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This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages - Mary Rawlinson (January 2006)



Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 70              
34 35 GOUDIE Fredrick Head M M 49
    GOUDIE Lilla Wife F M 37
    GOUDIE Ernest ????? Son M S 16
    GOUDIE Doris Maud Daughter F S 12
    GOUDIE Sona Maud Daughter F S 10
35 36 BLAKE Graham Head M M 31
    BLAKE Margaret Wife F M 27
    BLAKE Wm Winston Son M S 6
    BLAKE Graham Eugene Son M S 5
    BLAKE Cecelia Millicent Daughter F S 2
    BLAKE Mina Andella Daughter F S 3 mons
36 37 GOUDIE Harvey Head M M 28
    GOUDIE Savilla Wife F M 27
    GOUDIE Roland Alan Son M S 5
    GOUDIE Stella Marie Daughter F S 4
    GOUDIE Bruce Son M S 2
    GOUDIE Myrtle Florence Daughter F S 1
    GOUDIE Victor Brother M S 23
    GOUDIE Gordon Brother M S 16
    GOUDIE Janet Beatrice Sister F S 13
37 38 MCLEAN Murdock Head M M 41
    MCLEAN May Wife F M 35
    MCLEAN Clarence Son M S 13
    MCLEAN Ruby Daughter F S 11
    MCLEAN Maxwell Son M S 9
    MCLEAN Robert William Son M S 7
    MCLEAN Freda Merle Daughter F S 4
PAGE 71              
38 39 GOUDIE Gordon Head M S 27
    GOUDIE Jessie Mother F W 52
    GOUDIE Mina Sister F S 19
39 40 PADDON Henry Locke Head M M 54
    PADDON Mina Gilchrist Wife F M 54
    PADDON William Anthony Son M S 21
    PADDON Harry Gordon Son M S 19
    PADDON Richard Son M S 14
    PADDON John Gilchrist Son M S 8
International Grenfell Mission        
40 41 SLAB Louisa Mission Charge F S 39
    DAVIS Blanche Teacher F S 30
    RICH Delphine Servant(cook) F S 19
    GOUDIE Florence Servant F S 18
    BROOMFIELD Hilda Servant F S 22
    SHIWAK John Servant M S 15
41 42 WATTS John Cavendish Head M M 33
    WATTS Annie Wife F M 31
    WATTS Evelyn Gibbons Daughter F S 3
    WATTS Ronald Keith Son M S 2
    WATTS Robert Paddon Son M S 3 days
    CHALK Pearl Servant F S 17
42 43 *1CHALK Jane Head F W 53
    CHALK Myrtle Daughter F S 13
    CHALK Kathleen Daughter F S 9
44 45 MACKENZIE Elizabeth Head F W 57
45 46 MONTAGUE Robert Frank Head M M 56
    MONTAGUE *2Anna Wife F M 55
46 47 MONTAGUE Austin Head M M 31
    MONTAGUE Florence Wife F M 26
    MONTAGUE Bertha Marjorie Daughter F S 7
    MONTAGUE Mildred Daughter F S 5
    MONTAGUE Wilfred Bruce Son M S 4
PAGE 72              
    MONTAGUE Ethel Carol Daughter F S 3
    MONTAGUE Archibald Austin Son M S 1
47 48 MONTAGUE John James Head M M 28
    MONTAGUE Dulcie Louisa Wife F M 26
    MONTAGUE Irene Daughter F S 4
    MONTAGUE Russel Son M S 2
    MONTAGUE David Louie Son M S 6 mons
48 49 RICH Issac Head M M 23
    RICH Mary Louise Wife F M 23
    RICH Guido Lester Son M S 7 mons
49 50 MONTAGUE Harvey Head M M 25
    MONTAGUE Mary Wife F M 19
50 51 MICHELIN Stewart Head M M 42
    MICHELIN Sarah Louisa Wife F M 39
    MICHELIN *3Bryant Son M S 18
    MICHELIN Ettie Florence Daughter F S 16
    MICHELIN George Son M S 15
    MICHELIN Winifred Daughter F S 13
    MICHELIN Norman Son M S 12
    MICHELIN Henry Son M S 9
    MICHELIN Richard Son M S 8
    MICHELIN Stewart Son M S 6
    MICHELIN Charlotte Daughter F S 4
    MICHELIN Betty Mildred Daughter F S 1
51 52 MICHELIN Daniel Head M M 47
    MICHELIN Violet Wife F M 40
    MICHELIN Selby Son M S 20
    MICHELIN Leslie Edward Son M S 18
    MICHELIN Cyril Son M S 16
    MICHELIN Dorothy Daughter F S 14
    MICHELIN Barbara Daughter F S 12
    MICHELIN *4Olivia Daughter F S 10
    MICHELIN Alexandra Chrissie Daughter F S 1
PAGE 73              
    MICHELIN Oscar Son M S 3
    MICHELIN Horace Son M S 5
52 53 BLAKE Henry Head M M 43
    BLAKE Rachel Wife F M 38
    BLAKE Alma Adpt Daughter F S 4
53 54 BLAKE Sydney Head M M 29
    BLAKE Alfreda Wife F M 29
    BLAKE Edward Son M S 7
    BLAKE Theodore Son M S 5
    BLAKE Thomas Alfred Son M S 3
    BLAKE Daphne Daughter F S 1
    BLAKE Elizabeth Mother F W 71
54 55 BLAKE Philemon Ernest Head M M 33
    BLAKE Beulah Wife F M 31
