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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Twillingate

Pages 786-787 & 821

Community of

Dwelling Family SURNAME Given Name Relationship Sex Status Age Religion
PAGE 786                
600 680 RIDEOUT Alphaeus HEAD M M 62 SA
    RIDEOUT Effie Wife F M 55 SA
    RIDEOUT Arthur Son M S 31 SA
    RIDEOUT Hardy Son M S 23 SA
    RIDEOUT Olive Daughter F S 17 SA
    RIDEOUT Mabel Daughter F S 27 SA
  681 RIDEOUT Harry HEAD M M 32 SA
    RIDEOUT May Wife F M 28 SA
601 682 RIDEOUT Parmaenus (sic) (?) HEAD M M 64 SA
    RIDEOUT Jane Wife F M 50 SA
    RIDEOUT Peter Son M S 35 SA
    RIDEOUT Mildred Daughter F S 21 SA
602 683 RIDEOUT Allan HEAD M M 36 SA
    RIDEOUT Annie Wife F M 27 SA
    RIDEOUT Lucy Daughter F S 2 SA
PAGE 787                
603 684 RIDEOUT Elizabeth HEAD F W 66 SA
    RIDEOUT Bertha Daughter F S 29 SA
    RIDEOUT Simon Son M S 25 SA
604 685 CANNING Lewis HEAD M M 30 SA
    CANNING Sarah Wife F M 28 SA
    CANNING Gilbert Son M S 6 SA
    CANNING Audrey Daughter F S 1 SA
605 686 CANNING Robert HEAD M M 41 UC
    CANNING Bertha Wife F M 40 UC
    CANNING Pansy Daughter F S 11 UC
    CANNING Roland Son M S 10 UC
    CANNING Brocklyn (sic) Son M S 7 UC
    CANNING Maggie Daughter F S 5 UC
    CANNING May Daughter F S 3 UC
606 687 PEDDLE John HEAD M M 53 SA
    PEDDLE Jessie Wife F M 46 SA
    PEDDLE Reginald Son M S 11 SA
607 688 RIDEOUT Kenneth HEAD M M 67 UC
    RIDEOUT Jane Wife F M 64 UC
608 689 FROUDE Charlie HEAD M M 71 UC
    FROUDE Kenelda (sic) Wife F M 64 UC
    FROUDE Frank Son M S 25 Pentecostal
609 690 WHITE Joseph HEAD M M 34 UC
    WHITE Susie Wife F M 29 UC
    WHITE Lewis Son M S 7 UC
    WHITE Florence Daughter F S 5 UC
    WHITE Alice Daughter F S 2 UC
610 691 FROUDE Wilson HEAD M M 34 Pentecostal
    FROUDE Hettie Wife F M 25 Pentecostal
    FROUDE Joyce Daughter F S 4 Pentecostal
    FROUDE Leo Son M S 1 Pentecostal
PAGE 821                
573 650 POOLE Mary Anne HEAD F W 54 Pentecostal
    POOLE Austin Son M S 22 Pentecostal
    POOLE Peter Son M S 20 Pentecostal
    POOLE Hedley Son M S 16 Pentecostal
    POOLE Daisy Daughter F S 14 Pentecostal
574 651 CANNING Peter HEAD M M 32 Pentecostal
    CANNING Winnie Wife F M 29 Pentecostal
    CANNING Daphne Daughter F S 11 Pentecostal
    CANNING Reginald Son M S 8 Pentecostal
    CANNING Willis Son M S 4 Pentecostal
    CANNING Bennett Son M S 2 Pentecostal
    CANNING Rowena Daughter F S 7 Mos Pentecostal
575 652 WHITE Stewart HEAD M W 40 UC
    WHITE Dorothy Daughter F S 17 UC
    WHITE Reginald Son M S 10 UC
576 653 WHITE Arthur HEAD M M 47 Pentecostal
    WHITE Louise Wife F M 39 Pentecostal
    WHITE Raymond Son M S 20 Pentecostal
    WHITE Mildred Daughter F S 18 Pentecostal
    WHITE Violet Daughter F S 15 Pentecostal
    WHITE Sandy Son M S 12 Pentecostal
    WHITE Wilson Son M S 10 Pentecostal
    WHITE Gilbert Son M S 9 Pentecostal
    WHITE Stella Daughter F S 8 Pentecostal

Contributed and Transcribed by Glynn Hewlett

Page Last Modified: Saturday January 16, 2016 (Don Tate)

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