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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Humber

Pages 1 - 16

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 1              
7 Household BYRNE James Hushband (sic) M W 42
    POND Charles Widower M W 46
    MALONEY John T. Son M S 34
    MARTIN Chesley Head M M 26
    MARTIN Florence Wife F M 18
    ELLIOT Pond (sic) Son M S 7
PAGE 2              
    ELLIOT Prescott Son M S 9
    ELLIOT Bruce Son M S 6
8 Household LANE Enias (sic) Head M M 53
    LANE Pearl Dau F S 20
    LANE Hughie Son M S 18
    LANE Gillis (sic) Son M S 15
    LANE Maisie Dau F S 13
    LANE Jack Son M S 11
    LANE Mildred Dau F S 8
    LANE Marian Dau F S 6
9 Household WISEMAN Alfred Newton Head M M 41
    WISEMAN Sarah Ann Wife F M 29
    WISEMAN Cedella (sic) Pearl Dau F S 13
    WISEMAN Elsie Dau F S 10
    WISEMAN Ruby Daisy Dau F S 6
    WISEMAN Victor Gordon Son M S 14 Days
10 Household HICKS Herbet (sic) Allan Head M M 44
    HICKS Clara Wife F M 48
    HICKS Julia Dau F S 20
    HICKS Una (sic) Dau F S 13
    HICKS June Dau F S 6
    HICKS Otas Mauria (sic) Head M M 22
    HICKS Laura Wife F M 23
11 Household LOUGHLAN Clayton Head M M 26
    LOUGHLAN Nina Wife F M 27
    LOUGHLAN Chester Son M S 5
    LOUGHLAN Fred'k James Son M S 3
    LOUGHLAN Mabel Dau F S 8 Mos
12 Household JOHNSTON Augustus Head M M 49
    JOHNSTON Anna (?) Wife F M 47
    JOHNSTON Florence Dau F S 20
    JOHNSTON Roy Son M S 18
    JOHNSTON Loyd Son M S 13
PAGE 3              
    JOHNSTON Harold Son M S 5
13 Household PELLY William Geo. Head M M 59
    PELLY Frances May Wife F M 48
    PELLY Lovelett (sic) Dau F S 28
    PELLY Malcolm Son M M 25
    PELLY Allister Son M S 24 (?)
    PELLY Janet May Wife  F M (sic( 23
    PELLY Kenneth George Son M S 2wks
14 Household KING Ernest Head M M 41
    KING Bella Wife F M 40
    KING Irene Dau F S 16
    KING Maud Dau F S 15
    KING Jack Son M S 4
15 Household BUDGEL Baxter Head M M 35
    BUDGEL Anne Wife F M 27
    BUDGEL William Son M S 3
16 Household SIMMS Max Head M M 33
    SIMMS Mina Wife F M 28
    BENNETT Mary Employee F S 20
17 Household ROBERTS Thomas Head M M 68
    ROBERTS Hanna (sic) Lilly Wife F M 56
    ROBERTS Ernest Wilson Son M S 16
18 Household *1HILLIARD Giles Head M M 34
    *1HILLIARD Kate Wife F M 32
    *1HILLIARD William Son M S 12
    *1HILLIARD Irene Dau F S 10
    *1HILLIARD Violet Dau F S 8
    *1HILLIARD Florence Dau F S 6
    *1HILLIARD Thelma Dau F S 3
    *1HILLIARD Ernest Son M S 2
    *1HILLIARD Walter Son M S 2mos
19 Household MANUEL Allan Head M M 29
    MANUEL Alice Wife F M 23
PAGE 4              
    MANUEL Joan Dau F S 1
20 Household KELLY Harold Head M M 29
    KELLY Lilian Wife F M 23
    KELLY Edward Donally (sic) Son M S 2
    RUSSELL Gertie Servant F S 20
