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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Burin

Pages 280 - 287

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 280              
361 412 HILLIER Amos Head M M 51
    HILLIER Ellen Wife F M 54
    HILLIER Mark Son F S 16
    HILLIER Fred'k Son F S 26
362 413 HILLIER Mark Head M W 73
  414 HILLIER George Head M M 35
    HILLIER Ella Wife F M 35
    HILLIER Muriel Daughter F S 9
    HILLIER Florence Daughter F S 4
363 415 CAKE Allan Head M M 42
    CAKE Jennet (sic) Wife F M 40
    CAKE Alfred Son M S 9
    CAKE James Son M S 7
    CAKE Edith Daughter F S 17
    CAKE Elizabeth Daughter F S 15
    CAKE Rita Daughter F S 13
    CAKE Daisy Daughter F S 11
    CAKE Ethel Daughter F S 5 Mos
364 416 WALTERS Fred'k J. Head M M 23
    WALTERS Annie E. Wife F M 22
  417 KING Thomas Head M M 49
    KING Margaret Wife F M 44
    KING Gerald Son M S 13
    KING Reginald Son M S 10
    KING Mary Daughter F S i Yr
  418 CAKE Allan Head M M 20
    CAKE Lucy Wife F M 18
365 419 CAKE Fred'k Sr Head M M 57
    CAKE Jemma Wife F M 55
    CAKE Edwin Son M S 25
    CAKE Frank Son M S 23
PAGE 281              
    CAKE William Son M S 22
    CAKE Wallace Son M S 17
    CAKE Mary Daughter F S 16
366 420 WALTERS George Head M M 63
    WALTERS Amelia F. Wife F M 62
    WALTERS Ada Adopted F S 11
367 421 DAY Albert Head M M 45
    DAY Alice Wife F M 43
    DAY Charles Son M S 18
    DAY Arthur Son M S 14
    DAY Clyde Son M S 8
    DAY Onslow Son M S 6
    DAY Albert Son M S 5
    DAY Harry Son M S 1
    DAY Bessie Daughter F S 17
    DAY Leah Daughter F S 3
368 422 CAKE George B. Head M M 34
    CAKE Gertrude Wife F M 32
369 423 CAKE Fred'k Jr. Head M M 32
    CAKE Hannah Wife F M 29
    CAKE Gordon Son M S 12
    CAKE Leslie Daughter F S 8
    CAKE Jemima Daughter F S 6
    CAKE Millie Daughter F S 4
    CAKE Dorothy Daughter F S 2
370 424 BONNELL Willard Head M M 36
    BONNELL Gertrude Wife F M 36
    BONNELL Robert Son M S 18
    BONNELL Reginald Son M S 13
    BONNELL Clayton Son M S 9
    BONNELL Piercy Son M S 7
    BONNELL Eric Son M S 4
    BONNELL Jessie Daughter F S 16
PAGE 282              
    BONNELL Hilda Daughter F S 14
    BONNELL Charlotte Daughter F S 11
    BONNELL Dorothy Daughter F S 5
    BONNELL Ellen Daughter F S 2
    BONNELL Meta Daughter F S 4 Mos
371 425 BONNELL George B. Head M M 53
    BONNELL Rachael Wife F M 47
    BONNELL Gordon Son M S 24
    BONNELL Randal W * No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry
    BONNELL Chesley * No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry
    BONNELL Frank * No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry
    BONNELL Beatrice * No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry
    BONNELL Reginald * No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry
    BONNELL Norman Son M S 16
    BONNELL Maxwell * No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry
* NOTE: All of these individuals were noted as dead by the Revising Magistrate
372 426 KING Esau E Head M M 31
    KING Alice Wife F M 21
    KING Edith J. Daughter F S 3
    KING Alice Daughter F S 8 Mos
373 427 CAKE George A. Head M M 68
    CAKE Annie Wife F M 69
    CAKE John Son M S 25
374 428 CAKE Cyril Head M M 44
    CAKE Philis (sic) Wife F M 43
    CAKE Maxwell Son M S 16
    CAKE Amy Daughter F S 13
375 429 CAKE James Head M M 74
    CAKE May Wife F M 66
    FOOTE Walter Adopted M S 23
376 430 HILLIER Albert Head M M 72
    HILLIER Alice Wife F M 72
377 431 BONNELL Frank Head M W 44
    BONNELL William Son M S 15
PAGE 283              
    BONNELL Wesley Son M S 11
    BONNELL Randal Son M S 8
    DAY Hannah Domestic F S 69
378 432 HILLIER Fred'k Head M M 35
    HILLIER Melinda Wife F M 32
    HILLIER Thomas Son M S 10
    HILLIER Morgan Son M S 8
    HILLIER Verna Daughter F S 6
    HILLIER Barbara Daughter F S 3
    CREWS Susanna Aunt F W 74
379 433 HEPDITCH Fred'k Head M M 50
    HEPDITCH Lidia M. (sic) Wife F M 45
    HEPDITCH Fred'k Son M S 25
    HEPDITCH Cyril Son M S 23
    HEPDITCH Beatrice Daughter F S 17
    HEPDITCH William Son M S 12
    HEPDITCH Dorothy Daughter F S 5
380 434 BONNELL Isaac Head M M 58
    BONNELL Alice Wife F M 58
  435 BONNELL Cecil? Head M M 22
    BONNELL Elsie Wife F M 22
    BONNELL Aubry Son M S 8 mos.
381 436 BONNELL Albert Head M M 69
    BONNELL Harriet Wife F M 54
    BONNELL Susan Daughter F S 10
  437 BONNELL Benjamin Head M M 29
