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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Burin

Pages 192 - 201

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 192              
251 288 FITZPATRICK Herbert Head M M 27
    FITZPATRICK Maud Wife F M 26
    FITZPATRICK Harold Son M S 3
    FITZPATRICK Lilian Daughter F S 1
252 289 FITZPATRICK David Head M M 58
    FITZPATRICK Mary M. Wife F M 63
    FITZPATRICK David Son M S 23
    FITZPATRICK Lewis Son M S 18
    MURPHY Adrian?*1 Grand Son M S 12
253 290 HENNEBURY John Head M M 48
    HENNEBURY Hannah Wife F M 38
    HENNEBURY Richard Son M S 18
    HENNEBURY John Son M S 13
    HENNEBURY Gordon Son M S 7
    HENNEBURY Fred'k Son M S 4
    HENNEBURY Earl Son M S 15 Mos
    HENNEBURY Gladys Daughter F S 16
    HENNEBURY Florence Daughter F S 9
PAGE 193              
254 291 HENNEBURY Thomas Head M M 54
    HENNEBURY Pauline Wife F M 54
    HENNEBURY Michael Son M S 28
    HENNEBURY Gabriel Son M S 23
    HENNEBURY Leslie Son M S 12
    HENNEBURY John Son M S 15
    HENNEBURY Maurice Son M S 8
    HENNEBURY Lilian * Daughter F S 21
    HENNEBURY Julie * Daughter F S 18
* NOTE: The above two entires (Lilian and Julie) are lined out with notation Domestic at St Pierre:
255 292 FITZPATRICK James Head M M 32
    FITZPATRICK Susan Wife F M 33
    FITZPATRICK Rita Daughter F S 11
    FITZPATRICK Mary Daughter F S 8
    FITZPATRICK Viola Daughter F S 2
256 293 HODGE Thomas Head M M 49
    HODGE Bridget Wife F M 40
    HODGE Thomas Son M S 16
    HODGE George Son M S 13
    HODGE Theresa * Daughter F S 10
* NOTE: The above entry has a line drawn through it with notation "Domestic as St Pierre"
    HODGE Emma Daughter F S 7
    HODGE Bridget Daughter F S 4
    HODGE Kathleen Daughter F S 4
257 294 HODGE Anthony Head M M 33
    HODGE Helen Wife F M 34
    HODGE John T. Son M S 10
    HODGE Joseph Son M S 5
    HODGE Kathleen Daughter F S 12
    HODGE Rosella Daughter F S 8
    HODGE Amelia Daughter F S 4
    HODGE Louisa Daughter F S 12
  295 HODGE Mary Wife F M 62
    HODGE Joseph Head M M 63
PAGE 194              
258 296 DRAKE Eliza Widow F M 70
    DRAKE Clement Head Son M M 27
    DRAKE Lilian * Daughter F S 19
* NOTE: A line has been drawn through the above entry. Included here for reference
259 297 HODGE James Head M M 27
    HODGE Winifred Wife F M 26
    HODGE John Son M S 3
    HODGE Lucy Daughter F S 5
    HODGE Veronica Daughter F S 16 Mos
    HODGE Leonard Brother F S 24
260 298 BARNES William Head M M 26
    BARNES Celeste Wife F M 25
    BARNES Mary Daughter F S 4
  299 PEPPELL? Eugene Head M M 49
    PEPPELL? Mary Wife F M 54
    PEPPELL? Ernest Son M S 17
    PEPPELL? Lewis Son M S 10
261 300 HENNEBURY Fred'k Head M M 58
    HENNEBURY Margaret Wife F M 59
    HENNEBURY Vincent Son M S 23
    HATCHER Frances Adopted F S 14
    HATCHER Norah Adopted F S 12
  301 WALSH Bertram Head M M 23
    WALSH Bessie Wife F M 20
262 302 FITZPATRICK John Head M M 48
    FITZPATRICK Alberta Wife F M 47
    FITZPATRICK Thomas Son M S 18
    FITZPATRICK John Son M S 6
