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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Fogo

Pages 102 - 105


Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 192              
121 116 HARRIS John P HEAD M M 60
    HARRIS Julia Wife F M 56
    HARRIS Thurza Dorothy Daughter F S 32
    HARRIS Lillian Myrtle Daughter F S 23
122 117 HARRIS Maud HEAD F W 50
    HARRIS Gerald Wilbert Son M S 25
    HARRIS Fred Son M S 23
    HARRIS Mary Rowena Daughter F S 18
123 118 TORRAVILLE Thomas Wm HEAD M M 65
    TORRAVILLE Fanny Dora Wife F M 43
    TORRAVILLE Harold Thomas Son M S 23
  119 EDWARDS Joseph HEAD M M 73
    EDWARDS Patience Wife F M 76
    BLAKE Fanny Adopted Daughter F S 13
124 120 BLAKE Edward John HEAD M M 44
    BLAKE Rachel Wife F M 50
    BLAKE Hilda Myrtle Daughter F S 21
    BLAKE Kenneth Raymond Son M S 19
125 121 PAYNE John William HEAD M M 83
    PAYNE Myria Wife F M 75
126 122 HARRIS George HEAD M W 59
127 123 HARRIS Elizabeth HEAD F W 77
  124 HARRIS Stewart HEAD M M 45
    HARRIS Irene Wife F M 38
    HARRIS Norman Son M S 19
    HARRIS Stacey Son M S 12
    HARRIS Walter Son M S 6
128 125 EARLE Walter Wm HEAD M M 26
    EARLE Pearl Wife F M 26
  126 EARLE Samuel W HEAD M M 70
    EARLE Elizabeth Wife F M 60
PAGE 103              
    EARLE Hodge Son M S 31
    EARLE Ella Mary Daughter F S 22
129 127 PECKFORD Henry George HEAD M M 75
    PECKFORD Elizabeth Mary Wife F M 65
  128 BAILEY James HEAD M M 38
    BAILEY Mildred Wife F M 35
    BAILEY Doris Pearl Daughter F S 12
130 129 HODDER Alexander HEAD M W 55
    HODDER Leslie Son M S 25 (?)
    HODDER Donald Son M S 23
    HODDER Annie Daughter F S 19
131 130 HODDER Arthur Louis HEAD M M 51
    HODDER Agnes Wife F M 48
    HODDER George Son M S 20
    HODDER Wilson Son M S 17
    HODDER Javis James Son M S 6
132 131 VIVIAN James HEAD M W 77
    VIVIAN Sydney Lemuel Son M S 32
133 132 FANCY Silas HEAD M M 39
    FANCY Bessie Wife F M 34
    FANCY Lacy Daughter F S 12
    FANCY Sydney Son M S 10
    FANCY Wilfred Son M S 7
134 133 BATH Walter HEAD M M 55
    BATH Emily Wife F M 46
    GILLINGHAM Leslie Adopted Son M S 23
    BATH Reginald Son M S 21 
    BATH Wesley Son M S 14
    BATH Elsie Edna Daughter F S 10
    ABBOTT Mary Jane Mother in Law F W 71
135 134 ROWLAND Sarah HEAD F W 77
    BLAKE Adelaide Domestic F S 22
PAGE 104              
    BLAKE Eli HEAD M M 50
    BLAKE Althea Wife F M 42
    BLAKE Baxter Son M S 25
    BLAKE Douglas Son M S 23
    BLAKE Donald Son M S 22
    BLAKE Jasper Son M S 15
    BLAKE Stella Daughter F S 8
    BLAKE Marjorie Daughter F S 6
    BLAKE Chesley Son M S 5
    BLAKE Cecil Son M S 4
    BLAKE Eva Daughter F S 3
    BLAKE Stanley Son M S 1/4 Mo
136 135 BLAKE Noah HEAD M M 61
    BLAKE Mary Wife F M 54
    BLAKE Wallace Son M S 25
    BLAKE Fred Son M S 23
138 137 BLAKE Arthur HEAD M M 58
    BLAKE Caroline Wife F M 55
139 138 VIVIAN Jasper HEAD M M 40
    VIVIAN Maisie Wife F M 31
    VIVIAN Roland Son M S 14
    VIVIAN Eliol Son M S 11
    VIVIAN Winnie Daughter F S 10
    VIVIAN Clara Daughter F S 8
    VIVIAN Ernest Son M S 6
    VIVIAN Reginald Son M S 4
    VIVIAN Lester Son M S 3
    VIVIAN Joyce Daughter F S 6 Mos
140 139 EASTMAN George L HEAD M M 38
    EASTMAN Drucilla Wife F M 34
    EASTMAN Clarence S Son M S 11
    EASTMAN Overton Son M S 10
PAGE 105              
    EASTMAN Nellie F Daughter F S 7
    EASTMAN Aubrey P Son M S 4
141 140 EASTMAN Sidney B HEAD M M 32
    EASTMAN Gertrude Wife F M 30
    EASTMAN Evelyn Sadie Daughter F S 5
    EASTMAN Ernest Melvin Son M S 4
    EASTMAN Willis Daniel Cousin M S 17

Contributed and Transcribed by Glynn Hewlett

Page Revised: April - 2003 (Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Friday April 08, 2016 (Don Tate)

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