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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Fogo

Pages 167 - 171 & 174

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 167              
63 66 WATERMAN David HEAD M M 41
    WATERMAN Phoebe Wife F M 39
    WATERMAN Hilda Daughter F S 20
    WATERMAN Jessie * Daughter F S 19
*NOTE: Entry is crossed out with the note "Joe Batts Arm" Included here for reference
    WATERMAN Edgar Son M S 18
    WATERMAN Heber Son M S 16
    WATERMAN Beatrice Daughter F S 11
    WATERMAN Beantic (??) Son M S 10
    WATERMAN Violet Daughter F S 8
    WATERMAN Victor Son M S 6
    WATERMAN Olive B Daughter F S 3
64 67 WATERMAN Henry HEAD M M 65
    WATERMAN Harriett Wife F M 67
  68 WATERMAN Stewart HEAD M M 27
    WATERMAN Phoebe Wife F M 21
    FORD Winnie Cousin F S 14
    WATERMAN Leslie Son M S 11 Mos
65 69 NIPPARD Ambrose HEAD M M 46
    NIPPARD Eliza J Wife F M 43
    NIPPARD Allan Son M S 20
    NIPPARD Lewis Son M S 18
PAGE 168              
    NIPPARD Julia Daughter F S 16
    NIPPARD Emma M Daughter F S 13
    NIPPARD Myrtle Daughter F S 10
66 70 COLE Susanna HEAD F W 70
    COLE Garland Grand Son M S 14
67 71 COLE Walter HEAD M S 37
68 72 COLES Humphrey HEAD M M 35
    COLES Norah Wife F M 31
    COLES Stella Daughter F S 11
    COLES Fred Son M S 9
    COLES Donald Son M S 7
    COLES Gorden Son M S 5
    COLES Lonzo Son M S 3
    COLES Henry Son M S 1
    COLES Bessie Daughter F S 1
69 73 HART Allan HEAD M M 32
    HART Lydia Wife F M 25
    HART William H Son M S 7
    HART Martin Son M S 4
    HART Ivy Daughter F S 2 Mos
70 74 COLE Solomon HEAD M M 60
    COLE Georgena Wife F M 58
    COLE Edna R Daughter F S 6
71 75 NIPPARD Hubert HEAD M M 30
    NIPPARD Mary Wife F M 25
    NIPPARD Roland Son M S 6
    NIPPARD Alex Son M S 5
    NIPPARD Garfield Son M S 3
    NIPPARD Eric C Son M S 5 Ms
72 76 COLE Isaac HEAD M M 57
    COLE Rebecca Wife F M 42
    COLE Eliza Daughter F S 16
    COLE Louise Daughter F S 14
PAGE 169              
    COLE Chesley Son M S 13
    COLE Cyril Son M S 8
    COLE Gertrude Daughter F S 9
    COLE Elsie Daughter F S 5
    COLE Elijah Son M S 2
    COLE Mary Daughter F S 10 Mos
73 77 HEATH William HEAD M M 65
    HEATH Elisa Wife F M 47
    HEATH Gladys Daughter F S 28
    HEATH Thomas J Son M S 21
    HEATH Emily M Daughter F S 18
74 78 WATERMAN Frank HEAD M M 59
    WATERMAN Elisa A Wife F M 52
    WATERMAN Ambrose Son M S 18
  79 WATERMAN Richard HEAD M M 32
    WATERMAN Jane Wife F M 27
    WATERMAN Francis Daughter F S 8
    WATERMAN Pearl Daughter F S 1
75 80 NIPPARD Thomas HEAD M W 67
    NIPPARD Mary A Daughter F S 19
    NIPPARD Harold Son M S 15
76 81 NIPPARD James HEAD M M 65
    NIPPARD Ruth J Wife F M 56
    NIPPARD Albert J Son M S 34
    NIPPARD Sidney Son M S 27
77 82 NIPPARD Levi HEAD M M 48
    NIPPARD Harriett Wife F M 52
    NIPPARD Jennett Daughter F S 20
    NIPPARD Harvey Son M S 19
    NIPPARD Archibald Son M S 16
    NIPPARD Harriett Mother F W 78
78 83 NIPPARD Elias HEAD M M 36
    NIPPARD Francis Wife F M 39
PAGE 170              
    NIPPARD Humphrey Step Son M S 19
    NIPPARD Charile Step Son M S 17
    NIPPARD Diana Step Daughter F S 13
    NIPPARD Nellie Daughter F S 8
    NIPPARD Thomas W Son M S 6
79 84 NIPPARD Stevephen (sic) HEAD M M 40
    NIPPARD Irene Wife F M 35
    NIPPARD Stanley Son M S 14
    NIPPARD Raymond Son M S 10
80 85 NIPPARD Eli HEAD M M 40
    NIPPARD Louise P Wife F M 32
    NIPPARD Stewart Son M S 12
    NIPPARD Wilson Son M S 1
81 86 NIPPARD Abraham HEAD M W 80
    NIPPARD Gerald No Entry M S 4
82 87 WATERMAN*1 Robert HEAD M M 35
    WATERMAN Annie Wife F M 31
    WATERMAN Standley Son M S 5
    WATERMAN Kenneth Son M S 4
    WATERMAN Phoebe J Daughter F S
  88 COLE Mark HEAD M M 38
    COLE Amelia Wife F M 36
    COLE Blanche Daughter F S 12
    COLE Herbert Son M S 10
    COLE William Son M S 3
    COLE Mary Daughter F S 1
    COLE Harriett Mother F W 73
82 89 COLE Elias HEAD M W 65
    COLE Stewart Son M S 24
83 90 COLE Arthur W HEAD M M 44
    COLE Emma Wife F M 42
    COLE Claud Son M S 17
    COLE Hidley C (sic) Son M S 4
PAGE 171              
84 91 NIPPARD Frank HEAD M M 26
    NIPPARD Martha Wife F M 32
    NIPPARD Deniss (sic) Son M S 3
    NIPPARD Howard Son M S 9 Mos
    NIPPARD Roger No Entry M S 23
85 92 COLE John W HEAD M S 42
    COLE Hubert Nephew M S 8
PAGE 174              
    WATERMAN Petina (sic) No Entry F W 40

Contributed and Transcribed by Glynn Hewlett

Page Revised: April - 2003 (Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Friday April 08, 2016 (Don Tate)
WATERMAN *1 A Daughter, Janet, was left out of the census listing by the enumerator and should be included. She was born on September 19th, 1933. Dense Waterman

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