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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Bonavista

Pages 562 - 566

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 562              
456 450 WALSH William Head M M 58
    WALSH Johanna Wife F M 56
    WALSH Margaret Daughter F S 23
    WALSH John T Son M S 21
    WALSH Daniel F Son M S 19
    WALSH Peter Son M S 17
    WALSH Catherine B Daughter F S 16
    WALSH Mildred Grand Daughter F S 2
457 451 KEOUGH Patrick Head M M 29
    KEOUGH Catherine F Wife F M 29
    KEOUGH Ronald J Son M S 9
    KEOUGH Susanna Daughter F S 7
    KEOUGH Kathleen Daughter F S 5
    KEOUGH Leo Son M S 2
    KEOUGH Kevin Son M S 3 Mos
  452 KEOUGH Patrick Head M M 74
    KEOUGH Harriet (sic) Wife F M 72
458 453 CAREW John Head M M 56
    CAREW Mary Margaret Wife F M 56
    CAREW William P Son M S 21
    CAREW Kathleen Daughter F S 14
459 454 WALSH Peter William Head M M 62
    WALSH Ann Wife F M 66
    WALSH Michael Son M S 28
    WALSH Mary Bridget Daughter F S 29
PAGE 563              
  455 WALSH James Head M W 34
    WALSH Mary Frances Daughter F S 8
    WALSH Frederick Son M S 6
    WALSH Joseph Son M S 2
460 456 WALSH Vincent Head M M 22
    WALSH Mary B Wife F M 22
    WALSH Tobias Son M S 3
461 457 BREAKER Able Head M M 71
    BREAKER Mary Ann Wife F M 72
    BREAKER Agnes Niece F S 22
    KEOUGH Florence Adopted Daughter F S 8
462 458 FENNELL Michael Head M S 52
463 459 WALSH William J Head M M 52
    WALSH Elizabeth Wife F M 44
    WALSH Rose Daughter F S 14
    WALSH Josephine Daughter F S 14
    WALSH Agnes Daughter F S 10
    WALSH Mary G Daughter F S 7
    WALSH Margaret Daughter F S 4
    WALSH Nicholas Son M S 4
    WALSH Jerome Son M S 9 Mos
464 460 WALSH James of Michael Head M M 39
    WALSH Kate Jane Wife F M 34
    WALSH Mary Daughter F S 16
    WALSH William Son M S 14
    WALSH Peter Lewis Son M S 11
    WALSH Austin Son M S 9
    WALSH Margaret Daughter F S 7
    WALSH Gerald Son M S 5
    WALSH Clarence Son M S 2
465 461 FURLONG Patrick of Pat. Head M M 50
    FURLONG Ellen Catherine Wife F M 39
PAGE 564              
    FURLONG William Son M S 17
    FURLONG John P Son M S 15
    FURLONG Leo Son M S 13
    FURLONG Cecilia Daughter F S 8
    FURLONG Bridget F Daughter F S 7
466 VACANT   Owned by Catherine Ryan
467 462 FURLONG Thomas Head M M 56
    FURLONG Johanna Wife F M 50
    FURLONG James Son M S 29
    FURLONG Ronald Son M S 26
    FURLONG Thomas Son M S 24
    FURLONG John Son M S 19
    FURLONG Wilfred Son M S 13
    KEOUGH Gertude Adopted Daughter F S 9
468 463 FENNELL John T Head M M 61
    FENNELL Mary * Wife F M 59
* NIOTE: Mary was lined out on the page. Included here for reference.
    FENNELL William Son M S 23
    FENNELL Benedict Son M S 21
    FENNELL Patrick Son M S 19
    FENNELL Margaret Daughter F S 17
469 464 FURLONG Simon Head M W 79
470 465 FURLONG Pearce Head M M 78
    FURLONG Elizabeth Wife F M 54
    FURLONG Patrick Son M S 33
471 466 FURLONG Martha Head F W 62
    FURLONG James Son M S 26
    FURLONG Michael F Son M S 24
    FURLONG Bridgie (sic) Adopted Daughter F S 13
472 467 FURLONG Patrick Head M M 62
    FURLONG Veronica Wife F M 63
    FURLONG Patrick F Son M S 27
    FURLONG Mary C Daughter F S 22
  468 FURLONG James Head M M 34
PAGE 565              
    FURLONG Ellen Wife F M 32
    FURLONG Bertille (sic) Daughter F S 11
    FURLONG PatrickFrancis Son M S 10
    FURLONG Veronica Daughter F S 8
    FURLONG John Son M S 7
    FURLONG Agustus Son M S 4
    FURLONG James Son M S 2
473 469 FURLONG Thomas Head M M 73
    FURLONG Johanna Wife F M 63
    FURLONG Genieve (sic) Daughter F S 24
474 470 PHILPOT Thomas Head M M 52
    PHILPOT Ellen Wife F M 38
    PHILPOT Josephine Daughter F S 12
    PHILPOT Mary Bridget Daughter F S 11
    PHILPOT Francis Son M S 5
    PHILPOT Francis Sr. Brother M S 56
475 471 PHILPOT James Head M W 58
    PHILPOT Bride Daughter F S 23
476 472 BREAKER Ellen Head F W 60
    BREAKER Thomas Son M S 26
    BREAKER Ellen Daughter F S 24
  473 KEOUGH Mary Head F M (sic) 56
    KEOUGH Daniel Son M S 33
    PHILPOT Jane Daughter F W 24
    KEOUGH Ellen Daughter F S 22
    KEOUGH Irene Daughter F S 18
    KEOUGH Celilia Daughter F S 14
477 474 PHILPOT Jessie Head M W 60
    PHILPOT William Son M S 29
    PHILPOT Thomas J? Son M S 27
    PHILPOT John Son M S 25
    PHILPOT James Son M S 22
    PHILPOT Lettice (sic) (?) Daughter F S 20
PAGE 566              
    POWER Raymond Grand Son M S 5
478 475 KEOUGH Thomas Head M M 44
    KEOUGH Mary Wife F M 42
    PHILPOT Fredrick Adopted Son M S 6
479 476 WALSH Patrick Head M S 52

Transcribed by Jeri Keough

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