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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Carbonear-Bay de Verde

Pages 138 - 147

Community of
(From Northern Bay to Gull Island)

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 139              
1 1 WOODROW Daniel Head M M 60
    WOODROW Margaret Wife F M 60
    WOODROW James Son M S 27
    WOODROW John Son M S 25
    WOODROW Alice Daughter F S 20
    WOODROW Richard Son M S 18
2 2 JACOBS William Head M M 78
    JACOBS Virtue Wife F M 73
    JACOBS Frederick Son M M 45
    JACOBS Elizabeth Daughter F S 43
3 3 JACOBS Andrew Head M M 69
    JACOBS Amelia Wife F M 62
    JACOBS Marie Daughter F S 24
4 4 JACOBS Thomas Head M M 59
    JACOBS Margaret Wife F M 60
    JACOBS Madeline Daughter F S 18
    JACOBS Dorothy Daughter F S 16
5 5 WOODROW John J. Head M M 56
    WOODROW Ellen Wife F M 53
    WOODROW Jennie Daughter F S 22
    WOODROW Marcella Daughter F S 20
    WOODROW Kathleen Daughter F S 17
    WOODROW Joseph V. Son M S 13
6 6 WOODROW Richard Head M M 54
    WOODROW Mary Wife F M 55
    WOODROW James Son M S 25
    WOODROW John M. Son M S 20
    WOODROW Daniel F. Son M S 19
    WOODROW Michael D. Son M S 17
    WOODROW Luke Son M S 14
    WOODROW Mary M. Daughter F S 11
7 7 HOGAN John of Ed Head M S 52
PAGE 140              
8 8 HOWELL Patrick Head M M 56
    HOWELL Sarah Wife F M 53
    HOWELL Ronald J. Son M S 25
    HOWELL Michael Son M S 24
    HOWELL Alphonsus Son M S 22
    HOWELL Mary Daughter F S 19
    HOWELL Cyril Son M S 17
    HOWELL Bridget Daughter F S 15
    HOWELL William Son M S 13
    HOWELL Thomas Son M S 10
9 9 MACNAMARA Mary Head F S 65
10 10 HOGAN Joseph J. Head M M 73
11 11 HOGAN Edmund F. Head M M 31
    HOGAN Clara Wife F M 23
    HOGAN Frank Son M S 4
    HOGAN Cecelia Daughter F S 1 1/2
12 12 MULLALLY John Head M M 44
    MULLALLY Rosanna Wife F M 32
    MULLALLY Sarah Daughter F S 10
    MULLALLY William P. Son M S 7
    MULLALLY Theresa Daughter F S 6
    MULLALLY Lillian Daughter F S 4
    MULLALLY Winnifred Daughter F S 2
    MULLALLY Annie Daughter F S 2 mos
13 13 HOGAN William J Head M M 78
    HOGAN Margaret Wife F M 63
    HOGAN William Son M S 23
    HOGAN John Son M S 21
14 14 HOGAN Frank Head M M 57
    HOGAN Bridget Wife F M 54
    HOGAN Bridget Daughter F S 25
    HOGAN Patrick Son M S 23
    HOGAN John Son M S 22
PAGE 141              
    HOGAN Veronica Daughter F S 21
    HOGAN Michael Son M S 18
    HOGAN James Son M S 15
    HOGAN Jane Daughter F S 16
    HOGAN Ellen Daughter F S 14
15 15 HOWELL Edmund Head M M 63
    HOWELL Elizabeth Wife F M 51
    HOWELL William J. Son M S 23
    HOWELL Agustus Son M S 21
    HOWELL Edmund Jr. Son M S 20
    HOWELL Lucy Daughter F S 17
    HOWELL Dorothy Daughter F S 14
16 16 HOGAN James J. Head M M 53
    HOGAN Jane Wife F M 50
    MULLALLY Dorothy Adopted Daughter F S 18
17 17 MULLALLY Lawrence Head M M 46
    MULLALLY Mary Wife F M 37
    KENNY Bridget Sister-in-law F S 23
    MULLALLY Mary E. Daughter F S 13
    MULLALLY John Son M S 11
    MULLALLY William J Son M S 9
    MULLALLY Josephine Daughter F S 7
    MULLALLY Leo Son M S 5
    MULLALLY Gertrude Daughter F S 3
    MULLALLY Bridget Daughter F S 1
18 18 MULLALLY Stephen Head M M 41
    MULLALLY Elizabeth Wife F M 40
    MULLALLY Catherine Daughter F S 11
    MULLALLY Dommic (?) Son M S 7
    MULLALLY Lawrence Son M S 5
    MULLALLY Michael Son M S 4
    MULLALLY William Son M S 3
    MULLALLY Andrew Son M S 1
PAGE 142              
19 19 HOWELL Ellen Head F W 79
