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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of White Bay

Pages 124 - 128

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 124              
377 422 PARSONS Jesse HEAD M M 30
    PARSONS Annie Wife F M 19
    PARSONS Martha Daughter F S 4
    PARSONS Reuben Son M S 2
    PARSONS Gladys Daughter F S 11 Mos
    PARSONS Chesley Brother M S 25
378 423 CASSELL Thomas HEAD M M 37
    CASSELL May Wife F M 30
    CASSELL Andrew Son M S 15
    CASSELL Pearl Daughter F S 14 (?)
    CASSELL Mildred Daughter F S 10
    CASSELL Seymour Son M S 7
    CASSELL Albert Son M S 4
    REEVES Darius Adopted M S 16
379 424 HANCOCK Henry HEAD M M 56
    HANCOCK Alice Wife F M 59
    HANCOCK Elizabeth Daughter F S 25
    HANCOCK Mary Grand child F S 10
  425 HANCOCK Aaron HEAD M M 29
    HANCOCK Ellen Wife F M 26
    HANCOCK Leander Son M S 7
    HANCOCK Delphina Daughter F S 8 Mos
380 426 CASSELL Darius HEAD M M 35
    CASSELL Lucretia Wife F M 34
    CASSELL Ida Daughter F S 10
    CASSELL Emily Daughter F S 8
    CASSELL Sidney Son M S 7
    CASSELL Charity Daughter F S 5
    CASSELL Ralph Son M S 2
PAGE 125              
  427 CASSELL Thomas HEAD M M 77
    CASSELL Mary Wife F M 68
    CASSELL Violet Adopted F S 18
381 428 CASSELL Henry HEAD M M 48
    CASSELL Elizabeth Wife F M 43
    CASSELL George Son M S 24
    CASSELL Frederick Son M S 11
    GILLINGHAM Clarence Step Son M S 16
    GILLINGHAM Jessie Step Daughter F S 18
  429 CASSELL Theopilus HEAD M M 25
    CASSELL Laura Wife F M 21
    CASSELL Philemon Son M S 3
382 430 CASSELL Noah HEAD M M 51
    CASSELL Lucy Wife F M 55
    CASSELL Charlie Adopted M S 23
    HEWITT Minnie Adopted F S 15
383 431 RANDELL Beniah HEAD M M 43
    RANDELL Eliza Wife F M 32
    RANDELL Minnie Daughter F S 11
    RANDELL Garland Son M S 8
    RANDELL Phyllis Daughter F S 6
    RANDELL Hilda Daughter F S 9 Mos
384 432 RANDELL Philip HEAD M M 38
    RANDELL Maggie Wife F M 28
    RANDELL Gertie Daughter F S 7
    RANDELL Naomi Daughter F S 9
    RANDELL Beulah Daughter F S 3
    RANDELL Rita Daughter F S 6 Mos
385 433 RANDELL Job HEAD M M 65
    RANDELL Julia Wife F M 50 (?)
    RANDELL Roland Son M S 27
    RANDELL Susannah Daughter F S 24
    RANDELL Kenneth Grand Child M S 7
PAGE 126              
    RANDELL Margaret Daughter F S 33
  434 RANDELL William HEAD M M 29
    RANDELL Mary Wife F M 26
386 435 POLLARD Alfred HEAD M M 29
    POLLARD Bessie Wife F M 23
    POLLARD Myrtle Daughter F S 2
    POLLARD Edith Daughter F S 5
    POLLARD Cecil Brother M S 18
387 436 CASSELL Thomas HEAD M W 40
    CASSELL Priscilla Daughter F S 14
    CASSELL Lucy Daughter F S 6
388 437 RANDELL John HEAD M M 54
    RANDELL Annie Wife F M 49
    RANDELL Rosie Daughter F S 13
    RANDELL Winnie Daughter F S 7
    COMPTON Henry Step Son M S 23
389 438 CASSELL Walter HEAD M M 50
    CASSELL Amy Wife F M 48
    CASSELL William Son M S 26
    CASSELL Elijah Son M S 21
    CASSELL Eve Daughter F W 27
390 439 CASSELL Archibald HEAD M M 46
    CASSELL Lydia Wife F M 43
    CASSELL Gladys Daughter F S 21
    CASSELL Elias Son M S 9
    CASSELL Stella Daughter F S 4
391 440 RANDELL Samuel HEAD M M 59
    RANDELL Isabella Wife F M 56
    RANDELL Rudolph Son M S 25
    RANDELL Rowena Daughter F S 19
    RANDELL Oliver Son M S 16
392 441 RANDELL John HEAD M M 34
    RANDELL Janet Wife F M 31
PAGE 127              
    RANDELL Adam Son M S 13
    RANDELL Maude Daughter F S 8
    RANDELL Effie Daughter F S 6
    RANDELL Harold Son M S 4
    RANDELL Clara Daughter F S 2
393 442 RANDELL Ambrose HEAD M M 40
    RANDELL Elsie Wife F M 29
    PATEY Chesley Adopted M S 9
394 443 RANDELL Albert HEAD M M 27
    RANDELL Florence Wife F M 22
    RANDELL Ethel Daughter F S 5
    RANDELL Spurgeon Son M S 3
    RANDELL Mary Mother F W 59
395 444 RANDELL Mathew HEAD M M 2
    RANDELL Alberta Wife F M 23
    RANDELL Adam Son M S 13
    RANDELL Samuel Son M S 8
    RANDELL Norman Son M S 3
396 445 RANDELL Llewelyn HEAD M M 31
    RANDELL Cecilia Wife F M 23
397 446 RANDELL Stanley HEAD M M 26
    RANDELL Alice Wife F M 26
    RANDELL Dorothy Daughter F S 7
    RANDELL Dulsie Daughter F S 5
398 447 NEWMAN Thomas HEAD M M 49
    NEWMAN Jane Wife F M 44
    NEWMAN Stennie (sic) Son M S 19
    NEWMAN Maxwell Son M S 16
    NEWMAN Katie Daughter F S 12
399 448 RANDELL Mark HEAD M M 54 (?)
    RANDELL Lucricia Wife F M 45
    RANDELL Chatfield Daughter F S 17
    RANDELL Maxwell Son M S 16
PAGE 128              
    RANDELL Nellie Daughter F S 12
    RANDELL Daniel Son M S 9
    RANDELL Lucy Daughter F S 7
    RANDELL Marjorie Daughter F S 5
    RANDELL Priscella Mother F W 81
400 449 RANDELL Charlie HEAD M M 28
    RANDELL Beatrice Wife F M 21
    RANDELL Ruth Daughter F S 3
401 450 RANDELL Andrew HEAD M M 48
    RANDELL Jessie Wife F M 38
    TUCKER Alpheus Adopted M S 11
402 451 HINDS Herbert HEAD M M 38
    HINDS Voilet Wife F M 37
403 452 RANDELL Isabella HEAD F W 57
    RANDELL Cecil Son M S 32
    RANDELL Temple Son M S 26
    RANDELL Christopher Son M S 23
    RANDELL Mary Daughter F S 20
  453 RANDELL Daisy HEAD F W 28
    RANDELL Freeman Son M S 2

Transcribed by Gervase Cunard (April 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (April 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Sunday August 21, 2016 (Don Tate)

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