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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of White Bay

Pages 1 - 16

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 1              
1 No Entries BURTON Nellie HEAD F W 31
  in This BURTON Malc (?) K Son M S 12
  Column BURTON John W Son M S 5
2   LeDREW Thomas HEAD M M 62
    LeDREW Eliza Wife F M 72
3   KING Edward HEAD M M 34
    KING Annie Wife F M 33
    KING Edward Malc (?) Son M S 8
    KING A Syril Son M S 6
    KING Clara L Daughter F S 5
    KING Herbert Chesly Son M S 10 Mos
4   FOSTER John H HEAD M M 38
    FOSTER Winnifred Wife F M 39
    FOSTER Dorman G Son M S 18
    FOSTER Verna Daughter F S 8
    FOSTER Audrey Sylvia Daughter F S 4
    FOSTER John Wilson Son M S 2
5   FOSTER Jesse Sr HEAD M M 68
    FOSTER Elizabeth Wife F M 62
    FOSTER Leah Grand Daughter F S 21
    FOSTER Herbert Grand Son M S 20
    FOSTER Harold Grand Son M S 16
    FOSTER Cora Grand Daughter F S 13
    BUSSY Mary Ann Domestic F S 35
6   MOREY Joseph Jr HEAD M M 50
    MOREY M Selina Wife F M 45
    MOREY Kenneth Son M S 20
    MOREY Walter Son M S 17
    MOREY Effie Daughter F S 10
7   BUDGELL Chesley HEAD M M 30
    BUDGELL Flossie Wife F M 29
PAGE 2              
    BUDGELL Eunice Mother F W 59
    BUDGELL Hazel Daughter F S 9
8   DICKS Warwick HEAD M M 32
    DICKS Elizabeth Wife F M 32
    DICKS Lily May Daughter F S 9
    DICKS Rosie Daughter F S 6
    DICKS Wilbert Son M S 3
    DICKS Lloyd Son M S 3
    DICKS Stella Daughter F S 2
9   MARTIN Samuel HEAD M M 37
    MARTIN Leah Wife F M 33
    MARTIN Baxter Son M S 13
    MARTIN Harvey Son M S 11
    MARTIN Frank Son M S 8
    MARTIN Ruby Daughter F S 6
    MARTIN Rowena Daughter F S 3
10   SWYIARS? Wm Geo HEAD M M 42
    SWYIARS? Sarah G Wife F M 41
    SWYIARS? William Father M M 82
    SWYIARS? Sarah Mother F M 85
    SWYIARS? May Daughter F S 15
11   PARSONS John HEAD M M 43
    PARSONS Leah Wife F M 43
    PARSONS Baxter J Nephew M S 10
    PARSONS William Nephew M S 25
12   BLANCHARD? Elijah * HEAD M M 28
* NOTE: A line has been drawn through the above entry. Entered here for information only.