    BLAKE Harold Son M S 9
    BLAKE Ruth Daughter F S 7
    BLAKE Bernard Son M S 6
    BLAKE Harry Son M S 4
    BLAKE Anthony ???? Son M S 7 mons
55 56 & 57 BLAKE Reginald Head M M 30
    BLAKE Lucy Agnes Wife F M 24
    BLAKE Mary Irene Daughter F S 5
    BROOMFIELD Calvin Brother in Law M M 25
    BROOMFIELD Dora Mercy Sister in Law F M 27
    BROOMFIELD Donald Wallace Nephew M S 7
56 58 BLAKE Judson Head M M 38
    BLAKE Ann Mariah Wife F M 31
    BLAKE Olive Daughter F S 7
    BLAKE Virginia Daughter F S 3
    BLAKE Judson Locklan? Son M S 2
56 59 & 60 GROVES Russel Head M S 24
    BLAKE Ralph Cousin M M 28
    BLAKE Alfreda Cousin F M 22
PAGE 74              
57 61 GOUDIE David James Head M M 42
    GOUDIE Elizabeth Wife F M 33
    GOUDIE Horace Son M S 13
    GOUDIE Marie Daughter F S 11
    GOUDIE May Daughter F S 7
    GOUDIE Grace Daughter F S 5
    GOUDIE William Son M S 3
58 62, 63 JEAN James Cousin M W 68
    OLIVER Peter Head M M 53
    OLIVER Jane Wife F M 44
59 64 GOUDIE Archibald Head M M 52
    GOUDIE Lilly Ethel Wife F M 52
    GOUDIE Elizabeth Daughter F S 6
    GOUDIE Franklin William Adpt Son M S 5
60 65 WHITE Gerald Gordon Head M S 19
    WHITE Gertrude Mother F W 48
    WHITE Charlie Brother M S 16
    WHITE Lee Stocton Brother M S 14
    WHITE Ettie Floyde Sister F S 22
PAGE 75              
64 69 GOUDIE Susan Head F W 65
    GOUDIE William Alfred Son M S 34
    GOUDIE Walter Herbert Son M S 32
65 70 THEVENET Ralph Head M M 60
    THEVENET Margaretta Wife F M 48
    THEVENET Therese Daughter F S 26
    THEVENET Jack Son M S 25
    THEVENET Andrew Son M S 24
    THEVENET Francis Son M S 20
    THEVENET Henry Son M S 18
66 71 BAIKIE Robert Head M M 29
    BAIKIE Dulcie Wife F M 21
    BAIKIE Earle Son M S 3
    BAIKIE Harland Son M S 1
67 72 POTTLE George Head M M 58
    POTTLE Alice Wife F M 48
    POTTLE Ernest Son M S 14
    POTTLE Henry Son M S 13
    POTTLE Mary Daughter F S 9
    POTTLE Flossie Daughter F S 6
68 73 BLAKE Mark Head M M 67
    BLAKE Philip Earle Son M M 31
    BLAKE Ella Daughter in Law F M 24
    BLAKE Ellen Wife F M 60
    BLAKE William Albert Son M S 25
    *5PALISSER Dorothy Servant F S 12
69 74 BLAKE Gilbert Head M M 51
    BLAKE Annie Wife F M 49
    BLAKE Elvin Lewis Son M S 25
    BLAKE Duncan Son M S 23
    BLAKE Herbert Lawrence Son M S 21
    BLAKE Gladys Daughter F S 20
    BLAKE Alvina Daughter F S 19
PAGE 76              
    BLAKE Dennis Son M S 17
    BLAKE Howard Son M S 14
    BLAKE Horace Son M S 13
    BLAKE Marjorie Daughter F S 10
    BLAKE Phylis Daughter F S 8
    BLAKE Gwen Jean Daughter F S 6
PAGE 78              
84 90 BLAKE Thomas Head M M 82
    BLAKE Osmond Wife F M 75
Hudson Bay Company          
85 91 KEATS John Edward Head M M 35
    BUTT William Ralph Employee M S 21
    KEATS Ethel Wife F M 36
    KEATS Walter Son M S 10
    KEATS Jean Daughter F S 2
86 92 BROOMFIELD Joseph Head M M 48
    BROOMFIELD Hilda Wife F M 43
    BROOMFIELD Murdock Son M S 23
    BROOMFIELD Clifford Son M S 15
    BROOMFIELD Pearl Daughter F S 14
PAGE 79              
91 98 MICHELIN John Head M M 32
    MICHELIN Edna Wife F M 26
    MICHELIN Herbert Son M S 3
    MICHELIN Wilfred Son M S 2
    MICHELIN Murray Nephew M S 11
92 99 BEST Robert Head M W 49
    BEST Ira Son M S 22
    BEST Frank Son M S 20
    BEST Margaret Daughter F S 13
PAGE 81              
98 104 BAIKIE Wilfred Head M S 39
PAGE 85              
127 139 BURRY Lester Head M M 25
    BURRY Mrs Lester Wife F M 24
    B???? Marjorie   F S 29

Transcribed by Floyd Letto (January 2006)

Updated by Patty Way (January 2006)

Verified to Original Pages (January 2006 - Mary Rawlinson)

CHALK*1 All Individuals showing with the surname of CHALK should be CHAULK
Patty Way
MONTAGUE*2 Given name of Anna should be Hannah
Patty Way
MONTAGUE*3 Given name of Bryant should be Brian
Patty Way
MiCHELIN*4 Given name of Olivia should be Olive
Patty Way
Patty Way

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