    FITZPATRICK Catherine Daughter F S 13
    FITZPATRICK Eliza Daughter F S 11
    FITZPATRICK Margaret Daughter F S 4
    FITZPATRICK Rosanna Daughter F S 5 Mos
  303 FITZPATRICK Clement Head M M 25
    FITZPATRICK Monica Wife F M 21
PPAGE 195              
    FITZPATRICK Melvin Son M S 3
    FITZPATRICK Eric Son M S 1
263 304 EDWARDS Robert Head M M 60
    EDWARDS Elizabeth Wife F M 58
    EDWARDS Anthony Son M S 17
264 305 EDWARDS Henry Head M M 23
    EDWARDS Cecilia Wife F M 29
    EDWARDS Donette Son M S 7
    EDWARDS Joseph Son M S 4
    EDWARDS Robert Son M S 2
265 306 EDWARDS Thomas Head M M 28
    EDWARDS Madeline Wife F M 25
    EDWARDS Allan Son M S 3
    EDWARDS Aubrey Son M S 2
    EDWARDS Maurice Son M S 6 Mos
    EDWARDS Shelia (sic) Daughter F S 5
    EDWARDS Lilian Daughter F S 4
266 307 HENNEBURY Michael Head M M 60
    HENNEBURY Emma Wife F M 62
    HENNEBURY Emily Daughter(adop) F S 23
    HENNEBURY Michael Boarding M S 28
267 308 BENTEAU Peter Head M M 36
    BENTEAU Lucy Wife F M 33
    BENTEAU Michael Son M S 6
    BENTEAU Leonard Son M S 3
    BENTEAU Emma Daughter F S 13
    BENTEAU Mary Daughter F S 9
    BENTEAU Melinda Daughter F S 6
268 309 WALSH Mary Widow (sic) F W 56
    WALSH Stephen Son M S 28
    WALSH Patrick Son M S 26
    WALSH John Son M S 24
    WALSH Mary Daughter F S 18
PAGE 196              
269 310 FERRIE Harriet Head F Widow 75
  311 FERRIE Francis Head M M 39
    FERRIE Emma Wife F M 35
    FERRIE Gertrude Daughter F S 15
    FERRIE John Son M S 12
    FERRIE Ella Daughter F S 9
    FERRIE Aloysius Son M S 6
    FERRIE Bernard Son M S 5
    FERRIE Lily Daughter F S 3
270 312 HARNETT Michael Head M M 67
    HARNETT Ella Wife F M 67
    HARNETT John Son M S 29
271 313 FITZPATRICK Henry Head M M 28
    FITZPATRICK Laura Wife F M 28
    FITZPATRICK Audrey Daughter F S 9
    FITZPATRICK Flavia Daughter F S 7
    FITZPATRICK Lavinia Daughter F S 5
    FITZPATRICK Melinda Daughter F S 3
272 314 FITZPATRICK Joseph Head M W 38? *
* NOTE: Original entry was 39. This was written over to be 17.
  315 HARRIET Kate Head F W 42
    HARRIET Anthony Son M S 18
    HARRIET Madonna Daughter F S 12
273 316 STACEY Leo Head M M 37
    STACEY Margaret Wife F M 31
    STACEY Catherine Daughter F S 12
    STACEY Selina Daughter F S 9
274 317 BECK Gilbert Head M M 39
    BECK Selina Wife F M 29
275 318 BENTEAU Chesley Head M M 39
    BENTEAU Stella Wife F M 39
    BENTEAU Pius Son M S 15
    BENTEAU Herbert Son M S 13
    BENTEAU Garfield Son M S 12
PAGE 197              
    BENTEAU Jane Daughter F S 11
    BENTEAU Mary Daughter F S 9
    BENTEAU Stella Daughter F S 7
    BENTEAU Chesley Son M S 6
    BENTEAU Bertram Son M S 4
276 319 LUNDRIGAN Patrick Head M M 47
    LUNDRIGAN Catherine Wife F M 39
    LUNDRIGAN John Son M S 14
    LUNDRIGAN James Son M S 13
    LUNDRIGAN Douglas Son M S 12
    LUNDRIGAN Bernadette Daughter F S 9
277 320 HARNETT Clement Head M M 64
    HARNETT Alice Wife F M 61
    HARNETT Clement Son M S 26
    HARNETT Leo Son M S 21
    HARNETT Alice Daughter F S 32
