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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Fogo

Pages 219 - 224

Community of
(South Side)

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 219              
87 98 ROBERTS Archibald HEAD M M 36
    ROBERTS Matilda HEAD (sic) F M 33
    ROBERTS Lucy Daughter F S 16
    ROBERTS Belle Daughter F S 14
    ROBERTS Laura Daughter F S 10
    ROBERTS Eloise Daughter F S 6
    ROBERTS Ruby Daughter F S 3
88 99 BOONE Maxwell HEAD M M 29
    BOONE Effie Wife F M 25
    BOONE Blanche Daughter F S 3
    BOONE George Son M S 11 Mo
89 100 KINDON Eliza HEAD F W 39
    KINDON Roland Son M S 12
    KINDON Charles Son M S 10
90 101 KINDON Nathaniel HEAD M M 34
    KINDON Effie Wife F M 28
    KINDON Marie Daughter F S 4
    KINDON Harold Son M S 2
91 102 KINDON Samuel HEAD M M 57
    KINDON Dorothy Wife F M 58
    KINDON Leslie Son M M 24
    KINDON Florila (?) Wife F M 28
92 103 KINDON Ernest HEAD M M 52
    KINDON Amelia Wife F M 52
    KINDON Ralph Son M S 21
    KINDON Frank Son M S 19
    KINDON Mary Daughter F S 15
    KINDON Harold Son M S 10
    KINDON Mark Nephew M S 8
93 104 KINDON Stanley HEAD M M 48
    KINDON Stella Daughter F M 21
PAGE 220              
    KINDON Gordon Son M S 19
    KINDON Ethel Daughter F S 15
    KINDON Jessie Daughter F S 11
94 105 SHEPHERD Pierce HEAD M M 46
    SHEPHERD Eliza Wife F M 47
    SHEPHERD William Son M S 21
    SHEPHERD Frank (?) Son M S 19
    SHEPHERD Eva Daughter F S 17
    SHEPHERD Jessie Daughter F S 13
    SHEPHERD Cyril Son M S 10
    SHEPHERD Douglas Son M S 7
95 106 SHEPHERD Malachi (?) HEAD M M 41
    SHEPHERD Emily Wife F M 36
    SHEPHERD Louie Daughter F S 13
    SHEPHERD Francis Daughter F S 11
    SHEPHERD Milcie (?) Daughter F S 8
    SHEPHERD Philyse (sic) Daughter F S 5
96 107 SHEPHERD Thomas HEAD M M (sic) 76
    SHEPHERD Leonard Son M M 33
    SHEPHERD Mary Wife F M 30
    SHEPHERD Emily Daughter F S 6
    SHEPHERD Clarence Son M S 2
    SHEPHERD Thomas Son M S 3 Mos
97 108 SHEPHERD Simion HEAD M M 45
    SHEPHERD Dorcas Wife F M 40
    SHEPHERD Letta Daughter F S 17
    SHEPHERD Alva Daughter F S 14
    SHEPHERD Attwell Son M S 11
    SHEPHERD Elden (sic) (?) Son M S 9
    SHEPHERD Watson Son M S 7
98 109 SHEPHERD Stephen HEAD M M 50
    SHEPHERD Ellen Wife F S 52
    SHEPHERD Molley Daughter F S 23
PAGE 221              
    SHEPHERD Elsie Daughter F S 21
    SHEPHERD Bessie Daughter F S 18
    SHEPHERD Edgar Son M S 15
    SHEPHERD Malcolm Son M S 10
  110 SHEPHERD Allan HEAD M M 43
    SHEPHERD Annie Wife F M 35
    SHEPHERD Doris Daughter F S 19
    SHEPHERD Herbert Son M S 16
    SHEPHERD Myrtle Daughter F S 14
    SHEPHERD Alice Daughter F S 10
    SHEPHERD Elmo Son M S 6
99 111 HYNES George HEAD M M 47
    HYNES Gertie Wife F M 29
    HYNES Raymond Son M S 6
    HYNES Reginald Son M S 4
    HYNES Richard Son M S 11 Mos
    HYNES Maria Mother F W 79
    DOWNER Harvey Grand Son M M 23
100 112 COLLINS Lorenzo HEAD M M 63
    COLLINS Bessie Wife F M 47
    COLLINS Harold Son M S 11
    FRAMPTON Harvey Step Son M S 23
    FRAMPTON Lydia Daughter F S 21
    FRAMPTON Meta Daughter F S 18
