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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Carbonear-Bay de Verde

Pages 221 - 225

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 221              
20 21 KING Thomas Head M M 57
    KING Margarett (sic) Wife F M 55
    TRAVERSE Richard Cousin M S 25
21 22 KING John Head M S 27
    KING Mary Mother F W 65
  23 TRAVERSE Alex Head F M 29
    TRAVERSE Bridget Wife F M 25
22 24 FAHEY Richard Head M M 53
    FAHEY Mary Wife F M 47
    FAHEY William Son M S 23
    FAHEY Gertrude Daughter F S 21
    FAHEY Sadie Daughter F S 20
    FAHEY Edward Son M S 17
    FAHEY Timothy Son M S 15
    FAHEY Marie Daughter F S 13
    FAHEY William Father M W 85
PAGE 222              
    FAHEY William Nephew M S 23
23 25 HAYDEN John Head M M 68
    HAYDEN Alice Wife F M 55
    HAYDEN Jennie Daughter F S 20
    HAYDEN Dorothy Daughter F S 18
    HAYDEN Agustus Son S S 16
    HAYDEN Paul Son S S 14
24 26 HURLEY Michael Head M M 74
    HURLEY Sarah Wife F M 73
25   Vacant          
26 27 KING James Head M M 60
    KING Joannah Wife F M 57
    KING Leo Son M S 25
    KING Rose * Daughter F S 21
    KING Josephine * Daughter F S 19
*A line has been drawn through each of these entries (Rose & Josephine) - Included here for reference
    KING Mary Daughter F S 15
27 28 SHORT Samuel Head M M 42
    SHORT Mary Wife F M 37
    SHORT Gerard Adopted son M S 9
28 29 CLARE William Head M M 67
    CLARE Mary Wife F M 65
    CLARE Timothy Son M S 33
29 30 KING John Head M M 65
    KING Bridget Wife F M 65
    KING Margarett Daughter F S 23
    KING Bernard Son M M 25
    KING Catheline (sic) Daughter-in-law F M 21
30   Vacant          
31 31 KING James Head M M 62
    KING Margarett Wife F M 54
    KING Edward Son M S 26
    KING Thomas Son M S 24
    KING Ronald Son M S 22
PAGE 223              
    KING Patrick Son M M 32
    KING Margarett Daughter-in-Law F M 23
    KING Monica Grand Daughter F S 2
32 32 KING Thomas Head M S 47
    KING Ralph Nephew M M 24
    KING Irene Neice F M 21
33 33 KING Mark Head M S 51
34 34 SHORT Patrick Head M M 54
    SHORT Bridget Wife F M 51
    SHORT William Son M S 27
    SHORT Rosalie Daughter F S 23
    SHORT Samuel Son M S 18
    SHORT Alphonsus Son M S 16
    SHORT Philip Son M S 15
    SHORT Edward Son M S 8
    SHORT Stanislaus Son M S 6
35   Vacant          
36   Vacant          
37 35 SHORT Catherine Head F W 44
    SHORT Frank Son M S 23
    SHORT John Son M S 21
    SHORT Mary Daughter F S 18
    SHORT Ronald Son M S 16
    SHORT Sadie Daughter F S 12
38 36 SHORT William Head M M 73
    SHORT Mary Wife F M 60
    SHORT Andrew Son M M 35
    SHORT Ellen Daughter-in-law F M 30
    SHORT William Grand Son M S 6
    SHORT Thomas Grand Son M S 4
    SHORT Margarett Grand Daughter F S 2
    WHITE Martin Foster Son M S 28
PAGE 224              
39 37 HURLEY Vincent Head M W 70
    HURLEY Samuel Son M M 41
    HURLEY Adella Daughter-in-law F M 39
    HURLEY Julia Grand Daughter F S 16
    HURLEY Catherine Grand Daughter F S 14
    HURLEY Marie Grand Daughter F S 9
    HURLEY Peter Son M S 35
40 38 TRAVERSE Michael Head M W 60
    TRAVERSE William Son M S 27
    TRAVERSE Richard Son M S 24
41 39 TRAVERSE John Head M M 35
    TRAVERSE Catherine Wife F M 29
    TRAVERSE Michael Son M S 8
    TRAVERSE Anastisa (sic) Daughter F S 6
    TRAVERSE Bridget Daughter F S 4
    TRAVERSE Thersa (sic) Daughter F S 2
42 40 SOUTHWELL Michael Head M W 38
    SOUTHWELL Richard Son M S 9
    SOUTHWELL Mary Daughter F S 8
43 41 KING James Head M W 73
44 42 HURLEY Morris Head M W 64
    HURLEY Frank Son M M 28
    HURLEY Sarah Daughter-in-law F M 26
    HURLEY Margarett Grand Daughter F S 6
    HURLEY Joseph Grand Son M S 4
    HURLEY Cicley Grand Daughter F S 3
    HURLEY Edmund Grand Son M S 9 mths
45 43 HURLEY Morris Head M M 55
    HURLEY Mary Wife F M 43
    HURLEY Bridget Daughter F S 20
    HURLEY Ronald Son M S 17
    HURLEY Harold Son M S 11
    HURLEY John Son M S 7
PAGE 225              
    HURLEY Ceclia (sic) Daughter F S 5
    HURLEY Mary Daughter F S 2
  44 CURRAN William Head M M 24
    CURRAN Agnes Wife F M 19
    CURRAN William Son M S 1
46 45 O'LEARY Jerry Head M M 63
    O'LEARY Bridget Wife F M 67
    O'LEARY Frank Son M S 20
    O'LEARY Carmel Daughter F S 13
  46 O'LEARY John Head M M 26
    O'LEARY Reta Wife F M 20
    O'LEARY Marcella Daughter F S 2
    O'LEARY Geneive (sic) Daughter F S 9 mths
47 47 KING Richard Head M S 83
    FITZGERALD Eliza Sister F W 80
48   Vacant          
49   Vacant          
50 48 KING Joseph Head M M 54
    KING Nellie Wife F M 50
    KING Helen Daughter F S 16
    KING Josephine Daughter F S 14
    KING Patrica(sic) Daughter F S 12
    KING Francis (sic) Daughter F S 9

Transcribed by Nancy Ralinson (August 2004)

Verified to Original Pages (August 2004 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Thursday February 04, 2016 (Don Tate)

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