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This file "Verified to the original pages" (October 2005 - by Mary Rawlinson)


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Pack's Harbour
Pack's Harbour and Paradise
Paradise and Pack's Harbour
Pack's Harbour and Cartwright
Pack's Harbour and Separation Point
Pack's Harbour and North River
Pack's Harbour and Bobbin Joy's
Pack's Harbour and White Bear River
Pack's Harbour and Dove Brook
Independence and Paradise
Independence and Separation
Indian Harbour S.B.
Separation Point
Muddy Bay

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PAGE 101
128 140 FEQUET Samuel B Head M M 66
    FEQUET Harriet Wife F M 55
    FEQUET Bernard Son M S 20
    FEQUET May Daughter F S 18
    FEQUET Cora Daughter F S 14
    MCDONALD Stephen Nephew M S 37
    DAVIS Frank Servant M S 33
PAGE 101
129 141 MCDONALD Roland Head M M 36
    MCDONALD Grace Wife F M 25
    MCDONALD Winnifred Daughter F S 7
    MCDONALD James Son M S 5
    MCDONALD Anne Daughter F S 4
    MCDONALD Caroline Daughter F S 1
PAGE 101
130 142 LETHBRIDGE John Head M M 46
    LETHBRIDGE Lily Wife F M 41
    LETHBRIDGE Melba Daughter F S 19
    LETHBRIDGE Burton Son M S 17
    LETHBRIDGE Clyde Son M S 15
    LETHBRIDGE Charles Son M S 13
    LETHBRIDGE Ford Son M S 11
    LETHBRIDGE Leeland Son M S 9
    LETHBRIDGE Shirley Daughter F S 7
    LETHBRIDGE John Son M S 4
    LETHBRIDGE Winona Daughter F S 1
131 143 LEARNING Francis Albert Head M M 38
    LEARNING Sabina Wife F M 34
    LEARNING Marjorie Daughter F S 14
    LEARNING Fredrick Son M S 12
    LEARNING Clayton Son M S 10
    LEARNING Pearl Daughter F S 8
    LEARNING Irene Daughter F S 6
    LEARNING Russell Son M S 4
    LEARNING Laura Daughter F S 1
PAGE 103
138 150 MESHER Harvey Head M M 31
    MESHER Emily Wife F M 28
    MESHER Chesley Son M S 9
    MESHER Neta Daughter F S 6
    MESHER Victor Son M S 4
    MESHER Raymond Son M S 2
140 152 MESHER William Goodenough Head M M 32
    MESHER Elizabeth Wife F M 35
    MESHER Holman Son M S 26
    MESHER Kitchener Son M S 19
    MESHER Llwelyn Son M S 10
    MESHER Irving Son M S 4
    MESHER Evelyn Daughter F S 2
141 153 PARDY John Charles Head M M 47
    PARDY Rhoda Wife F M 30
    PARDY George Robert Nephew M S 16
143 155 PARDY Absalom Archibald Head M M 56
    PARDY Eline Wife F M 55
    PARDY Gordon Judson Son M S 26
144 156 PARDY Alex George ????? Son M M 24
    PARDY Gertrude May Son's Wife F M 27
    PARDY Alexander Raymond GrandSon M S 8 mons
    PARDY Stephen Absalom Son M S 22
    PARDY Llwelyn ?????? Son M S 21
PAGE 104
    PARDY Clementine Jane Daughter F S 18
    PARDY Horace Son M S 12
    PARDY Reginald Grand Son M S 2
    PARDY Mary Ann Daughter in Law F W 19
    PARDY Robert Archibald Grand Son M S 3
    PARDY Sydney George Francis Grand Son M S 1
145 157 LETHBRIDGE Philip Head M W 84
    LETHBRIDGE Albert Edward Son M M 31
    LETHBRIDGE Ida Margaret Daughter in Law F M 32
    LETHBRIDGE Flora Grace Grand Daughter F S 5
    LETHBRIDGE Samuel Albert GrandSon M S 3
    BROWN Florence May Cousin F S 22
    BROWN Marjorie Hillier Cousin F S 5 mons
146 159 LETHBRIDGE Samuel Head M M 41
    LETHBRIDGE Victoria Elizabeth Wife F M 29
    LETHBRIDGE Valencia Daughter F S 11
    LETHBRIDGE Rita Ruth Daughter F S 9
    LETHBRIDGE Florence Aretta Daughter F S 7
    LETHBRIDGE Marion ????? Daughter F S 4
    LETHBRIDGE Edna Veda Eliza Daughter F S 4
    LETHBRIDGE Olga Lillian Vera Daughter F S 2
147 160 MARTIN William Head M M 55
    MARTIN Mariah Wife F M 54
    MARTIN David Son M W 26
    MARTIN George Son M S 24
    MARTIN Benjamin Son M S 21
    MARTIN *2Jean Daughter F M 19
    MARTIN Ethel Grand Daughter F S 4
    MARTIN David Grand Son M S 1
PAGE 102
132 144 MCDONALD Thomas Head M M 69
    MCDONALD Emaline Wife F M 59
    MCDONALD Mary Daughter F S 17
PAGE 102
133 145 BROWN Richard Head M M 43
    BROWN Elsie Regina Wife F M 39
    BROWN Clarence Stephen Son M S 21
    BROWN Elaine Daughter F S 19
    BROWN Roy Son M S 15
    BROWN William Henry Son M S 12
    BROWN Doris Mina Daughter F S 9
    BROWN Olive Mildred Daughter F S 7
    BROWN Hazel Alma Daughter F S 4
PAGE 102
134 146 WILLIAMS Robert George Head M M 45
    WILLIAMS Sarah Wife F M 35
    WILLIAMS William Thomas Nephew M S 23
PAGE 102
135 147 MARTIN James Victor Head M M 43
    MARTIN Mary Louisa Wife F M 33
    MARTIN Viola Daughter F S 8
    MARTIN Kenneth Richard Son M S 7
    MARTIN Benjamin John Nephew M S 22
136 148 ELSON Abraham Head M M 42
    ELSON Caroline Wife F M 45
    ELSON Mary Ann Daughter F S 17
    ELSON William Henry Son M S 12
    ELSON Sydney Gordon Son M S 6
137 149 HEARD Thomas Head M M 46
    HEARD Naomi Wife F M 43
    HEARD Sevilla Step Daughter F S 17
    HEARD Leonard Step Son M S 14
    HEARD Hilda Daughter F S 8
    HEARD Irving Son M S 4
PAGE 103
139 151 LEARNING *4Alphonso Head M W 49
    LETHBRIDGE Annie Step Daughter F S 20
    LETHBRIDGE *5Emile Grand Daughter F S 4
PAGE 103
142 154 BIRD Thomas Painter Head M M 40
    BIRD Tamar Jane Wife F M 33
    BIRD *1Rosely Daughter F S 11
    BIRD Louis Son M S 9
    BIRD Ena Joyce Daughter F S 7
    BIRD Doris Neta Daughter F S 5
    BIRD Herbert Boyd Son M S 2
    BIRD Joshua Son M S 3 days
PAGE 105
148 161 MESHER Stanley Head M W 49
    MESHER Lester Son M S 19
    MESHER Warwick Son M S 17
    MESHER Mary Daughter F S 9
    MESHER Myrtle Daughter F S 7
    MESHER Dorothy Daughter F S 6
    MESHER Pricilla Daughter F S 4
    MESHER Sylvia Daughter F S 2
    MESHER Selina Mother F W 71
    MESHER Eldred Brother M S 33
149 162 MESHER Robert John Head M M 49
    MESHER Maud Wife F M 30
    MESHER Samuel James Son M S 8
    MESHER Dennis Edgar Son M S 7 mons
150 163 LETHBRIDGE Philip Head M M 52
    LETHBRIDGE Eliza Wife F M 46
    LETHBRIDGE Verna Daughter F M 18
    LETHBRIDGE Gordon Son F S 15
    LETHBRIDGE Howard Son M S 13
    LETHBRIDGE Viola Daughter M S 11
    LETHBRIDGE Olive Daughter F S 9
    LETHBRIDGE Ronald Son F S 7
    LETHBRIDGE Chesley Son M S 5
    LETHBRIDGE Avis Daughter F S 3
PAGE 105
151 164 BROWN William Oswald Head M M 32
    BROWN Mabel Lorena Regina Wife F M 25
    BROWN David Oswald Son M S 6
    BROWN Hayward Louis Son M S 5
    BROWN Alfred Charles Son M S 3
PAGE 106
153 166 LEARNING William Head M M 71
    LEARNING Mary Jane Wife F M 63
    LEARNING Wilfred Son M M 33
    LEARNING May Daughter in Law F M 25
PAGE 107
164 179 LEARNING James Head M W 59
    LEARNING Stewart Son M W 35
    LEARNING Louisa Daughter F S 26
    LEARNING James Son M S 23
    LEARNING Alfreda Daughter F S 19
    LEARNING Evelyn Daughter F S 13
    LEARNING Samuel Grand Son M S 6
    LEARNING Sadie Grand Daughter F S 4

