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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Burin

Pages 349 - 354

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 349              
212 231 FOLLETT Garfield Head M M 34
    FOLLETT Alma Wife F M 34
    FOLLETT Walter F Son M S 3
    FOLLETT Jean Daughter F S 5
213 232 MATTHEWS Walter Head M M 25
    MATTHEWS Theresa Wife F M 24
    MATTHEWS Gilbert B Son M S 3
    MATTHEWS Franie P Daughter F S 1
    MATTHEWS Francis (sic) Mother F W 62
214 233 FOLLETT Charles B Head M M 46
    FOLLETT Susie Wife F M 40
    FOLLETT Auberge Son M S 15
    FOLLETT Merrill Son M S 13
    FOLLETT Manuel Son M S 16
    FOLLETT Annie Daughter F S 14
    FOLLETT Almeda Daughter F S 18
    FOLLETT Esther Daughter F S 2
    FOLLETT Laura S Daughter F S 5 Mos
215 234 FOLLETT Samuel J Head M M 30
    FOLLETT Miriam Wife F M 35
    FOLLETT Willomine (sic) Daughter F S 13
    FOLLETT Ennis Son M S 10
    FOLLETT Marjorie Daughter F S 5
    FOLLETT Eliza Daughter F S 7 Mos
    FOLLETT Annie Mother F W 77
216 235 KEEPING James Head M M 68
    KEEPING Kate Wife F M 62
  236 KEEPING George Head M M 32
    KEEPING Violet Wife F M 33
    KEEPING Chesley Son M S 11
    KEEPING Bertha Daughter F S 9
    KEEPING Selina Daughter F S 7
PAGE 350              
    KEEPING Wanda Daughter F S 3
    MUSE (?) John Adopted Son M S 14
217 236 FOLLETT William Head M M 75
    FOLLETT Parthena Wife F M 67
218 237 FOLLETT Joseph Head M M 74
    FOLLETT Alice M Wife F M 60
  238 ANSTEY Elizabeth Head F M (sic) 36
    ANSTEY George Son M S 12
    ANSTEY Ellen Daughter F S 3
    ANSTEY Carrie Daughter F S 25
    ANSTEY Jennie Daughter F S 23
219   VACANT          
220   VACANT          
221 239 FOLLETT Charles H Head M M 33
    FOLLETT Esther Wife F M 31
    FOLLETT James Son M S 7
    FOLLETT Lucy Daughter F S 2
222 240 HOLLETT Thomas P Head M M 53
    HOLLETT Bridget Wife F M 30
    HOLLETT Emma Daughter F S 14
    HOLLETT Belle Daughter F S 11
    HOLLETT Philip Son M S 9
    HOLLETT Edith M Daughter F S 4
    HOLLETT Maurice Son M S 7
    HOLLETT Maude Daughter F S 2
    HOLLETT William Son M S 10
223 241 HISCOCK Samel Head M M 47
    HISCOCK Eleanor Wife F M 42
    HISCOCK Frances Daughter F S 17
    HISCOCK Clara Daughter F S 15
    HISCOCK Emma Daughter F S 10
    HISCOCK Rose Daughter F S 7
    HISCOCK Wilbert Son M S 12
PAGE 351              
    HISCOCK Melinda Daughter F S 5
    HISCOCK Donald Son M S 2
224 242 HISCOCK Miriam Head F W 52
    HISCOCK Louis Son M S 24
    HISCOCK Olive Daughter F S 24
    HISCOCK Thomas Son M S 13
  243 HISCOCK John Head M M 26
    HISCOCK Alvina Wife F M 24
    HISCOCK Josiah Son M S 3
    HISCOCK Nellie Daughter F S 9 Mos
225 244 RIDEOUT Samuel Head M M 49
    RIDEOUT Esther Wife F M 39
    RIDEOUT Sevie (sic) (?) Daughter F S 21
    RIDEOUT George Son M S 18
    RIDEOUT Gertrude Daughter F S 8
    RIDEOUT Raymond Son M S 6
    RIDEOUT Greta M Daughter F S 4
    RIDEOUT Grace L Daughter F S 2
226 245 FOLLETT Charles Head M M 66
    FOLLETT Charlotte Wife F M 56
  246 HOLLETT Herbert Head M M 29
    HOLLETT Sadie Wife F M 25
    HOLLETT May Daughter F S 6
