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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of White Bay

Pages 26 - 30

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 26              
154 168 SACREY Dawe HEAD M M 40
    SACREY Minnie Wife F M 38
    SACREY Mark Son M S 17
    SACREY Annie Daughter F S 10
    SACREY Marie Daughter F S 5
    SACREY Harvey Son M S 3
155 169 CLARKE Robert HEAD M M 33
    CLARKE Flora Ann Wife F M 27
    CLARKE Dora Daughter F S 10
    CLARKE Randolph Son M S 9
    CLARKE Roland Son M S 7
    CLARKE Lilian Daughter F S 5
PAGE 27              
    CLARKE Olive Daughter F S 3
    CLARKE Gordon Son M S 11 Mos
156 170 SACREY Edward HEAD M M 38
    SACREY Violet Wife F M 36
    SACREY John Son M S 17
    SACREY Robert Son M S 15
    SACREY Lorenzo Son M S 10
    SACREY Hedley Son M S 5
    SACREY Edith Daughter F S 9
    SACREY Ephraim Son M S 1
157 171 SACREY Walter HEAD M M 36
    SACREY Louisa Wife F M 36
    SACREY Wilbert Son M S 8
    SACREY Herbert Son M S 6
    SACREY Leslie Son M S 4
    SACREY Freeman Son M S 2
158 172 SHEA Leo HEAD M M 26
    SHEA Kathleen Wife F M 22
159 173 SACREY William HEAD M M 44
    SACREY Mary Wife F M 36
    SACREY Gilbert Son M S 11
    SACREY Agustus Son M S 9
    SACREY Clarence Son M S 6
    SACREY Lucy Ann Daughter F S 4
    SACREY Frank Son M S 2
    SACREY Mabel Daughter F S 1
160 174 GREENHAM Stanley HEAD M M 47
    GREENHAM Fanny Wife F M 43
    GREENHAM Emma Daughter F S 19
    GREENHAM Daphene Daughter F S 11
    GREENHAM John Son M S 18
    GREENHAM Reginald Son M S 16
    GREENHAM George Son M S 14
PAGE 28              
    GREENHAM Marie Daughter F S 9
    GREENHAM Ralph Son M S 7
    GREENHAM Olive Daughter F S 5
    GREENHAM Lloyd Son M S 3
161 175 REGULAR William HEAD M M 62
    REGULAR Mary Ann Wife F M 60
    REGULAR Sterling Son M S 23
  176 REGULAR Manuel HEAD M W 32
    REGULAR Hazel Daughter F S 7
    REGULAR Leander Son M S 5
    REGULAR Andrew Son M S 3
162 177 REGULAR John HEAD M M 47
    REGULAR Ophilia (sic) Wife F M 42
    REGULAR Ernest Son M S 21
    REGULAR James Son M S 19
    REGULAR Hector Son M S 13
    REGULAR Gladys J. Daughter F S 11
    REGULAR Eleazor Son M S 9
    REGULAR Alex Joseph Son M S 7
    REGULAR Leander Son M S 4
    REGULAR Ella Daughter F S 1
  178 REGULAR George HEAD M M 42
    REGULAR Susan Wife F M 41
    REGULAR Chesley Son M S 17
    REGULAR Audrey Daughter F S 12
    REGULAR Eric Son M S 9
    REGULAR Albert Son M S 5
    REGULAR Myrtle Daughter F S 1 Mo
163 179 DICKS Nicholas HEAD M M 31
    DICKS Olive Wife F M 26
    DICKS Woodrow Son M S 8
    DICKS Madalyn (sic) Daughter F S 5
PAGE 29              
164 180 PARDY Samuel HEAD M M 53
    PARDY Maria Wife F M 43
    PARDY Dorothy Daughter F S 21
    PARDY Edgar Son M S 15
    PARDY Ellen Daughter F S 13
    PARDY Rita Daughter F S 11
    PARDY Garland Son M S 9
    PARDY L???? Daughter F S 6
    PARDY Esther Daughter F S 2
165 181 REGULAR Stewart HEAD M M 39
    REGULAR Irene Wife F M 35
    REGULAR Allan Son M S 14
    REGULAR Herman Son M S 12
    REGULAR Manuel Son M S 8
    REGULAR Muriel Daughter F S 5
    REGULAR Marjorie Daughter F S 3
    REGULAR Harold Son M S 1
166 182 RICE Willis HEAD M M 34
    RICE Sarah Wife F M 32
    RICE Herbert Son M S 11
    RICE Olive Daughter F S 9
    RICE Cecilia Daughter F S 8
    RICE Archibald Son M S 6
    RICE Raymond Son M S 4
    RICE Wilford Son M S 9 Mos
167 183 JENKINS Stanley HEAD M M 38
    JENKINS Gertie Wife F M 28
    JENKINS Susie Adopted Daughter F S 12
    DECKER Eleazor Step Son M S 4
    JENKINS Llyod (sic) Son M S 1
168 184 DECKER Eleazor Sr. HEAD M M 29
    DECKER Alice Wife F M 18
PAGE 30              
169 185 DECKER George HEAD M M 63
    DECKER Jane Wife F M 60
    DECKER Elias Son M S 24
    DECKER Manuel Son M S 19
    DECKER Samuel Grand Son M S 8
170 186 WHELAN Ephraim HEAD M M 42
    WHELAN Ella May Wife F M 28
171 187 WHELAN Thomas HEAD M W 69

Originally Contributed and Transcribed by Stella Regular

Updated by Gervase Cunard to reformat page (March 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (March 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Sunday August 21, 2016 (Don Tate)

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