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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Twillingate

Pages 892 - 895

Community of
Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 892              
481 508 ADEY A. James Head M Widow 51
    ADEY Thomas Son M S 27
    ADEY Clara Daughter F S 22
    ADEY George Son M S 19
    FROUDE Lucy Domestic F S 20
482 509 BURTON Albert H. Head M M 38
    BURTON Edith May Wife F M 35
    BURTON Evelyn F. Daughter F S 11
    BURTON Ronald A. Son M S 9
    BURTON Reginald O. Son M S 7
    BURTON Stirling Maxwell Son M S 6
    BURTON Marjorie B. Daughter F S 4
483 510 BURTON Arthur Head M M 58
    BURTON Mary Wife F M 66
    BURTON Jessie Daughter F S 26
484 511 BURTON John W. Head M M 44
    BURTON Lucinda Wife F M 39
    BURTON Edna D. Daughter F S 19
    BURTON Mark B. Son M S 16
    BURTON Lawrence W, Son M S 11
    BURTON A. Gordon Son M S 3
455 512 HAWKINS Hedley Head M M 59
    HAWKINS Olivia Wife F M 57
PAGE 893              
    PARDY Harry L.H. Grand-son M S 11mths
486 513 HAWKINS Stephen Head M M 75
    HAWKINS Martha J.E. Wife F M 67
487 514 HAWKINS Walter Head M M 69
    HAWKINS Rachel Wife F M 59
    HAWKINS Eleanor M. Daughter F S 15
488 515 HAWKINS Edgar Head M M 67
    HAWKINS Fannie Wife F M 64
489 516 HAWKINS Josiah Head M M 71
    HAWKINS Naomi Wife F M 59
490 517 HAWKINS William Head M M 63
    HAWKINS Lucy Ann Wife F M 64
    HAWKINS Claude Son M S 28
    HAWKINS Maxwell Son M S 26
  518 HAWKINS Frederick S. Head M M 32
    HAWKINS E. Mary Wife F M 28
491 519 SMITH Caleb Head M M 71
    SMITH Phebe (sic) Wife F M 77
  520 SMITH Fred Head M S 33
    SMITH Louise Wife F S 32
    SMITH Bertie Frank Son M S 9
    SMITH Norma Margaret Daughter F S 5
    SMITH Ruby Eunice Daughter F S 3
492 521 SMITH Edward Head M M 65
    SMITH Theresa Wife F M 63
    SMITH Ada M. Daughter F S 27
493 522 SLADE Dorman G. Head M M 56
    SLADE Kate Wife F M 53
    SLADE Marjorie Daughter F S 19
    SLADE Wilfred Son M S 16
    SLADE Roy C. Son M S 11
494 523 VERGE Ebenezer Head M M 52
    VERGE Phebe (sic) Wife F M 51
PAGE 894              
    VERGE Frederick Son M S 25
    VERGE Lily Daughter F S 17
495 524 VERGE Adolphus Head M M 57
    VERGE Jessie L. Wife F M 56
    VERGE Ralph Son M S 25
    VERGE Thomas L. Son M S 22
    VERGE Martha Mother F Widow 85
496 525 BOURDEN Ashley Head M M 37
    BOURDEN Gladys Wife F M 33
    BOURDEN Yuill (sic) (?) Son M S 9
497 526 PELLEY Frederick S. Head M M 44
    PELLEY Jessie Wife F M 44
    PELLEY Lucy Daughter F S 22
    PELLEY Carrie Daughter F S 19
    PELLEY Harold Son M S 14
    PELLEY Ruby Daughter F S 2
  527 PELLEY Chesley E. Head M M 23
    PELLEY Hazel Wife F M 21
    PELLEY Lloyd A. Son M   6mos
498 528 PARSONS Frederick W. Head M M 27
    PARSONS Lily G. Wife F M 27
    PARSONS Jean Daughter F S 5
    PARSONS Howard Son M S 4
    PARSONS Alma Daughter F S 2
499 529 PARSONS Stanley Head M M 65
    PARSONS Julia S. Wife F M 55
    PARSONS Lydia Sister F S 72
  530 PARSONS Hayward Head M M 21
    PARSONS Nina Kate Wife F M 17
    PARSONS Janet Elizabeth Daughter F S 1 mth
500 540 (sic) GILLARD George Head M M 30
    GILLARD Minnie Wife F M 42
    WHITE Mary Step-daughter F S 22
PAGE 893              
    LEWIS Lucy Step-daughter F S 16
    LEWIS William Step-son M S 13
    LEWIS John Step-son M S 9
    LEWIS Phebe Step-daughter F S 8
    GILLARD Claude Step-son M S 2
S01 541 LINFIELD Robert Head M M 75
    LINFIELD Martha Wife F M 73
502 542 SAUNDERS George Head M M 63
    SAUNDERS Mary Ann Wife F M 53
    SAUNDERS Frank Son     22
    SAUNDERS Dorothy Daughter     14
  543 SAUNDERS Augustus G. Head M M 29
    SAUNDERS Mary Wife F M 29
    SAUNDERS Joyce Daughter   S 4
    SAUNDERS Florence Daughter   S 2
503 544 LINFIELD Alfred J. Head M M (sic) 64
    LINFIELD Wilfred C. Son M S 20
504 545 LINFIELD Albert Head M M 73
    LINFIELD Dora J. Wife F M 55
    LINFIELD Alex John Son M S 23
    LINFIELD Albert Edward Son M S 19
    LINFIELD Phoebe Daughter F S 17
  546 LINFIELD Harris George Head M M 33
    LINFIELD Lucy Pearl Wife F M 29
    LINFIELD William Donald Son M S 2

Transcribed by Pearl Bradbury (February 2006)

Verified to Original Pages (February 2006 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Saturday January 16, 2016 Don Tate

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