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1935 Census of Newfoundland.

District of Fortune Bay, Burgeo LaPoile
Section from Cul de Sac East (exc) to Fox Is. Hr. (inc)

Microfilm Reel # M-8049,
Pages 390 - 397

Community of
Rencontre West

REL=relationship to head of household, STA=marital status,G=gender, AGE=age at last birthday. Where writing in the original is difficult to read, the word(s) will be placed in bracketswith a question mark to indicate that that's what it looks like.
PAGE 390              
1 1 DeGRUCHY Reuben Head M M 42
    DeGRUCHY Edith Wife F M 40
    DeGRUCHY Philip Son M S 17
    DeGRUCHY Charles Son M S 14
    DeGRUCHY Sylvia Dau F S 12
    DeGRUCHY Jane Dau F S 4
    DeGRUCHY Elizabeth Mother F W 81
    STONE Maria Mother in Law F W 66
2 2 COURTENAY Arthur Head M M 54
    COURTENAY Mary Wife F M 54
    COURTENAY Albert George Son M S 16
3 3 MARKS Martha Head F W 63
    MARKS Susie Dau F S 25
  4 SHORT James Head M M 39
    SHORT Hannah Wife F M 33
    SHORT Roy Son M S 5
    SHORT Chesley Son M S 2
    HARRIS Joseph Step-son M S 9
4 5 DeGRUCHY George P. Head M M 42
    DeGRUCHY Elizabeth Wife F M 42
    DeGRUCHY William George Son M S 19
    DeGRUCHY James Philip Son M S 17
    DeGRUCHY Thomas Hardy Son M S 15
    DeGRUCHY Edith May Dau F S 13
    DeGRUCHY Edwin Durnford Son M S 2mos
    DeGRUCHY Edith Sister F S 37
    DeGRUCHY George Father M W 72
5 6 CHAPMAN Elizabeth Head F W 63
  7 PETERS George Head M M 37
    PETERS Ethel Wife F M 42
    PETERS Jessie Dau F S 5
    PETERS Harold Son M S 3
    PETERS Mary Dau F S 10mos
PAGE 391              
    STONE James Step-son M S 21
6 8 ROBERTS Joseph Head M M 63
    ROBERTS Rebecca Wife F M 65
    ROBERTS Kenneth Son M S 23
    DURNFORD Carrie Adop Dau F S 20
7 9 OXFORD Richard Head M M 70
    OXFORD Ann Wife F M 69
  10 OXFORD John Ernest Head M M 44
    OXFORD Elizabeth Wife F M 46
    OXFORD Henry Chapman Son M S 21
    OXFORD Jessie Dau F S 18
NOTE: Jessie was crossed out on the original page. Included for reference
    OXFORD Myrtle Dau F S 15
    COX Marie Niece F S 8
8 11 ROSE Gerard Head M M 41
    ROSE Esther Wife F M 41
    ROSE Clarence Son M S 16
    ROSE Eli Son M S 4
9 12 BUFFETT Charlotte Head F W 59
10 13 DURNFORD Abram Head M M 30
    DURNFORD Rosanna Wife F M 25
    DURNFORD Dorothy Winnell Dau F S 2
11 14 CHAPMAN Rebecca Head F W 52
  15 SIMMS William Head M M 26
    SIMMS Minnie Wife F M 26
    SIMMS Ada Pearl Dau F S 2mos
12 16 SPENCER John Head M M 47
    SPENCER Sarah Wife F M 47
    SPENCER James Son M S 24
    GOOSNEY Kitty Jane Niece in Law F S 22
    ELFORD George Uncle M S 70
13 17 BALL Reuben Head M M 35
    BALL Carrie Wife F M 30
    BALL Elsie May Dau F S 7
PAGE 392              
    BALL Rachel Sister F S 43
    BALL Abram Father M W 80
14 18 MILLS Samuel Head M M 61
    MILLS Rosanna Mary G. Wife F M 60
    MILLS Reginald Son M S 28
    MILLS Heber Son M S 21
    YOUNG Julia Adop Dau F S 23
    BALL Mary Marie
Mother in Law F W 81
15 19 BALL George Henry Head M M 55