    BONNELL Harriet Wife F M 27
  438 BONNELL Leo Head M M 34
    BONNELL Clarisa Wife F M 28
    BONNELL Gioles Son M S 9
    BONNELL Garfield Son M S 8
    BONNELL Austin Son M S 5
    BONNELL Fred'k Son M S 15 Mos
PAGE 284              
    BONNELL Stella Daughter F S 6
    BONNELL Alma Daughter F S 3
    BONNELL Beatrice Daughter F S 2 mos.
382 439 BONNELL Robert Head M M 54
    BONNELL Margaret Wife F M 51
    BONNELL Edgar Son M S 17
    BONNELL Rosanna * No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry
    BONNELL Effie Daughter F S 26
    BONNELL Katie * No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry
* NOTE: Both Rosanna and Katie were crossed out ohn the page. Included here for reference
    BONNELL Emily Daughter F S 15
    BONNELL Winifred Daughter F S 10
    BONNELL Rita Daughter F S 6 Yrs (sic)
383 440 BONNELL George Head M M 27
    BONNELL Elizabeth Wife F M 34
384 441 BONNELL Florence Head F W 59
    BONNELL George E. Son M S 29
    BONNELL Thomas Son M S 22
385 442 HILLIER John R.? Head M M 54
    HILLIER Nancy E. Wife F M 40
    HILLIER Edgar S. Son M S 24
386 443 HILLIER Luke R.? Head M M 74
    HILLIER Adelade Wife F M 68
    HILLIER Eric Son M S 23
387 444 KING George H. Head M M 52
    KING Deborah Wife F M 59
    KING Josiah? Son M S 24
    KING Elisha * Son M S 28
*A line has been drawn completely through this entry, and the inscription,"Taken at Asylum" written over it.
388 445 HILLIER James W Head M M 36
    HILLIER Mary Joseph Wife F M 31
    HILLIER Gordon Son M S 11
    HILLIER Virginia Daughter F S 4
    HILLIER Hubert Son M S 13 mos.
PAGE 285              
389 446 KING George C. Head M M 66
    KING Mary A. Wife F M 58
    KING Fred'k Son M S 25
    KING Arthur J Son M S 14
    KING Myrtle Daughter F S 16
390 447 KING Henry W. Head M M 27
    KING Dinah Wife F M 24
    KING Joy Daughter F S 2 yrs
391 448 KING Fred'k Head M M 64
    KING Eva Wife F M 56
392 449 CAKE Edgar Head M M 46
    CAKE Francis Wife F M 42
    CAKE Jessie R Daughter F S 18
    CAKE Olive Daughter F S 11
393 450 KING Hezekiah Head M M 50
    KING Lilian Maud Wife F M 51
    KING Dugald Son M S 23
    KING Bertram Son M S 21
    KING James Son M S 20
    KING Wesley Son M S 16
    KING Charlotte Daughter F S 17
    KING Eva Daughter F S 13
394 451 HILLIER William Head M M 55
    HILLIER Sarah J. Wife F M 56
395 452 KING Saphira Head F W 56
    KING Ralph Son M S 20
    KING Blanche Daughter F S 19
    KING Edith Daughter F S 25
396 453 KING Lewis Head M M 54
    KING Elvina Wife F M 42
    KING Wilfred Son M S 23
    KING Mary Daughter F S 14
    KING Rita Daughter F S 4
PAGE 286              
    KING Mary Daughter F S 1 yr
397 454 KING Cecil Head M M 25
    KING Bertha M. Wife F M 31
    KING Florence A. Daughter F S 1
    KING Nelson M Son M S 4
398 455 KING James Head M M 62
    KING Violet Wife F M 49
399 456 KING Thomas Head M M 57
    KING Deborah Wife F M 51
    KING Leslie W. Son M S 18
    KING Rosanna Daughter F S 16
    KING Nina Daughter F S 14
400 457 KING Eli Head M M 59
    KING Margaret Wife F M 54
    KING Allan Son M S 25
    KING Anna Daughter F S 12
    KING Aarm G. (??) Son M S 6
401 458 KING George R. Head M M 21
    KING Elizabeth Wife F M 25
    KING Alfred? Son M S 9 Mos
    KING Alice Daughter F S 4 Yrs
401 (sic) 459 KING Mary Head F W 61
    KING Merril Son M S 17
  460 KING Wm. Joseph Head M M 31
    KING Bessie Wife F M 26
    HILLIER Mary Neice F S 3
402 461 KING Violet Head F W 33
    KING Meta Daughter F S 9
    KING Dorothy Daughter F S 4
    KING Maxwell Son M S 8
403 462 LOVELL Benjamin Head M M 37
    LOVELL Maud Wife F S 38
    LOVELL James Brother M S 24
    KING Merril *       17
* Merril was crossed out on the page. Included here for reference.
PAGE 287              
404 463 KING Albert Head M M 32 (?)
    KING Catherine Wife F M 24 (?)
    KING Roy Son M S 1
    KING Sheila Son M S 5
  464 HARNETT Geo. Head M W 21
    HARNETT Mary Daughter F S 3
    KING Herbert Lodger M S 34
405 465 MILLER Joseph Head M M 77
    MILLER Mary Wife F M 57
  466 BONNELL Lewis Head M M 24
    BONNELL Jennie Wife F M 23
    BONNELL Lucy Daughter F S 3
    BONNELL George Son M S 2

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (January 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (January 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Monday May 02, 2016 (Don Tate)

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