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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Burin

Pages 270 - 276

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 270              
590 670 STACEY Thomas C Head M M 38
    STACEY Margaret Wife F M 28
PAGE 271              
591 671 CUZA Peter Head M M 32
    CUZA Mary Wife F M 29
    CUZA Marcell Daughter F S 2
    CUZA Stella Daughter F S 7
    CUZA Philamina Daughter F S 8
    CUZA Lucy Daughter F S 5
592 672 CUZA Louis Head M M 42
    CUZA Gabriette Wife F M 41
    BENTEAU Clement Stepson M S 9
    CUZA Louis Son M S 7
    CUZA Andrey (sic) Son M S 6
    CUZA Germain Son M S 5
    CUZA Joseph Son M S 3
    CUZA Simon Son M S 2
597 673 PARSONS George Head M M 67
    PARSONS Ellen Wife F M 54
    PARSONS Gabriel Son M S 18
    PARSONS Francis Son M S 14
    PARSONS Patrick Son M S 9
    PARSONS Virginia Daughter F S 16
    PARSONS Anette Daughter F S 11
594 674 PARSONS William Head M W 35
    PARSONS Bridget Daughter F S 6
    PARSONS Leonard Son M S 4
595 675 HILLIER Herbert Head M M 36
    HILLIER Bethina Wife F M 36
    HILLIER Archibald Son M S 6
    HILLIER Rita Daughter F S 12
    HILLIER Melinda Daughter F S 9
    HILLIER Marion Daughter F S 7
    HILLIER Mildred Daughter F S 2
596 676 ORIEUX (??) Benjamin Head M W 74
597 677 BENTEAU Reginald Head M M 39
PAGE 272              
    BENTEAU Lucy Wife F M 33
    BENTEAU Austin Son M S 7
    BENTEAU Gerald Son M S 5
    BENTEAU Lilian Daughter F S 4
    BENTEAU Leona Daughter F S 3
    BENTEAU Sheila Daughter F S 3
    BENTEAU Marcella Daughter F S 1
598 678 SLANEY Michael Head M M 32
    SLANEY Theresa Wife F M 27
    SLANEY Michael Son M S 8
    SLANEY Lawrence Son M S 4
    SLANEY Leo Son M S 1
599 679 SLANEY Joanna Head F W 61
    SLANEY Sylvia Daughter F S 27
    SLANEY Aloysius Son M S 23
    SLANEY Patrick Grand Son M S 3
    SLANEY Virginia Grand Daughter F S 6 Mos
600 680 STACEY John Head M M 38
    STACEY Winnie Wife F M 27
    STACEY Madaline Daughter F S 7
    STACEY Beatrice Daughter F S 5
    STACEY Mabel Daughter F S 3
    STACEY Charlotte Daughter F S 1
601 681 STACEY Mary Head F W 69
    STACEY Peter Son M S 22
602 682 STACEY J.W. Head M M 48
    STACEY Bridget Wife F S 47
    STACEY Patrick Son M S 25
    STACEY Anthony Son M S 20
    STACEY Sylvester Son M S 16
    STACEY Mary Daughter F S 13
    STACEY Elizabeth Daughter F S 6
603 683 STACEY Wm J Head M M 39
PAGE 273              
    STACEY Emily Wife F M 34
    STACEY Leslie Son M S 14
    STACEY Herbert Son M S 12
    STACEY Vincent Son M S 8
    STACEY Leonard Son M S 11
    FITZPATRICK Peter Lodger M W 68
    STACEY Gordon Son M S 7
604 684 PARSONS Alfred Head M M 28
    PARSONS Margaret Wife F M 26
    PARSONS Norah Daughter F S 4
    CAINES Bertha Daughter F S 2
605 685 BONNELL Margaret Head F W 61
    BONNELL George Son M S 32
    HILLIER Gertrude Adopted F S 14
    CAINES Beatrice Adopted F S 7
606 686 STACEY Mary Head F W 39? *
* NOTE: Originl entry was 39. Later this was crossed out and the age of 11 was written above. Not a logical age,
    STACEY William Head M M 34
    STACEY Bessie Wife F M 29
    STACEY John Son M S 8
    STACEY Gladys Daughter F S 6
    STACEY Emma Daughter F S 4
    STACEY Harry Son M S 1
607 687 STACEY Bernard Head M M 42
    STACEY Ernestine Wife F M 47
    SHEA Jessie Step Daughter F S 16
    STACEY Theodore Son M S 7
    STACEY Mercedes Daughter F S 5
    STACEY Clara Daughter F S 21
  688 SHEA Leo Head M M 25
    SHEA Annie Wife F M 20