    BLANCHARD? Clara Wife F M 25
    BLANCHARD? Hayward Son M S 4
    BLANCHARD? Daisy Daughter F S 1
13   BISHOP Alan HEAD M M 26
    BISHOP Maisie Wife F M 22
    BISHOP Calvin Son M S 5
PAGE 3              
    BISHOP Reginald Son M S 2
14   BISHOP Herbert HEAD M M 25
    BISHOP Mabel Wife F M 26
    BISHOP Gordon Son M S 5
    BISHOP Florrie Daughter F S 5 Mos
15   WARD James HEAD M M 63
    WARD Lucy Wife F M 54
    WARD William Son M M 28
    WARD Lucy Daughter in Law F M 28
    WARD Alex Son M S 21
    WARD Gladys Daughter F S 18
    WARD Blanche Daughter F S 16
    WARD Ruby Grand Daughter F S 5
    WARD Claud Grand Son M S 3
    WARD Sidney Grand Son M S 1
16   ANDREWS Robert HEAD M M 55
    ANDREWS Bertha Wife F M 53
    ANDREWS Pearce Son M S 30
    ANDREWS Samuel Son M S 23
    ANDREWS William George Son M S 21
    ANDREWS Steward Son M S 17
    ANDREWS Ross Son M S 15
    ANDREWS Albert Bruce Son M S 14
    ANDREWS Pearl Niece F S 16
17   FOSTER Jesse Jr. HEAD M M 41
    FOSTER Fanny Wife F M 32
    FOSTER Clayton Son M S 14
    FOSTER Ruby Daughter F S 7
    FOSTER James Jr Son M S 3
    FOSTER James Sr Father M W 78
18   MORGAN Joseph W. HEAD M M 63
    MORGAN Fanny Wife F M 66
PAGE 4              
    MORGAN Bertie Son M M 34
    MORGAN Joyce Daughter in Law F M 29
    MORGAN Malcolm Grand Son M S 9
    MORGAN Mavis Grand Daughter F S 2
    WARD Marie Domestic F S 15
    PARSONS Alfred Servant M S 20
    BUDGELL Susan Lodger F W 69
19 19 MORGAN Walter HEAD M M 37
    MORGAN Emma Wife F M 39
    MORGAN Evelyn Daughter F S 15
    MORGAN Alan Son M S 13
    MORGAN Roy Son M S 8
20 20 MORGAN W. G. HEAD M M 40
    MORGAN Sadie Wife F M 38
    MORGAN Marie Daughter F S 15
    MORGAN Maxwell Son M S 11 Mos
    MATTHEWS Jeanette Niece F S 14
21 21 MORGAN Raymond HEAD M M 35
    MORGAN Jennie Wife F M 32
    MORGAN Viola Daughter F S 4
    MORGAN Yvonne Daughter F S 2
22 22 MILLER Hezekiah HEAD M M 64
    MILLER Sarah J. Wife F M 62
    MILLER Hilda Daughter F S 21
23 23 MILLER William HEAD M M 36
    MILLER Violet Wife F M 35
    MILLER Clayton Son M S 10
    MILLER Bryce Son M S 7
    MILLER Muriel Daughter F S 3
24 24 LISCOMBE Samuel HEAD M M 73
    LISCOMBE Minnie Wife F M 48
    HARDING Gertie Step Daughter F S 17
PAGE 5              
25 25 LOADER John HEAD M M 58
    LOADER Lily Wife F M 54
    LOADER Arthur Son M S 32
    LOADER Dorman Son M S 25
    LOADER William John Son M S 17
    LOADER Bertram Son M S 20
    LOADER Maxwell Son M S 14
26 26 TOMS Arthur HEAD M M 44
    TOMS Flora Wife F M 38
    TOMS Alfred Son M S 19
    TOMS Dorris Daughter F S 18
    TOMS Edna Daughter F S 12
    TOMS Alma Daughter F S 10
    TOMS Vivian Daughter F S 8
    TOMS Daphnee (sic) Daughter F S 5
    TOMS Daisy Daughter F S 3
    TOMS Iona Daughter F S 4 Mos
27 27 NEWBURY Isaac HEAD M M 74
    NEWBURY Martha Wife F M 68
    NEWBURY William Son M M 35