    BALL Jane Wife F M 51
    BALL Reuben John Son M S 27
    ELFORD Anne Lodger F S 75
    BALL William Lodger M S 75
16 20 GREEN Reuben Head M M 35
    GREEN Mary Jane Wife F M 36
    GREEN Richard Wm Son M S 12
    GREEN Lizzie Dau F S 10
    GREEN Enos Ford Son M S 8
    GREEN Rosanna Dau F S 4
    GREEN Nellie Genivieve Dau F S 2
    CLOTHIER Richard Father in Law M W 69
17 21 COX Edward Head M M 42
    COX Sarah Elizabeth Wife F M 39
    COX Frank Allan Son M S 18
    COX Bessie Clothier Dau F S 12
    COX Eleanor Dau F S 3
18 22 WEBB William * Head M M 86
    WEBB Jane Wife F M 84
* Transcriber's Note: William was born in England.
  23 WEBB Robert Head M M 55
    WEBB Martha Wife F M 53
    CAMP Mary Chambers Niece-in-Law F S 23
    HENLEY Isobel (sic) Lodger F S 23
19 24 SPENCER John Head M M 61
PAGE 393              
    SPENCER Elizabeth Wife F M 53
    SPENCER Sarah Sister F S 70
  25 SPENCER Matthew Head M M 26
    SPENCER Evelyn Wife F M 21
20 26 CHAPMAN William Head M M 37
    CHAPMAN Julia Wife F M 34
    CHAPMAN Ethel Dau F S 12
    CHAPMAN Bertha Dau F S 9
    CHAPMAN Betty Dau F S 7
    CHAPMAN James Son M S 3
    CHAPMAN John Matthew Son M S 10mos
21 27 BEAUCHAMP Samuel * Head M W 48
    BEAUCHAMP Bud Son M S 26
    BEAUCHAMP Monica Dau F S 19
    BEAUCHAMP James Son M S 17
    HERRITT Margaret Domestic F W 57
* Samuel was born in France.
22 28 DURNFORD Richard Head M W 58
    SPENCER Rachel Sister in Law F S 79
  29 CHAPMAN Richard Head M M 34
    CHAPMAN Janet Wife F M 27
23 30 COURTENAY Charles Head M M 65
    COURTENAY Jane Wife F M 68
24 31 CHILDS Joseph Head M M 70
    CHILDS Mary Ann Wife F M 66
25 32 COURTENAY Abram Goodwin Head M M 59
    COURTENAY Martha Lucy Wife F M 34
    COURTENAY Abram Goodwin Son M S 4
26 33 GOOSNEY Wallace Head M S 25
    MARSDEN Reuben Step-father M M 61
    MARSDEN Esther Mother F M 46
    MARSDEN Margaret Step-sister F S 5
27 34 MARKS Sarah Ann Head F W 33
    GREEN Sarah Mother F W 76
PAGE 394              
28 35 WEBB Lynton Head M M 30
    WEBB Annie Irene Wife F M 29
    WEBB Matthew Son M S 9
    WEBB George Son M S 7
    WEBB Mary Jane Dau F S 4
    WEBB Loretta Rose Dau F S 2
    WEBB Mary Ann Mother F W 59
29 36 GREEN Gertrude Head F W 38
    GREEN Elizabeth Jane Dau F S 13
    GREEN Alice Dau F S 10
    DURNFORD Alice Sister F S 40
30 37 BALL Wilfred Head M M 38
    BALL Nina Wife F M 31
    BALL Claude Son M S 9mos
    BALL Edith Mother F W 69
    HILL Charles * Uncle M W 83
* Transcriber's Note: Charles was born in England.
31 38 PARSONS James Head M M 46
    PARSONS Effie Wife F M 40
    PARSONS Jane Dau F S 16
    PARSONS Wilson Son M S 14
    PARSONS Clayton Son M S 12
    PARSONS Annie Dau F S 9
    PARSONS Georgina Dau F S 6
    PARSONS Eileen Dau F S 4
    PARSONS Rachel Mother F W 77
32 39 GOODRIDGE William Head M M 47
    GOODRIDGE Phyllis Wife F M 46
    GOODRIDGE Jessie Dau F S 26
    GOODRIDGE Roy Son M S 18
    GOODRIDGE Louisa Dau F S 10
33 40 MATCHEM Jeremiah Head M M 48
    MATCHEM Rose Wife F M 46
