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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of White Bay

Pages 53 - 58

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 53              
302 331 SACREY Dorman HEAD M M 28
    SACREY Theresa Wife F M 27
    SACREY Lily Daughter F S 6
    SACREY Woodrow Son M S 4
    SACREY Robert Son M S 6 Mos
303 332 CRAMM Albert HEAD M M 50
    CRAMM Harriett Wife F M 35
    CRAMM Rosie Daughter F S 13
    CRAMM Albert Son M S 10
    CRAMM Annie Daughter F S 6
    CRAMM Nellie Daughter F S 4
304 333 SACREY Willis HEAD M S 25
    SACREY Priscilla Grand Mother F W 90
    SIMMS Emeline Mother F W 45
    SACREY John Uncle M W 73
    SACREY Mary Sister F S 23
305 334 NORMAN Herbert HEAD M M 53
    NORMAN Hannah Wife F M 47
    NORMAN Agustus Son M S 28
    NORMAN Elsie Daughter F S 24
    NORMAN Allan Son M S 22
    NORMAN Ethel Daughter F S 20
    NORMAN Herbert Jr. Son M S 18
    NORMAN Ewen Son M S 17
    NORMAN Malcolm Son M S 15
PAGE 54              
    NORMAN Maisie Daughter F S 13
    NORMAN Ross Son M S 11
306 335 NORMAN James HEAD M M 55
    NORMAN Minnie Wife F M 48
    NORMAN Sidney Son M S 28
    NORMAN Edgar Son M S 26
    NORMAN Daphene Daughter F S 23
    NORMAN Reginald Son M S 21
    NORMAN Adelaide Daughter F S 18
    NORMAN Thomas Rex Son M S 15
    NORMAN Llewelyn Son M S 12
    NORMAN Eric Son M S 8
    NORMAN Eleazor Son M S 5
307 336 NORMAN John HEAD M M 47
    NORMAN Lavinia Wife F M 40
    NORMAN Baxter Son M S 20
    NORMAN Susie Daughter F S 18
    NORMAN Hazel Daughter F S 16
    NORMAN Gertie Daughter F S 14
    NORMAN John Jr. (?) Son M S 12
    NORMAN Augustus Son M S 9
    NORMAN Cora Daughter F S 7
    NORMAN Ruby Daughter F S 5
    NORMAN Linda Daughter F S 2
308 337 NORMAN Willis HEAD M M 30
    NORMAN Emily Wife F M 26
    NORMAN Velma Daughter F S 4
    NORMAN Rowena Daughter F S 2
309 338 NORMAN Edgar HEAD M M 43
    NORMAN Jessie Wife F M 44
    NORMAN Joyce Daughter F S 22
    NORMAN Baxter Son M S 20
    NORMAN Marjorie * Daughter F S 18
* NOTE: Marjorie was lined out on the page. Included here for reference.
PAGE 55              
    NORMAN Louis Son M S 16
    NORMAN Flossie Daughter F S 14
    NORMAN Clayton Son M S 10
    NORMAN Daisy Daughter F S 8
    NORMAN Claud Son M S 4
    NORMAN Clarice Daughter F S 2
310 339 NORMAN Thomas HEAD M M 40
    NORMAN Naomia (sic) Wife F M 38
    NORMAN Horace Son M S 12
    NORMAN Geddis (sic) (?) Son M S 9
    NORMAN Heman (sic) Son M S 7
    NORMAN Dorris Daughter F S 6
    NORMAN Daphnee (sic) Daughter F S 4
311 340 CLARK Adam HEAD M M 58
    CLARK Amelia Wife F M 64
    CLARK Pheobe (sic) Ann Daughter F S 24
    CLARK Gilbert Son M S 22
    CLARK William Brother M S 40
    ELLIOTT Mary Cousin F S 20
312 341 LOVEMAN Archibald HEAD M M 58
    LOVEMAN Annie Wife F M 48
    LOVEMAN Arthur Son M S 22
    ELMS Ralph Adopted Son M S 14
    POLLARD Ada Grand Daughter F S 8
    POLLARD Peter Lodger M W 77
