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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Bonavista

Pages 305 - 310

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12 Col 19
PAGE 305                
48 45 WILLIAMS Norman Head M M 33 CE
    WILLIAMS Violet Wife F M 25 CE
    WILLIAMS Celia Mildred Daughter F S 5 CE
    WILLIAMS John Edward Son M S 4 CE
    WILLIAMS Ernest Harvey Son M S 5 Mos CE
49 46 FELTHAM Theodore Head M M 28 UC
    FELTHAM Lydia Wife F M 30 CE
    FELTHAM Carolyn Daughter F S 7 UC
    FELTHAM Joyce Daughter F S 4 UC
    FELTHAM Clifford Son M S 5 Mos UC
50 47 FELTHAM Abel Head M M 58 UC
    FELTHAM Harriet Wife F M 61 SA
PAGE 306                
    FELTHAM Caleb Son M M 24 UC
    FELTHAM Stewart Son M S 14 UC
    FELTHAM Julia Daughter in Law F M 20 UC
51 48 FELTHAM Luke Head M M 32 UC
    FELTHAM Elsie Wife F M 29 UC
    FELTHAM Lindberg Son M S 8 UC
    FELTHAM Cyril Son M S 4 UC
52 49 LANE Harold Head M S 28 CE
    LANE Johanna Mother F W 65 CE
    LANE Louis Brother M S 34 CE
    LANE Lucy Sister F S 33 CE
    LANE Arthur Brother M S 31 CE
53 50 RALPH Edmund Head M M 43 CE
    RALPH Mildred Wife F M 40 CE
    RALPH Marguerite Daughter F S 14 CE
    RALPH Joan Daughter F S 12 CE
    RALPH Doris Daughter F S 9 CE
54 51 FELTHAM Charles Head M M 56 UC
    FELTHAM Alice Wife F M 44 UC
    FELTHAM Llewlyn (sic) Son M S 23 UC
    FELTHAM Ruben Son M S 21 UC
    FELTHAM Lester Son M S 15 UC
    FELTHAM Nathan Son M S 13 UC
    FELTHAM Herbert Son M S 11 UC
    FELTHAM Mary Daughter F S 9 UC
    FELTHAM Olive Daughter F S 7 UC
55 52 FELTHAM Henry Head M M 25 UC
    FELTHAM Maud Wife F M 23 UC
    FELTHAM Effie May Daughter F S 1 UC
56 53 RALPH Isaac Head M M 47 CE
    RALPH Charlotte Wife f M 41 CE
    RALPH Grace Daughter F S 15 CE
    RALPH Viola Daughter F S 12 CE
PAGE 307                
    RALPH Dorothy Daughter F S 9 CE
57 54 RALPH Stephen Head M M 50 CE
    RALPH Mary Wife F M 43 CE
    RALPH John Son M S 15 CE
58 55 WARREN Arthur Head M M 46 SA
    WARREN Hannah Wife F M 47 SA
    WARREN Clarence Son M S 22 SA
    WARREN Albert Son M S 19 SA
    WARREN Ralph Son M S 14 SA
    WARREN Evelyn Daughter F S 12 SA
59 56 WARREN Baxter Head M M 35 SA
    WARREN Priscilla Wife F M 30 SA
    WARREN Nathan Son M S 7 SA
    WARREN Kenneth Son M S 4 SA
    WARREN Annie Daughter F S 3 SA
    WARREN Mary Daughter F S 7 months SA
    WARREN Mary Ann Mother F W 72 SA
60 57 FELTHAM William Head M M 60 UC
    FELTHAM Sarah Ann Wife F M 52 UC
    FELTHAM Wilfred Son M S 21 UC
    FELTHAM Edith May Daughter F S 17 UC
    FELTHAM Horatio Jonathan Son M S 9 UC
61 58 FELTHAM Abel Head M M 22 UC
    FELTHAM Joan Wife F M 24 UC
62 59 HOWSE Avalon Head M M 50 UC
    HOWSE Ruth Wife F M 45 UC
    HOWSE Mildred N Daughter F S 18 UC
    HOWSE Emma Frances Daughter F S 15 UC
    HOWSE John Wilson Son M S 14 UC
    HOWSE Herbert Lloyd Son M S 10 UC
    HOWSE Charles Avalon L Son M S 8 UC
63 60 FELTHAM Reginald Head M m 26 UC
    FELTHAM Emma Wife F M 21 UC
PAGE 308                
    FELTHAM Robert Horatio Son M S 10 Mos UC
    FELTHAM Elizabeth Mother F W 62 UC
    FELTHAM Henry William Brother M S 24 UC
64 61 STEWART Stanley Head M M 28 UC
    STEWART Greata (sic) Wife F M 23 UC
    STEWART Gordon Son M S 4 UC
    STEWART Abel Hayward Son M S 2 UC
    STEWART Austin Son M S 4 Mos UC
65 62 FELTHAM Benjamin Head M M 41 UC
    FELTHAM Providence Wife F M 35 UC
    FELTHAM Jonathan Son M S 13 UC
    FELTHAM Leslie Son M S 9 UC
    FELTHAM Elizabeth Daughter F S 6 UC