    NEWBURY Mary Daughter in Law F M 34
    NEWBURY Roderick Grand Son M S 13
    NEWBURY Blanche Grand Daughter F S 15
    NEWBURY Ambrose Grand Son M S 5
    NEWBURY Neil Grand Son M S 2
    TILLEY Jessie Grand Daughter F S 17
28 28 FOSS Darius HEAD M M 51
    FOSS Jane Wife F M 50
    FOSS Evelyn Daughter F S 15
    BURTON Roland Adopted Son M S 17
    WARD Lorenzo Son in Law M M 25
    WARD Hazel Daughter F M 22
    WARD Harold Grand Son M S 5
PAAGE 6              
    WARD Lloyd Grand Son M S 2
29 29 BUTT George HEAD M M 64
    BUTT Sarah Wife F M 61
    BUTT Gladys Daughter F S 22
    BUTT Francis Son M M 37
    BUTT Emily Jane Daughter in Law F M 35
    BUTT Eleazar Grand Son M S 13
    BUTT Maxwell Grand Son M S 11
    BUTT Elsie May Grand Daughter F S 9
    BUTT Gladys Ella Grand Daughter F S 2
30 30 CRITCH William HEAD M M 54
    CRITCH Maud Wife F M 50
    CRITCH Kenneth Son M S 18
    CRITCH Myrtle Daughter F S 16
    CRITCH Reginald Son M S 14
    CRITCH Dorman Son M S 11
    CRITCH May Daughter F S 8
  31 CRITCH Ernest HEAD M M 29
    CRITCH May Wife F M 25
    CRITCH Dorothy Daughter F S 5
    CRITCH Barbra Daughter F S 2
    NEWBURY Ethel Sister in Law F S 17
31 32 CRITCH Maxwell HEAD M M 25
    CRITCH Flossie Wife F M 24
    CRITCH Viola Daughter F S 3
    CRITCH Freeman Son M S 11 Mos
32 33 BATH George HEAD M M 57
    BATH Mary E Wife F M 55
    BATH Abner Son M S 17
    BATH Donald Son M S 12
33 34 CHIPP Arthur HEAD M M 42
    CHIPP Grace Wife F M 40
    CHIPP Hubert Son M S 21
PAGE 7              
34 35 CHIPP Heber HEAD M S 28
    CHIPP Edgar Brother M S 26
    CHIPP Elizabeth Mother F W 63
    WHELAN RegInald Nephew M S 16
    WHELAN Aileen Niece F S 13
    CHIPP Chesley Brother M W 31
35 36 CHIPP Isaac HEAD M M 65
    CHIPP Mary Ann Wife F M 64
    DYER Leander Grand Son M S 16
36 37 RYAN George HEAD M M 42
    RYAN William Son M M 33
    RYAN Eunice Daughter in Law F M 26
    RYAN James Son M S 22
    RYAN Fanny Wife F M 42
    RYAN Marjorie Daughter F S 13
    RYAN Idella Grand Daughter F S 7
    RYAN Stella Mary Grand Daughter F S 5
    RYAN Viola Grand Daughter F S 3
    RYAN Raymond Grand Son M S 1
37 38 THOMAS William HEAD M S 25
    THOMAS Harriet Mother F W 64
38 39 THOMAS Herbert HEAD M M 28
    THOMAS Rachel Wife F M 28
    THOMAS Linda May Daughter F S 8
    THOMAS Barbara Daughter F S 5
    THOMAS Shirlie (sic) Daughter F S 2
39 40 BUDGELL James HEAD M M 49
    BUDGELL Nellie Wife F M 59
    BUDGELL Herbert Son M S 21
    BUDGELL John Son M S 14
  41 BUDGELL Jane HEAD F W 82
    BUDGELL Wesley Son M S 27
PAGE 8              
40 42 TILLEY Wilbert HEAD M S 21
    TILLEY Isabella Mother F W 67
    RUSSELL Alberta Niece F S 10
  43 TILLEY Warwick HEAD M M 33
    TILLEY Ivy May Wife F M 34
    TILLEY Albert W Son M S 12
    TILLEY Dorris E Daughter F S 8
    TILLEY Cyril John Son M S 6
    TILLEY Ruby Isabella Daughter F S 4
