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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Burin

Pages 287 - 294

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 287              
406 467 COADY Catherine Head F W 74
    COADY Domatius (?) Son M S 36
    COADY John Son M S 34
    BONNELL Verena (?) Domestic Serv F S 28
407 468 COADY Laurence Head M W 70
    COADY William Son M S 19
    COADY Hugh Son M S 15
    COADY Annie Daughter F S 17
408 469 BONNELL William Head M M 70
    BONNELL Emily Wife F M 67
    BONNELL Hazel Son (sic) M (sic) S 30
    BONNELL Gordon Son M S 26
409 470 COADY Joseph Head M M 66
    COADY Annie Wife F M 54
    COADY Mary Daughter F S 20
    COADY Mercedes Daughter F S 16
    COADY Philomena Daughter F S 13
    COADY Margaret Daughter F S 9
410 471 BONNELL Leo Head M M 48
    BONNELL Hannah Wife F M 45
PAGE 288              
    BONNELL Lewis Son M S 23
    BONNELL Bertram Son M S 21
    BONNELL Reginald Son M S 12
    BONNELL Robert Son M S 14
    BONNELL Ella Daughter F S 18
A line has been drawn through the above entry and "Domestic at St Pierre" inserted. Included for reference
    BONNELL Jessie Daughter F S 15
    BONNELL Joyce Daughter F S 5
    BONNELL Joy Daughter F S 3
411 472 EMBERLY Henry Head M M 38
    EMBERLY Wilamina Wife F M 35
    EMBERLY Walter Son M S 14
    EMBERLY Daisy Daughter F S 16
    EMBERLY Lula Daughter F S 12
    EMBERLY Margaret Daughter F S 10
    EMBERLY Sarah Daughter F S 8
    EMBERLY Florence Daughter F S 5
    EMBERLY Eva Daughter F S 3
412 473 STICKLAND George Head M M 48
    STICKLAND Alice Wife F M 45
    STICKLAND Henry Son M S 25
    STICKLAND Edgar Son M S 24
    STICKLAND Benjamin Son M S 23
    STICKLAND Chesley Son M S 17
    STICKLAND Archibald Son M S 15
    STICKLAND Harvey Son M S 2
    STICKLAND Jessie Daughter F S 19
    STICKLAND Dorcas Daughter F S 12
    STICKLAND Emma Daughter F S 9
413 474 BONNELL Charles Head M W 56
    BONNELL Charles Son M S 24
    BONNELL Leonard Son M S 22
    BONNELL Richard No Entry No Entry No Entry 21
* NIOTE: Richard was crossed out on the page. Included here for reference
    BONNELL Aubrey Son M S 17
PAGE 289              
414 475 BONNELL Henry Head M M 32
    BONNELL Melinda Wife F M 29
    BONNELL Vivian Daughter F S 7
    BONNELL Augusta Daughter F S 10
415 476 LEGGE David (Const.) Head M M 39 (?)
    LEGGE Carrie Wife F M 30
    LEGGE Marina Daughter F S 7 Mos
    YOUNG Ruby Niece F S 12
416 477 BONNELL Harold Head M M 41
    BONNELL Marian B. Wife F M 31
    BONNELL Ralph Son M S 7 (?)