21 Household GEORGE Gilbert Head M W 55
    GEORGE Charles Ellsworth (sic) Son M S 21
    GEORGE Wallace Riley Son M S 17
    GEORGE Gilbert Edward Son M S 13
    GEORGE Susan Clarence Dau F S 10
22 Household MAYNE John Head M M 36
    MAYNE Jessie Wife F M 34
    MAYNE Francis (sic) Dau F S 7
23 Household PARSONS James Head M M 65
    PARSONS Jessie Wife F M 65
    KING Lislie Servant F S 22
24 Household KELLY William Head M M 36
    KELLY Bertha Wife F M 28
    KELLY Harold Son M S 7
    KELLY Halfdon (sic) Son M S 5
    KELLY Alice Dau F S 3
    KELLY Meredith Son M S 8 Mos
25 Household NEWHOOK Charles Head M M 35
    NEWHOOK Amelia Wife F M 28
    NEWHOOK Clarence Son M S 8
    NEWHOOK Robert Son M S 6
    NEWHOOK Allister Son M S 2 1/2
    NEWHOOK Maxwell Son M S 5 Mos
    DAVES (sic) Maud Servant F S 21
    VINEHAM Evelynn (sic) Sister F S 17
26 Household KELLY Richard Head M M 33
    KELLY Florence Wife F M 27
    KELLY Leo Son M S 5
PAGE 5              
    KELLY Bernard Son M S 3
    KELLY Ralph Son M S 2
27 Household KELLY Edward Head M M 65
    KELLY Anastatia Wife F M 64
    KELLY Ronald Son M S 24
    KELLY Bride Dau F S 20
28 Household CLARKE Chesley E. Head M M 36
    CLARKE Mary Wife F M 36
    CLARKE Audrey Dau F S 8
    CLARKE Joan Dau F S 7
29 Household WISEMAN George Head M M 46
    WISEMAN Ivy Wife F M 36
    WISEMAN Gerald Son M S 15
    WISEMAN Goldie (sic) Dau F S 13
    WISEMAN Gordon Son M S 7
    WISEMAN Clyde Son M S 5
    WISEMAN Rayfield (sic) Son M S 4
    WISEMAN Ellis Son M S 2
30 Household GEORGE Walter H. Head M M 47
    GEORGE Martha Wife F M 43
    GEORGE Lillian Galdis (sic) Dau F S 18
    GEORGE Wilfred Earl Son M S 15
31 Household BUTT Max Head M M 32
    BUTT Eliza Wife F M 27
    BUTT Ellen (?) Pearl Dau F S 3
    BUTT Harry Son M S 7
32 Household GEORGE Charles Head M M 42
    GEORGE Lilian Wife F M 37
    GEORGE Hannah Mother F W 78
    GEORGE Dulcie Louise Dau F S 15
    GEORGE Ellen Elsa Dau F S 11
    GEORGE Sydney Son M S 5
33 Household GILLIARD Isaac George Head M M 54
PAGE 6              
    GILLIARD Norah Wife F M 46
    GILLIARD Loyd Son M S 15
    GILLIARD Reginald Son M S 22
    GILLIARD Eliza Wife F M 20
    GILLIARD Geraldine Dau F S 10 Mos
    WOODMAN Lucy Servant F S 19
34 Household LEGGE William HSon (sic) M M (sic) 24
    LEGGE Elizabeth Mother F W 57
    LEGGE George Son M S 18
    McISAAC Angus Boarder M S 30
35 Household STROUD Albert Ed. Head M M 53
    STROUD Annie Wife F M 28
    STROUD Richard Son M S 10
    STROUD John Son M S 8
    STROUD Albert George Son M S 7
    STROUD Edward Son M S 5
    STROUD Mary Dau F S 4
    STROUD Edgar Nelson Son M S 3
    STROUD Robert Daniel Son M S 2
    FELTHAM Mary Servant F S 20
36 Household COOPER Stephen Head M M (sic) 69
    COOPER James Son M S 25