    TILLEY Philis Verna Daughter F S 1
41 44 HAMYLN H. George HEAD M M 47
    HAMYLN Cicelly Wife F M 42
    HAMYLN Herbert Son M S 22
    HAMYLN Edmund Son M S 20
    HAMYLN Margaret E. Daughter F S 19
    HAMYLN Gordon Son M S 17
    HAMYLN Garfield Son M S 15
    HAMYLN Reginald Son M S 13
    HAMYLN Clarence S Son M S 11
    HAMYLN Harvey John Son M S 6
    HAMYLN Clara Gladys Daughter F S 1
42 45 BOONE Arthur HEAD M M 75
    BOONE Nora Wife F M 63
    BOONE Martin Son M W 32
    BOONE William Son M S 24
    BOONE Jessie Daughter F S 23
    BOONE Ernest Grand Son M S 12
    BOONE Gordon Grand Son M S 8
    DYER Lydda (sic) Domestic F S 21
43 46 BOONE Pearce HEAD M M 37
    BOONE Dinah Wife F M 30
44 47 LACEY Henry HEAD M M 31
    LACEY Emma May Wife F M 26
PAGE 9              
    LACEY Ida F Daughter F S 7
    LACEY Garland F Son M S 5
    LACEY Ruby Dorcas Daughter F S 3
45 48 BURTON Moses HEAD M W 71
    BURTON Kate Daughter F S 31
    BURTON Moses Jr Son M S 28
    BURTON Flossie May Daughter F S 23
46 49 HEWLETT William HEAD M M 60
    HEWLETT Alfreda Wife F M 62
    HEWLETT Norman Son M M 31
    HEWLETT Janet Daughter F S 33
    HEWLETT Emma Daughter in Law F M 30
    HEWLETT Verna Grand Daughter F S 8
    HEWLETT Madeline Grand Daughter F S 5
    HEWLETT Robert Clive Grand Son M S 3
47 50 HEWLETT John HEAD M M 43
    HEWLETT Edith Wife F M 49
    HEWLETT Gladys Daughter F S 20
    HEWLETT Daisy Daughter F S 18
    HEWLETT Clarence Son M S 13
    HEWLETT Neta Daughter F S 8
    WATKINS Ettie Adopted Daughter F S 13
    PARSONS Max Adopted Son M S 21
48 51 WARREN John HEAD M M 79
    WARREN Martha Wife F M 61
49 52 WARREN Simeon HEAD M M 42
    WARREN Susie Wife F M 40
50 53 CHIPP Albert HEAD M M 39
    CHIPP Fanny Wife F M 31
    CHIPP Edgar Son M S 7
    CHIPP Audrey Daughter F S 4
    CHIPP Edith Daughter F S 10 Mos
    BISHOP Francis Father in Law M W 58
PAGE 10              
51 54 BURTON Edward HEAD M M 35
    BURTON Gertrude Wife F M 30
    BURTON Randolph Son M S 10
    BURTON Ralph Son M S 9
    BURTON Reta Daughter F S 12
    BURTON Robert Son M S 8
    BURTON Clarence Son M S 7
    BURTON Llyod (sic) Son M S 5
    BURTON Ella Daughter F S 3
    BURTON Marina Daughter F S 2 Mos
52 55 BURTON Samuel HEAD M M 43
    BURTON Rowena L Wife F M 34
    BURTON Reginald S B Son M S 10
    BURTON Nerissa (sic) Daughter F S 7
    BURTON Oswald Son M S 6
    BURTON Elizabeth Daughter F S 6 Mos
53 56 CLANCE Lawrence HEAD M M 58
    CLANCE Katherine Wife F M 62
    CLANCE John R Son M M 29
    CLANCE Mary Daughter in Law F M 29
    LACEY Carrie Adopted Daughter F S 25
54 57 CLANCE John F HEAD M M 50
    CLANCE Violet Wife F M 40
    CLANCE Kate Sister F S 56
55 58 CLANCE William HEAD M M 62
    CLANCE Agnes Wife F M 55
    CLANCE Nellie Daughter F S 20
    CLANCE John H Son M S 28
    CLANCE Pearce Son M S 27
    CLANCE Hubert Son M S 22
    CLANCE Ethel Daughter F S 17