    FRAMPTON Kenneth Son M S 16
101 113 FRAMPTON Arthur HEAD M M 36
    FRAMPTON Florence Wife F M 33
    FRAMPTON Bertram Son M S 7
    FRAMPTON Clifford Son M S 5
    FRAMPTON Wilfred Son M S 1 Mo
    FRAMPTON Vera Daughter F S 1 Mo
    FRAMPTON John Father M M 88
    FRAMPTON Jane Mother F M 84
PAGE 222              
102 114 VINCENT Mark HEAD M M 48
    VINCENT Emily Wife F M 48
    VINCENT Netta Daughter F S 23
    VINCENT Lemuel Son M S 17
    VINCENT Hilda Daughter F S 13
    VINCENT Douglas Son M S 7
103 115 PENNY Garland HEAD M M 42
    PENNY Alfreda Wife F M 40
    PENNY Edward Son M S 21
    PENNY Lemuel Son M S 17
    PENNY Augustus Son M S 14
    PENNY Marjorie Daughter F S 8
    PENNY Roland Son M S 6
    PENNY Wallie (?) Son M S 1
104 116 PENNY Arthur HEAD M M 43
    PENNY Effie Wife F M 33
  117 PENNY Albert HEAD M M 48
    PENNY Mary Wife F M 46
    PENNY Roland Son M S 18
    PENNY Charles Son M S 16
    PENNY Arthur Son M S 11
    PENNY Kenneth Son M S 9
    PENNY Clarence Son M S 5
    PENNY Jane Daughter F M (sic) 25
    PENNY Millie Daughter F S 15
    PENNY Elizabeth Daughter F S 13
105 118 PENNY Edward HEAD M M 39
    PENNY Ethel Wife F M 34
    PENNY Jessie Daughter F S 11
    PENNY Donald Son M S 6
    PENNY Cyril Son M S 4
    PENNY Mark Father M W 74
    PENNY Andrew Brother M S 29
PAGE 223              
106 119 COLLINS George HEAD M M 45
    COLLINS Florrie Wife F M 39
    COLLINS Richard Son M S 21
    COLLINS Gwendolyn Daughter F S 10
    COLLINS Mary Daughter F S 8
    COLLINS Ida Daughter F S 6
    COLLINS George Son M S 5
    COLLINS Charles Son M S 2
    ROWE Maxwell Step Son M S 18
    ROWE Verlie (?) Step Daughter F S 17
107 120 COLLINS Walter HEAD M M 60
    COLLINS Eliza Wife F M 58
    COLLINS Maxwell Son M M 26
    COLLINS Nellie Wife F M 22
    COLLINS Kenneth Son M S 25
    COLLINS Jethro Son M S 19
    COLLINS Vera Daughter F S 23
  121 COLLINS Edith HEAD F W 49
    COLLINS Sturdee (sic) (?) Son M S 20
    COLLINS Bessie Daughter F S 17
108 122 COLLINS James HEAD M S 37
    COLLINS Naiome (sic) Mother F W 65
    COLLINS Alfreda Sister F S 33
109 123 COLLINS Solomon HEAD M M 40
    COLLINS Althea Wife F M 33
110 124 COLLINS Richard Sr HEAD M M 64
    COLLINS Maria Wife F M 60
  125 COLLINS Lemuel Son M M 32
    COLLINS Florence Wife F M 33
    COLLINS Horace Nephew M S 6
    COLLINS Stella J Niece F S 2
111 126 COLLINS Elijah HEAD M M 72
    COLLINS Dinah Wife F M 68
PAGE 224              
    COLLINS William Son M W 47
  127 COLLINS John C HEAD M M 37
    COLLINS Eva Wife F M 30
    COLLINS Albert S Son M S 12
    COLLINS Jethro G Son M S 10
    COLLINS Donald Son M S 4
112 128 COLLINS Albert HEAD M M 45
    COLLINS Leah Wife F M 39
    COLLINS Gordon Son M S 17
    COLLINS Fannie Daughter F S 13
    COLLINS Gilbert Son M S 11
    COLLINS Marion Daughter F S 9
    COLLINS Curtis Son M S 7
    COLLINS Reginald Son M S 4
    COLLINS Dinah Daughter F S 8 Mos
113 129 BIXBY Robert HEAD M M 43
    BIXBY Sarah J Wife F M 32

This page transcribed by Glynn Hewlett (December 2000)

Page Last Modified: Friday April 08, 2016 (Don Tate)

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