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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Carbonear-Bay de Verde

Pages 61 - 171 & 173

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 163              
163 169 FITZGERALD Elizabeth Head F W 39
    FITZGERALD Bernard Son M S 19
    FITZGERALD James Son M S 16
    FITZGERALD Patrick Son M S 13
    FITZGERALD Leo Son M S 11
    FITZGERALD Cyril Son M S 9
    FITZGERALD Ronald Son M S 8
    FITZGERALD Francis Son M S 7
    FITZGERALD Donald Son M S 3
    FITZGERALD Cecily Mother-in-law F W 76
164 170 PARSONS John P Head M M 49
    PARSONS Ethel Wife F M 44
    PARSONS Regonald (sic) Son M S 16
    PARSONS Warren Son M S 14
    PARSONS Victor Son M S 3
    PARSONS Nicholas Father M M 88
    PARSONS Jessie Mother F M 77
165 171 PARSONS George Head M M 45
    PARSONS Victoria Wife F M 35
    PARSONS N Churchill Son M S 12
    PARSONS Russell H Son M S 9
    PARSONS John J Son M S 6
    PARSONS George E Son M S 1
166 172 SKINNER Arthur Head M M 57
    SKINNER Mary Wife F M 55
    SKINNER Roy Son M S 15
    MILLEY Martha Mother-in-law F W 87
167 173 SKINNER George Head M M 53
PAGE 164              
    SKINNER Elizabeth Wife F M 68
    SKINNER Edmund Son M S 23
    SKINNER Maud Daughter F S 20
168 174 DWYRE John T Head M M 66
    DWYRE Martha Wife F M 64
    DWYRE Lena Daughter F S 29
    DWYRE William Son M M 27
    DWYRE Lillian Daughter in law F M 26
    DWYRE George Grand Son M S 5
    KENDELL Ebenezer Boarder M S 46
169 175 HALFYARD Samuel Head M M 55
    HALFYARD Victoria Wife F M 51
    HALFYARD Ella Daughter F S 23
    HALFYARD John J Son M S 22
    HALFYARD Eric Son M E 17
170 176 HALFYARD Richard Head M M 69
    HALFYARD Lehr (sic) Wife F M 64
171 177 HALFYARD Joshua Head M M 73
    HALFYARD Rosanah Wife F M 64
    GILLINGHAM Gwen Daughter F W 35
    GILLINGHAM Nelson Grandson M S 13
    HALFYARD Maxwell Grandson M S 10
    HALFYARD Ollie Daughter F S 26
NOTE: Entire family was originaly named as Halfyard with the head identified and the rest using ditto marks. Gwen & Nelson have had Gillingham written in over the ditto marks.
172 178 ENGLISH Richard Head M M 86
    ENGLISH Annie Wife F M 75
173 179 CROWLEY Aubrey Head M S 59
    CROWLEY John J Son M S 23
    CROWLEY Sarah M Daughter F S 20
    CROWLEY William Son M M 29
    CROWLEY Mariah Daughter in law F M 30
    CROWLEY Ernest W Grandson M S 5
    CROWLEY Hilda C Granddaughter F S 3
    CROWLEY Emily M Granddaughter F S 10mts
PAGE 165              
174 180 PENNELL Caleb Head M M 51
    PENNELL Selina Wife F M 46
    PENNELL Fredrick Son M S 25
    PENNELL Ida Daughter F S 23
    PENNELL Sadie Daughter F S 19
    PENNELL Hazel Daughter F S 17
    PENNELL Harold Son M S 15
    PENNELL Kenneth Son M S 14
    PENNELL Florence Daughter F S 12
    PENNELL Eleanor Daughter F S 10
    PENNELL William Son M S 8
175 181 PARSONS Richard Head M M 43
    PARSONS Emma Wife F M 35
    PARSONS Evelyn Daughter F S 9
    PARSONS Joseph Son M S 5
    PARSONS Junior Son M S 4
176 182 PARSONS Joseph Head M M 66
    PARSONS Amelia Wife F M 64
    PARSONS Bessie Daughter F S 36
    PARSONS Alfreda Daughter F S 30
    PARSONS Willis Son M S 26
  183 PARSONS John T Head M M 32
    PARSONS Melina Daughter in Law F M 25
    PARSONS Lloyd Son M S 5