    CLANCE Daniel Son M S 11
PAGE 11              
56 59 CLANCE Lawrence Jr HEAD M M 30
    CLANCE Elizabeth Wife F M 21
    CLANCE Josephine Daughter F S 3
    CLANCE Leonard Son M S 18 Mos
57 60 CHURCHILL William HEAD M S (?) 48
    CHURCHILL Sarah Alice Sister F W 47
    CHURCHILL Joseph Nephew M S (?) 23
    CHURCHILL John S Nephew M S 21
    CHURCHILL Mary Ann Niece F S 20
58 61 TOMS John HEAD M M 56
    TOMS Lydda (sic) Wife F M 51
    TOMS Arthur Son M S 23
    TOMS Bertie Son M S 21
    TOMS Eric Son M S 19
    TOMS Philis (sic) Iona Daughter F S 14
59 62 TOMS Jacob HEAD M M 38
    TOMS Dorcas Wife F M 38
    TOMS Mildred Daughter F S 12
    TOMS Hilda Daughter F S 10
    TOMS Willie Son M S 8
    TOMS Clarence Son M S 5
    TOMS Francis Son M S 9 Mos
60 63 TOMS William HEAD M W 80
    TOMS Clifford Son M M 30
    TOMS Mary Daughter in Law F M 26
    TOMS Jessie Grand Daughter F S 3
61 64 TOMS Chesley HEAD M M 44
    TOMS Janet Wife F M 42
    TOMS Agustus Son M S 16
    TOMS Vera Daughter F S 12
62 65 TOMS Matthew HEAD M M 41
    TOMS Carrie Wife F M 41
PAGE 12              
    TOMS Cluny Son M S 10
    TOMS Harvey Son M S 3
    TERRY Edward Lodger M S 60
63 66 TOMS Harold HEAD M M 33
    TOMS Dorcas Wife F M 30
    TOMS Roy Son M S 6
64 67 TOMS Robert HEAD M M 77
    TOMS Johanna Wife F M 77
    TOMS Norman Son M M 36
    TOMS Ida Daughter in Law F M 34
65 68 TOMS Fredrick HEAD M W 49
    TOMS Annie Daughter F S 18
    TOMS Nina Daughter F S 10
66 69 LeDREW Thos HEAD M M 23
    LeDREW Stella Wife F M 20
    LeDREW Myrtle Daughter F S 15 Mos
67 70 MOREY Raymond HEAD M M 40
    MOREY Minnie Wife F M 36
    MOREY Rosana G Daughter F S 14
    MOREY Ross S Son M S 11
    MOREY Erwin Geo Son M S 9
    MOREY Philis (sic) Daughter F S 7
68 71 MOREY Joseph Sr HEAD M M 73
    MOREY Charlotte Wife F M 65
    MOREY Daniel Son M M 42
    MOREY Mabel S. Daughter in Law F M 39
69 72 MOREY George HEAD M W 72
    MOREY Daisy Daughter F S 23
70 73 BURTON George HEAD M M 44
    BURTON Dorothy Wife F M 40
    BURTON Woodrow S Son M S 17
    BURTON Boyce Son M S 12
    BURTON Pratt Son M S 5
PAGE 13              
71 74 BARTLETT Abram HEAD M W 66
    COOPER Effie Daughter F W 27
72 75 MOREY Henry HEAD M W 71
    MOREY Lemuel Son M S 35
    MOREY Stewart Son M S 28
    MOREY Dorman Son M S 17
    MOREY Lylie (sic) (?) Daughter F S 26
73 76 MOREY Frederick HEAD M M 35
    MOREY Harriett Mary Wife F M 34
    MOREY Cluny  (sic) H Son M S 11
    MOREY Dorris B Daughter F S 9
    MOREY Elizabeth Daughter F S 7
74 77 MOREY Harvey HEAD M M 31
    MOREY Irene Wife F M 26
75 78 SAUNDERS William HEAD M M 35
    SAUNDERS Minnie Wife F M 30
    SAUNDERS Marjorie Daughter F S 11
    SAUNDERS Elsie Daughter F S 9
    SAUNDERS Kenneth Son M S 7
    SAUNDERS Florence Daughter F S 5
76 79 WARREN George HEAD M M 45
    WARREN Martha Wife F M 33
    WARREN Randolph Son M S 10
