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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Twillingate

Pages 966-971

Community of
Pike's Arm
Dwelling Family SURNAME Given Name Relationship Sex Status Age Religion
PAGE 966                
25 25 GILLETT John Sr HEAD M M 65 CE
    GILLETT Susan Wife F M 62 CE
26 26 DALLEY Albert HEAD M M 59 UC
PAGE 967                
    DALLEY Charolotte Wife F M 57 UC
    DALLEY Frank Son M S 32 UC
27 27 BROWN  Thomas HEAD M W 55 CE
28 28 CUTLER Samuel HEAD M M 65 CE
    CUTLER Amelia Wife F M 55 CE
  29 CUTLER Archibald Cousin M W 41 CE
    CUTLER Margaret Cousin F S 13 CE
29 30 CUTLER Henry HEAD M M 54 CE
    CUTLER Cecila Wife F M 56 CE
    CUTLER Daniel Son M S 23 CE
    CUTLER Gladys Daughter F S 21 CE
30 31 CUTLER Esau HEAD M M 63 CE
    CUTLER Agnes Wife F M 63 CE
  32 BATH Elijah Adopted Son M M 31 UC
    BATH Media (sic) (?) Daughter in Law F M 27 UC
    BATH Minnie Grand Daughter F S 8 UC
    BATH Wilson Grand Son M S 6 UC
    BATH Roland Grand Son M S 5 UC
    BATH Pearl Grand Daughter F S 8 Months UC
31 33 WATTS John HEAD M M 43 UC
    WATTS Bessie Wife F M 41 UC
32 34 WATTS Cornelius HEAD M M 63 CE
    WATTS Martha Wife F M 58 CE
    WATTS Ethel Daughter F S 26 CE
    CUTLER Gifford Grand Son M S 14 CE
33 35 WATTS Alfred HEAD M M 60 CE
    WATTS Jane Wife F M 53 CE
    WATTS Frederick Son M S 29 CE
  36 WATTS Joseph Son M M 33 CE
    WATTS Rose Daughter in Law F M 29 CE
    WATTS Marion Grand Daughter F S 7 Months CE
34 37 STUCKEY Henry HEAD M M 70 UC
    STUCKEY Charolette Wife F M 62 UC
PAGE 968                
  38 STUCKEY David Son M M 38 UC
    STUCKEY Eva Daughter in Law F M 31 UC
    STUCKEY Irene Grand Daughter F S 7 UC
    STUCKEY Hilda Grand Daughter F S 1 UC
35 39 CUTLER Thomas HEAD M M 40 CE
    CUTLER Elsie Wife F M 37 CE
    CUTLER Edward Brother M S 55 CE
36 40 WATTS Nathaniel HEAD M M 65 CE
    WATTS Elizabeth Wife F M 78 CE
    WATTS Bennett Son M S 35 CE
    WATTS Cecil Son M S 13 CE
37 41 CUTLER Charles HEAD M M 44 CE
    CUTLER Annie Wife F M 43 CE
    CUTLER Norman Son M S 20 CE
    CUTLER Ellis Son M S 13 CE
    CUTLER Flora Daughter F S 22 CE
    CUTLER Edith Daughter F S 5 CE
    WALSH Elizabeth Servant F S 18 UC
38 42 CUTLER Augustus HEAD M M 55 CE
    CUTLER Leah Wife F M 42 CE
    CUTLER Stella Daughter F S 16 CE
    CUTLER Harold Son M S 13 CE
    LODER Bennett Lodger M S 22 UC
39 43 STUCKEY Elias HEAD M M 67 CE
    STUCKEY Ruth Wife F M 60 CE
  44 STUCKEY John Son M M 35 CE
    STUCKEY Weonie (?) Daughter in Law F M 22 CE
    STUCKEY Thomas Son M M 37 (?) CE
    STUCKEY Blanche Daughter in Law F M 27 CE
40 46 STUCKEY Alex HEAD M M 37 CE
    STUCKEY Carrie Wife F M 27 CE
41 47 DALLEY Henry HEAD M W 71 CE
    CUTLER Jane Domestic F W 66 CE