    SHEA John Son M S 5
608 689 STACEY Clement Head M M 25
    STACEY Mary Wife F M 24
PAGE 274              
    STACEY Mary Daughter F S 1
    STACEY Michael Father M W 71
609 690 BENTEAU Sim?? (??) Head M M 65
    BENTEAU Anastacia (sic) Wife F M 62
    BENTEAU John Son M S 24
    BENTEAU Maud Daughter F S 33
    BENTEAU Mary Daughter F W 40
    CUZA Herbert Lodger M S 18
609 691 BENTEAU David Head M W 35
    BENTEAU Dorothy Daughter F S 5
    BENTEAU Maurice Son M S 4
    BENTEAU Simon Nephew M S 9
610 692 STACEY Thomas Head M M 56
    STACEY Adelade Wife F M 52
    STACEY Donald Son M S 24
    STACEY Fred^k Son M S 21
    STACEY William Son M S 15
    STACEY Philip Son M S 13
    STACEY Elizabeth Daughter F S 16
611 693 STACEY Lewis Head M M 30
    STACEY Olive Wife F M 22
    STACEY Hubert Son M S 3
    STACEY Maxwell Son M S 1
612 694 KIRBY Benjamin Head M M 48
    KIRBY Susanna Wife F M 42
    KIRBY Joseph Son M S 14
    KIRBY Elizabeth Daughter F S 16
    KIRBY James Son M S 12
    KIRBY Sylina (sic) (?) Daughter F S 10
    KIRBY Michael Son M S 7
    KIRBY Gerard Son M S 5
    KIRBY Stella Daughter F S 3
    KIRBY Gladys Daughter F S 3 Mos
PAGE 275              
613 695 HENNEBURY Richard Head M M 75
    HENNEBURY Mary Wife F M 72
    HENNEBURY Richard Son M S 27
    HENNEBURY Thomas Grand Son M S 25
    HENNEBURY Susanna Daughter F S 39
    HENNEBURY Catherine Daughter F S 21
614 696 COUSINS James Head M M 39
    COUSINS Elsie wife F M 35
    COUSINS Gabriel Son M S 14
    COUSINS Michael Son M S 12
    COUSINS Anthony Son M S 9
    COUSINS Bernard Son M S 4
    COUSINS Thomas J Son M S 2
    COUSINS Mercedes Daughter F S 11
    COUSINS Mary Daughter F S 6
615 697 TURPIN Bernard Head M M 46
    TURPIN Anna Mary Wife F M 46
    TURPIN Augustine Son M S 15
    TURPIN Bernard Son M S 14
    TURPIN James Son M S 11
    TURPIN Eileen Daughter F S 17
    TURPIN Leo Son M S 5
  698 STACEY George Head M M 26
    STACEY Veronica Wife F M 22
    STACEY George Son M S 2
616 689 HENNEBURY Joseph Head M M 28
    HENNEBURY Matilda Wife F M 21
    HENNEBURY Albert Son M S 2
    HENNEBURY Sarah Daughter F S 8 Mos
617 700 HENNEBURY Michael Head M M 52
    HENNEBURY Bridget Wife F M 57
    HENNEBURY Philip Son M S 23
    HENNEBURY Alphonse Son M S 8
PAGE 276              
    HENNEBURY Theresa Son (sic) M (sic) S 22
    HENNEBURY Madeline Daughter F S 20
    HENNEBURY Rita Daughter F S 18
    HENNEBURY Stella Daughter F S 16
618 701 STACEY Fred^k Head M M 28
    STACEY Ellen Wife F M 26
    STACEY Maxwell Son M S 2
619 702 HENNEBURY Thomas Head M W 42
    HENNEBURY Gordon Son M S 14
    HENNEBURY Vincent Son M S 9
    HENNEBURY Mary Daughter F S 13
    HENNEBURY Christie Daughter F S 11
620 703 HENNEBURY Pierce Head M M 37
    HENNEBURY Theresa Wife F M 42
    HENNEBURY Annie Daughter F S 15
    HENNEBURY Susanna Daughter F S 13
    HENNEBURY William Son M S 11
    HENNEBURY Francis Son M S 9
    HENNEBURY Clyde Son M S 6
    HENNEBURY Leo Son M S 4
    HENNEBURY Patrick Son M S 2
    LAKE Margaret Sister F W 40
621 704 WALSH Joseph Head M M 74
    WALSH Catherine Wife F M 60
    STACEY Margaret Servant F S 22
622 705 CUZA John Head M M 70
    CUZA Mary Wife F M 68
    CUZA Susanna Daughter F S 26
    CUZA John Grand Son M S 15

Transcribed by Mary Rawlinson (November 2005)

Verified to Original Pages (November 2005 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Monday May 02, 2016 (Don Tate)

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