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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Harbour Main

Pages 206-210 & 262

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 206              
89 89 SHARPE Thomas Head M S 22
90 90 SHARPE Thomas Sr. Head M M 55
    SHARPE Jullia Wife F M 52
    SHARPE Elsie Daughter F S 17
    SHARPE Rose Daughter F S 13
91 91 SHARPE Mary Ann Head F W 84
    SHARPE William Grand Son M S 16
92 92 SHARPE James Head M M 60
    SHARPE Alberta Wife F M 45
93 93 JANES Ambrose Head M M 26
    JANES Maud Wife F M 23
    JANES Archibald Son M S 5
    JANES Louise Daughter F S 2
94 94 LYNCH David Head M M 62
    LYNCH Marion Amy Wife F M 54
    LYNCH Chesley Son M S 30
    LYNCH Stanley Son M S 27
    LYNCH Violet Daughter F S 24
    LYNCH Gilbert Son M S 23
    LYNCH William Thomas Son M S 21
    LYNCH Jacob Son M S 19
    LYNCH Mabel Daughter F S 17
    LYNCH David Son M S 15
    LYNCH Clarence Son M S 13
    LYNCH Phillis (sic) Daughter F S 10
95 95 JANES Bertram Head M M 74
    JANES Bertha Wife F M 44
PAGE 207              
    JANES William Son M S 19
    JANES Nathaniel Son M S 17
    JANES Harold Son M S 15
    JANES Mabel Twin Daughter F S 12
    JANES Alice Twin Daughter F S 12
    JANES Janet Daughter F S 10
    JANES Archibald Son M S 7
    JANES Gordon Son M S 4
96 96 LYNCH John Sr. Head M W 66
    LYNCH Joseph Son M M 36
    LYNCH Julia Ann Daughter in law F M 32
97 97 LYNCH John Head M M 28
    LYNCH Rosetta Wife F M 22
98 98 COOMBS William Head M M 69
    COOMBS Ellen Wife F M 60
99 99 GOSSE Moses Head M M 60
    GOSSE Elizabeth Wife F M 58
    GOSSE Edith Daughter F S 23
    GOSSE Effie Daughter F S 17
    GOSSE Bertram Son M S 25
    GOSSE Martin Son M S 21
    GOSSE Charles Son M S 19
    GOSSE Richard Son M S 34
100 100 GOSSE William Head M M 35
    GOSSE Susannah Wife F M 31
    GOSSE Louise Daughter F S 11
    GOSSE Ralph Son M S 8
    GOSSE William Son M S 5
101 101 CLARK Joseph Head M M 26
    CLARK Rebecca Wife F M 18
    CLARK Sarah Mother F W 49
    CLARK John Brother M S 15
    CLARK Nellie Sister F S 12
PAGE 208              
    CLARK Andrew Brother M S 8
102 102 JANES Ambrose Sr. Head M M 75
    JANES Amelia Wife F M 64
103 103 LYNCH Joseph Sr. Head M M 44
    LYNCH Sarah Wife F M 43
    LYNCH Daisy Daughter F S 15
    LYNCH Joseph Son M S 8
    LYNCH Walter Son M S 8
    CLARK Archibald Son in law M M 22
    CLARK Annie Daughter F M 22
104 104 HUSSEY Nathaniel Head M M 35
    HUSSEY Annie Wife F M 32
    HUSSEY Edith Daughter F S 14
    HUSSEY Susannah Daughter F S 11
105 105 PARSONS William Head M M 47
    PARSONS Margaret Wife F M 48
    PARSONS Charles Son M S 18
    PARSONS Lily Daughter F S 16
    PARSONS Margaret Daughter F S 12
    PARSONS Florence Daughter F S 10
    PARSONS Janet Daughter F S 6
106 106 HUSSEY Robert Head M M 65
    HUSSEY Mary Wife F M 50
    HUSSEY Mark Son in law M M 24
    HUSSEY Roland Grand Son M S 1
    HUSSEY Raymond Grand Son M S 4 mos.
    HUSSEY Olive Daughter F M (sic) 16
107 107 MURPHY Nicholas Head M M 74
    MURPHY Elizabeth Wife F M 74
    MURPHY Bernard Son M S 35
    MURPHY William Son M S 32
108 108 CLARK Robert Head M W 48
    CLARK John Son M S 21
PAGE 209              
    CLARK Sophia Daughter F S 18
    CLARK Susannah Daughter F S 15
    CLARK Albert Son M S 12
    CLARK Reta (sic) Daughter F S 13
    CLARK Emma Daughter F S 11
109 109 SEARS Edgar Head M M 27
    SEARS Catherine Wife F M 24
    SEARS Mary Daughter F S 4
    SEARS Irene Daughter F S 3
110 110 CLARK Arthur Head M M 35
    CLARK Ethel Wife F M 26
111 111 MURPHY Robert Sr. Head M M 48
    MURPHY Mary Wife F M 45
    MURPHY Christopher Son M S 26
    MURPHY Madelene Daughter F S 17
    MURPHY Helen Daughter F S 15
    MURPHY Nora Daughter F S 12
    MURPHY William Son M S 9
    MURPHY Hubert Son M S 5
    MURPHY Nelson Son M S 4
    MURPHY Doris Daughter F S 2
112 112 SEARS Leo Head M M 30
    SEARS Catherine Wife F M 25
    SEARS Leo Jr. Son M S 3
    SEARS Donald Son M S 1
113 113 SHARPE Archibald Head M M 28
    SHARPE Lucy Wife F M 26
    SHARPE William John Son M S 7
    SHARPE Robert Son M S 4
    SHARPE James Son M S 3
114 114 DROVER Joseph Head M M 26
    DROVER Sarah Wife F M 21
    DROVER Joyce Daughter F S 3
Page 210              
    DROVER Wilson Twin Son M S 2
    DROVER Ruth Twin Daughter F S 2
    DROVER Phillis Daughter F S 1
    DROVER Sarah Sr. Mother F W 65
    DROVER Hermine (sic) Brother M S 28
115 115 McCARTHY Richard Head M M 66
    McCARTHY Francis Wife F M 60
    McCARTHY Richard J. Son M S 18
    McCARTHY William T. Son M S 21
    McCARTHY Cyril Son M M 24
    McCARTHY Maria Daughter in law F M 23
    McCARTHY Margarite Grand Daughter F S 6
    McCARTHY Christina Grand Daughter F S 5
    McCARTHY Raymond Grand Son M S 8
    McCARTHY Patrick Grand Son M S 1 mo.
116 116 MURPHY Robert Head M M No Entry
117 117 WHELAN Paul Head M M 43
    WHELAN Mary Wife F M 45
    WHELAN James Son M S 21
    WHELAN Paul Jr. Son M S 18
    WHELAN Thomas Son M S 15
    WHELAN Francis Daughter F S 14
    WHELAN Peter Son M S 12
    WHELAN Josephine Daughter F S 9
    WHELAN Albert Son M S 6
    WHELAN Doris Daughter F S 3
PAGE 262              
123 125 GOSSE Moses Jr Head M M 32
    GOSSE Annie Wife F M 29
    GOSSE Leslie Son M S 3
    GOSSE Lloyd Son M S 2
    GOSSE Ruby Daughter F S 1

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (April 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (April 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday March 29, 2016 (Don Tate)

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