    COOPER Harold Son M S 18
    COOPER William Son M S 16
    COOPER Arthur Son M S 14
    MARTIN Susan Wife F M 25
    MARTIN Elsie Dau F S 3
    MARTIN Rita Dau F S 2
37 Household MORELAND (?) Josiah Head M M 32
    MORELAND (?) Hattie Wife F M 30
    MORELAND (?) Margarie (sic) Dau F S 3
38 Household LEGGE Edward Head M M 49
    LEGGE Mariel Emida (?) Wife F M 51
PAGE 7              
    BUTT Bride Servant F S 21
39 Household BOTAS (sic) L. Head M S 39
40 Store SWIRSKI (sic) Julius Head M M 26
41 Household REID Edward Head M M 30
    REID Beatrice Wife F M 25
    REID Maxwellan (sic) Son M S 6
    REID Doris Laura Dau F S 3
    REID Remona (sic) Violet Dau F S 4 Mos
42 Household BUTT William Head M M 48
    BUTT Adelia (sic) Wife F M 47
    BUTT Hayward Son M S 25
    BUTT Augustin Son M S 21
    BUTT Gideon Son M S 17
    BUTT Douglas Son M S 16
    BUTT Veronica Dau F S 13
    BUTT Clarence Son M S 11
    BUTT Baron Son M S 10
    BUTT Hilda Dau F S 8
    BUTT Ena Dau F S 4
43 Store HENDERS William C. Head M S 29
44 Store WELLON George Head M M 43
    WELLON Carrie Wife F M 41
    WELLON Beaton Son M S 18
    WELLON Doris Dau F S 16
    WELLON Mahalah Mother F W 78
    FLYNN Gwendolyn Servant F W 24
45 Household WHEELER Titus Head M M 52
    WHEELER Mary Eliza Wife F M 37
    WHEELER Alozisco (sic) Son M S 17
    WHEELER Ruby Dau F S 15
    WHEELER Hubert Son M S 11
    WHEELER Harry Son M S 9
    WHEELER Irena Dau F S 6
PAGE 8              
    WHEELER Kenneth Son M S 10 Days
    WHEELER Norman Son M S 2
46 Household POWELL Frank Head M M 49
    POWELL Catherine Jessie Wife F M 48
    POWELL Cyil Son M S 19
    POWELL Marjori (sic) Dau F S 15
47 Household WOOLDRIDGE Thomas Head M M 55
    WOOLDRIDGE Susanna Wife F M 52
    WOOLDRIDGE Medley * Son M S 18
* NOTE: Original entry was Medley. Later someone has penciled in the name of Hedley above the original entry.
48 Household WOOLDRIDGE Elias Head M M 21
    WOOLDRIDGE Ida Wife F M 21
    WOOLDRIDGE Lavinia Dau F S 16
    WOOLDRIDGE Althea Dau F S 13
    WOOLDRIDGE Mary Patricia Dau F S 10
49 Household WOOLDRIDGE William Head M M 26
    WOOLDRIDGE Margarie Wife F M 21
    ROGERS Silas Boarder M S 28
50 Household WISEMAN Maxwell Head M M 31
    WISEMAN Anastatia Wife F M 25
    WISEMAN Donald Son M S 18 Mos
    ALEXANDER Verona Sister F S 18
51 Household TIZZARD Allan Head M M 31
    TIZZARD Louisa Maria Wife F M 29
    SNOW Susan Dau F S 13
52 Household SNOW Jessie Head M M 62
    SNOW Annie Wife F M 55
    SNOW Dawe (sic) Son M S 28
    SNOW Veletta Dau F S 13
    SNOW Mariam Dau F S 8
53 Household FLIGHT Cecil Head M M 29
    FLIGHT Winnie Wife F M 23
    FLIGHT Oliver Son M S 4
    FLIGHT Cyril Son M S 17 Mos
PAGE 9              
    FLIGHT Ford Son M S 2 Mos
    FLIGHT Gordon Son M S 2 Mos
54 Household WISEMAN Victor Head M M 39
