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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Twillingate

Pages 514 - 525

Community of
Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 514              
1 1 WHITE William Head M M 37
    WHITE Mary Wife F M 37
    WHITE Howard Son M S 13
    WHITE Alice Daughter F S 11
    WHITE Mary Daughter F S 10
    WHITE Mable (sic) Daughter F S 8
    WHITE Ada Daughter F S 6
    WHITE Thomas Son M S 3
    WHITE Frederick Son M S 1mon
2 2 WOODMAN Robert Head M M 63
    WOODMAN Erizabell (sic) Wife F M 51
    WOODMAN Kemuel (sic) Son M S 35
    WOODMAN Catheline Daughter F S 30
    WOODMAN Frederick Son M S 27
    WOODMAN Gordon Son M S 24
    WOODMAN William Son M S 21
    WOODMAN Doris Daughter F S 20
    WOODMAN Ernest Son M S 18
    WOODMAN Audrey Daughter F S 16
    WOODMAN Leo Son M S 11
    WOODMAN Logan Son M S 8
    WOODMAN Geraldine Daughter F S 6
    WOODMAN Otto Son M S 4
3 3 WHEATON George Head M M 54
    WHEATON Sarah Wife F M 51
    WHEATON Clyde Son M S 23
    YATES Carl Lodger M S 22
4 4 YETMAN Roy Head M M 29
    YETMAN Hazel Bulah Wife F M 21
    YETMAN Bulah Daughter F S 6
    YETMAN Marion Daughter F S 5mos
PAGE 515              
5 5 FURLONG Lawarance (sic) Head M M 60
    FURLONG Lillian Wife F M 59
    FURLONG Lillian Daughter F S 35
    FURLONG Olive Daughter F S 33
    FURLONG Garfield Son M S 31
    FURLONG Lucy Daughter F S 29
    FURLONG Angle (sic) Daughter F S 25
6 6 GREENING Gerald Head M M 28
    GREENING Angel Wife F M 25
    GREENING Betrice (sic) Daughter F S 4
    GREENING Ola  (sic) Daughter F S 2
    GREENING Berdean (sic) Daughter F S 7 mos
    BUTT Violet Domestic F S 17
    BUTT Rutby No Entry F S 11
7 7 GILL Job Head M M 54
    GILL Alfreda Wife F M 52
    GILL William Son M M 25
    GILL Job Son M S 23
    GILL Martha Daughter F M 20
    GILL Maxwell Son M S 13
    GILL Doras (sic) Daughter F S 8
8 8 GILL William Head M M 25
    GILL Olive Wife F M 21
    GILL Maxwell Son M S 8mos
9 9 ROWSELL Peter Head M M 50
    ROWSELL Elsie Wife F M 48
    ROWSELL Gordon Son M S 26
    ROWSELL Arthur Son M S 23
    ROWSELL Rex Son M S 21
    ROWSELL Donald Son M S 14
10 10 SPARKS Samuel Head M M 58
    SPARKS Mary Wife F M 51
    SPARKS Gertrude Daughter F S 30
PAGE 516              
    SPARKS Ida Daughter F S 27
    SPARKS Rita Daughter F S 24
    SPARKS Gladys Daughter F S 22
    SPARKS John Son M S 17
    SPARKS Venus Daughter F S 9
  11 BARTLETT Albert Lodger M M 38
    BARTLETT Ida Lodger F M 27
    BARTLETT Laverne Son M S 2 Mos
11 12 WINDSOR Thomas Head M M 49
    WINDSOR Rachael Wife F M 48
    WINDSOR Olive Daughter F S 17
    WINDSOR Larance (sic) Son M S 5
12 13 PATT Brian Head M M 39
    PATT Ada Wife F M 38
    PATT John Son M S 4
    PATT Lenard (sic) Son M S 3
    OAKE Grace Domestic F S 18
    BADCOCK Clara Domestic F S 40
    PATT Jane Mother F W 72
13 14 BALSTONE Chestley Head M S 35
    BALSTONE Lucy Mother F W 58
    WHITE Jean Domestic F S 21
14 15 FOGWELL Euguve (Sic) Head M M 26
    FOGWELL Mary Wife F M 24
    FOGWELL Mable (sic) Daughter F S 5
    FOGWELL Richard Son M S 4
    FOGWELL Murial (sic) Daughter F S 6mos
15 16 RIDEOUT John Head M M 74
    RIDEOUT Anna Wife F M 60
    RIDEOUT John Son M S 23
PAGE 517              
    RIDEOUT Arther (sic) Son M S 6
16 17 KILLYEAR Elizabeth Head F M 62
    SQUIRES Obrey (sic) Lodger M S 41
17 18 WILLCOCKS George Head M M 60
    WILLCOCKS Olivia Wife F M 50
    WILLCOCKS Roselea (sic) Daughter F S 18
    WILLCOCKS Nellie Daughter F S 16
    WILLCOCKS Willburn Son M S 21
    WILLCOCKS Walter Son M S 13
    WILLCOCKS Margold (sic) Daughter F S 8
18 19 FREEMAN William Head M M 32
    FREEMAN Gertrude Wife F M 26
    FREEMAN Paul Son M S 3
    FREEMAN Betrice (sic) Daughter F S 2
    FREEMAN George Son M S 1
    RICHARD Douglas brother M S 20
19 20 TORRAVILLE Joseph Head M M 45
    TORRAVILLE Ruth Wife F M 44
    TORRAVILLE Marion Daughter F S 20
    TORRAVILLE Flobe (sic) Daughter F S 18
    TORRAVILLE Harvy (sic) Son M S 15
    TORRAVILLE Olive Daughter F S 13
    TORRAVILLE Ada Daughter F S 11
    TORRAVILLE Ireane (sic) Daughter F S 9
    LEE Ellis * Lodger M S No Entry
* NOTE: Ellis Lee was lined out on the original page and is included here for reference.
