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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Bonavista

Pages 504 - 507

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12 Col 19
PAGE 504                
80 82 SNOW John Head M M 72 UC
    SNOW Mary Wife F M 52 UC
    SNOW Muriel May Daughter F S 24 UC
    SNOW Ferne (sic) Madeline Daughter F S 22 UC
81 83 WHITE Levi Head M M 48 UC
    WHITE Jessie Wife F M 34 UC
    WHITE Gladys Daughter F S 10 UC
    WHITE Clyde Son M S 6 UC
  84 WHITE James Head M M 50 UC
    WHITE Bertha Wife F M 41 UC
    WHITE Bessie Mother F W 80 UC
82 85 WHITE Edward Head M M 51 UC
    WHITE Rachel Wife F M 43 UC
    WHITE Sarah M Daughter F S 16 UC
    WHITE Maxwell Son M S 11 UC
    WHITE Bessie Alice Daughter F S 9 UC
    WHITE Frederick James Son M S 7 UC
    WHITE Edward Son M S 4 UC
83 86 MOSS Jacob Head M M 55 CE
    MOSS Marthar (sic) Jane Wife F M 48 CE
PAGE 505                
    MOSS Eric John Son M S 24 CE
    MOSS Charlie Son M S 20 CE
    MOSS Robert Lloyd Son M S 17 CE
    MOSS Elizabeth Daughter F S 13 CE
    MOSS Gordon Harvey Son M S 9 CE
84 87 MOSS Charles Head M M 70 CE
    MOSS Katie Wife F M 55 CE
    MOSS William Son M S 23 CE
    MOSS Bessie Daughter F S 15 CE
85 88 PRINCE Sarah Head F W 62 CE
86 89 PRINCE Silas Head M M 60 CE
    PRINCE Jessie Wife F M 51 CE
    PRINCE Jacob M Son M S 30 CE
    PRINCE Llewellyn Son M S 27 CE
    PRINCE James Son M S 23 CE
    PRINCE Hazel Daughter F S 21 CE
    PRINCE Violet Daughter F S 19 CE
    PRINCE Albert Clyde Son M S 16 CE
    PRINCE Horace Levi Son M S 14 CE
    PRINCE Silas Raymond Son M S 12 CE
    PRINCE Charles Son M S 10 CE
    PRINCE Harold Rex Son M S 8 CE
87 90 PRINCE Elizabeth Head F W 78 CE
88 91 PRINCE Samuel J Head M W 50 CE
    PRINCE Gwendolyn Daughter F S 14 CE
    PRINCE Coaker Ford Son M S 12 CE
    PRINCE Calvin Roy Son M S 6 CE
    PRINCE William James Son M S 3 CE
89 92 PRINCE Alfred Head M M 60 CE
    PRINCE Marthar (sic) Maud Wife F M 47 CE
    PRINCE Marjorie Elizabeth Daughter F S 24 CE
    PRINCE Mary Florence Daughter F S 14 CE
    PRINCE Norma Daughter F S 11 CE
PAGE 506                
90 93 COOK Leander Head M M 43 CE
    COOK Rose Anna Wife F M 44 CE
    COOK Sidney L Son M S 19 CE
    COOK Myrtle Lorraine Daughter F S 15 CE
    COOK Clayton Daniel Son M S 13 CE
    COOK Phyllis Gertrude Daughter F S 11 CE
    COOK Hilda Loretta Daughter F S 4 CE
    COOK Lenora Daughter F S 2 CE
91 94 PRINCE Samuel (Sr) Head M M 69 CE
    PRINCE Rebecca Wife F M 64 CE
    YETMAN Hilda F Neice F S 16 CE
92 95 PRINCE Josiah Head M M 37 CE
    PRINCE Dora Wife F M 33 CE
    PRINCE Nina Frances Maxine Daughter F S 8 CE
    PRINCE Robert S Father M W 67 CE
    WALTERS Ella M Domestic F S 17 CE
93 96 PRINCE Frederick T Head M M 54 CE
    PRINCE Jessie Wife F M 53 CE
    PRINCE Chester R Son M S 25 CE
    PRINCE Frederick Samuel Son M S 20 CE
    PRINCE Hubert E Son M S 19 CE
    PRINCE Elsie Maud Daughter F S 14 CE
94 97 TILLY George Head M S 33 CE
    TILLY Elizabeth Jane Mother F W 72 CE
95 98 PRINCE Marthar (sic) Head F W 56 CE
    PRINCE Thelma E Daughter F S 23 CE
    PRINCE John R Son M S 21 CE
    PRINCE Melville Son M S 19 CE
96 99 QUINTON Joliffe (sic) Head M M 68 CE
    QUINTON Ann Hellena Wife F M 62 CE
    QUINTON Frances Rebecca Daughter F S 39 CE
    QUINTON Joliffe (sic) Lloyd Son M S 25 CE
    PRINCE Marge Quinton Neice F S 21 CE
PAGE 507
  100 QUINTON William Head M M 37 CE
    QUINTON Elma Wife F M 32 CE
    QUINTON Barbara Daughter F S 7 CE
    QUINTON Hadrain (sic) Son M S 5 CE
97 101 WHITE Robert Head M W 73 UC
    WHITE Jane Daughter F S 35 UC
    WHITE Irene Daughter F S 28 UC
98 102 KING Francis Head M M 29 CE
    KING Elizabeth Ann Wife F M 29 CE
    KING Benjamin Francis Son M S 1 CE
    KING George William Step Son M S 7 UC
    KING Raymond James Step Son M S 5 UC
99 103 MOSS John Head M M 73 CE
    MOSS Naomi Wife F M 64 CE
    MOSS Ralph Son M S 24 CE
    MOSS Chesley David Son M S 23 CE
  104 PRINCE Robert Head M S 55 CE
    PRINCE Rebecca Mother F W 82 CE
100 105 WHITE Walter Head M M 68 UC
    WHITE Jessie Wife F M 67 CE
    WHITE Bertram Son M S 32 UC
101 106 WHITE Leonard Head M M 29 UC
    WHITE Anna Wife F M 23 CE
102 107 RUSSELL Lorin (sic) P Head M M 39 CE
    RUSSELL Eva May Wife F M 32 CE
    RUSSELL Gerald R Son M S 6 CE
    RUSSELL Harold Bruce Son M S 2 CE

Contributed and Transcribed by Mabel Macyshen nee Brennan (February 2004)

Page Last Modified: Friday June 03, 2016 (Don Tate)

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