  HOWELL Genevieve Grand Daughter F S 20
    HOWELL Catherine Grand Daughter F S 14
20 20 HOGAN Partick F. Head M M 54
    HOGAN Catherine Wife F M 38
    HOGAN Francis Son M S 18
    HOGAN Johanna M. Daughter F S 17
    HOGAN Veronica Daughter F S 16
    HOGAN Mary Daughter F S 14
    HOGAN Genevieve Daughter F S 13
    HOGAN Margaret Daughter F S 11
    HOGAN Lawrence Son M S 8
    HOGAN Bridget Daughter F S 6
    HOGAN Harold Son M S 4
    HOGAN Adrain (sic) Son M S 3
21 21 HOGAN Felix Head M M 41
    HOGAN Monica Wife F M 41
    HOGAN Benedict Son S S 14
    HOGAN Josephine Daughter F S 12
    HOGAN Dorothy Daughter F S 10
    HOGAN William T. Son S S 8
    HOGAN Mary M. Daughter D S 7
    HOGAN Leo Son S S 4
    HOGAN John Son S S 2
22 22 HOGAN William J Jr Head M S 32
23 23 HOGAN Joseph Head M M 60
    HOGAN Jane Wife F M 52
    HOGAN Annie Daughter F S 26
    HOGAN Monica Daughter F S 19
    HOGAN Angela Daughter F S 15
    HOGAN Morgan Son M S 11
PAGE 143              
    HOGAN Kathleen Daughter F S 9
24 24 HOGAN Cyril Head M M 26
    HOGAN Margaret Mother F W 67
25 25 HOGAN Patrick Head M M 64
    HOGAN Catherine Wife F M 60
    HOGAN Julia Daughter F S 21
    HOGAN Thomas R. Son M S 18
26 26 JOHNSON John Head M W 67
27 27 PUDDISTER T. Pascoe (?) Head M M 62
    PUDDISTER Mary Wife F M 44
    PUDDISTER Frederick Son M S 23
    PUDDISTER Alexander J. Son M S 21
    PUDDISTER Thomas Son M S 19
    PUDDISTER Felix Son M S 17
    PUDDISTER M. Margaret Daughter F S 15
    PUDDISTER William J. Son M S 14
    PUDDISTER Francis I. (?) Son M S 12
    PUDDISTER John S. Son M S 8
28 28 PUDDISTER Samson Head M M 76
    PUDDISTER Mahala Wife F M 64
2 9 29 PUDDISTER Thomas Head M M 44
    PUDDISTER Grace Wife F M 43
    PUDDISTER Wilson Son M S 16
    PUDDISTER Maxwell Son M S 15
    PUDDISTER Nellie Daughter F S 14
    PUDDISTER Laura Daughter F S 9
    PUDDISTER Florence Daughter F S 7
    PUDDISTER Roy Son M S 6
30 30 HOGAN James of P. Head M M 60
    HOGAN Margaret Wife F M 50
31 31 HOGAN Elizabeth Head F W 43
    HOGAN Annie Daughter F S 22
PAGE 144              
    HOGAN Michael Son M S 18
    HOGAN Margaret Daughter F S 16
    HOGAN Mary Ellen Daughter F S 14
    HOGAN Winnifred Daughter F S 12
32 32 GEAR Richard Head M M 55
    GEAR Cicely Wife F M 53
    GEAR James Son M S 22
    GEAR Margaret Daughter F S 16
    GEAR Gertrude Daughter F S 13
    GEAR Thomas Son M S 10
    GEAR Theresa Daughter F S 8
33 33 JOHNSON Henry Head M W 73
34 34 JOHNSON Gideon Head M M 33
    JOHNSON Leah Wife M M 31
35 35 PUDDISTER Josiah Head M W 67
    PUDDISTER George Son M S 17
    PUDDISTER Sarah Daughter F S 15
    PUDDISTER A. Mildred Daughter F S 13
    PUDDISTER Selma Daughter F S 9
36 36 PUDDISTER Mark S. Head M M 45
    PUDDISTER Belle Wife F M 51
    PUDDISTER Cecil Son M S 13
    PUDDISTER Annie Daughter F S 15
    BUCKLER (?) Edith Step daughter F S 17
    BUCKLER Maxwell Step Son M S 15
    BUCKLER Alvin Step Son M S 13
37 37 DALE Albert Head M M 75
    DALE Fanny Wife F M 66
    DALE Elisha Son M S 24
    PUDDISTER Elizabeth Lodger F S 76
38 38 HOGAN Ronald Head M M 33
    HOGAN Mary E. Wife F M 37
    HOGAN Brendan Son M S 3
PAGE 145              
    HOGAN Marie Daughter F S 10 1/2 mths
    TOBIN Mary Domestic F S 16
39 39 HOGAN Ignatius Head M M 35
    HOGAN Margaret Wife F M 31
    HOGAN Stephen Son M S 6
    HOGAN Bridget Daughter F S 5
    HOGAN Irene Daughter F S 3
    HOGAN Mary Daughter F S 2
    HOGAN Helen Daughter F S 9 mths
40 40 HOGAN Edmund Jr Head M S 31
41 41 MARCH James Head M M 68
