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1935 Census of Newfoundland.

District of Fortune Burgeo and LaPoile.
Section from East Cul de Sac inc. to Goblin Bay exc

Microfilm Reel # M-8049,
Pages 370 -371

Community of
Locks Cove



REL=relationship to head of household
STA=marital status
AGE=age at last birthday



Where writing in the original is difficult to decipher, the word(s) are placed
in brackets with a question mark to indicate that that's what it looks like.



PAGE 370              
1 1 DUNFORD Samuel Head M M 58
    DUNFORD Elizabeth Wife F M 55
PAGE 371              
    SIMMS Eva Dau F S 20
    DUNFORD Samuel Son M S 20
    DUNFORD Frederick Son M S 17
    DUNFORD Janet Dau F S 13
2 1 DUNFORD Benjamin Head M M 30
    DUNFORD Olive Wife F M 29
    DUNFORD Maud Dau F S 8
    DUNFORD Henry Wilson Son M S 7
    DUNFORD Alma Dau F S 5
3 1 OXFORD George Head M M 49
    OXFORD Sarah Wife F M 40
    OXFORD Abraham Son M S 20
    OXFORD Samuel Son M S 17
4 1 SKINNER Abraham Head M M (sic) 32
5 1 DUNFORD William John Head M M 48
    DUNFORD Ann Mary Wife F M 44
    DUNFORD Dorcas Dau F S 19
    DUNFORD Eliza Rebecca Dau F S 16
6 1 DUNFORD Robert Head M M 58
    DUNFORD Isabella Wife F M 49
    DUNFORD Samuel Son M S 28
    DUNFORD Nathaniel Son M S 26
    DUNFORD Edward Son M S 15
    DUNFORD Mary Dau F S 19
    DUNFORD Esther Dau F S 11
    DUNFORD Julia Dau F S 8
7 1 DUNFORD Joshua Head M M 25
    DUNFORD Elsie Wife F M 23
    DUNFORD (Frank ?) Norman Son M S 2 Mos
PAGE 368              
4 1 SKINNER * Esther Wife F M 33
    SKINNER Myrtle DAu F S 9
    SKINNER George Son M S 7
    SKINNER Joshua Melvin Son M S 5
    SKINNER Eva Dau F S 8 Mos
* NOTE: The following note was added to this family entry on the original page:
This Skinner family should have been listed under the name of Abraham Skinner (Family 1 Dwelling 4. Page 5, Book 1. These names were omitted by enumerator at the time of the census. W. Linegar - Revising Magistrate

Transcribed by Ron St. Croix, (February 2002)
Revised: February 2002 (Dan Breen)

Page Last Modified: Sunday December 06, 2015 (Don Tate)

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