PAGE 969                
  48 DALLEY Arthur Son M M 37 CE
    DALLEY Carrie  Daughter in Law F M 23 CE
42 49 STUCKEY Thomas HEAD M M 75 CE
    STUCKEY Elizabeth Wife F M 62 CE
  50 GILLETT John Jr Step Son M M 40 CE
    GILLETT Janet Daughter in Law F M 39 CE
    GILLETT Nellie Grand Daughter F S 17 CE
    GILLETT Lawrence Grand Son M S 13 CE
    BATT Lillian Daughter F W 37 CE
    BATT Wilbert Grand Son M S 7 CE
43 51 DALLEY Eli HEAD M M 61 CE
    DALLEY Caroline Wife F M 55 CE
    DALLEY Gilbert Son M S 29 CE
    DALLEY Florence Daughter F S 20 CE
    DALLEY Mildred Daughter F S 17 CE
44 52 LODER Thomas HEAD M M 48 UC
    LODER Sophia Wife F M 43 UC
    LODER Violet Daughter F S 23 UC
    LODER Raymond Son M S 19 UC
    LODER Winnie Daughter F S 17 UC
    LODER Hettie Daughter F S 15 UC
    LODER Hazel Daughter F S 11 UC
    LODER Clarence Son M S 7 UC
    LODER Leslie Grand Son M S 3 Months UC
45 53 RICHMOND Thomas HEAD M M 65 UC
    RICHMOND Emily Wife F M 65 UC
46 54 CUTLER Levi HEAD M M 51 CE
    CUTLER Annie Wife F M 47 CE
    CUTLER Hubert Son M S 18 CE
    CUTLER Lillian Daughter F S 9 CE
47 55 RICHARDS Theresa HEAD F S 65 CE
48 56 DALLEY Robert HEAD M M 68 CE
    DALLEY Cessander (sic) (?) Wife F M 72 CE
PAGE 970                
49 57 RICHARDS Edward HEAD M W 83 CE
    RICHARDS Walter Son M S 57 CE
    RICHARDS Ida Daughter F S 35 CE
50 58 RICHARDS Lewis HEAD M M 48 SA
    RICHARDS Sadie Wife F M 42 SA
    RICHARDS Edward Son M S 11 SA
    RICHARDS Selby Son M S 7 SA
51   VACANT            
52 59 MERCER John HEAD M M 58 CE
    MERCER Matilda Wife F M 52 CE
    MERCER Beatrice Daughter F S 23 CE
    BLANDFORD Mark Nephew M S 20 CE
53 60 GILLETT Levi HEAD M M 53 CE
    GILLETT Sarah Wife F M 52 CE
    GILLETT Frederick Son M S 22 CE
    WALSH Lavina Servant F S 15 UC
54 61 STUCKEY Dorman HEAD M M 50 CE
    STUCKEY Louise Wife F M 45 CE
    STUCKEY Frank Son M S 24 CE
    STUCKEY Herbert Son M S 21 CE
    STUCKEY Elizabeth Daughter F S 19 CE
    STUCKEY Patience Daughter F S 16 CE
    STUCKEY Hettie Daughter F S 13 CE
    STUCKEY Laura Daughter F S 9 CE
55 62 STUCKEY Solmon HEAD M M 55 CE
    STUCKEY Amanda Wife F M 53 CE
    STUCKEY Ralph Son M S 21 CE
    STUCKEY Heber Son M S 18 CE
    STUCKEY Stanley Son M S 16 CE
    STUCKEY Stewart Son M S 15 CE
    STUCKEY Elim (sic) (?) Son M S 12 CE
56 63 FUDGE Jeremiah HEAD M M 72 CE
    FUDGE Lucy Wife F M 61 CE
PAGE 971                
    FUDGE Thomas Son M S 38 CE
    FUDGE Mary Daughter F S 19 CE
57 64 LODER Hannah HEAD F W 60 UC
58 65 GILLETT Robert HEAD M M 58 CE
    GILLETT Elizabeth Wife F M 56 CE
    BRETT Martha Sister in Law F W 77 CE

Contributed and Transcribed by Glynn Hewlett

Page Last Modified: Saturday January 16, 2016 (Don Tate)

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