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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Harbour Main

Pages 344 - 348

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 344              
209 184 WHALEN Matthew Head M M 70
    WHALEN Mary Wife F M 70
    WHALEN Rita Daughter F S 28
    WHALEN Michael Grand Son M S 11
210 185 MacKAY Patrick Head M S 34
211 186 HAWCO Edward Head M M 42
    HAWCO Alice Wife F M 38
    HAWCO Mary Daughter F S 19
    HAWCO Margaret * Daughter F S 18
* NOTE: A line has been drawn through the above entry. Included here for reference
PAGE 345              
    HAWCO Thomas Son M S 16
    HAWCO Frank Son M S 15
    HAWCO Patrick Son M S 12
    HAWCO Michael Son M S 9
    HAWCO Anna Daughter F S 6
212 187 COLE William Head M M 28
    COLE Bride Wife F M 28
    COLE John Son M S 5
    COLE Mary Daughter F S 3
213 188 CORBETT Thomas Head M M 51
    CORBETT Elizabeth Wife F M 49
    CORBETT James Adopted Son M S 6
214 189 WALSH Michael Jr. Head M M 32
    WALSH Laura Wife F M 32
    WALSH Matthew Son M S 13
    WALSH Kenneth Son M S 11
    WALSH Joseph Son M S 8
    WALSH Albert Son M S 7
    WALSH Walter Son M S 4
    WALSH Leonard Son M S 2
    WALSH Cyril Son M S 14 days
215 190 PENNEY John Head M M 51
    PENNEY Margaret Wife F M 43
    PENNEY Edward Son M S 11
    PENNEY Hilda Daughter F S 8
    PENNEY Kevin Son M S 6
    PENNEY Cyril Son M S 2
216 191 CORBETT Bartholemew Head M M 45
    CORBETT Cathrine Wife F M 42
    CORBETT Bartholemew Jr. Son M S 16
    CORBETT Anna Daughter F S 13
    CORBETT Ambrose Son M S 9
    CORBETT Cathrine Jr. Daughter F S 5
PAGE 346              
    CORBETT Theresa Daughter F S 9 mo.
217 192 PENNEY Michael Head M M 44
    PENNEY Anna Wife F M 40
    PENNEY Cathrine Daughter F S 18
    PENNEY Gertrude Daughter F S 15
    PENNEY Ambrose Son M S 13
    PENNEY Mary Daughter F S 10
    PENNEY Julia Daughter F S 9
    PENNEY Theresa Daughter F S 4
    PENNEY Michael Son M S 1
218 193 PENNEY Denis Head M W 43
    PENNEY Anna Daughter F S 19
    PENNEY Patrick Son M S 15
    PENNEY Denis Jr. Son M S 11
    PENNEY James Son M S 8
219   VACANT          
220 194 CRAWLEY John Head M M 53
    CRAWLEY Elizabeth Wife F M 45
    CRAWLEY Leonard Son M S 25
    CRAWLEY John Jr. Son M S 24
    CRAWLEY Michael Son M S 16
    CRAWLEY Angus Son M S 14
221 195 LEWIS Daniel Head M M 70
    LEWIS Josephine Wife F M 55
    LEWIS Richard Son M S 31
222 196 LEWIS Patrick Head M S 63
223 197 WALL Michael Head M M 73
    WALL Bridget Wife F M 67
224 198 BEESO (??) Mary A. Head F W 73
    GRIFFEN Marjorie Grand Daughter F S 18
    MacDONALD Patrick Nephew M S 24
225 199 WALSH Bernard Head M M 34
    WALSH Stella Wife F M 34
PAGE 347              
    WALSH Allan Son M S 11
    WALSH Harold Son M S 10
    WALSH Madeline Daughter F S 8
    WALSH Michael Son M S 5
    WALSH Theresa Daughter F S 2
    WALSH Gertrude Daughter F S 2
226 200 WALSH Michael Head M M 61
    WALSH Julia Wife F M 59
    WALSH William Son M S 31
    WALSH Margaret Daughter F S 25
    WALSH Denis Son M S 17
  201 HOWLETT Ambrose Head M M 26
    HOWLETT Frances Wife F M 22
    HOWLETT Leo Son M S 4
    HOWLETT Viola Daughter F S 1
227 202 TARGETT Michael Head M M 52
    TARGETT Hannah Wife F M 50
    TARGETT Mary Mother F W 90
    TARGETT Mary Jr. Daughter F S 17 (?)
    TARGETT Ethel Daughter F S 10
    SPARROW (?) John Servant M S 27
228 203 LEWIS William Head M M 46
    LEWIS Alice Wife F M 45
    LEWIS Albert Son M S 18
    LEWIS William Jr. Son M S 16
    LEWIS Walter Son M S 14
    LEWIS Catherine Daughter F S 12
    LEWIS Ethelbert Son M S 10
229 204 WALL William Head M M 47
    WALL Mary Wife F M 42
    WALL Mary Jr. Daughter F S 22
    WALL William Jr. Son M S 19
    WALL Leonard Son M S 17
PAGE 348              
    WALL Gertrude Daughter F S 15
    WALL Leo Son M S 11
    WALL Vincent Son M S 10
    WALL Elizabeth Daughter F S 6
  205 WALL Cyril Head M M 23
    WALL Veronica Wife F M 18
230 206 JORDAN John Head M W 65

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (April 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (April 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday March 29, 2016 (Don Tate)

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