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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of St. George's Bay

Pages 58 - 63

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 58              
23 26 McEACHREN Cecil HEAD M M 32
    McEACHREN Lillian M. Wife F M 31
    McEACHREN Timothy Son M S 10
    McEACHREN Reginald Son M S 3
    McEACHREN Genevieve Daughter F S 2
    HULAN Louisa Mother in Law F W 69
24 27 SHEARS Belman HEAD M M 39
    SHEARS Caroline Wife F M 38
    SHEARS William Oxley Son M S 13
25 28 HULAN C. Henry HEAD M M 58
    HULAN Maude Wife F M 51
    HULAN Augustus Son M S 25
    HULAN Elizabeth Wife F M 21
PAGE 59              
25 28 HULAN Hazel May Daughter F S 2
    HULAN W. Walter Son M S 17
    HULAN Godden Windsor Son M S 12
    HULAN Annie P. Daughter F S 15
    HULAN Eleanor Jean Daughter F S 10
26 29 HULAN Leonard HEAD M M 53
    HULAN Mary A. Wife F M 31
    HULAN William Son M S 10
    HULAN George Son M S 8
    HULAN Clement Son M S 6
    HULAN Christina Daughter F S 3
    HULAN Nelson Son M S 6 Mos
27 30 MORRIS O. Clyde HEAD M M 29
    MORRIS Annabelle Wife F M 26
    MORRIS Delwin Son M S 10
    MORRIS Frederick Son M S 8
    MORRIS Kevin Son M S 6
    MORRIS Diana Daughter F S 4
    MORRIS Alberta Daughter F S 2
28 31 CHAFFEY W. Joseph HEAD M M 61
    CHAFFEY Fannie Jane Wife F M 65
    CHAFFEY Annie E. Daughter F S 33
    KNOTT Allan Adopted Son M S 13
29 32 HULAN C. Otto HEAD M M 51
    HULAN O. May Wife F M 41
    HULAN Oswald Son M S 22
    HULAN Godfrey Son M S 13
    HULAN Edgar Son M S 9
    HULAN Ronald Son M S 5
    HULAN Deliah Daughter F S 2
  33 HULAN Arnold HEAD M M 24
    HULAN Drucella Wife F M 17
30 34 SHEARS Dudley HEAD M M 26
PAGE 60              
    SHEARS Wilhelmina Wife F M 31
    SHEARS D. Max Son M S 2
    SHEARS William R. Son M S 1
31 35 HULAN Albert Arthur HEAD M M 36
    HULAN Annie Wife F M 31
    HULAN Ella Daughter F S 7
    HULAN Leonard Father M W 80
    CHAFFEY Mary Domestic F S 16
32 36 SHEARS George N. HEAD M M 63
    SHEARS Sarah J. Wife F M 57
    SHEARS Martha Daughter F S 17
    SHEARS Effie Daughter F S 15
  37 SHEARS R. Bissett HEAD M M 24
    SHEARS Martha Jane Wife F M 24
33 38 HARVEY William Job HEAD M M 39
    HARVEY Annie Ethel Wife F M 38
    HARVEY Garfield Son M S 16
    HARVEY Leslie Son M S 4
34 39 PARSONS D. Jane HEAD F W 42
    PARSONS Churchill Son M S 17
    PARSONS Ellis Son M S 16
  40 CHAFFEY Octavius Father M W 82
36 VACANT            
37 41 HARVEY Isaac Thomas HEAD M M 38
    HARVEY Priscilla Ann Wife F M 38
    HARVEY Winnie F. Daughter F S 12
    HARVEY L. Joan Daughter F S 6 Mos
38 42 CHAFFEY George F. HEAD M M 59
    CHAFFEY Mary Ann Wife F M 56
    CHAFFEY Carrol Son M S 26
    CHAFFEY Robert Son M S 24
    CHAFFEY Frederick Son M S 22
    CHAFFEY Patricia Daughter F S 20
PAGE 61              
    CHAFFEY Edward Son M S 18
    CHAFFEY Lloyd Son M S 15
39 43 CHAFFEY I. James HEAD M M 43 (?)
    CHAFFEY Catherine Wife F M 41
    CHAFFEY Hyacinth Daughter F S 20
    CHAFFEY Howard Son M S 18
    CHAFFEY Martha Jane Daughter F S 16
    CHAFFEY Sybil Daughter F S 12
    CHAFFEY Morgan Son M S 10
    CHAFFEY Stella Daughter F S 7