    FELTHAM Ivy Daughter F S 4 UC
    FELTHAM Annie Daughter F S 2 UC
66 63 SAMSON Garland Head M M 44 CE
    SAMSON Una Wife F M 36 CE
    SAMSON Edward Son M S 13 CE
    SAMSON Emily Daughter F S 11 CE
    SAMSON Clara Daughter F S 9 CE
    SAMSON William Son M S 8 CE
    SAMSON Rex Son M S 5 CE
    WELLS Ida Servant F S 21 SA
67 64 WELLS Francis Alfred Head M M 73 UC
    WELLS Blanche Wife F M 50 CO
    WELLS Dolph (sic) Son M S 21 UC
    WELLS Otto Edison Son M S 19 UC
    WELLS Rose Daughter F S 17 UC
    WELLS Scott Son M S 12 UC
    WELLS Vera Daughter F S 8 UC
68   VACANT            
69   VACANT            
70   VACANT            
PAGE 309                
71 65 LEDREW George Hale Head M M 70 UC
    LEDREW Irene Wife F M 43 UC
72 66 SWEETAPPLE Nelson Head M M 40 UC
    SWEETAPPLE Mable Winifred Wife F M 39 UC
    SWEETAPPLE Maisie Belle Daughter F S 16 UC
    SWEETAPPLE Robert Leslie Son M S 14 UC
    SWEETAPPLE Leonard Gerald Son M S 12 UC
    SWEETAPPLE Anna Geraldine Daughter F S 9 UC
    SWEETAPPLE Nelson Donald Son M S 8 UC
    SWEETAPPLE Genevieve Elizabeth Daughter F S 5 UC
73 67 SWEETAPPLE Gideon Head M M 37 UC
    SWEETAPPLE Isabel Wife F M 33 UC
    SWEETAPPLE Maxwell Gordon Son M S 14 UC
    SWEETAPPLE Hollis Ross Son M S 12 UC
    SWEETAPPLE Audrey Phyllis Daughter F S 6 UC
    SWEETAPPLE Raymond Leslie Son M S 2 UC
74   VACANT            
75   VACANT            
76   VACANT            
77   VACANT            
78 68 SWEETAPPLE John Head M M 74 SA
    SWEETAPPLE Mary Wife F M 71 SA
    SWEETAPPLE Elias Son M S 42 CE
    SWEETAPPLE Andrew Son M S 32 SA
79 69 SWEETAPPLE Edward Head M M 74 CE
    SWEETAPPLE Susanna Wife F M 55 CE
    SWEETAPPLE Edward Son M M 31 UC
    SWEETAPPLE Mabel Daughter in Law F M 20 UC
    SWEETAPPLE Herbert Calvin Grand Son M S 10 UC
    SWEETAPPLE Edward Thomas Grand Son M S 8 UC
80 70 SWEETAPPLE Thomas Martin Head M M 27 UC
    SWEETAPPLE Frances Wife F M 26 UC
    SWEETAPPLE Violet Daughter F S 7 UC
PAGE 310                
    SWEETAPPLE Wm Thomas Son M S 5 UC
    SWEETAPPLE Edgar Son M S 3 UC
81 71 FELTHAM Elijah Head M M 31 UC
    FELTHAM Susanna Wife F M 28 UC
    FELTHAM Dallice (sic) Daughter F S 5 UC
    FELTHAM Benjamin Son M S 3 UC
    FELTHAM Moses Brother M S 36 UC
82 72 HOWSE Leah Head F W 61 UC
    HOWSE Violet Daughter in Law F W 25 UC
    HOWSE Rose Grand Daughter F S 4 UC
    HOWSE Eileen Grand Daughter F S 3 UC
    HOWSE Margaret Grand Daughter F S 5 Mos UC
83 73 HARRIS William Head M m 62 UC
    HARRIS Jessie Priscilla Wife F M 56 UC
    HARRIS John Son M M 28 UC
    HARRIS Nellie Dorothy Daughter F S 24 UC
    HARRIS Sophie Daughter in Law F M 24 UC
    HARRIS Harvey George Grand Son M S 4 UC
    HARRIS Frederick Bramwell Grand Son M S 2 UC
84 74 SWEETAPPLE Harvey George Head M M 26 SA
    SWEETAPPLE Blanche Wife F M 18 UC
    SWEETAPPLE Boyd Son M S 1 SA
    SWEETAPPLE Stephen Uncle M W 67 SA
85 75 SWEETAPPLE Thomas Burton Head M m 56 SA
    SWEETAPPLE Eliza Wife F M 53 SA
    SWEETAPPLE Eric Son M S 23 SA
86 76 ORAM Abel Head M S 31 UC
    ORAM Julia Mother F W 55 UC
    ORAM Laura Sister F S 22 UC
    ORAM Olive Sister F S 17 SA
PAGE 311                
88 (sic) 78 (sic) WORNELL Job Brenton Head M M 57 UC
    WORNELL Daisy May Wife F M 47 UC
    WORNELL Annie Beatrice Louise Daughter F S 22 UC
    WORNELL William Frederick John Son M S 19 UC

Contributed and Transcribed by Mabel Macyshen nee Brennan (May 2004)

Page Last Modified: Friday June 03, 2016 (Don Tate)

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