    WISEMAN Mary Wife F M 37
    WISEMAN Wilbert Son M S 15
    WISEMAN Janet Dau F S 4
    WISEMAN Loyd (sic) Son M S 2
55 Household SNOW Bennett Head M M 36
    SNOW Minnie Wife F M 35
    SNOW Daphne Dau F S 10
    SNOW Junior Son M S 6
    WHITE Ernest Brother M S 26
56 Household SNOW Florence Widow (sic) F W 38
    SNOW Lucy Dau F S 19
    SNOW Albert Son M S 18
    SNOW Gerty Dau F S 16
    SNOW Clarence Son M S 4
    SNOW Vina Dau F S 6
    SNOW Edward Son M S 13
57 Household WISEMAN Allan Head M M 30
    WISEMAN Mildred Wife F M 27
    WISEMAN Beulah Dau F S 5
    WISEMAN Neil Son M S 3
    WISEMAN Eliza Dau F S 2
58 Household SPARK Cecil Head M M 22
    SPARK Violet Wife F M 17
    SPARK John Clarence Son M S 2 Mos
59 Household WOOLDRIDGE Alex Head M M 41
    WOOLDRIDGE Elizabeth Wife F M 41
    WOOLDRIDGE Sadie Dau F S 19
    WOOLDRIDGE Myrtle Dau F S 18
    WOOLDRIDGE Albert Son M S 16
    WOOLDRIDGE Donald Son M S 15
PAGE 10              
    WOOLDRIDGE Max Son M S 13
    WOOLDRIDGE Shirley Dau F S 10
    WOOLDRIDGE Raymond Son M S 5
    WOOLDRIDGE Wallace Son M S 4
    WOOLDRIDGE Viola Dau F S 2
    WOOLDRIDGE Calvin Son M S 1
60 Household CLARK Samuel Head M M 44
    CLARK Florence Wife F M 35
    CLARK Selby Son M S 13
    CLARK Beryl Dau F S 11
    CLARK Herbert Wesley Son M S 9
    CLARK Woodrow Son M S 7
    CLARK Lovejoy (sic) Dau F S 5
    CLARK Eric Son M S 3
61 Household VARDY George Head M M 48
    VARDY Lily Wife F M 43
    VARDY Gerty Dau F S 20
    VARDY Max Son M S 18
    VARDY Ralph Son M S 16
    VARDY Nellie Dau F S 13
    VARDY Jack Son M S 11
    VARDY Harvey Son M S 8
    VARDY Melvin Son M S 6
    VARDY Margarie (sic) Dau F S 4
    VARDY Ruth Dau F S 2
    VARDY Joan Dau F S 1
    MARSH Lilly Servant F S 17
62 Household WHITE Samuel Head M M 49
    WHITE Dulcie Wife F M 42
    WHITE Mary Dau F S 24
    WHITE Mabel Dau F S 22
    WHITE Willie Son M S 18
    WHITE Mildred Dau F S 12
PAGE 11              
    WHITE Lilian Dau F S 10
    WHITE Albert Son M S 7
    WHITE Myrtle Dau F S 5
    WHITE Oliver Son M S 5
    WHITE Raymond Son M S 3
63 Household SNOW Lemuel (sic) Head M M 33
    SNOW Mamie (?) Wife F M 28
    SNOW Bernard Son M S 6
    SNOW Harold Son M S 4
64 Family SNOW Mark Head M M 66
    SNOW Ugenia (sic) Wife F M 59
  Family SNOW Cyril Head M M 22
    SNOW Mabel Wife F M 21
    SNOW Claude Son M S 15 Mos
65 Household DIAMOND Dolphus (?) Head M M 35
    DIAMOND Evelyn Wife F M 29
    DIAMOND Rosella Sister F S 15
66 Household WOODMAN Alfred Head M M 29
    WOODMAN Elba (sic) (?) Wife F M 24
    WOODMAN George Son M S 5
    WOODMAN Ina Dau F S 3
    WOODMAN Lottie Sister F S 16
  Family BRUCE Simeon Head M M 22
    BRUCE Pearl Wife F M 21
    BRUCE Llewellan Maxwell Son M S 6 Mos
67 Household TAYLOR Parmenas (sic) Head M M 49