    WARREN Dalphene Daughter F S 8
    WARREN Albertha Daughter F S 4
    WARREN Pearce Son M S 19
77 80 DICKS Elijah HEAD M M 64
    DICKS Harriet Wife F M 47
    DICKS Marjorie Daughter F S 17
    DICKS Gladys Daughter F S 13
78 81 CHURCHILL Jessie HEAD F S 37
    RICHARDS Lavina Mother F W 70
    CHURCHILL Robert Adopted Son M S 2
PAGE 14              
79 82 MARTIN John HEAD M M 53
    MARTIN Mary Wife F M 51
    MARTIN Ronald Son M S 23
    MARTIN Silvester (sic) Son M S 21
    MARTIN Annie Daughter F S 17
    MARTIN Margaret Daughter F S 16
    MARTIN Mary Daughter F S 11
    MARTIN Loretta Daughter F S 9
80 83 RICHARDS Ward HEAD M M 39
    RICHARDS Daisy Wife F M 29
    RICHARDS Viola Daughter F S 8
    RICHARDS Jean Daughter F S 6
    RICHARDS Edwin Son M S 5
    RICHARDS Arthur Son M S 1
81 84 MARTIN Patrick HEAD M M 52
    MARTIN Catherine Wife F M 50
    MARTIN Claud L Son M S 14
    MARTIN Josephine Daughter F S 12
82 85 MOREY Pearce HEAD M M 33
    MOREY Mabel L Wife F M 29
    MOREY Cyril Jr. Son M S 6
    MOREY Ivy Daughter F S 5
    MOREY Pearce Jr Son M S 9 Mos
83 86 MATTHEWS Michael HEAD M M 34
    MATTHEWS Nellie Wife F M 25
    MATTHEWS Mary Daughter F S 2
    MATTHEWS William Son M S 1
84 87 SAUNDERS William Sr HEAD M M 62
    SAUNDERS Emily Wife F M 58
    SAUNDERS Adolphus Son M S 26
85 88 BURTON Job HEAD M M 67
    BURTON Drucilla Wife F M 53
    BURTON Harvey Son M S 20
PAGE 15              
86 89 BURTON Allan HEAD M M 28
    BURTON Maud Wife F M 26
87 90 CLARK Joseph HEAD M S 28
    CLARK Mary Sister F S 17
    CLARK John Father M W 58
88 91 BARTLETT Ross F HEAD M M 34
    BARTLETT Gladys Wife F M 30
    PARSONS Jean Servant F S 14
    BARTLETT Ivy Lodger F S 30
89 92 ANDREWS Job HEAD M W 54
    ANDREWS Harry Son M S 20
    ANDREWS Laura Daughter F S 26
    ANDREWS Leslie Son M S 10
    GILLINGHAM Carrie Servant F S 58
90 93 BUDGELL Warwick HEAD M M 57
    BUDGELL Mary Wife F M 28
    BUDGELL Patience Daughter F S 14
  94 JACOBS John HEAD M M 30
    JACOBS Jane Wife F M 22
    JACOBS Sarah Daughter F S 5
    JACOBS Gilbert Son M S 3
91 95 ANDREWS Louis HEAD M M 47
    ANDREWS Rebecca Wife F M 26
    ANDREWS Livina Daughter F S 6
    ANDREWS Eric G. Son M S 5
    ANDREWS Carl Son M S 1
92 96 GREY Arthur HEAD M M 34
    GREY Annie Wife F M 34
    GREY Verna Adopted Daughter F S 9
93 97 MANUEL Clarence HEAD M M 33
    MANUEL Sarah G. Wife F M 30
    WHELAN Ruby Niece F S 14
94 98 DUGGAN D. P. JP HEAD M M 65
PAGE 16              
    SHORT Rev. P. Lodger M S 30
    DUGGAN Emma Wife F M 62
    DUGGAN Marie Daughter F S 23
    WELLS Fred (?) M. Lodger M W 54

Originally Contributed and Transcribed by Glynn Hewlett

Updated by Gervase Cunard to reformat page (March 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (March 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

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