    BONNELL Clyde Son M S 5
    BONNELL James Son M S 2
    BONNELL Meta C. Daughter F S 11
    BONNELL Margaret Daughter F S 10
    BONNELL Vera L. Daughter F S 9
417 478 HILLIER Edwin J. Head M M 25
    HILLIER Irene Wife F M 26
    HILLIER Stanley P Son M S 6
    HILLIER Sheilah B. Daughter F S 4
    HILLIER Margaret E. Daughter F S 1
418 479 HILLIER Clarence Head M M 38
    HILLIER Martha Wife F M 38
    HILLIER Lancelot (?) Son M S 13
    HILLIER John Son M S 10
    HILLIER Garfield Son M S 8
    HILLIER Olive Daughter F S 12
    HILLIER Alma Daughter F S 7
    HILLIER Stella Daughter F S 4
    HILLIER Dinah Daughter F S 1 Yr
419 480 HILLIER Robert Head M M 65
    HILLIER Malinda Wife F M 64
420 481 HILLIER John Head M M 63
PAGE 290              
    HILLIER Rosanna Wife F M 63
    HILLIER Louis Son M S 30
    HILLIER Wilfred Son M S 20
421 482 HILLIER Thomas Head M M 49
    HILLIER Caroline Wife F M 45
    HILLIER Gwendolyn Daughter F S 9
422 483 FOOTE Thomas Head M M 33
    FOOTE Ada Wife F M 26
    FOOTE Mary Daughter F S 7
    FOOTE Stewart Son M S 4
    FOOTE David Son M S 10 Mos
423 484 HILLIER Waldmar (?) G Head M M 38
    HILLIER Selina Wife F M 37
    HILLIER Malcolm Son M S 5
    HILLIER Barbara (??) Daughter F S 7
    HASKELL Chesley Servant M S 21
424 485 HILLIER Charles Head M M 37
    HILLIER Selina Wife F M 34
    HILLIER Thomas Son M S 12
    HILLIER Bertram Son M S 10
    HILLIER Charles Son M S 8
    HILLIER Harold Son M S 7
    HILLIER Freeman Son M S 5
425 486 HILLIER Edgar Head M W 46
    HILLIER George Son M S 17
    HILLIER John Son M S 14 (?)
    HILLIER Edna Daughter F S 12
426 487 FOOTE Gordon Head M M 25
    FOOTE Winnifred Wife F M 21
    FOOTE Cyril Son M S 3
    FOOTE Lionel Son M S 2
427 488 ISAACS Thomas Head M M 78
    ISAACS Ida Wife F M 62
428 489 ISAACS John Head M M 28
PAGE 291              
    ISAACS Mary Wife F M 23
    HASKELL John Lodger M W 22
429 490 HILLIER Henry P. Head M M 40
    HILLIER Emily Wife F M 40
    HILLIER Freeman Henry Son M S 18
    HILLIER Claude W. Son M S 8
    HILLIER Aubrey John Son M S 5
    HILLIER Laura Daughter F S 1
    HILLIER Frank Grandson M S 3
    HILLIER Martha Mother F W 69
430 491 BONNELL Cyrus G. Head M M 63
    BONNELL Mary Wife F M 62
    BONNELL John Son M S 20
  492 BONNELL Robert Head M W 40
    BONNELL Cyrus R. Son M S 8
431 493 HASKELL Augustus Head M M 34
    HASKELL Beatrice Wife F M 31
    HASKELL Thomas Son M S 10
    HASKELL John Son M S 5
    HASKELL Ivy Daughter F S 2
    HASKELL Georgina Daughter F S 8 Mos
    HASKELL Ellen Daughter F S 7
    HASKELL Effie Daughter F S 12
432 494 COLLINS Albert F. Head M M 57
    COLLINS Rose E. Wife F M 50
    COLLINS Nicholas Son M S 27
    COLLINS Clement Son M S 21
    COLLINS Adrian Son M S 19
    COLLINS Leonard Son M S 10
    COLLINS Robert Son M S 8
    COLLINS Henry Son M S 6
    COLLINS Priscilla Daughter F S 29
    COLLINS Mary Daughter F S 17
PAGE 292              
    COLLINS Elfreda Daughter F S 14
    COLLINS Laura Daughter F S 12
433 495 HILLIER Daniel Head M M 53
    HILLIER Amelia Wife F M 53
    HILLIER Ellis Son M S 13