    HARNETT Bridget Daughter F S 24
    HARNETT Andrew Grandson M S 2 Yrs
278 321 HARNETT Fredk Head M M 30
    HARNETT Mary Wife F M 30
    HARNETT Josephine Niece F S 9 Mos
279 322 HARNETT Maurice Head M M 71
    HARNETT Elizabeth Wife F M 49
    HARNETT Alan Son M S 28
    HARNETT William Son M S 22
    HARNETT Kasmir*2 Son M S 19
    HARNETT Madeline Daughter F S 25 (sic)
    HARNETT Annie Daughter F S 13
    HARNETT Theresa Daughter F S 7
280 323 WALSH James Head M W 70
    HARNETT John Head M M 37
    HARNETT Louise Wife F M 34
PAGE 198              
281 324 HARNETT Basil Head M M 43
    HARNETT Claretta Wife F M 27
    HARNETT Herbert Son M S 2
    HARNETT Austin Son M S 20
    HARNETT Kevin Son M S 8
282 325 HARLEDEAU?*3 John Head M M 59
    HARLEDEAU? Charlton Wife F M 57
    HARLEDEAU? George Son M S 27
    HODGE Lucy Niece F S 17
A line has been drawn through the above entry with notation "Domestic St Pierre"
    BENTEAU Maurice Grand Son M S 3
283 326 FITZPATRICK John Head M M 26
    FITZPATRICK Lettie Wife F M 24
    FITZPATRICK Frederick Son M S 2 Mos
    FITZPATRICK Marceline (sic) (?) Daughter F S 2
284 327 HARNETT James Head M M 48
    HARNETT Laura Wife F M 45
    HARNETT Gordon Son M S 18
285 328 HARNETT Alfred Head M M 21
    HARNETT Nellie Wife F M 18
286 329 CHAPELLA TOUSAINT ? *4 Head M M 44
    CHAPELLA Charlotta Wife F M 46
    CHAPELLA Marie Daughter F S 16
    CHAPELLA Kathleen * Daughter F S 15
The above entry has a line drawn throug it with notation "Domestic at St Pierre"
    CHAPELLA Bernard Son M S 13
    CHAPELLA Thomas Son M S 12
    CHAPELLA Charlotte Daughter F S 10
287 330 HARNETT Patrick Head M M 34
    HARNETT Jessie Wife F M 27
    HARNETT Patricia Daughter F S 2
    HARNETT Gerard Son M S 8 Mos
288 331 WALSH Lucy Head M W 60
289 332 HARNETT William Head M M 37
    HARNETT Annie Wife M M 29
PAGE 199              
    HARNETT Margaret Daughter F S 2
290 333 HARNETT Thomas Head M M 77
    HARNETT Abigail Wife F M 72
291 334 HARNETT Joseph Head M M 45
    HARNETT Lilian*8 Wife F M 37
    HARNETT Bertina Daughter F S 5
292 335 ISAACS Thomas Head M M 49
    ISAACS May Wife F M 44
    ISAACS Leslie Son M S 17
    ISAACS John Son M S 13
    ISAACS Thomas Son M S 2
    ISAACS Margaret Daughter F S 20
    ISAACS Rita Daughter F S 15
    ISAACS Bessie Daughter F S 7
    ISAACS Carmelita Daughter F S 4
293 336 ISAACS Jane Head F W 69
294 337 ISAACS Clotare?*5 Head M M 35
    ISAACS Lilian Wife F M 34
    ISAACS William Son M S 10
    ISAACS Robert Son M S 5
    ISAACS Clotare (?) Son M S 4
    ISAACS Kasmir Son M S 1 Mo
    ISAACS Loretta Daughter F S 12
    ISAACS Mabel Daughter F S 6
    ISAACS Geraldine Daughter F S 8
    ISAACS Marian Daughter F S 1
295 338 STACEY Walter Head M M 38
    STACEY Genevieve Wife F M 36
    STACEY Bernard Son M S 12
    STACEY Thomas Son M S 9
    STACEY Alfred Son M S 7
    STACEY Lidia (sic) Daughter F S 4
    STACEY Adrian Son M S 2
PAGE 200              
    STACEY Matilda Daughter F S 11 Days
296 339 WALSH Prosper*6 Head M M 52
