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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Placentia & St. Mary's

Pages 340 - 32

Community of

PAGE 340                      
25 No Entry WITE Jermyh (sic) Head M M 47 O 200 3 No
    WITE Esebell (sic) Wife F M 36        
    WITE William Son M S 15        
    WITE Maxwell Son M S 12        
    WITE Bertly (sic) Son M S 10 Mos        
26 No Entry PEDDLE Ruben (sic) Head M M 50 O 300 4 No
    PEDDLE Edis (sic) (?) Wife F M 46        
    PEDDLE Arter (sic) (?) Son M S 14        
27 No Entry PEDDLE Jacob Head M M 54 O 1000 6 No
    PEDDLE Lilian Wife F M 45        
    PEDDLE Nelson Son M S 26        
    PEDDLE Levi Son M M 23        
    PEDDLE July (sic) (?) Dau F S 24        
PAGE 341                      
    PEDDLE Masey (sic) Dau F S 18        
    PEDDLE Miriam Dau F M 22        
    PEDDLE Catleen (?) Grand Dau F S 4        
28 No Entry UPSHEL Peter Head M M 42 O 60 4 No
    UPSHEL Allas (sic) Wife F M 38        
    UPSHEL Nelson Son M S 15        
    UPSHEL Gorge (sic) Son M S 10        
    UPSHEL Wilson Son M S 5        
    UPSHEL Dugless (sic) Son M S 4 Mos        
    UPSHEL Blanch Dau F S 13        
    UPSHEL Lizzie Dau F S 8        
29 No Entry UPSHEL Solmon (sic) Head M M 45 O 200 5 No
    UPSHEL Petbre (??) Wife F M 35        
    UPSHEL Henry Son M S 19        
    UPSHEL Louie Dau F S 17        
    UPSHEL Edit (?) Dau F S 13        
    UPSHEL Myrtle Dau F S 11        
    UPSHEL Ettle (sic) (?) Dau F S 6        
30 No Entry DICKS William Head M M 45 O 800 8 No
    DICKS Edith Wife F M 26        
    DICKS Bertrim (sic) Son M S 6        
    DICKS Patricia Dau F S 2        
31 No Entry DICKS Christopher Head M M 64 O 1000 9 No
    DICKS Edit (?) Wife F M 58        
32 No Entry HANN Richard Head M M 34 O No Entry 3 No
    HANN Mary Wife F M 30        
    HANN Gyril (sic) (?) Son M S 5        
    HANN Reax (sic) Son M S 16 Mos        
    HANN Clear Dau F S 7        
33 No Entry DICKS Peresille (sic) Head F W 59 O 700 4 No
    DICKS Frank Son M S 16        
    DICKS Grace Dau F S 16        
34 No Entry UPSHEL (sic) (?) Christopher Head M M 40 O 400 5 No
PAGE 342                      
    UPSHEL Rosela (sic) Wife F M 39        
    UPSHEL Norma (sic) Son M S 13        
    UPSHEL Chesly (sic) Son M S 11        
    UPSHEL Ernest Son M S 5        
    UPSHEL Mina Dau F S 14        
    UPSHEL Sara (sic) Dau F S 9        
    UPSHEL Mavel (sic) (?) Dau F S 7        
    UPSHEL Edmon (?) Father M W 78        
    UPSHEL Albert Brother M W 42        
35 No Entry UPSHEL Edwin Head M M 49 O 200 3 No
    UPSHEL Lizza (sic) Wife F M 48        
    UPSHEL Urbert (sic) (?) Son M S 15        
36 No Entry DICKS John Nelson Head M M 55 O 1000 5 No
    DICKS Emyly (sic) Wife F M 57        
    DICKS Azarl (?) Dau F S 23        
37 No Entry UPSHEL Christpor (sic) (?) Head M M 60 O 700 4 No
    UPSHEL Mary Wife F M 55        
    UPSHEL Gorge (sic) Son M S 30        
    UPSHEL Providence Dau F S 16        
    UPSHEL Maude Dau F S 12        
    UPSHEL Rubin (sic) Son M S 24        
38 No Entry DICKS Albert Head M M 61 O 1000 8 No
    DICKS Seara (sic) Wife F M 55        
    DICKS Thomas Son M M 30        
    DICKS Dorothy Daughter in Law F M 28        
39 No Entry DICKS William Head M M 65 O 1000 7 No
    DICKS Abigil (sic) Wife F M 52        
    DICKS Danel (sic) Son M S 17        
    DICKS Dorie (sic) Dau F S 20        
    BRYANT Esther Cissent (sic) F S 50        
40 No Entry PEDDLE Silvester Head M M 30 O 200 No Entry No
    PEDDLE Seara (sic) Wife F M 32        
PAGE 343                      
    PEDDLE Stanley Son M S 2        
    PEDDLE Marge Dau F S 3 Mos        
41 No Entry HANN Chesley (sic) Head M M 30 O 500 5 No
    HANN Annie Wife F M 31        
    HANN Elick (sic) Son M S 7        
    HANN Robert Son M S 4        
    HANN Harold Son M S 3        
    HANN William Son M S 3 Mos        
    HANN Evelyn Domestic F S 17        
42 No Entry HANN Robert Head M M 59 O 100 No Entry No
    HANN Gessie (sic) Wife F M 44        
    HANN Walter Son M S 17        
    HANN Wilson Son M S 14        
    HANN Hilda * Dau F S 21        
* NOTE: Hilda was lined out on the page. Included here for reference.
43 No Entry HANN Melinda Head F W 49 O 200 No Entry No
    HANN Harey (sic) Son M S 14        
    HANN Evelyn Dau F S 16        
44 No Entry WITE William Head M M 46 O 50 No Entry No
    WITE Margret Wife F M 43        
    WITE Gorden (sic) Son M S 15        
    WITE Freeman Son M S 12        
    WITE Ragen (sic) Son M S 8        
    WITE Cliffird (?) Son M S 1        

Transcribed by Patricia Jackson (June 2002)

Page Revised: March - 2003 (Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Thursday August 04, 2016 (Don Tate)

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