    TAYLOR Ida Wife F M 41
    TAYLOR Archie Son M S 12
    TAYLOR Leo Clifton Son M S 15
    TAYLOR Ford Son M S 8
    TAYLOR Bruce Son M S 6
    TAYLOR Frank Son M S 4
    TAYLOR Austin Son M S 7 Mos
PAGE 12              
    SHORT Mabel Servant F S 23
68 Household BLANDFORD John Head M M 54
    BLANDFORD Amelia Wife F M 55
    BLANDFORD Marie Dau F S 20
    BLANDFORD Thomas Son M S 30
    BLANDFORD Louisa Mother F W 83
69 Household YATES George Head M M 48
    YATES Nellie Wife F M 41
    YATES Loyd (sic) Son M S 20
    YATES Scott Son M S 19
    YATES Eric Son M S 17
    YATES Lily Dau F S 15
    YATES Joyce Dau F S 14
    YATES Ada Dau F S 12
    YATES Georgina Dau F S 11
    YATES Wilson Son M S 9
    YATES Audrey Dau F S 7
    YATES Gladus (sic) Dau F S 5
    YATES Clarence Son M S 4
    YATES James Son M S 2
70 Household GINN Walter Head M M 50
    GINN Elizabeth Wife F M 42
    GINN Frederick Son M S 20
    GINN Edna Dau F S 18
    GINN Flora Dau F S 16
    GINN Jean Brown Dau F S 10
    MERCER Raymond Boarder M S 23
71 Household MITCHELL John Head M M 53
    MITCHELL Susanna Wife F M 54
    SHEARS Harriet Dau F S 16
    SHEARS Clarence Son M S 22
    GINN Ida Dau F S 12
PAGE 13              
71 (sic) Household RIDEOUT Dorman Head M M 40
    RIDEOUT Annie Wife F M 30
    RIDEOUT Richard Son M S 12
    RIDEOUT Donald Son M S 11
    RIDEOUT Vera Dau F S 8
    RIDEOUT Gordon Son M S 6
    RIDEOUT Doris Dau F S 4
    BUTT Annie Servant F S 17
    SOOLEY Annie Servant F S 18
72 Household TURNER Ernest W. Head M M 37
    TURNER Maud Wife F M 32
    TURNER Muriel Dau F S 9
    TURNER Gerald Son M S 6
    PARSONS Kenneth Servant M S 30
73 Household PIKE Martin Head M M 25
    PIKE Nellie Wife F M 20
74 Household LEGGE Stanley Head M M 27
    LEGGE Laura Wife F M 23
    LEGGE Allan Clifford Son M S 4
    LEGGE Marian Pearl Dau F S 3
    LEGGE Margaret Lillian (?) Dau F S 9 Mos
    MANUEL Edward Father M W 58
    No Entry Ernest Son M S 18
75 Household GALE Frederick Head M M 27
    GALE Louise Wife F M 20
    GALE Frances Dau F S 3
    GALE Catherine Dau F S 2
    GALE Ambrose Jr. Son M S 10 Mos
  Family GALE Ambrose Sr. Father M M 73
    GALE Catherine Wife F M 65
76 Household BARRETT William A Head M M 46
    BARRETT Mable Wife F M 39
    BARRETT Laurie Arthur Son M S 19
PAGE 14              
    BARRETT John Son M S 17
    BARRETT Susanna Dau F S 16
    BARRETT Albert George Son M S 14
    BARRETT Violet Dau F S 12
    BARRETT Alma Jean Dau F S 10
    BARRETT Eliza Ann Dau F S 8
    BARRETT Edith Dau F S 6
    BARRETT William Henry Son M S 5
    BARRETT Dorothy Marie Dau F S 3
77 Household COOMBS Kenneth Head M M 43
    COOMBS Sarah Wife F M 38
    COOMBS Henry Son M S 20
    COOMBS Margaret Dau F S 17
    COOMBS Mary Dau F S 16
    COOMBS Philimena Dau F S 14
