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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Burin

Pages 368-371, 406-410, & 356

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 368              
228 261 CLUETT Stephen M Head M M 51
    CLUETT Eliza J Wife F M 35
    CLUETT Kera (?) Daughter F S 2
  262 CLUETT Samuel Head M M 71
    CLUETT Matilda Wife F M 64
    CLUETT Thomas Son M S 28
229 263 TAPPER Ambrose Head M M 55
    TAPPER Amelia Wife F M 32
    TAPPER Stella R Daughter F S 6
    TAPPER Gerald Son M S 4
    TAPPER Sadie Daughter F S 3
    TAPPER Sophia Daughter F S 1
230 264 CLUETT Eugene Head M M 28
    CLUETT Minnie Wife F M 25
    CLUETT Marion Daughter F S 6
    CLUETT Gwendolyn Daughter F S 5
    CLUETT Walter Son M S 2
PAGE 369              
231 265 MYLES William R Head M M 45
    MYLES Margaret Wife F M 36
    MYLES Elsie F.* Daughter F S 17
* NOTE: Elsie was croswsed out on the page. Included here for reference.
    MYLES George S Son M S 16
    MYLES William R Son M S 14
    MYLES Louisa Daughter F S 11
    MYLES Violet M Daughter F S 7
    MYLES Ethel J Daughter F S 1
232 266 MYLES John Head M M 45
    MYLES Annie Wife F M 36
    MYLES Benjamin Son M S 18
    MYLES Samuel Son M S 7
    MYLES Mary Daughter F S 8
    MYLES Gertie Daughter F S 5
    MYLES Thomas Son M S 1
    MYLES Rosana Daughter F S 15
232 267 GRANDY Josiah Head M M 56
    GRANDY Sarah Wife F M 53
    GRANDY John M Son M S 23
    GRANDY Morgan F Son M S 17
  268 PARDY Reginald Head M M 29
    PARDY Esther J Wife F M 28
    PARDY Olive Daughter F S 3
    PARDY Sarah J Daughter F S 2
    PARDY (Baby) Daughter F S 1Week
  269 CLUETT Wilbert Head M M 25
    CLUETT Julia A Wife F M 25
    CLUETT Rosella L Daughter F S 5
    CLUETT Clyde B Son M S 3
233 270 BOND Morgan Head M M 34
    BOND Annie J Wife F M 28
    BOND George Son M S 9
    BOND Matilda Daughter F S 6
PAGE 370              
    BOND Barbara Daughter F S 4
234 271 DODGE Frank Head M M 27
    DODGE Seluda (?) Wife F M 29
235 272 RIDEOUT Peter Head M M 47
    RIDEOUT Harriett Wife F M 43
    RIDEOUT Carrie Daughter F S 19
    RIDEOUT Hubert Son M S 22
    RIDEOUT Leonard Son M S 18
236 273 OSMOND Benjamin Head M M 64
    OSMOND Ellen Wife F M 61
    OSMOND John Son M S 25
    OSMOND Almeda Daughter F S 17
237 274 BOND John Head M M 71
    BOND Matilda Wife F M 69
238 275 GRANDY John J Head M M 58
    GRANDY Hannah J Wife F M 39
    GRANDY Esther Daughter F S 4
    BANFIELD Charlotte Daughter in Law F S 17
    BANFIELD Stephen L Son in Law M S 14
239 276 MYLES Philip Head M M 68
    MYLES Clara Wife F M 64
  277 ANSTEY Albert Head M M 26
    ANSTEY Mary Wife F M 24
    ANSTEY Edith M Daughter F S 6
    ANSTEY Carrie Daughter F S 3
    ANSTEY Kathaleen Daughter F S 1
240 278 MYLES Joseph Head M M 48
    MYLES Theresa Wife F M 50
    MYLES John P Adopted Son M S 16
241 279 CROSS Mary Head F W 56
    CROSS John Son M S 24
    CROSS Martin Son M S 18
    CROSS Clara Daughter F S 20
PAGE 371              
242 280 CLUETT Stephen J Head M M 67
    CLUETT Silva A (?) Wife F M 64
243 281 MILES John Head M M 70
    MILES Bridget Wife F M 54
    MILES Earnest Son M S 19
    MILES Maxwell Son M S 24
    MILES Edward Son M S 26 (?)