    PARSONS James Son M   3
    PARSONS George E Son M   9 days
177 184 PENNELL Wesley R Head M M 47
    PENNELL C. Ethel Wife F M 47
    PENNELL Joseph J R Son M S 12
178 185 TUFF Albert Head M M 57
    TUFF Emily * Wife F M 57
* NOTE: The above entry has been lined out. Inluded here for reference.
    TUFF Ellen M Daughter F S 27
179 186 GILLINGHAM Esau Head M M 42
PAGE 166              
    GILLINGHAM Jennie Wife F M 39
    GILLINGHAM Angus M Son M S 11
    GILLINGHAM Olive Daughter F S 7
    GILLINGHAM Florence Daughter F S 2
180 187 GILLINGHAM William B Head M M 64
    GILLINGHAM Alfreda Wife F M 63
    GILLINGHAM Hayward Son M S 23
    GILLINGHAM Spurgeon Ina Son M M 33
    GILLINGHAM Emily Jane Daughter in law F M 23
    GILLINGHAM Mildred E Granddaughter F S 1
181 188 GILLINGHAM Ambrose Head M W 63
    GILLINGHAM Bridget Daughter F S 35
    GILLINGHAM John Son M M 31
    GILLINGHAM Jennie Daughter inlaw F M 27
182 189 WHITE George H Head M M 57
    WHITE Mary Ann Wife F M 53
    WHITE Bertha Daughter F S 25
    WHITE Donald S Son M S 17
    WHITE Charles E I Son M S 12
183 190 EDGECOMBE Levi Head M M 51
    EDGECOMBE Lehr (sic) Wife F M 39
184 191 ROSE Thomas Head M M 60
    ROSE Annie Wife F M 58
    ROSE Hayward Son M S 24
    ROSE Virtue Daughter F S 17
185 192 WHITE Herbert Head M M 44
    WHITE Delphane (sic) Wife F M 37
    WHITE Florrie M Daughter F S 15
    WHITE Cecil A Son M S 13
    WHITE James R Son M S 11
    WHITE George H Son M S 9
    WHITE Violet E M Daughter F S 7
    CARNELL George Brother-in-law M W 77
PAGE 167              
186 193 BENSON Jane Head F W 66
    LOVEYS Emma Belle Daughter F M 40
    LOVEYS Albert G Grandson M S 11
    LOVEYS Violet L Granddaughter F S 8
187 194 JACOBS Everett Head M M 33
    JACOBS Maud Wife F M 29
    JACOBS Reginold H (sic) Son M S 8
    JACOBS Audrey V Daughter F S 6
    JACOBS John H Son M S 4
    JACOBS Edward G * Son M S 2
* NOTE: Original entry was Edward Jacobs, Edwards then was crossed out and Everett was written in above the crossed out name.
    JACOBS Ray B Son M S 7 months
    JACOBS Laura Mother F W 56
    JACOBS Ella Sister F S 20
    JACOBS Armorel (??) Sister F S 17
    JACOBS Marjorie Sister F S 14
    MARTIN Sussannah Grandmother F W 92
188 195 GILLINGHAM James Head M M 37
    GILLINGHAM Agusta D Wife F M 32
    GILLINGHAM Randolph Son M S 13
    GILLINGHAM Ezekiel Son M S 7
    GILLINGHAM Naomi Mother F W 73
189 196 GILLINGHAM Wm G Head M M 48
    GILLINGHAM Jane Wife F M 42
    GILLINGHAM Charles Son M S 18
    GILLINGHAM Clayton Son M S 13
    PARSONS John Father-in-law M W 83
190 197 COISH Wm F Head M M 49
    COISH Florence L Wife F M 28
    COISH Nancy Daughter F S 8
    COISH Andrew Son M S 6
    COISH Clarence Son M S 4
    COISH Tryphena Daughter F S 3
191 198 HALFYARD Eli Head M M 43
PAGE 168              
    HALFYARD Beatrice Wife F M 35
    HALFYARD Pearl Daughter F   5
    HALFYARD Wallace Son M S 15
192 199 PUDDISTER Absalom Head M W 68
    PUDDISTER Almira (?) Daughter F S 27
  200 PUDDISTER Lindsay W Head M M 33
    PUDDISTER Francis Wife F M 27
    PUDDISTER Gladys Daughter F S 8
    ANTHONY Rebecca Mother-in-law F W 66
193 201 PUDDISTER Hubert Head M M 38
    PUDDISTER Lehr (sic) Wife F M 38
    PUDDISTER Irene Daughter F S 15
    PUDDISTER Vera Daughter F S 12
