
    SKINNER Hartland Charles Son M S 11mos
7 1 ROSE William Head M M 78
    ROSE Sarah Wife F M 40
    ROSE Gordon Son M S 16
8 1 ROSE James Head M M 47
    ROSE Ann Mary Wife F M 41
    ROSE Joseph Father F W 85
    ROSE Joshua Nephew M S 19
9 1 SIMMS Morgan Head M M 29
    SIMMS Elizabeth Minnie Wife F M 26
    SIMMS Eric Son M S 5
PAGE 373              
    SIMMS Reginald Son M S 2
    SIMMS Alice Evelyn Dau F S 2mos
10 2 HARDY David Wm. Head M M 54
    HARDY Susannah Wife F M 53
    SKINNER Raymond Adopt Son M M 26
    SKINNER Elizabeth Sarah Daughter in Law F M 27
    SKINNER John Abram Grand Son M S 5
    SKINNER Susan Irente Grand Dau F S 3
11 1 SKINNER William Head M M 69
    SKINNER Caroline Wife F M 66
    SKINNER Harvey Son M S 22
12 1 HILL Thomas Charles Head M S 25
    HILL * Florence * Mother F W 45
    HILL Frank Brother M S 17
    HILL Norman Brother M S 13
    HILL Edison Brother M S 10
* Transcriber's Note: The entry for Florence had been crossed out. Included here for reference
13 2 PACK James Head M W 75
    MARSH * Frank Son in Law M M 40
    MARSH Eliza Dau F M 45
    MARSH Robert James Grand Son M S 14
    MARSH Mary Grand Dau F S 10
NOTE: The original entry was MARSH., Later MARSH was crossed out and MORRIS penned in above the crossed out name.
14 1 SKINNER Elijah William Head M M 49
    SKINNER Rebecca Sarah Wife F M 43
    SKINNER Edward Son M S 22
    SKINNER Frederick William Son M S 17
    SKINNER Garfield Henry Son M S 11
    SKINNER Blanche Gertrude Dau F S 7
    SKINNER Ralph Son M S 4
    SKINNER Martha Mother F W 73
15 1 BALL Ernest Head M M 34
    BALL Mildred Wife F M 31
    BALL Georgina Dau F S 3
    BALL Elsie Dau F S 2
PAGE 374              
16 2 PIERCEY George Head M W 49
    SKINNER Ephraim Son in Law M M 23
    SKINNER Winnie Dau F M 20
17 1 PIERCEY William Head M M 38
    PIERCEY Lily May Wife F M 31
    PIERCEY Wilson Son M S 15
    PIERCEY May Rose Dau F S 10
    PIERCEY Willie Son M S 9
    PINK Simeon Step-son M S 7
    PIERCEY Mary Dau F S 1 yr
18 1 BALL Thomas Head M S 21
    BALL Alice Mother F W 58
    BALL John Uncle M S 52
    BALL Minnie Niece F S 5
19 2 SKINNER William Jonn Head M M 63
    SKINNER Grace Wife F M 63
    SKINNER Henry Son M M 27
    SKINNER Effie Daughter in Law F M 23
    SKINNER Julia Grand Dau F S 9mos
20 1 PIERCEY Herny John Head M M 53
    PIERCEY Bessie Jane Wife F M 38
    PIERCEY Maggie Sarah Dau F S 14
    PARSONS George Step-son M S 10
    PIERCEY Garfield Son M S 6
21 1 SKINNER William Joseph Head M M 47
    SKINNER Minnie Wife F M 44
    SKINNER Clarence George Son M S 20
    SKINNER Minnie Florence Dau F S 14
    SKINNER Thomas John Son M S 9
    SKINNER Wesley Joseph Son M S 3
22 2 ROSE Elizabeth Head F W 61
    BALL George None (sic) M M 23
    BALL Hannah Niece F S 22
23 1 SKINNER Alexander Head M M 40
PAGE 375              
    SKINNER Phyllis Wife F M 37
    SKINNER Benjamin Son M S 16
    SKINNER Thomas Son M S 15
    SKINNER Clayton Albert Son M S 12
    SKINNER Gladys Dau F S 8
    SKINNER Jessie Dau F S 3
    SKINNER Caroline Dau F S 6
    SKINNER Ella Dau F S 1
24 1 SKINNER Esau Head M M 28
    SKINNER Maria Elizabeth Wife F M 25
25 1 SKINNER William James Head M M 59
    SKINNER Jane Mary Wife F M 58
    SKINNER Frederick Uncle M S 25

Transcribed by Ron St. Croix, (February 2002)
Revised: February 2002 (Dan Breen)

Page Last Modified: Sunday December 06, 2015 (Don Tate)

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