    HOLLETT Emma Daughter F S 5 Mos
  247 FOLLETT Stephen Head M M 30
    FOLLETT Levina Wife F M 24
    FOLLETT Charles Son M S 7
    FOLLETT Sadie Daughter F S 5
    FOLLETT Edward Son M S 4
227 248 FOLLETT Ernest Head M M 49
    FOLLETT Beulah Wife F M 30
    FOLLETT Stanley Son M S 7
    FOLLETT Bertha Daughter F S 9
PAGE 352              
    FOLLETT John Son M S 11
    FOLLETT Ethel Daughter F S 6
    FOLLETT George Son M S 1
    FOLLETT Claudia Daughter F S 3
    FOLLETT Annie Mother F W 80
228 249 FOLLETT Charles B Head M M 64
    FOLLETT Charlotte S Wife F M 56
    FOLLETT Lional Son M S 18
  250 GRANDY Hubert Head M M 28
    GRANDY Myria Wife F M 27
    GRANDY Dinah Daughter F S 7
    GRANDY Vivian Daughter F S 4
    GRANDY Berdina Daughter F S 1
    GRANDY Ruby (?) Daughter F S 17
    GRANDY Hazel Daughter F S 14
229 251 GRANDY Clyde Head M M 27
    GRANDY Esther Wife F M 25
    GRANDY Charlotte Daughter F S 6
    GRANDY Stella M Daughter F S 4
    GRANDY Robert W Son M S 1
230 252 FOLLETT Thomas Head M M 27
    FOLLETT Florence Wife F M 26
    HATCHER Samuel Adopted Son M S 13
231 253 FOLLET John J Head M M 59
    FOLLET Pamilia (sic) Wife F M 56
    FOLLET George Son M S 29
    FOLLET Morgan Son M S 21
    FOLLET Wilfred Son M S 19
232 254 TIBBS Thomas Head M M 56
    TIBBS Ellen Wife F M 54
    TIBBS Myrtle Daughter F S 14
    TIBBS Lucy Daughter F S 12
    TIBBS Harold Son M S 16
PAGE 353              
    TIBBS Benjamin Son M S 18
    TIBBS Charles Son M S 23
232 255 FOLLETT William Head M M 45
    FOLLETT Jane Wife F M 43
    FOLLETT Irene Daughter F S 21
    FOLLETT Harold Son M S 19
    FOLLETT Clarence Son M S 18
    FOLLETT Blanche Daughter F S 16
    FOLLETT Garfield Son M S 14
    FOLLETT Annie Daughter F S 12
    FOLLETT Josie M Daughter F S 10
    FOLLETT Voletta Daughter F S 5
    FOLLETT William G Son M S 3
233 256 KEEPING Charles Head M M 54
    KEEPING Millie Wife F M 52
    KEEPING Freeman Son M S 23
    KEEPING Heber Son M S 20
    KEEPING John Son M S 29
234 257 HISCOCK Charles Head M M 58
    HISCOCK Susannah Wife F M 51
    HISCOCK Charles Son M S 31
    HISCOCK Jasper Son M S 21
    HISCOCK Albert Son M S 26
    HISCOCK Wallace Son M S 20
    HISCOCK Eli Son M S 15
    HISCOCK George Son M S 8
    HISCOCK Mary Daughter F S 23
    HISCOCK Lillian M Daughter F S 22
    HISCOCK Dorothy Daughter F S 16
    HISCOCK Pearl Daughter F S 13
    HISCOCK Lucy Daughter F S 10
    HISCOCK Winnie Daughter F S 5
235 258 FOLLETT Morgan Head M M 50
PAGE 354              
    FOLLETT Elsie Wife F M 43
    FOLLETT Cyril Son M S 14
    FOLLETT Bessie Daughter F S 11
    FOLLETT Ilene Daughter F S 6
    FARWELL Joseph Father in Law M W 73
236 259 TAPPER John Head M M 69
    TAPPER Jane Wife F M 67
    TAPPER Steve Grand Son M S 14
    TAPPER Morgan Grand Son M S 9
237   VACANT          
238 260 RIDEOUT Martha Head F W 31
    RIDEOUT Shirley Daughter F S 3

Transcribed by Mary Rawlinson (November 2005)

Verified to Original Pages (November 2005 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Monday May 02, 2016 (Don Tate)

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