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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Humber

Pages 395 - 399

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 395              
87 91 WHEELER Alfred Head M M 52
    WHEELER Fannie Wife F M 49
    WHEELER James Son M S 20
    WHEELER Annie * Daughter F S 19
* NOTE: Annie Wheeler has been lined out on the page. Included here for reference
    WHEELER Charles Son M S 16
88 92 WHEELER Raymond Head M M 28
    WHEELER Mary Wife F M 22
89 93 PENWELL Wallace Head M M 35
    PENWELL Lillian Wife F M 30
    PENWELL John Son M S 10
    PENWELL Linbergh Son M S 8
    PENWELL Alfred Son M S 4
90 94 DYKE Nathan Head M M 49
    DYKE Elizabeth Wife F M 50
    DYKE Cliford * Son M S 23
* NOTE: Cliford Dyke has been lined out
    DYKE Wilson Son M M 15
    DYKE Frank Son M S 13
    DYKE Nellie Grand Daughter F S 5
91 95 BARNES Ernest Head M M 47
    BARNES Madeline Wife F M 54
    BARNES Edith Daughter F S 13
    BARNES Henry Son M M 27
    BARNES Ennis Son M S 18
PAGE 396              
    BARNES Henry Father M W 82
92 96 STICKLAND George Head M M 51
    STICKLAND Jessie Wife F M 27
    STICKLAND Gordon Son M S 19
    STICKLAND Florence Daughter F   6
    STICKLAND William Son M   4
    STICKLAND Febie (?) M Daughter F   7 Mos
93 97 DELUNEY Henry Head M M 36
    DELUNEY Annie Wife F M 46
    JANES Annie Adopted Daughter F S 20
94 98 BARNES Lesley Head M M 28
    BARNES Mary Wife F M 23
    BARNES Augus Son M   3
    HYNES Augustine Domestic F S 16
95 99 WHEELER Emily Head F W 62
    WHEELER Jack Son M S 22
    STICKLAND Walter Grand Son M S 18
96 100 WHEELER William Head M M 41
    WHEELER Janet Wife F M 31
    WHEELER Roland Son M S 13
    WHEELER Geneva Daughter F S 12
    WHEELER Allice Daughter F S 10
    WHEELER Eva Daughter F S 7
    WHEELER Henrietta Daughter F   4
    WHEELER William Son M   8 Mos
97 101 WHEELER Hubert Head M M 32
    WHEELER Edna Wife F M 23
    WHEELER Ivan (??) Son M   4
    WHEELER Gerome Son M   3
    WHEELER Thomas Son M   1
98 102 WHEELER Arthur Head M M 35
    WHEELER Lillian Wife F M 25
    WHEELER Albert Son M   4
PAGE 397              
    WHEELER George Son M S 3
    WHEELER Joel Son M   2
    WHEELER Semmons (??) Son M   7 Mos
99 103 FRANK John Head M M 52
    FRANK Febie (sic) Wife F M 39
    STICKLAND Walter Ad Son M S 27
    STICKLAND Alonzo Brother in Law M S 43
100 104 GALE William Head M M 26
    GALE Sara Wife F M 22
    STICKLAND Edith Grand Mother in Law F W 72
101 105 COMPANION James Head M M 48
    COMPANION Sara Wife F M 40
    COMPANION William Son M S 21
    COMPANION Leona Daughter F S 18
    COMPANION Roland Son M S 17
    COMPANION May Daughter F S 15
    COMPANION Harold Son M S 12
    COMPANION John Son M S 10
    COMPANION Fred Son M S 8
    COMPANION Jean Daughter F S 5
    COMPANION Eric Son M S 3
102 106 BARNES John Head M M 53
    BARNES Agnes Wife F M 50
    BARNES Arthur Son M S 20
    BARNES Mary Daughter F S 18
    BARNES William Son M S 10
  107 COMPANION George Head M M 19
    COMPANION Theresa Wife F M 22
    COMPANION George W Son M S 4 Mos
    STEWART Rebecca Mother in Law F W 75
106 108 PARK John Head M M 37
    PARK Ellen J Wife F M 32
    PARK Mary E No Entry F S 15
PAGE 398              
    PARK Herbert G Son M S 12
    PARK Eileen M Daughter F S 9
    PARK William R Son M S 7
    PARK Lida B Daughter F S 4
    PARK Susanna Daughter F S 1
    PARK Ormand (??) Father M W 78
104 108 STICKLAND Alex Head M M 53
    STICKLAND Edith Wife F M 44
    STICKLAND Silas H Son M S 24
    STICKLAND John Son M S 21
    STICKLAND Geo R Son M S 18
    STICKLAND Laura Daughter F S 16
    STICKLAND Alex Jr Son M S 14
    STICKLAND Febie (sic) Daughter F S 11
    STICKLAND Annie Daughter F S 7
    STICKLAND Jean Daughter F S 5
105 110 STICKLAND George Head M S 21
106 111 PARK Lillie Head F W 35
    PARK Alonzo Son M S 15
    PARK Thomas Son M S 13
    PARK Elizabeth Daughter F S 11
    PARK James Son M S 3
107 112 WHITE William Head M M 44
    WHITE Annie Wife F M 31
    WHITE Mary G Daughter F S 14
    WHITE Lucy Daughter F S 13
    WHITE Lettie A Daughter F S 11
    WHITE George T (?) Son M S 9
    WHITE Susie Daughter F S 1
108 113 WHITE John Head M M 36
    WHITE Lizzie Wife F M 33
    WHITE Margaret Daughter F S 10
    WHITE Pious Son M S 7
PAGE 399              
    WHITE William G Son M S 4
    WHITE Mary A Daughter F S 2

Transcribed by Mary Rawlinson (August 2004)

Verified to Original Pages and Corrected as necessary (August 2004 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Monday July 18, 2016 (Don Tate)

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