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1935 Census of Newfoundland.

District of Fortune Bay, Burgeo & LaPoile.
Section from Cul de Sac East (exc) to Fox Is. Hr. (inc)

Microfilm Reel # M-8049,
Pages 422 - 426.

Community of
Grey River

REL=relationship to head of household, STA=marital status,G=gender, AGE=age at last birthday. Where writing in the original is difficult to read, the word(s) will be placed in bracketswith a question mark to indicate that that's what it looks like.
PAGE 422              
198 245 ROSE Benjamin Head M M 67
    ROSE Mary Wife F M 57
    ROSE Thomas Son M S 16
199 246 ROSE Henry Head M M 39
    ROSE Elizabeth Wife F M 34
    ROSE Joshua Son M S 11
    ROSE Lavinia Dau F S 7
PAGE 423              
    ROSE Mary Dau F S 6
    ROSE John Robert Son M S 3
    ROSE Hannah Dau F S 1
200 247 SPENCER Peter Head M M 55
    SPENCER Catherine Wife F M 37
    LUSHMAN Elizabeth Step Dau F S 16
201 248 ROSE George Head M M 33
    ROSE Nellie Wife F M 29
    ROSE Victor Ronald Son M S 10
    ROSE Nathan Son M S 8
    ROSE Hannah Jane Dau F S 5
    ROSE Ben Henry Son M S 3
    ROSE George Wilfred Son M S 11mos
202 249 MEAD John Head M M 63
    MEAD Blanche Wife F M 35
    MEAD John Henry Son M S 15
    MEAD Mesech (sic) Son M S 10
    MEAD Rita Dau F S 8
    MEAD Violet Dau F S 6
    MEAD Vera Dau F S 11mos
203 250 MEAD Robert Head M M 29
    MEAD Mary Wife F M 27
    MEAD Sarah Dau F S 6
    MEAD Charles Son M S 4
    MEAD Harriet Dau F S 3
    MEAD Frances Dau F S 10mos
    MEAD Mesech (sic) Uncle M W 65
204 251 ROSE Garfield Head M M 24
    ROSE Susanna Wife F M 22
    ROSE Mary Florence Dau F S 1yr
205 252 YOUNG Thomas Head M M 28
    YOUNG Melita Wife F M 24
    YOUNG James Ephraim Son M S 6
PAGE 424              
    YOUNG Frank Wilfred Son M S 6mos
206 253 YOUNG James Head M M 38
    YOUNG Catherine Wife F M 29
    YOUNG Julia Dau F S 13
    YOUNG Mary Rebecca Dau F S 11
    YOUNG Arthur Son M S 8
    YOUNG Thomas FIL M W 63
207 254 YOUNG John Head M S 39
    YOUNG Mary Rebecca Mother F W 78
208 255 BARTER John Head M S 23
209 256 LUSHMAN Thomas Head M M 38
    LUSHMAN Beatrice Wife F M 36
    LUSHMAN Florence Dau F S 13
    LUSHMAN Jane Dau F S 8
    LUSHMAN Bessie Dau F S 5
    LUSHMAN Garfield Son M S 2
210 257 LUSHMAN Albert Head M M 25
    LUSHMAN Bertha Wife F M 21
    LUSHMAN Walter Son M S 2
  258 LUSHMAN Frank Head M M 46
    LUSHMAN Ellen Wife F M 56
    LUSHMAN Susanna Step Dau F S 15
211 259 LUSHMAN Thomas Head M W 55
    LUSHMAN Norman Son M S 23
    LUSHMAN Henry Son M S 20
    LUSHMAN Alice Dau F S 15
  260 YOUNG Gordon Head M M 23
    YOUNG Catherine Wife F M 22
    YOUNG Gladys Dau F S 9mos
212 261 LUSHMAN Robert Head M M 36
    LUSHMAN Mary Wife F M 30
    LUSHMAN Violet Dau F S 13
    LUSHMAN Peter Son M S 10
PGE 425              
    LUSHMAN Stephen Son M S 5
    LUSHMAN John Ephraim Son M S 2
    LUSHMAN James Son M S 2mos
213 262 LUSHMAN Frederick Head M W 33
    LUSHMAN Frederick Son M S 10
    LUSHMAN Frank Son M S 3
    YOUNG Wilson Step Son M S 13
    LUSHMAN Ephraim Brother M S 48
214 263 YOUNG William Head M M 52
    YOUNG Susanna Wife F M 43
    YOUNG Sarah Jane Dau F S 5
215 264 LUSHMAN Hugh Head M M 39
    LUSHMAN May Ellen Wife F M 28
    LUSHMAN Mary Dau F S 8
    LUSHMAN Dora Dau F S 3
  265 LUSHMAN John Head M W 43
    LUSHMAN Charles William Son M S 14
216 266 YOUNG Frank Head M M 29
    YOUNG Sarah Wife F M 32
217 267 YOUNG Frank (Sr.) Head M M 73
    YOUNG Anne Wife F M 70
218 268 YOUNG Ephraim Head M M 49
    YOUNG Frances Wife F M 47
    YOUNG Elsie Dau F S 18
    YOUNG Caroline Dau F S 12
    YOUNG Frank Son M S 7
    YOUNG John Henry Grand Son M S 2
219 269 YOUNG John (Sr.) Head M W 70
    YOUNG Sarah Dau F S 21
    YOUNG Ephraim Son M S 24
220 270 YOUNG John Head M M 30
    YOUNG Clara Wife F M 22
    YOUNG William Son M S 2mos
PAGE 426              
221 271 YOUNG John William Head M M 36
    YOUNG Elizabeth Wife F M 38
    YOUNG Charles Son M S 13
    YOUNG Mary Dau F S 12
    YOUNG Sarah Dau F S 2
222 272 WARREN William Head M M 45
    WARREN Susanna Wife F M 39
    WARREN Annie Dau F S 21
    WARREN Jacob Son M S 17
    WARREN John Henry Son M S 12
    WARREN Mary Ann Mother F W 65
223 273 WARREN Wilson Head M M 42
    WARREN Mary Wife F M 32
    WARREN Frances Dau F S 13
    WARREN Sarah Dau F S 11
    WARREN John Robert Son M S 9
    WARREN Elizabeth Dau F S 4
    WARREN Charles Son M S 2
224 274 AUGUSTUS Jeremiah * Head M M 38
    AUGUSTUS Mary Wife F M 32
    AUGUSTUS Stanley Joseph Son M S 5
    AUGUSTUS Veronica Dau F S 3
    AUGUSTUS Gordon Dominic Son M S 9mos
    CHAMBERS Mary Ann Mother in Law F W 70
* Transcriber's Note: Jeremiah was born in Portugal.

Contributed and Transcribed by Ron St. Croix (September 2002)

Page Last Modified: Sunday December 06, 2015 (Don Tate)

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