20 21 ROWSELL Arther (sic) Head M M 24
    ROWSELL Sadie Wife F M 25
    ROWSELL Elsie Daughter F S 1mon
21 22 WINTER Frederick Head M M 50
    WINTER Emly (sic) Wife F M 52
    WINTER Laura Daughter F M * 26
    WINTER Able (sic) Son M M * 24
    WINTER Chesley Son M S 18
NOTE: Laura & Able original entries showed marital status as "Maried" Later this was crossed out and the status of "Single" was penned over the crossed out entries.
PAGE 518              
    WINTER Eslie (sic) Daughter F S 20
    WINTER Wilfred Son M S 14
    WINTER Spencer Son M S 8
22 23 KING William Head M M 28
    KING Laura Wife F M 26
    KING Graham Son M S 7
    KING Mervin Son M S 1
23 24 ROWSELL Frederick Head M M 60
    ROWSELL Elizabeth Wife F M 50
    ROWSELL Mary Daughter F M * 30
    ROWSELL Susie Daughter F M * 28
    ROWSELL Lillian Daughter F M * 28
NOTE: Mary, Susie & Lillian original entries showed marital status as "Maried" Later this was crossed out and the status of "Single" was penned over the crossed out entries.
    ROWSELL Bride Daughter F S 24
    ROWSELL Ruth Daughter F S 22
    ROWSELL Florence Daughter F S 20
    ROWSELL Raymond Son M S 18
    ROWSELL Westley (sic) Son M S 16
    ROWSELL Wilson Son M S 16
    ROWSELL Norman Son M S 14
    ROWSELL Scott Son M S 11
    ROWSELL Myra Daughter F S 3
24 25 CUFF Alexander Head M M 36
    CUFF Sussie (sic) Wife F M 31
    HEWLETT Elsie Adopted F S 9
25 26 COOPER Allen Head M M 38
    COOPER Delphina Wife F M 35
    COOPER Hilda Daughter F S 16
    COOPER Myrtle Daughter F S 13
    COOPER Dorothy Daughter F S 9
    COOPER Vivian Daughter F S 7
    COOPER Lilian Daughter F S 3
    COOPER Harold Son M S 18mos
26 27 OSMOND Ambrose Head M M 34
PAGE 519              
    OSMOND Gladys Wife F M 22
    OSMOND Stanley Son M S 5mos
27 28 HARTIGAN Bernard Head M M 58
    HARTIGAN Elise (sic) Wife F M 54
    HARTIGAN Margrete (sic) Daughter F S 31
    HARTIGAN Frank Son M S 29
    HARTIGAN Elanor (sic) Daughter F S 26
28 29 FOGWELL John Head M M (sic) 28
    FOGWELL Mary Daughter F S 6mos
  30 BESSIE*1 William Head M M 52
    BESSIE Jane Wife F M 42
    BESSIE Emily Daughter F S 24
    BESSIE Olive Daughter F S 22
    BESSIE Pearcy Son M S 19
    BESSIE Clikin (sic) (?) Son M S 17
    BESSIE Triffina (sic) Daughter F S 14
    BESSIE Hazel Daughter F S 12
    BESSIE Pleanal (sic) Son M S 9
    BESSIE Lulu Daughter F S 5
29 31 LANE Joseph Head M M 36
    LANE Olive Wife F M 22
    LANE Pearcy Son M S 5mos
30 32 COOPER William Head M M 33
    COOPER Emily Wife F M 24
    COOPER Jean Daughter F S 3
    COOPER Cora Daughter F S 2
    BUTT Sydney Lodger M S 22
31 33 WHITEHORN William Head M M 28
    WHITEHORN Mary Wife F M 24
    WHITEHORN William Son M S 2
  34 JONES Edward Head M M 22
    JONES Creasie (sic) Wife F M 22
32 35 BALL Dorman Head M M 41
PAGE 520              
    BALL Lucy Wife M M 37
    BALL Frances Daughter F S 15
    BALL Lillian Daughter F S 13
    BALL Harrison Son M S 11
    BALL Clifford Son M S 9
    BALL Rowena Daughter F S 7
