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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Burin

Pages 210 - 213

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 210              
1 1 LODER Thomas Father M M 59
    LODER Maggie Mother F M 49
    LODER William Son M S 24
    LODER Bridget Sister F S 16
    LODER Vincent Son M S 12
2 2 BREWER Patrick Head M M 38
    BREWER Lavinia Wife F M 35
    BREWER Patrick Son M S 16
    BREWER Francis Son M S 6
    BREWER Ivan Son M S 2
    BREWER Violet Daughter F S 17
3 3 LUNDRIGAN David Head M M 42
    LUNDRIGAN Mary Wife F M 28
    LUNDRIGAN Richard Son M S 9
    LUNDRIGAN Ernest Son M S 2
4 4 CLARKE Wm. Head M W 50
    CLARKE Patrick Son F S 25
    CLARKE Edward Son M S 23
    CLARKE Anastasia Daughter D S 16
    CLARKE David Son M S 13
    CLARKE Gerard Son M S 10
    CLARKE William Son M S 8
  5 CLARKE Joseph Head M M 32
    CLARKE Priscella Wife F M 28
    CLARKE Paul Son M S 4 mos.
5 6 CLARKE Ignatius Head M M 48
    CLARKE Mary Wife F M 42
    CLARKE Joseph Son M S 8
    CLARKE Alexander Son M S 2
    CLARKE Agnes Daughter F S 16
    CLARKE Rita Daughter F S 12
    CLARKE Catherine Daughter F S 4
PAGE 211              
6 7 CLARKE Edward Head M M 46
    CLARKE Anne Wife F M 42
    CLARKE Kasmir (sic) Son M S 18
    CLARKE John Son M S 13
    CLARKE Harry Son M S 7
    CLARKE William Son M S 10 Mos
    CLARKE Ellen Daughter F S 16 Yrs
    CLARKE Betty Daughter F S 11
    CLARKE Alice Daughter F S 4
7 8 LUNDRIGAN Edward Head M M 47 (?) yrs
    LUNDRIGAN Catherine Wife F M 41
    LUNDRIGAN Wm Son M S 15
    LUNDRIGAN Joseph Son M S 12
    LUNDRIGAN Nelson Son M S 7
    LUNDRIGAN Augustus Son M S 3
    LUNDRIGAN Elizabeth Daughter F S 18
8 9 LUNDRIGAN John Head M M 45
    LUNDRIGAN Mary Susan Wife F M 39
    LUNDRIGAN Herbert Son M S 17
    LUNDRIGAN Robert Son M S 15
    LUNDRIGAN John Son M S 11
    LUNDRIGAN Neil Son M S 8
    LUNDRIGAN Mildred Daughter F S 4
    LUNDRIGAN Rachel Daughter F S 3 mos.
  10 STAPLETON Edward Head M M 29
    STAPLETON Evelina (sic) Wife F M 19
    STAPLETON Edward Son M S 1 yr.
    CLARKE David Brother M S 24
9 11 CLARKE Michael Head M M 34
    CLARKE Maud Wife F M 35
    CLARKE Harry Son M S 11
    CLARKE Hugh Son M S 9
    CLARKE Marina Daughter F S 7
PAGE 212              
    CLARKE Eilien Daughter F S 5
    CLARKE Patricia Daughter F S 3
    CLARKE Aloyious Daughter F S 16 mo.
10 12 CHURCHILL Ellen Head F W Don't KInow (sic)
    CHURCHILL Nicholas Son M S 22
11 13 RENNIE Patrick Head M M 43
    RENNIE Lucy Wife F M 32
    RENNIE Albert Son M S 19
    RENNIE Martin Son M S 17
    RENNIE George Son M S 10
    RENNIE Margaret Daughter F S 10
    RENNIE Mildred Daughter F S 3
    RENNIE Patrick Daughter? F? S 4 mos.
12 14 CLARKE Archibald Head M M 37
    CLARKE Dorothy Wife F M 22
    CLARKE Margaret Daughter F S 9 mos.
13 15 CLARKE Michael Head M M 76
    CLARKE Catherine Wife F M 65
  16 CLARKE Peter Head M M 73
    CLARKE Mary Wife M M 69
    TURPIN Annie Daughter F S 29
    TURPIN Francis Grand Son M S 7
14 17 CLARKE Richard Head M M 43
    CLARKE Theresa Wife F M 38
    CLARKE Richard Son M S 13
    CLARKE Mary Daughter F S 15
    CLARKE Vivian Daughter F S 12
    CLARKE Carmel Daughter F S 9
    CLARKE Sylvia Daughter F S 7
    CLARKE Ellen Daughter F S 4
    CLARKE Madeline Daughter F S 1
15 18 CLARKE John Head M S 74
    CLARKE Frances Wife F S 68
PAGE 213              
    CLARKE Mary Daughter F S 27
16 19 CLARKE John (of Paul) Head M M 42
    CLARKE Lilian Wife F M 40
    CLARKE John Jr. Son M S 16
17 20 TURPIN Edward Head M M 42
    TURPIN Lucy Wife F M 42
    TURPIN Roach Son F S 19
    TURPIN Robert Son F S 17
    TURPIN Theresa Daughter F S 13
    TURPIN Agnes Daughter F S 11
    TURPIN Lena Daughter F S 10
    TURPIN Violet Daughter F S 8
    TURPIN Florence Daughter F S 4
    TURPIN Norah Daughter F S 3
    TURPIN Mary Daughter F S 2
    TURPIN Victor Son M S 4 mos.
18 21 TURPIN Alphonsus Head M M 51
    TURPIN Francis (sic) Wife F M 52
    TURPIN Peter Son M S 21
    TURPIN Leonard Son M S 19
    TURPIN Walter Son M S 15
    TURPIN Cornelius Son M S 14
    TURPIN Alphonsus Son M S 10
    TURPIN Genevieve Daughter F S 23
    TURPIN Marguerite Daughter F S 17

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (January 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (January 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)
Page Last Modified: Monday May 02, 2016 (Don Tate)

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