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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Humber

Pages 22 - 23

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 22              
140 151 STUCKLESS Isaac Head M M 32
    STUCKLESS Gertrude Wife F M 29
    STUCKLESS William Son M S 10
    STUCKLESS Ethel Dau F S 9
    STUCKLESS Frank Son M S 8
    STUCKLESS Robert Son M S 6
    STUCKLESS Roland Son M S 4
    STUCKLESS Carl Son M S 1
    STUCKLESS Alfred Son M S 5 Days
141 152 FELTHAM Samuel Head M M (sic) 60
  153 KING Nathaniel Head M M 26
    KING Hazel Wife F M 17
    FELTHAM Daniel Brother in Law M S 22
    FELTHAM Violet Sister in Law F S 11
142 154 COLLINS Charles Head M M 29
    COLLINS Annie Wife F M 24
143 155 HARDY*1 William*2 Head M M 40
    HARDY Susanna Wife F M 25
    HARDY Joseph Son M S 10
    HARDY Florence Dau M S 2
    COLLINS Emma Mother F W 66
    COLLINS Florence Neice F S 14
144 156 PARSONS William Head M M 41
    PARSONS Margaret Wife F M 32
    PARSONS Florida (sic) Dau F M 11
    PARSONS Jessica Dau F M 7
    PARSONS Daniel Son M S 5
    PARSONS Ambrose Son M S 4
    PARSONS James Son M S 1
    HELMS Willis Boarder M S 20
    BURT Garland Boarder M S 24
PAGE 23            
    BURT Maxwell Boarder M S 22
145 157 FELTHAM Abraham Head M M 30
    FELTHAM Beatrice Wife F M 24
    FELTHAM Cecil Son M S 2
    FELTHAM Violet Dau F S 2 Mos

Contributed by Ron St. Croix, January, 2001

Page Transcribed by Michael Cooper
Verified to Original Pages (November 2003 - Craig Peterman)

Page Last Modified: Monday July 18, 2016 (Don Tate)
HARDY*1 The 1935 Census for Junction Brook List a family of HARDY. I have good reason to believe that each of these should read HARDING, ie William Harding, Susanna Harding, Joseph Harding, and Florence Harding. I have an aunt whose relatives these persons are and each of them lived in Junction Brook during this time, however she does not recall any Hardy's living there at the time. Thanks Clifford G. Reid" - Clifford G. Reid
HARDY Family*2 Susanna Collins Harding not Hardy and her Aunt Ryma. Florence should be Pickett and Emma Collins should be Ryma not Emma.; Roderick Brentnall -

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