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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Fogo

Pages 84 - 88

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
1 1 GINN Frederick HEAD M M 28
    GINN Lucy Wife F M 21
    GINN Eugene Son M S 2
2 2 GOODYEAR Frederick HEAD M M 81
    GOODYEAR Sarah Wife F M 66
    GILLINGHAM Myria Jean Wife F M 35
    GILLINGHAM Almore (sic) Garfield Son M S 17
    GILLINGHAM Herbert George Son M S 15
    GILLINGHAM Sophia Daughter F S 13
    GILLINGHAM Lemuel Son M S 11
    GILLINGHAM Baxter Son M S 9
    GILLINGHAM Rosie Daughter F S 7
    GILLINGHAM Lucy Daughter F S 5
    GILLINGHAM Lenora Daughter F S 3
4 4 GILLINGHAM Charles HEAD M M 45
    GILLINGHAM Laura Wife F M 45
    GILLINGHAM Bertha Daughter F S 18
    GILLINGHAM Willis Son M S 11
    GILLINGHAM Ivy Daughter F S 6
    GILLINGHAM Margaret Mother F W 73
5 5 WHITE Charles Wesley HEAD M M 31
    WHITE Elizabeth Annie Wife F M 26
    WHITE Violet Marie Daughter F S 6
    WHITE Mary Rema (sic) Daughter F S 3
6 6 WEST Cater (?) HEAD M M 44
    WEST Nellie Wife F M 39
    WEST Irene Daughter F S 16
7 7 WEST Allan HEAD M M 38
    WEST Virtue Wife F M 32
    WEST Flossie M Daughter F S 13
    WEST Charles Willie Son M S 11
    WEST Rosanna Bessie Daughter F S 9
PAGE 85              
    WEST Sarah C Daughter F S 7
    ELSEWORTH Dulcie Wife F M 30
    ELSEWORTH Alveno (sic) Daughter F S 6
    ELSEWORTH Dorothy Daughter F S 3
    PARSONS Emma Wife F M 30
    PARSONS Melcie (sic) Daughter F S 9
    PARSONS Alma Daughter F S 7
    PARSONS Everett Son M S 4
10 10 ANGEL Thomas HEAD M M 39
    ANGEL Emma Anne Wife F M 27
    ANGEL Joseph Son M S 7
    ANGEL Donella (sic) Daughter F S 4
    ANGEL Charlotte Daughter F S 1
11 11 ANGEL Rosanna HEAD F W 54
    ANGEL Dorothy Daughter F S 22
    ANGEL Jethro U Son M M 18
    ANGEL Healey F Son M M 14
12 12 ANGEL Mark HEAD M W 56
    ANGEL Harold Son M S 25
    ANGEL Allan Son M S 10
    ANGEL Cecil Son M S 6
  13 ANGEL Kenneth HEAD M M 30
    ANGEL Rookh (sic) (??) Wife F M 21
    ANGEL Stanley A Son M S 6 Mos
13 14 SNOW Kenneth HEAD M M 46
    SNOW Rosanna Wife F M 42
    SNOW Douglas Son M S 19
    SNOW Regina Daughter F S 17
    SNOW Florence Daughter F S 16
    SNOW Gertie Daughter F S 12
    SNOW Juanita Daughter F S 3
PAGE 86              
    SNOW Ryburn Son M S 8
14 15 GILLINGHAM Morley HEAD M M 25
    GILLINGHAM Emma Wife F M 24
    GILLINGHAM Lizzie Daughter F S 11 Mos
15 16 GILLINGHAM Samson HEAD M M 53
    KENDON Harvey Step Son M S 23
    GILLINGHAM Curtis Son M S 13
    KINDON Lily Step Daughter F S 18
    GILLINGHAM Pearl Daughter F S 11
    GILLINGHAM Daisy Wife F M 44
16 17 GILLINGHAM Thomas HEAD M M 45
    GILLINGHAM Ettie Wife F M 39
    GILLINGHAM Harrison Son M S 19
    GILLINGHAM Roland Son M S 16
    GILLINGHAM Donald Son M S 14
    GILLINGHAM Maunder Daughter F S 12
    GILLINGHAM Ollo * Son M S 9
* NOTE: Original entry was OLLO, later someone crossed the two L's to try to make it OTTO
17 18 WHEATON Hubert HEAD M M 51
    WHEATON Alfreda Wife F M 37
    WHEATON Reginald Son M S 22
18 19 WHITE William HEAD M M 29
    WHITE Gladys Wife F M 25
19 20 GILLINGHAM William HEAD M M 40
    GILLINGHAM Beatrice Wife F M 38
    GILLINGHAM Javis R Son M S 17
20 21 PENNELL Leslie HEAD M S 31
21 22 PENNELL John E HEAD M M 52
    PENNELL Olivia Wife F M 43
    PENNELL Dorman Son M S 19
    PENNELL Maxwell Son M S 17
    PENNELL Scott Son M S 14
    PENNELL Oswald Son M S 6
    GOODYEAR Doris Servant F S 19
22 23 PARSONS Azariah HEAD M M 61
PAGE 87              
    PARSONS Myria Wife F M 60
23 24 PARSONS Henrietta HEAD F W 34
    PARSONS Montague Son M S 12
    PARSONS Wordwell Son M S 9
    PARSONS Pearl Daughter F S 3
24 25 PARSONS Theophilus HEAD M M 38
    PARSONS Alma Wife F M 32
25 26 PARSONS Mark HEAD M M 70
    PARSONS Arbella Wife F M 57
    PARSONS Frederick Son M S 21
    PARSONS Samuel Son M S 16
26 27 PARSONS Frederick Elam HEAD M S 29
    PARSONS Lily Mother F W 49
    PARSONS John Brother M S 18
    PARSONS Melvin Brother M S 15
27 28 PENNELL George T HEAD M M 46
    PENNELL Diana Wife F M 49
    PENNELL Myrtle Daughter F S 18
    PENNELL Annie L Daughter F S 12
28 29 SNOW George HEAD M M 43
    SNOW Hilda Wife F M 31
29 30 SNOW Joseph HEAD M M 76
    SNOW Elizabeth Wife F M 69
    SNOW William Son M S 48
30 31 SNOW Peter HEAD M M 34
    SNOW Eva Wife F M 26
    SNOW Hazel Daughter F S 6
    SNOW Beaton Son M S 4
    SNOW Ena Daughter F S 3
    SNOW Obadiah Son M S 11 Months
    SNOW Clayton Son M S 11 Months
31 32 SNOW Walter HEAD M M 35
    SNOW Gertie Wife F M 25
PAGE 88              
32 33 SNOW Alexander HEAD M M 42
    SNOW Carrie Wife F M 43
  34 EASTON Walter HEAD M M 20
    EASTON Ivy Wife F M 19
    EASTON Edison Son M S 8 Months
    VINCENT Hilda Servant F S 12
33 35 PENNELL William HEAD M M 47
    PENNELL Ida Wife F M 34
    PENNELL Wallace Son M S 13
    PENNELL Netta Doris Daughter F S 9
No Entry No Entry GILLINGHAM Pearl ? F S 20

Contributed and Transcribed by Glynn Hewlett

Page Last Modified: Friday April 08, 2016 (Don Tate)

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