    PUDDISTER Lizzie Daughter F S 9
    PUDDISTER Raymond Son M S 6
194 202 CRUMMEY Lewis R Head M M 46
    CRUMMEY Jane Wife F M 48
    CRUMMEY Angus Son M S 18
    CRUMMEY Ronald Son M S 15
    CRUMMEY Gladstone Son M S 9
195 203 PARSONS William G Head M M 75
    PARSONS Sussannah Wife F M 73
    PARSONS Mary Daughter F S 43
    PARSONS Wm Son M M 45
    PARSONS Emma B Daugh-in-law F M 37
    PARSONS Milton R Grand Son M S 16
    PARSONS Marion E Daughter F S 14
    PARSONS William G Son M S 10
    PARSONS Frank W Son M S 8
196 204 GILLINGHAM Robert F Head M M 43
    GILLINGHAM Barbara Wife F M 30
    GILLINGHAM George M Son M S 4
    GILLINGHAM Deliah (sic) Mother F W 73
PAGE 169              
197 205 CRUMMEY Theadore Head M M 62
    CRUMMEY Rhoda Jane Wife F M 62
198 206 TUFF John S Head M M 64
    TUFF Sarah Wife F M 56
    TUFF Maisie Daughter F S 13
199 207 COISH Enoch Head M M 30
    COISH Beatrice B Wife F M 28
    COISH Viola Blanche Daughter F S 4
    COISH Rosina Laite Daughter F S 2
    COISH Mary Jane Mother F W 64
200 208 PARSONS Samuel Head M M 35
    PARSONS Dinah Wife F M 33
201 209 COISH Joseph Head M W 54
    COISH George Son M S 20
    COISH Harold Son M S 17
    COISH Myrtle Daughter F S 14
202 210 EDGECOMBE William Head M M 36
    EDGECOMBE Mary V Wife F M 27
    EDGECOMBE Janett (sic) Daughter F S 3
    EDGECOMBE Janet (sic) Mother F W 76
203 211 PERFECT Earnest Head M M 41
    PERFECT Elsie Wife F M 38
    PERFECT Garfield Son M S 14
    PERFECT Gordon Son M S 13
    PERFECT Harriett Step Mother F W 80
204 212 CARNELL William Head M M 38
    CARNELL Blanche Wife F M 35
    CARNELL Belle Daughter F S 16
    CARNELL Annie E Daughter F S 15
    CARNELL Joseph Son M S 11
    CARNELL Nellie J Daughter F S 8
    CARNELL Roslie M (sic) Daughter F S 6
    CARNELL Benson Son M S 2
PAGE 170              
  213 ROSE William K Head M M 37
    ROSE Lillie Wife F M 34
    ROSE Jennie Daughter F S 13
    ROSE Albert C Son M S 6
    ROSE William M Son M S 4
205 214 COISH William H Head M W 58
    COISH James Son M S 23
    COISH Wallace Son M S 17
    COISH Malcolm Son M S 14
206 215 ROSE John Head M M 69
    ROSE Virtue Wife F M 64
    ROSE Absalom Son M S 32
207 216 PENNELL Walter Head M M 43
    PENNELL Ethel M Wife F M 42
    PENNELL William Father M W 82
208 217 SKINNER Herbert Head M M 51
    SKINNER Flora Wife F M 44
    SKINNER Harold Son M S 16
    SKINNER Ernest Son M S 15
PAGE 171              
215 224 CARNELL Stephen Head M M 41
    CARNELL Gertrude Wife F M 35
    CARNELL Loraine Daughter F S 15
    CARNELL Susy Daughter F S 12
    CARNELL Edith Daughter F S 8
    CARNELL Florence Daughter F S 5
    CARNELL Mildred Daughter F S 3
241   HALFYARD No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry
242   PUDDISTER No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry
243   COISH Eli No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry
244   COISH George No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry
245   CARNELL George No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry

Transcribed by Anne Keating (August 2004)

Verified to Original Pages (August 2004 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Thursday February 04, 2016 (Don Tate)

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