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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Twillingate

Pages 630-632

Community of
Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 630              
372 405 BUDGELL Mark Head M M 40
    BUDGELL Geneva Wife F M 32
    BUDGELL Mabel Daughter F S 8
    BUDGELL Fredrick Son M S 4
    BUDGELL Maxwell Son M S 1
373 406 BAKER Henry Head M M 59
    BAKER Susanna Wife F M 49
    BAKER Branson Son M S 15
    BAKER Annie Daughter F S 13
    BAKER Olive J Daughter F S 9
374 407 MARCH Stewart Head M M 39
    MARCH Bessie Wife F M 27
    MARCH Evelyn Daughter F S 5
    MARCH Harry Son M S 2
375 408 MARCH Walter Head M M 46
    MARCH Beatrice Wife F M 44
PAGE 631              
    MARCH Herbert J Son M S 6
376 409 MARCH John Head M M 54
    MARCH Elizabeth Wife F M 40
    MARCH Benson Son M S 13
    MARCH Ruby Daughter F S 10mos
377 410 MARCH Wilson Head M W 28
    MARCH Roland Adopted Son M S 9
    MARCH Chesley J Son M S 5
378 411 PELLEY William J Head M M 44
    PELLEY Ethel A Wife F M 37
    PELLEY Dora S Daughter F S 16
    PELLEY Howard H Son M S 14
    PELLEY Walter C Son M S 12
    PELLEY Ronald E Son M S 10
    PELLEY Effie May Daughter F S 8
    PELLEY Margaret L Daughter F S 6
    PELLEY Alan S Son M S 4
    PELLEY Violet D Daughter F S 2
    PELLEY Philip Son M S 1mon
379 412 STRYDE Alfred Head M M 56
    STRYDE Eliza Wife F M 52
    STRYDE George Son M S 29
    STRYDE Gordon Son M S 21
    STRYDE Ambrose Son M S 17
    STRYDE Lucy Daughter F S 8
380 413 STRYDE John Head M M 24
    STRYDE Mary Wife F M 19
    STRYDE Rowena Daughter F S 10mos
381 414 CURTIS Benjamin Head M W 53
382 415 RIMMER Francis Head M M 89
    RIMMER Maria Ann Wife F M 88
383 416 PERRY Jacob Head M M 51
    PERRY Irene Wife F M 42
PAGE 632              
    PERRY Milton L Son M S 20
    PERRY Harriet A. Daughter F S 10

Transcribed by Mary Rawlinson (February 2006)

Verified to Original Pages (February 2006 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Saturday January 16, 2016 Don Tate

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