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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of St. Barbe

Pages 203 - 206

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 203              
32 39 MITCHELMORE Henry Head M M 53
    MITCHELMORE Margaret Wife F M 48
33 40 MITCHELMORE Mary Head F W 73
34 41 MITCHELMORE George Jr Head M M 47
    MITCHELMORE Sarah Wife F M 42
    MITCHELMORE Mary Lenora Daughter F S 22
    MITCHELMORE Richard Thomas Son M S 20
    MITCHELMORE Ethel Daughter F S 15
35 42 MITCHELMORE George Sr Head M M 66
    MITCHELMORE Annie Wife F M 68
    MITCHELMORE Thomas Son M W 44
    MITCHELMORE Gordon Son M S 19
    MITCHELMORE Stanley Son M S 17
PAGE 204              
    WILLIAMS Bessie May Domestic Servant F S 18
    MITCHELMORE Albert Head M M 32
    MITCHELMORE Mary Ann Wife F M 33
    MITCHELMORE Geo Henry Son M S 11
    MITCHELMORE Mabel Gladys Daughter F S 9
    MITCHELMORE Merrian (sic) Daughter F S 7
    MITCHELMORE Garfield Son M S 4
36 43 McLEAN Andrew Head M M 52
    McLEAN Sarah Wife F M 44
    McLEAN Charles Son M S 23
    McLEAN Benjamin Son M S 18
    McLEAN Alma Daughter F S 16
    McLEAN George Son M S 14
    McLEAN Anthony Son M S 10
37 44 McLEAN Christopher Sr Head M M 56
    McLEAN Rhoda Wife F M 50
    McLEAN James Son M S 28
    McLEAN Piercy Son M S 17
    McLEAN Mary Eliabeth Daughter F S 14
  45 McLEAN Christopher Jr Head M M 25
    McLEAN Susanna Wife F M 25
    McLEAN Leslie Son M S 5
    McLEAN Randell Son M S 11 Mos
38 46 McLEAN John Head M M 62
    McLEAN Mary Wife F M 46
    McLEAN Thomas Son M S 23
    McLEAN John Son M S 21
    McLEAN Mariah Daughter F S 14
    McLEAN Rita Daughter F S 10
    McLEAN Nelson Son M S 11
    McLEAN Aubrey Daughter F S 6
39 47 MITCHELMORE Annie Head F W 64
    MITCHELMORE Elijah Son M S 23
PAGE 205              
    MITCHELMORE Annie Head F W 64
    MITCHELMORE M Ellen Daughter F S 20
    MITCHELMORE Annie Martha Grand Daughter F S 9
    MITCHELMORE Norman Head M M 22
    MITCHELMORE Lavina Wife F M 20
    MITCHELMORE Rowena Daughter F S 2
40 48 MITCHELMORE Richard Head M S 41
41 49 MITCHELMORE Thomas Head M M 51
    MITCHELMORE Sarah Jane Wife F M 47
    MITCHELMORE Leander Son M S 17
    MITCHELMORE Truman Son M S 15
    MITCHELMORE Amy Eliz Daughter F S 13
    MITCHELMORE Elizabeth Mother F W 73
42 50 MITCHELMORE Austin Head M M 36
    MITCHELMORE Eliza Wife F M 28
    MITCHELMORE Nellie Daughter F S 7
    MITCHELMORE Cora Daughter F S 4
    MITCHELMORE Charles L Son M S 23 Mos
    MITCHELMORE Reginald Son M S 15
43 51 MITCHELMORE Emmanuel Head M M 39
    MITCHELMORE Ann Mariah Wife F M 32
    MITCHELMORE William A. Son M S 8
    MITCHELMORE Seyward (sic) Son M S 3
    MITCHELMORE Effie Ellen Daughter F S 1
    MITCHELMORE Theophilius Cousin M S 19
44 52 MITCHELMORE John Sr Head M M 55
    MITCHELMORE Eliza Wife F M 54
    MITCHELMORE Levi Nephew M S 10
    WHITE Hector Shareman (sic) M S 17
45 53 MITCHELMORE William Thos Head M M 37
    MITCHELMORE Ruth Wife F M 40
    MITCHELMORE Sydney Son M S 16
    MITCHELMORE Geo William Son M S 15
PAGE 206              
    MITCHELMORE Martha Jane Daughter F S 13
    MITCHELMORE Violet Daughter F S 9
    MITCHELMORE Clyde Son M S 5
    MITCHELMORE Douglas Son M S 2
46 54 WHITE George T Head M M 31
    WHITE Eliza Wife F M 33
    WHITE Edna Daughter F S 11
    WHITE Dulcie Daughter F S 5
    WHITE Clayton Son M S 3
    WHITE Evelyn Daughter F S 7 Mos
47 55 MITCHELMORE John Head M M 29
    MITCHELMORE Alice Wife F M 29
    MITCHELMORE Celia (sic) S Daughter F S 8
    MITCHELMORE Stedman Son M S 5
    MITCHELMORE Clande () Son M S 3
    MITCHELMORE Stewart Son M S 1
48 56 McLEAN Alabander (sic) Head M M 44
    McLEAN Sarah Wife F M 41
    McLEAN Rymond Son M S 18
    McLEAN Augustine Daughter F S 15
    McLEAN John Albert Son M S 10
    McLEAN Annie M Daughter F S 2 Mos
49 57 McLEAN Leonard Head M M 22
    McLEAN Beatrice Wife F M 21
    McLEAN Belinda Daughter F S 12 os

Transcribed by Gervase Cunard (January 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (January 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

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