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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of White Bay

Pages 179 - 184

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 179              
1 1 TROY Patrick HEAD M M 68
    TROY Veronica Wife F M 49
    TROY Jacob Son M S 32
    TROY Leo Son M S 26
    TROY Peter Son M S 19
    SEXTON Richard Brother in Law M S 68
2 2 SEXTON James R. HEAD M S 53
3 3 MURRIN John HEAD M M 60
    MURRIN Mary Ann Wife F M 57
    MURRIN Joseph Son M S 30
    MURRIN Herbert Son M S 28
    MURRIN Percy Son M S 26
    MURRIN Mary Daughter F S 16
    MURRIN Bride Daughter F S 14
4 4 REARDON Ambrose HEAD M M 47
    REARDON Mary Wife F M 39
    EDISON Gerald Adopted Son M S 14
    BREEN Theresa Adopted Daughter F S 12
5 5 REARDON Michael HEAD M W 46
    REARDON Albert Son M S 19
    REARDON Joseph Son M S 18
    REARDON Leo Son M S 16
    REARDON Patrick Son M S 15
    REARDON Anthony Son M S 13
    REARDON William Son M S 9
    REARDON Rita Daughter F S 22
    REARDON Anastatia Daughter F S 7
6 6 REARDON Daniel HEAD M M 49
    REARDON Dinah Wife F M 44
    REARDON Patrick F Son M S 22
    REARDON John J. Son M S 20
PAGE 180              
    REARDON James Son M S 20
    REARDON Ambrose D. Son M S 18
    REARDON Maurice G. Son M S 16
    REARDON Clifford Son M S 7
    FITZPATRICK Bridget Wife F M 57
    FITZPATRICK James M. Son M S 25
    FITZPATRICK Daniel Son M S 22
    FITZPATRICK Leo J. Son M S 17
    FITZPATRICK Josephine Daughter F S 23
    FITZPATRICK Anastatia Daughter F S 19
    FITZPATRICK Vincent M. Adopted Son M S 8
8 8 MacDONALD Maurice J.*1 HEAD M M 52
    MacDONALD Bridget Wife F M 50
    MacDONALD William Son M S 23
    MacDONALD Patrick Son M S 21
    MacDONALD May Daughter F S 24
    MacDONALD Evangeline Daughter F S 17
    MacDONALD Marie Daughter F S 14
    MacDONALD Gertrude Daughter F S 11
    SHELLEY Pauline Adopted Daughter F S 27
9 9 REARDON Martin HEAD M M 57
    REARDON Mary J. Wife F M 39
    BARTLETT James Adopted Son M S 4
    BARTLETT Carl Adopted Daughter F S 11
10 10 POWELL Charles HEAD M M 56
    POWELL Mary Ann Wife F M 61
    POWELL William Son M S 30
    POWELL Dorothy Adopted Daughter F S 21
11 11 POWELL Job B. HEAD M W 68
    POWELL Lavinia Sister in Law F W 55
  12 POWELL Henry J. Son M M 32
    POWELL Rueben Grand Son M S 5
PAGE 181              
    POWELL Emma A. Daughter in Law F M 23
    POWELL Mary J. Grand Daughter F S 3
    POWELL Winnie L. Grand Daughter F S 1
12 13 FLORENCE John HEAD M M 62
    FLORENCE Abigal Wife F M 41
    RICE Walter Adopted Son M S 5
13 14 FLORENCE Nicholas HEAD M S 60
    POWELL Myrtle Adopted Daughter F S 16
14 15 HALLAHAN Tobias HEAD M M 52
    HALLAHAN Flora Wife F M 53
    HALLAHAN Alfred Adopted Son M S 17
    BOYD Flora M. Adopted Daughter F S 7
15 16 POWELL George F. HEAD M M 36
    POWELL Mary A. Wife F M 35
    POWELL Lavinia S. Daughter F S 6
16 17 LANE Benjamin HEAD M M 52
    LANE Jane Wife F M 53
    LANE Herbert Son M S 16
    LANE Winnie Daughter F S 21
17 18 NOEL John N. HEAD M M 64
    NOEL Evelyn Wife F M 55
    NOEL Edmund R. Son M S 24