    MARCH Agnes Wife F M 66
    MARCH Gertrude Daughter F S 37
    MARCH John Son M M 35
    MARCH Mary Daughter in Law F M 30
    MARCH Agnes Granddaughter F S 3
    MARCH William Grandson M S 2
    MARCH John Grandson M S 3 mths
42 42 HOGAN Agnes Head F S 46
43 43 HINCHEY John Head M M 47
    HINCHEY Bridget Wife F M 48
    HINCHEY Madeline Daughter F S 22
    HINCHEY William Son M S 20
    HINCHEY James Son M S 18
    HINCHEY Mary E. Daughter F S 16
    HINCHEY Patrick Son M S 13
    HINCHEY Nellie Daughter F S 11
    HINCHEY Morgan Son M S 8
    HINCHEY Agatha Daughter F S 6
    HINCHEY Angela Daughter F S 3
    HINCHEY Mary Mother F W 83
44 44 JOHNSON Stephen Head M M 41
    JOHNSON Elizabeth Wife` F M 39
PAGE 146              
    JOHNSON Mary M Daughter F S 16
    JOHNSON Caroline Daughter F S 14
    JOHNSON Annie J. Daughter F S 12
    JOHNSON Winnie Daughter F S 9
    JOHNSON Philip Son M S 8
    JOHNSON Genevieve Daughter F S 6
    JOHNSON Peter Son M S 3
45 45 JOHNSON Philip Head M M 65
    JOHNSON Eliza Wife F M 61
    JOHNSON Leo Son M S 32
    JOHNSON Patrick Son M S 30
    JOHNSON John Son M S 28
    JOHNSON Alice Daughter F S 25
    JOHNSON Nellie Daughter F S 22
    JOHNSON Kathleen Daughter F S 20
46 46 NOONAN Edward Head M M 53
    NOONAN Mary Wife F M 54
    NOONAN Mary Daughter F S 24
    NOONAN John T. Son M S 21
    NOONAN Michael Son M S 18
    NOONAN Vincent Son M S 16
47 47 DALE Gilbert Head M M 47
    DALE Mary A. Wife F M 41
    DALE John Son M S 19
    DALE Emma Daughter F S 17
    DALE Lester Son M S 12
    DALE Alfreda Daughter F S 9
    DALE Leonard Son M S 7
    DALE Allan G. Son M S 5
    DALE Clayton Son M S 3
48 48 BUCKLER William j Head M S 31
    BUCKLER Patience Wife M S 31
    BUCKLER Emmie Daughter     10
PAGE 147              
    BUCKLER Beartice Daughter F S 6
    BUCKLER Clarence Son M S 2
    BUCKLER Hayward Brother M S 21
49 49 MOORES Herbert W. Head M M 39
    MOORES Caroline Wife F M 35
    MOORES Laura Mother F W 68
    MOORES Elsie F Daughter F S 15
    MOORES Harvey Son M S 12
    MOORES Frederick Son M S 9
    MOORES Eli F Son M S 6
    MOORES Winnifred Daughter F S 4
    MOORES Thomas G. Son M S 2
50 50 WHALEN Wallis Head M M 39
    WHALEN Alfreda Wife F M 34
    WHALEN Flora Daughter F S 15
    WHALEN Walter Son M S 13
    WHALEN Audrey Daughter F S 7
    WHALEN Theresa Daughter F S 4
    WHALEN Sadie Daughter F S 3
    WHALEN Lucy Daughter F S 1
51 51 MOORES James W. Head M M 52
    MOORES Elizabeth B. Wife F M 47
    MOORES George R. Son M S 23
    MOORES James Son M S 20
    MOORES S. Melvin Son M S 19
    MOORES Olga S. Daughter F S 17
    MOORES Roy Son M S 15
    MOORES Robert Son M S 7
52 52 REYNOLDS John Head M M 28
    REYNOLDS Mary E. Wife F M 27
    REYNOLDS Joseph Son M S 5
    REYNOLDS Muriel M. Daughter F S 2
PAGE 151              
75 75 JOHNSON William G Lodges with John Reynolds M M 28
    JOHNSON Elizabeth Lodges with John Reynolds F M 21
    JACOBS Ann Lodges with Jack Moores F W 83
PAGE 138              
No Entry No Entry COLBERT * Bridget No Entry F M 44
No Entry No Entry COLBERT * Mary No Entry F S 11
No Entry No Entry O'BRIEN * Fannie No Entry F W 65
* NOTE: USA has been entered as residence for the above 3 individuals - Transcriber
No Entry No Entry JOHNSON Effie No Entry F S 29

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (August 2004)

Verified to Original Pages (August 2004 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Thursday February 04, 2016 (Don Tate)

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