    BALL Merna (?) Daughter F S 1
33 36 ELLIOTT James Head M M 45
    ELLIOTT Bessie Wife F M 40
    ELLIOTT Elvalin (sic) Daughter F S 16
    ELLIOTT Claud Son M S 11
    ELLIOTT Howard Son M S 8
    ELLIOTT Hazel Daughter F S 7
    ELLIOTT Lilian Daughter F S 4
    ELLIOTT Edgar Son M S 2
    ELLIOTT Angus Son M S 10mos
    WEST Keneth (sic) Lodger M S 35
34 37 CHURCHILL Soloman Head M M 41
    CHURCHILL Livil (sic) Wife F M 37
    CHURCHILL Gordon Son M S 14
    CHURCHILL Florence Daughter F S 12
    CHURCHILL Eric Son M S 10
    CHURCHILL Geraldine Daughter F S 8
    CHURCHILL Palema (sic) Daughter F S 6
35 38 LANE Noah Head M M 39
    LANE Maud Wife F M 32
    LANE Angus Son M S 12
    LANE Edward Son M S 10
    LANE Francis Son M S 9
    LANE Sadie Daughter F S 7
36 39 RECORD Mark Head M M 34
    RECORD Lillian Wife F M 25
    RECORD Raymond Son M S 4
PAGE 521              
    RECORD Rosamond Daughter F S 2
    GREENING Bereth (sic) Domestic F S 19
37 40 GREENING Allen Head M M 50
    GREENING Gertrude Wife F M 43
    GREENING Malcolm Son M S 25
    GREENING Berith (sic) Daughter F S 19
    GREENING Lenorh (sic) Daughter F S 17
    GREENING Una Daughter F S 15
    GREENING Hedley Son M S 12
    GREENING Reginald Son M S 7
    GREENING Lloyd Son M S 4
38 41 JONES Joseph Head M M 24
    JONES Elizabeth Wife F M 22
    JONES Pearl Daughter F S 3
    JONES Edna Daughter F S 1
    JONES Jessie Mother F W 48
    JONES Irene Daughter F S 10
39 42 BRIDGER Moody Head M M 37
    BRIDGER Eunice Wife F M 30
    BRIDGER Gerald Son M S 8
    BRIDGER Harold Son M S 6
    BRIDGER Mazie Daughter F S 3
    BRIDGER Carrol Son M S 4mos
40 43 PRICE Anthony Head M M 44
    PRICE Emmy Wife F M 39
    PRICE Lillian Daughter F S 21
  44 COOPER John Father M M 65
    COOPER Harriet Mother F M 65
41 45 SIMMS Harold Head M M 43
    SIMMS Sadie Wife F M 48
    SIMMS Herbert (?) Son M S 15
    SIMMS John Son M S 15
42 46 JONES Cecial (sic) Head M M 29
PAGE 522              
    JONES Effie Wife F M 22
    JONES Guy Son M S 1
    COOPER Hilda Domestic F S 16
43 47 BUDGELL John Head M M 36
    BUDGELL Elizabeth Wife F M 28
    BUDGELL Hubert Son M S 6
    BUDGELL Roberta Daughter F S 5
    BUDGELL George Son M S 3
    BUDGELL Vernard (sic) (?) Daughter F S 1
44 48 PECKFORD Jessie Head M M 46
    PECKFORD Ethel Wife F M 38
    STEEL Hachel (sic) Mother F W 76
45 49 ANTLE Abram Head M M 45
    ANTLE Flora Wife F M 38
    NORMAN Mary Mother F W 68
46 50 MOORE Alexander Head M M 48
    MOORE Bessie Wife F M 45
    MOORE Edward Son M S 23
    MOORE Florence Daughter F S 21
    MOORE Ralph Son M S 17
    MOORE Phillis Daughter F S 14
    MOORE Ethel Daughter F S 7
47 51 FOGWELL Richard Head M M 59
    FOGWELL Mable Wife F M 56
    FOGWELL Frederick Son M S 23
    FOGWELL Gordon Son M S 22
48 52 CHUMLEY Ellis Head M M 31
    CHUMLEY Mable Wife F M 33
    CHUMLEY Hayward Son M S 5mos
49 53 PITTMAN Lyas (sic) Head M M 45
    PITTMAN Bessy (sic) Wife F M 39
    PITTMAN Hary (sic) Son M S 1
50 54 PINSENT Stephen Head M M 46
PAGE 523              