    HILLIER Howard Son M S 6
    HILLIER Gladys Daughter F S 23
    HILLIER Doris Daughter F S 16
434 496 CROCKER Clement Head M M 48
    CROCKER Emily Wife F M 48
    CROCKER Thomas Son M S 19
    CROCKER Louisa Daughter F S 17
    CROCKER Anna Marie Daughter F S 12
    CROCKER Emily Daughter F S 9
    CROCKER Rose Daughter F S 7
    CROCKER Ann Mother F W 89
  497 CROCKER Leo Head M M 26
    CROCKER Gertrude Wife F M 23
    CROCKER Joseph Son M S 2
435 498 FOOTE Luke Head M M 50
    FOOTE Elsie Wife F M 39
    FOOTE Reginald Son M S 19
    FOOTE Norman Son M S 14
    FOOTE John Son M S 11
    FOOTE Luke Son M S 10
    TAPPER Gordon Step son M S 7
    TAPPER Amos Step son M S 3
436   HALEY Thomas A. Head M M 57
    HALEY Cecilia Wife F M 42
    BONNEL Gilbert adopted M S 12
    BONNEL Sylvia Daughter F S 28
    BONNEL Mary Daughter F S 19
    BONNEL Annie Daughter F S 17
PAGE 293              
437 500 FOOTE George Sn Head M M 64
    FOOTE Jane Wife F M 59
    FOOTE George Jr. Son M S 24
438 501 FOOTE Alfred Head M M 43
    FOOTE Violet Wife F M 39
    FOOTE Kenneth Son M S 12
    FOOTE Wesley Son M S 10
    FOOTE Peter Son M S 6
    FOOTE Vera Daughter F S 14
    FOOTE Alice Daughter F S 8
    FOOTE Mary Daughter F S 3
439 502 FOOTE Isaac Head M M 56
    FOOTE Elizabeth Wife F M 53
    FOOTE Abraham Son M S 27
    FOOTE Gilbert Son M S 23
    FOOTE Hedley Son M S 18
    FOOTE Flora Daughter F S 11
    HASKELL Deborah Servant F S 19
  503 FOOTE Wesley Head M M 36 (?)
    FOOTE Margaret Wife F M 32
    FOOTE Roland Son M S 9
    FOOTE Nelson Son M S 6
    FOOTE Freeman Son M S 4
    FOOTE Wiltone? Son M S 2
    FOOTE Ivan Son M S 5 Mos
440 504 ROSS Rev. L. H. Head M S 31
    GODDARD Ronald Servant M S 20
441 505 HANN George W G. Head M M 62
    HANN Anne Wife F M 62
    HANN Margaret Daughter F S 29
    HANN Clement Son M S 23
442 506 HILLIER Wm. G. Head M M 53
    HILLIER Lucy Wife F M 45
PAGE 294              
    HILLIER Thomas Son M S 23
    HILLIER Sidney Son M S 19
    HILLIER Albert Son M S 13
    HILLIER Rendal Son M S 7
    HILLIER Vera Daughter F S 15
    HILLIER Ethel Daughter F S 11
443 507 HANN John R Head M M 33
    HANN Rosalie Wife F M 34
    HANN Lloyd Son M S 4
    HANN Mary Daughter F S 3
444 508 FOOTE Joseph Head M M 72
    FOOTE Dianh Wife F M 57
    FOOTE Stanley Son M S 19
    FOOTE Fred^k Son M S 21
    FOOTE Joseph Son M S 17
    FOOTE Maxwell Son M S 15
    FOOTE Frank Son M S 23
445 509 KING Sanuel Head M M 32
    KING Bessie Wife F M 38
    YOUNG Watham Son M S 18
    YOUNG Ma?? Son M S 17
    KING Freeman Son M S 10
    KING Randel Son M S 8
446 510 McKEAQUE Clara B (Nurse) (sic) Head F S 45
447 511 FOOTE John Head M M 62
    FOOTE Ruth Wife F M 55
    HASKELL Felix Servant M S 26
448 512 BOLAND Thomas Head M W 58
    BOLAND Michael Son M S 39 (?)
    BOLAND Stanley Son M S 19
    BOLAND Emily Daughter F S 31

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (January 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (January 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Monday May 02, 2016 (Don Tate)

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