  44 CHAFFEY Isaac HEAD/Father M M 77
    CHAFFEY Marcella Wife F M 72
40 45 FORTUNE Thomas HEAD M M 77
    FORTUNE Mary Elizabeth Wife F M 65
    FORTUNE Obediah Son M S 29
    HOME Shirley Neice F S 11
41 46 NORRIS William HEAD M W 55
    NORRIS James E. Son M S 23
    NORRIS Herbert Son M S 21
    NORRIS Percy Son M S 20
    NORRIS Arthur D. Son M S 17
    NORRIS Chester Son M S 14
    NORRIS Eric Son M S 11
    NORRIS Emmanuel Son M S 9
42 47 FORTUNE Hubert HEAD M M 35
    FORTUNE Wilhelmina Wife F M 29
43 48 FORTUNE William B. HEAD M M 34
    FORTUNE Mabel Wife F M 31
    FORTUNE Freeman Son M S 6
44 49 FORTUNE James HEAD M M 71
    FORTUNE Mary Ann Wife F M 71
  50 CHAFFEY Warren HEAD M M 30
    CHAFFEY Lela (sic) Wife F M 25
PAGE 62              
45 51 McEACHREN John D. HEAD M M 34 (?)
    McEACHREN Evelyn Wife F M 31
    McEACHREN Charles W. Son M S 10
    McEACHREN Francis (sic) Daughter F S 9
    McEACHREN James T. Son M S 7
    McEACHREN Mary Edith Daughter F S 5
    McEACHREN Cameron Son M S 2
    McEACHREN Banfield Son M S 5 Mos
46 52 GILLAM Charles HEAD M M 72
    GILLAM Mary Jane Wife F M 61
    ALLEY Llewellyn Grand Son M S 16
  53 GILLAM Richard Tobias Son M M 33
    GILLAM Henrietta Wife F M 34
    GILLAM Matilda Daughter F S 2 1/2
47 54 GILLAM William A. HEAD M M 48
    GILLAM Emma Agnes Wife F M 54
48 55 FORTUNE Isaac HEAD M M 58
    FORTUNE Mary Matilda Wife F M 59
    FORTUNE Veronica Daughter F S 31
    FORTUNE Andrew Son M S 29
    FORTUNE Norman Son M S 24
49 56 McEACHREN Hugh HEAD M M 49
    McEACHREN Caroline Wife F M 38
50 57 HARVEY Priscilla Phoebe HEAD F W 74
    HARVEY Bertram Son M S 30
    HARVEY Richard R. Grand Son M S 22
51 58 MADORE W. Royal HEAD M M 28
    MADORE Ethel Gladys Wife F M 24
    MADORE Leon B. Son M S 6
    MADORE Austin Son M S 3
    MADORE Ethel B. Daughter F S 16 Mos
    MADORE Ernest Kelvin (sic) Son M S 4 Mos
52 59 MADORE Stephen HEAD M M 33
PAGE 63              
    MADORE Casemara (sic) Wife F M 28
    MADORE Rachel Daughter F S 11
    MADORE Herman Son M S 9
    MADORE Phyllis Daughter F S 8
    MADORE Leopold Son M S 6
    MADORE Clarence Son M S 5
    MADORE C. Gloria Daughter F S 3
    MADORE Wilhilmina Daughter F S 18 Mos
52 60 CHAFFEY Benjanin HEAD M M 52
    CHAFFEY Martha Ann Wife F M 42
    CHAFFEY Eldin Son M S 19
    CHAFFEY Hilda Daughter F S 18
    CHAFFEY William Son M S 14
    CHAFFEY Wesley Son M S 12
    CHAFFEY Lydia Daughter F S 8
    CHAFFEY Maria Daughter F S 4
    CHAFFEY Russell Son M S 4
    CHAFFEY Douglas Son M S 1
53 61 SHEARS Sarah HEAD F W 37
    SHEARS Ethel Daughter F S 11
    SHEARS Mary Daughter F S 9
    SHEARS Annie Daughter F S 7
    SHEARS Sydney Son M S 5
54 62 McEACHREN Archibald HEAD M M 58
    McEACHREN Catherine A. Wife F M 49
    McEACHREN Charles L Son M S 16
    McEACHREN Emeline Daughter F S 20
    McEACHREN Raymond Son M S 14
55 VACANT McEACHREN Thomas (Deceased)        

Transcribed by Gervase Cunard (November 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (December 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday August 16, 2016 (Don Tate)

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