    WALSH Veronica Wife F M 51
    WALSH Robert Son M S 28
    WALSH Maurice Son M S 20
    WALSH Stanley Son M S 16
    WALSH Veronica Daughter F S 11
297 340 LAMB Clement Head M M 39
    LAMB Elizabeth Wife F M 38
    LAMB Anthony Son M S 15
    LAMB William Son M S 12
    LAMB Mary, Evelyn, Francis Daughter F S See below line
NOTE: For the first time I have seen it, three individuals are found on a single line. Mary Evelyn and Francis are shown with the associated ages of 17, 14, and 10. Included here as written on the originhal apge.
298 341 FITZPATRICK John H. Head M M 34
    FITZPATRICK Ellen Wife F M 33
    FITZPATRICK Austin Son M S 19 Mos
    FITZPATRICK Philomina Daughter F S 5 mos
299 342 FITZPATRICK Leo Head M M 38
    FITZPATRICK Blanche Wife F M 35
    FITZPATRICK Cecil Son M S 15
    FITZPATRICK Sylvester Son M S 13
    FITZPATRICK Henry Son M S 10
    FITZPATRICK Thomas Son M S 7
    FITZPATRICK Martin Son M S 3
    FITZPATRICK Mary Jane Daughter F S 7 Mos
300 343 FITZPATRICK Aloyusius Head M M 28
    FITZPATRICK Annabelle Wife F M 22
    FITZPATRICK Eliol Son M S 9 mo.
    FITZPATRICK Bernard Brother M S 30
301 345 DRAKE John Head M W 44
    DRAKE David Son M S 17
    DRAKE Francis Son M S 16
    DRAKE Lilian Daughter F S 12
PAGE 201              
    DRAKE Patrick Son M S 11
302 346 DRAKE Maurice Head M M 25
    DRAKE Eddran (??) *7 Wife F M 24
    DRAKE Peter Son M S 5
    DRAKE Gertrude Daughter F S 2
    DRAKE Mary * NoEntry NoEntry NoEntry NoEntry
    DRAKE Evelyn * NoEntry NoEntry NoEntry NoEntry
    DRAKE Francis * NoEntry NoEntry NoEntry NoEntry
* NOTE: All three are crossed out on the page. Included here for reference
303 347 LAMB William Head M M 62
    LAMB Josephine Wife F M 50
    LAMB Robert Son M S 22
    LAMB Samuel Son M S 19
    LAMB Gilbert Son M S 6
    LAMB Mary Daughter F S 15

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (November 2004)

Page Udated by Michael Cooper

Verified to Original Pages (November 2004 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Monday May 02, 2016 (Don Tate)

*1MURPHY, Adam Also known as "Adie" Flo harnett
*2HARNETT, Kasmir The original enumerator may have spelled the name incorrectly. The name may be "Casmir". His first name is spelled Casmir (this is my grandfather-by-marriage and my husband's middle name) Flo harnett
*3HARLEDRAU, Family The original enumerator may have spelled the name incorrectly. The name may be "HERLIDAN". Flo harnett
*4CHAPPELL, TOUASAINT The original enumerator may have spelled the name incorrectly. The name may be "TOSSAU". Flo harnett
*5ISAACS, Clotare The original enumerator may have spelled the name incorrectly. The name may be "Clotiers".(He was knnown as Claude) Flo harnett
*6WALSH, Prosper The original enumerator may have spelled the name incorrectly. The name may be "Robert". Flo harnett
*7DRAKE, Adlian This woman was known as "Nell". Flo harnett
*8DRAKE, Adlian Wife's name is "Vivian", not Lilian, only surviving child was a son named Bertram . Flo harnett

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