    NOEL Herbert Son M S 22
    NOEL Thomas H. Son M S 20
    SAUNDERS Pearl Servant F S 16
    PILGRIM Howard Servant M S 19
18 19 NOEL William HEAD M M 66
    NOEL George N. Son M S 16
    NOEL Allan C. Son M S 11
    NOEL Cecil E Son M S 8
    NOEL Amelia Daughter F S 13
    NOEL Zelma (sic) C. Daughter F S 5
    NOEL Mary Ann Wife F M 48
PAGE 182              
19 20 NOEL John R. HEAD M M 27
    NOEL Agnes Wife F M 25
20 21 POWELL Albert HEAD M M 34
    POWELL Sarah Wife F M 29
    POWELL Albert J. Son M S 6
    POWELL Hedley Son M S 4
    POWELL Amos M. Son M S 3
    POWELL Beulah M. Daughter F S 8
    POWELL Lydia R. Daughter F S 1
    POWELL Hayward Brother M S 22
    POWELL Chesley Brother M S 18
    ROWBOTTOM Amelia Wife F M 56
    ROWBOTTOM Frederick Son M S 26
    HANCOCK Philip Servant M S 30
    SAUNDERS Ethel B. Servant F S 13
    PIKE John Brother in Law M W 72
22 23 REARDON William HEAD M M 56
    REARDON Bridget Wife F M 54
    REARDON Furgus Son M S 23
    REARDON Annie F. Daughter F S 22
    REARDON Alice Daughter F S 20
    REARDON Mary Daughter F S 18
    EDISON William J. Adopted Son M S 14
23 24 LEWIS George HEAD M M 40
    LEWIS Annie Wife F M 47
    LEWIS Bernard Adopted Son M S 21
    LEWIS Lawrence Son M S 11
    LEWIS Katherine Daughter F S 5
24 25 SEXTON Michael HEAD M M 39
    SEXTON Fannie Wife F M 47
    SEXTON Thomas Son M S 11
    SEXTON Wilfred Son M S 7
PAGE 183              
    SEXTON Martha Daughter F S 23
25 26 SEXTON John HEAD M M 62
    SEXTON Clara Daughter F S 61
    SEXTON Frank Son M S 29
    SEXTON Monica Daughter F S 27
    SEXTON Theresa Daughter F S 19
  27 SEXTON Patrick Son M M 35
    SEXTON Irene Daughter in Law F M 35
    SEXTON Philip Grand Son M S 2
    SEXTON Thomas Brother M S 75
26 28 WARD Simon HEAD M M 52
    WARD Maggie Wife F M 33
    WARD Felix J. Son M S 11
    WARD Cyril Son M S 10
    WARD Joseph Son M S 3
    WARD Elizabeth Daughter F S 7
27 29 POWELL Job HEAD M M 31
    POWELL Delilah Wife F M 28
    POWELL Elsie Daughter F S 10
    POWELL Ivy Daughter F S 6
    POWELL Hazel Daughter F S 3
    POWELL Mabel Daughter F S 1
    RICE Mrs Mary No Relation (sic) F W 37
28 30 NOEL Robert HEAD M M 57
    NOEL Eliza Wife F M 54
    NOEL Cyril Son M S 20
    NOEL Olive Daughter F S 15
29 31 NOEL Susan HEAD F W 56
    HANCOCK Joseph Adopted Son M S 28
    NOEL Uashti (?) Adopted Daughter F S 18
30 32 SHEPPARD Jane HEAD F W 61
    RICKS Darius No Relation (sic) M M 27
    RICKS Fannie No Relation (sic) F M 26
PAGE 184              
    RICKS Gerald Son M S 11 Mos
31 VACANT SEXTON Richard        
33 VACANT COUCH John        

Originally Contributed and Transcribed by Stella Regular

Re-Transcribed by Gervase Cunard to reformat page (April 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (April 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Sunday August 21, 2016 (Don Tate)
MacDONALD Family *1 The family name is McDonald not MacDonald as you have on your page. I would know as it is my Great - Grandfather. danielle.troy @
Danielle Troy

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