51 55 PINSENT Violet Wife F M 40
    PINSENT Ralph Son M S 16
    PINSENT Dorothy Daughter F S 14
    PINSENT Vera Daughter F S 9
    SAMSON Greta Domestic F S 21
52 56 JONES George Head M M 48
    JONES Ella Wife F M 41
    JONES Ruth Daughter F S 14
    JONES George Son M S 12
    JONES Llewalyn (sic) Son M S 9
    Blake Victor Son M S 13
    Blake Joice (sic) Daughter F S 11
53 57 PHILLIPPS William Head M M 53
    PHILLIPPS Ida Wife F M 46
    PHILLIPPS Fredrick Son M S 24
    PHILLIPPS James Son M S 23
    PHILLIPPS Winaford (sic) Daughter F S 21
    PHILLIPPS Joice (sic) Daughter F S 18
    PHILLIPPS Dorothy Daughter F S 16
    PHILLIPPS Robert Son M S 13
    PHILLIPPS Norma Daughter F S 11
54 58 TORRAVILLE Oswald Head M M 34
    TORRAVILLE Bertha Wife F M 31
    TORRAVILLE Mary Daughter F S 3mos
55 59 SLADE Stanley Head M M 52
    SLADE Ethel Wife F M 43
    SLADE Harold Son M S 23
    SLADE Clyde Son M S 17
56 60 CLARK Bennet Head M M 39
    CLARK Alfreda Wife F M 36
    CLARK Roy Son M S 17
    CLARK Jennie Daughter F S 13
    CLARK Morley Son M S 9
PAGE 524              
    CLARK Edward Son M S 7
    CLARK James Son M S 5
    CLARK Harold Son M S 4
    SAMSON Betrice (sic) Domestic F S 19
57 61 LOVEYS James Head M M 38
    LOVEYS Florence Wife F M 36
    LOVEYS Pearl Daughter F S 12
    LOVEYS Craig Son M S 11
    LOVEYS Elanor (sic) Daughter F S 9
    LOVEYS Ruby Daughter F S 7
    LOVEYS Audry  (sic) Daughter F S 6
    LOVEYS Guy Son M S 4
    LOVEYS Lloyd Son M S 3
58 62 FOGWELL Lewis Head M M 34
    FOGWELL Gertrude Wife F M 33
59 63 WOODMAN Douglas Head M M 23
    WOODMAN Martha Wife F M 21
    WOODMAN Jack Son M S 19mos
60 64 YOUNG Henry Head M M 43
    YOUNG Namony (sic) Wife F M 39
    YOUNG Fanny Daughter F S 19
    YOUNG Garfield Son M S 16
    YOUNG Hawyard (sic) Son M S 14
    YOUNG Ella Daughter F S 12
    YOUNG Halph (sic) Son M S 10
    YOUNG Rex Son M S 8
    YOUNG Doroth (sic) Daughter F S 7
    YOUNG Clifford Son M S 4
    YOUNG Effie Daughter F S 3
61 65 KITCHEN Hedley Head M M 35
    KITCHEN Elizabeth Wife F M 34
    KITCHEN Hubert Son M S 6
    ST CROIX Josephine No Entry F S 42
PAGE 525              
    KITCHEN Harold Son M S 4
    KITCHEN John Son M S 3
    NORTHOVER Martha Daughter F S 21
62 66 TAYOR Robert Head M M 48
    TAYOR Clara Wife F M 49
    TAYOR William Son M S 22
    TAYOR George Son M S 20
    TAYOR Emiline Daughter F S 19
    TAYOR Albert Son M S 16
    TAYOR Jeane Daughter F S 12
    TAYOR Roberta Daughter F S 4
63 67 OSMOND Eli Head M M 21
    OSMOND Pearl Wife F M 20
    OSMOND Edward Son M S 3
    OSMOND Sarah Elizabeth Daughter F S 2
    KING William Head M M 35
    KING Cecilia (??) Wife F M 35

Transcribed by (February 2006)

Verified to Original Pages (February 2006 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Saturday January 16, 2016 Don Tate
BESSIE Family*1 I believe the enumerator mispelled this name as it should have been enumerated as BESSEY Warren Elliott

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