    COOMBS Madelene Dau F S 11
    COOMBS Bazil Son M S 9
    COOMBS Norah Dau F S 3
    COOMBS Patricia Dau F S 1
78 Household LEE John Head M S 30
    LEE Stella Wife F S 26
    LEE Georgina May Dau F S 2
    LEE John Charles Son M S 9 Mos
79 Household WHITE Herbit (sic) Head M M 36
    WHITE Joyce (?) Wife F M 28
    WHITE Holley Dau F S 6
    WHITE Garland Son M S 5
    WHITE Monica Dau F S 4
    WHITE Joan Dau F S 2
    WHITE Robert Son M S 9 Mos
    BROWN Susan Servant F S 19
80 Household LANE Joshua Head M M 46
    LANE Mary Joanna Wife F M 54
PAGE 15              
    LANE Raymond Son M S 22
81 Household LEGGE George Head M M 27
    LEGGE Mamie (sic) Wife F M 26
    LEGGE Ruby Dau F S 7
    LEGGE Edward Son M S 6
    LEGGE Griffin Son M S 4
    LUSCOMBE Lillian Servant F S 18
82 Household OSMOND Stewart Head M M 26
    OSMOND Laura Wife F M 24
    OSMOND William Son M S 3
    OSMOND Ramona Dau F S 6
83 Household MILLER Harry L. Head M M 45
    MILLER Sophrome (sic) Wife F M 39
    MILLER Norma Jane Dau F S 6
    MILLER Doris Marie Dau F S 4
    MILLER John Henry Son M S 2
    MILLER Peter James Son M S 5 Mos
    TURNER Catherine Servant F S 24
83 (sic) Household CARAVAN James Head M M 41
    CARAVAN Aurubia (?) Wife F M 40
    CARAVAN Percy Clyde Son M S 18
    CARAVAN Walter Son M S 17
    CARAVAN Patricia Dau F S 12
    CARAVAN Ruth Dau F S 9
    CARAVAN Muriel Dau F S 4
    CARAVAN Myrtle Dau F S 19 Mos
    CARAVAN Rachel Mother F W 69
84 Household JANES Mark Head M M 68 (?)
    JANES Lucy Wife F M 62
85 Household OAKE Charles Geo. Head M M 56
    OAKE Mary Jane Wife F M 50
    OAKE Thelma Gertie Dau F S 20
    SCAMMILL (?) Dorothy Operator (sic) F S 28
PAGE 16              
No Entry No Entry WAY Edna Servant F S 27
No Entry No Entry MANUEL Donald No Entry M M 24
No Entry No Entry HEWLETT Arlan (?) John No Entry M M 37
No Entry No Entry HEWLETT Ruth No Entry F M 26
No Entry No Entry HEWLETT Charlie David No Entry M S 1
No Entry No Entry RANDELL Clement No Entry M M 33
No Entry No Entry RANDELL Edith No Entry F M 34
No Entry No Entry RANDELL Jean A. No Entry F S 5
No Entry No Entry RANDELL Clement C. No Entry M S 3
No Entry No Entry RANDELL James G. No Entry M S 2
No Entry No Entry LANE Philip Head M S 33
No Entry No Entry GILLARD Arthur No Entry M S 26
No Entry No Entry LAYTHCOTT Douglas Head M M 27

Contributed by Ron St. Croix, January, 2001

Page Last Modified: Monday July 18, 2016 (Don Tate)
HILLIARD *1 The Family Name Listed as HILLIARD should be spelled "HILLIER", There are also a couple of other errors in the Family. GIBS HILLIARD (MY GRANDFATHER) , his son listed as WALTER should be "RAYMOND HILLIER" (My Uncle) and RAYMOND'S age should be 5 years old, he died later at a young age. ANDREW HILLIER

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