PAGE 108
  LEARNING Bertha Grand Daughter F S 2
165 180 BROWN Stephen Head M M 55
    BROWN Louisa Wife F M 30
    BROWN Violet Daughter F S 13
    BROWN Robert Son M S 10
    BROWN Winnie Daughter F S 7
    BROWN Grace Daughter F S 5
167 182 LETHBRIDGE Norman Head M M 38
    LETHBRIDGE *6Blanch Wife F M 31
    LETHBRIDGE Garland Son M S 14
    LETHBRIDGE Roland Son M S 12
    LETHBRIDGE Ella Maud Daughter F S 9
    LETHBRIDGE Elizabeth Daughter F S 8
    LETHBRIDGE Katherine Daughter F S 4
168 183 LEARNING Charles Head M M 63
    LEARNING Priscilla Wife F M 61
    LEARNING Mary Frances Daughter F S 22
169 154 LETHBRIDGE Michael Head M S 57
    LETHBRIDGE Joseph Brother M S 47
    LETHBRIDGE Mary Ann Sister F W 32
    LETHBRIDGE Mary Niece F S 7
170 185 *3GIN Ralph Head M M 31
    GIN Harriet Wife F M 29
PAGE 108
166 181 WINTERS Silas Head M M 48
    WINTERS Emmie Selina Wife F M 42
    WINTERS Millie Elizabeth Daughter F S 14
    WINTERS Howard Adpt Son M S 12
    WINTERS *7Kelvin Adpt Son M S 11

Transcribed by Floyd Letto (October 2005)

Updated by Patty Way (January 2006)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (October 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

BIRD*1 The given name should be spelled as Rosalie
Patty Way
MARTIN*2 Jean should be shown as a Daughter in Law instead of Daughter
Patty Way
GIN*3 The surname GIN should be spelled as GINN
Patty Way
LEARNING*4 LEARNING - Alphonso should be Alphonse
Patty Way
LETHBRIDGE*5 LETHBRIDGE - Emile should be Emily
Patty Way
LETHBRIDGE*6 LETHBRIDGE - This lady was known , died and buried as Gertrude. Unless she was officially Blanche Gertrude. But she was known as Gertrude and lived to be 90+.
Patty Way
WINTERS*6 WINTERS - Kelvin was spelled as Calvin
Patty Way

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