    MATCHEM Mary Jane Dau F S 21
PAGE 395              
    MATCHEM Susie Dau F S 17
    MATCHEM Abram Thomas Son M S 10
    MATCHEM Reuben John Son M S 10
34 41 STRICKLAND Philip Head M M 46
    STRICKLAND Sarah Elizabeth Wife F M 30
    STRICKLAND Naomi Madeline Dau F S 9
    STRICKLAND Alma Ruby Dau F S 7
    STRICKLAND Samuel Philip Son M S 4
    STRICKLAND Amelia Margaret Dau F S 3
    STRICKLAND Laura Jane Dau F S 2mos
    PIERCEY Hannah Domestic F S 18
35 42 DURNFORD John R.S. Head M W 65
    DURNFORD John Matthew Son M M 40
    DURNFORD Olive Daughter in Law F M 38
    DURNFORD Fred Grandson M S 19
    DURNFORD Ada Granddau F S 17
    DURNFORD Julia Granddau F S 15
    DURNFORD Eric Grandson M S 10
    DURNFORD Ida Granddau F S 8
    DURNFORD Eva Granddau F S 5
36 43 BALL Matthew Head M M 51
    BALL Elizabeth Wife F M 50
    BALL Lucy Dau F S 25
37 44 BALL Abram John Head M M 52
    BALL Rhoda Wife F M 49
    BALL Sarah Mother F W 73
    GOOSNEY John Lodger M S 49
  45 BALL George Head M W 30
    BALL Ena Dau F S 2
  46 BALL Norman Head M M 23
    BALL Winifred Wife F M 22
    BALL Abram George Son M S 2mos
38 47 DURNFORD James Head M M 66
PAGE 396              
    DURNFORD Harriet Wife F M 65
  48 DURNFORD John William Head M M 35
    DURNFORD Frances Wife F M 27
39 49 DURNFORD Matthew Head M M 56
    DURNFORD Mary Wife F M 57
    DURNFORD Violet Dau F S 26
    DURNFORD James William Son M S 21
    DURNFORD Matthew Richard Son M S 12
    DURNFORD Irene Grand Dau F S 4
40 50 DURNFORD Elizabeth Head F W 58
    DURNFORD Maxwell Son M S 21
41 51 COX Arthur Head M M 36
    COX Susie Wife F M 31
    COX Mollie Durnford Dau F S 8
    COX Reginald Son M S 4
42 52 SIMMS Cecil Head M M 38
    SIMMS Jessie Wife F M 37
    SIMMS Susie May Dau F S 16
    SIMMS Lizzie Jane Dau F S 12
    SIMMS Mabel Dau F S 4
    CAKE Susie Mother in Law F W 77
43 53 BUFFETT John William Head M M 68
    BUFFETT Mary Wife F M 67
    BUFFETT Bessie Dau F S 43
  54 BUFFETT John Thomas Head M W 40
    BUFFETT Bessie Dau F S 15
    BUFFETT Abram Benjamin Son M S 12
44 55 SPENCER Abram Head M W 56
    SPENCER Jane Dau F S 25
    SPENCER John Son M S 21
    SPENCER Rita Dau F S 13
45 56 CLOTHIER Mollie Wife F M 29
    CLOTHIER George Head M M 31
PAGE 397              
    CLOTHIER Leslie Son M S 3
46 57 DURNFORD Benjamin Head M M 43
    DURNFORD Effie Wife F M 34
    HUNT Ward Adop Son M S 11
47 58 SIMMS Samuel Head M M 50
    SIMMS Maud Wife F M 48
    SIMMS Arthur Son M S 23
48 59 DURNFORD Amelia Head F W 40
    DURNFORD George Son M S 18
    DURNFORD Effie Dau F S 14
49 60 BALL Llewellyn G.P. Head M M 45
    BALL Martha Ann Wife F M 41
    BALL Edith Rebecca Dau F S 17
    BALL Charlotte Dau F S 15
    BALL George Matthew Son M S 8
    BALL John Son M S 5
    BALL Vera Dau F S 3
    BALL Gordon Seymour Son M S 8mos

Contributed and Transcribed by Ron St. Croix (September 2002)

Page Last Modified: Sunday December 06, 2015 (Don Tate)

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