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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Placentia & St. Mary's

Pages 1 - 2

Community of

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Rel Sex Status Age Value Rms Occupation Income
PAGE 1                      
1 1 MANDEVILLE William Head M S 60 400 8 None No Entry
2 2 HICKS David Head M M 56 700 9 Fisherman 200
    HICKS Ann Wife F M 55        
    HICKS Anthony Son M S 24     Fisherman  
    HICKS Arthur Son M S 12     Student  
    HICKS Josephine Dau F S 19     House Work  
3 3 HICKS Augustine Head M W 38 400 8 Fisherman 7
    HICKS Lucy Dau F S 18     House Work  
    HICKS Sarah Dau F S 16     House Work  
    HICKS Patrick Son M S 12        
4 4 HICKS Michael Head M M 52 500 8 Fisherman 20
    HICKS Mary Wife F M 52        
    HICKS Patrick Father M W 84     Income 50
    FINLAY Joseph Nephew M S 18     Fisherman  
5 5 HICKS Joseph Head M M 53 500 6 Fisherman 7
    HICKS Francis (sic) Wife F M 56        
    HICKS Marie Dau F S 18     House Work  
6 6 LUNDRIGAN William Head M W 43 300 7 Fisherman 25
    LUNDRIGAN Gerald Son M S 15     Fisherman  
    LUNDRIGAN Augustine Son M S 13     Student  
    LUNDRIGAN Marian Dau F S 11     Student  
    LUNDRIGAN Alphonsus Son M S 10     Student  
    LUNDRIGAN Vincent Son M S 9        
    LUNDRIGAN John Son M S 7        
    LUNDRIGAN Mary Dau F S 5        
    LUNDRIGAN Peter Son M S 3        
7 7 LUNDRIGAN Francis Head M S 50 400 12 Fisherman 30
    LUNDRIGAN Abigal Sister F S 35     House Work  
8 8 LUNDRIGAN Tobias Head M M 48 1100 9 Fisherman 200
    LUNDRIGAN Josephine Wife F M 48     House Work  
    LUNDRIGAN Margarite Dau F S 20     House Work  
    LUNDRIGAN Anthony Son M S 19     Fisherman  
    LUNDRIGAN William Son M S 15     Fisherman  
PAGE 2                      
9 9 MOLLOY David Head M M 56 400 8 Fisherman 108
    MOLLOY Ann Wife F M 47     Fisherman  
    MOLLOY Thomas Son M S 23     Fisherman  
    MOLLOY Mary Dau F S 21     Fisherman  
    MOLLOY Leonard Son M S 22        
    MOLLOY Ronald Son M S 18        
    MOLLOY Zephyrinus (sic) (?) Son M S 16        
    MOLLOY Josephine Dau F S 15     House Work  
    MOLLOY Leo Son M S 13        
    MOLLOY David Son M S 11        
    MOLLOY Bertha Dau F S 10        
10 10 WHITE Thomas Head M S 50 80 3 Fisherman 20
    WHITE Margaret Sister F S 43     House Work  
    WHITE Mary Sister F S 43     House Work  
    WHITE Lena Niece F S 20        
    WHITE Patrick Nephew M S 19     Fisherman  
    WHITE William Nephew M S 10        

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