313 342 LOVEMAN Andrew HEAD M M 41
    LOVEMAN Jessie Wife F M 21
    LOVEMAN Annie Daughter F S 18
    LOVEMAN Bertha Daughter F S 14
    LOVEMAN Sarah Mother F W 80
    FOSTER Lloyd Adopted Son M S 16
314 343 GILLINGHAM Louis HEAD M M 33
    GILLINGHAM Rebecca Wife F M 33
PAGE 56              
    BUTLER Susan Mother F W 69
315 344 SACREY James HEAD M M 30
    SACREY Myrtle Wife F M 32
    SACREY Eric Son M S 9
    SACREY Almeta (sic) Daughter F S 8
    SACREY Boyce Son M S 5
    SACREY Margaret Daughter F S 2
316 345 GILLINGHAM George HEAD M M 41
    GILLINGHAM Winnie Wife F M 27
    GILLINGHAM Allan Son M S 19
    GILLINGHAM Blanche Daughter F S 17
    POLLARD Hugh Adopted Son M S 7
    POLLARD Robert Adopted Son M S 5
    GILLINGHAM Grace Daughter F S 3
317 346 GILLINGHAM Stanley HEAD M M 37
    GILLINGHAM Leah Wife F M 37
    GILLINGHAM Ewan Son M S 17
    GILLINGHAM Hubert Son M S 10
    GILLINGHAM Winnie Daughter F S 8
    GILLINGHAM Leslie Son M S 6
    GILLINGHAM Viola Daughter F S 4
318 347 BURTON Job HEAD M M 36
    BURTON Sarah Wife F M 31
    BURTON Mildred Daughter F S 11
    BURTON Edna Daughter F S 7
    BURTON Harvey Son M S 5
    BURTON Evelyn Daughter F S 2
319 348 ELLIOTT Thomas HEAD M M 42
    ELLIOTT Hazel Wife F M 35
    ELLIOTT Randolph Son M S 9
    ELLIOTT Edgar Son M S 4
    MARTIN Hazel Adopted Daughter F S 13
    MARTIN Hedley Adopted Son M S 11
PAGE 57              
320 349 SACREY Robert HEAD M M 43
    SACREY Maud Wife F M 42
    SACREY Leah Daughter F S 18
    SACREY Andrew Son M S 16
    SACREY Minnie Daugter F S 14
    SACREY Ralph Son M S 11
    SACREY Marie Daughter F S 8
    SACREY Sidney Son M S 6
321 350 ELLIOTT William HEAD M M 77
    ELLIOTT Rachel Wife F M 80
    ELLIOTT Emma Jane Grand Daughter F S 23
322 351 SACREY Herbert HEAD M M 26
    SACREY Patience Wife F M 27
    SACREY Patience Daughter F S 6
    SACREY Mary Daughter F S 5
    SACREY Hubert Son M S 1
323 352 BURTON Esau HEAD M M 65
    BURTON Catherine Wife F M 60
324 354 SACREY Mark HEAD M W 76
    SACREY Roland Son M S 22
325 355 NORMAN Daus (?) HEAD M S 24
    NORMAN Louisa Mother F W 49
    NORMAN Chesley Brother M S 29
    NORMAN Maxwell Brother M S 26
    NORMAN Irene Sister F S 22
    NORMAN Henery (?) Brother M S 19
    NORMAN Alexander Brother M S 17
    NORMAN Gladys Sister F S 15
326 356 BOWER James HEAD M M 29
    BOWER Grace Wife F M 31
PAGE 58              
    BOWER Audrey Daughter F S 5
    BOWER James Jr. Son M S 3
    BOWER Harry Son M S 1
327 357 MILLEY Willis A. HEAD M M 35
    MILLEY Mabel Wife F M 31
328 358 SACREY Thomas HEAD M M 65
    SACREY Hannah Wife F M 60
    SACREY Jeremiah Son M S 40

Originally Contributed and Transcribed by Stella Regular

Updated by Gervase Cunard to reformat page (March 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (March 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Sunday August 21, 2016 (Don Tate)

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