    MILES Ida Daughter F S 14
244 282 CLUETT Fannie Head F W 78
245 283 TAPPER John Head M M 41
    TAPPER Esther Wife F M 35
246 284 DOMINEAU John Head M M 52
    DOMINEAU Bessie Wife F M 47
    DOMINEAU Benjamin Son M S 23
    DOMINEAU Walter Son M S 11
247 285 COURAGE William Head M M 61
    COURAGE Sarah Wife F M 58
    GRANDY Joseph Adopted son M S 23
  286 COURAGE Jacob G Head M M 33
    COURAGE Catherine Wife F M 28
    COURAGE Nellie A Daughter F S 7
    COURAGE Stephen J Son M S 5
    COURAGE William H Son M S 2
PAGE 406              
230 265 HOBEN Sylvia Head F W 45
    HOBEN Louisa Daughter F S 24
    HOBEN Ronald Son M S 22
    HOBEN Frank Son M S 21
  266 CLUETT Esau Son M S 24
    CLUETT Alfreda Daughter F S 19
231 267 OSMOND Michael Head M M 28
    OSMOND Annie Wife F M 36
    OSMOND Tryphenia Daughter F S 4
    OSMOND Charles Son M S 11 Mos
    OSMOND Dora Daughter F S 10
    OSMOND Vera Daughter F S 7
232 268 CLUETT T Stephen Head M M 33
    CLUETT Tryphena Wife F M 30
    CLUETT Annie Daughter F S 10
    CLUETT Cluda (?) Daughter F S 5
    CLUETT Jane Esther Daughter F S 2
233 269 TIBBS Jacob Head M M 43
    TIBBS Susan Wife F M 37
    TIBBS George William Son M S 20
    TIBBS Herbert Son M S 17
    TIBBS Merril Son M S 14
PAGE 407              
    TIBBS Annie Daughter F S 8
    TIBBS Harold Son M S 6
    ADAMS Maud Servant F S 12
234 270 BOND Jacob Head M M 58
    BOND Harriett Wife F M 52
    BOND Frank Son M S 24
    BOND Arthur Son M S 19
    BOND Levi Son M S 17
    BOND Stanley Son M S 15
    BOND Felix Son M S 13
235 271 CLUETT Matthew Stephen Head M W 55
  272 CLUETT John Stephen Head M M 30
    CLUETT Alice Wife F M 28
    CLUETT Marjorie Daughter F S 3
    CLUETT Jane Melita Daughter F S 1
236 273 CLUETT William Head M M 54
    CLUETT Cecelia Wife F M 49
    CLUETT Melinda Daughter F S 24
    CLUETT Violet * Daughter S S 22
* NOTE: Violet was crossed out on the page. Included here for reference
    CLUETT Garfield Son M S 18
    CLUETT Laura Daughter F S 16
    CLUETT Mildred Daughter F S 15
    CLUETT Bertha Daughter F S 13
    CLUETT Leo Son M S 10
  274 CLUETT Matthew Jr Head M M 22
    CLUETT Maud Wife F M 19
    CLUETT Baby Son M S 21days
237 275 TAPPER William Head M M 44
    TAPPER May Annie Wife F M 40
    TAPPER Leslie Victor Son M S 18
    TAPPER Jane Ethel Daughter F S 15
    TAPPER Laura Daughter F S 13
    TAPPER Henry Willis Son M S 10
PAGE 408              
    TAPPER Anna Mother F W 77
238 276 CLUETT Arthur Head M M 66
    CLUETT Ruth Wife F M 62
    CLUETT William George Son M S 25
239 277 CLUETT Aaron William Head M W 50
    CLUETT Lucy Daughter F S 21
    CLUETT Wilson Son M S 18
240 278 BOND Thomas Head M M 42
    BOND Louisa Wife F M 35
    BOND Azariah Son M S 11
    BOND Derick Son M S 3
241 279 MILES James Philip Head M M 39
    MILES Gertie Wife F M 37
    MILES Clement Son M S 17
    MILES Eli Michael Son M S 10
    MILES Harriet Daughter F S 9
    MILES Angus Son M S 5
    MILES Emma Daughter F S 2
242 280 OSMOND George Head M W 65
    OSMOND Charlie Head M M 28
    OSMOND Florence Wife F M 21
243 281 OSMOND James Head M M 37
    OSMOND Emily Wife F M 39
    OSMOND Partick Son M S 11
244 282 RIDEOUT Benjamin John Head M M 44
    RIDEOUT Jemima Wife F M 45
    RIDEOUT Arch Son M S 25
    RIDEOUT Gertie Daughter F S 22
    RIDEOUT Emma Daughter F S 18
    RIDEOUT John Son M S 17
    RIDEOUT Eli Son M S 13
    RIDEOUT Bertha Daughter F S 10
    RIDEOUT Bridget Daughter F S 6
PAGE 409              
    RIDEOUT Raymond Clayton Son M S 3
245 283 BOND George Head M W 56
    BOND Hilda Daughter F S 22
246 284 CLUETT M John Head M M 44
    CLUETT Ethel Elsie Wife F M 37
    CLUETT Jane Beatrice Daughter F S 12
    CLUETT Gordon Son M S 9
    CLUETT Jessie Daughter F S 6
    CLUETT Albert Son M S 4
    CLUETT Abrey (sic) (?) Son M S 1
247 285 CLUETT Matthew Head M M 65
    CLUETT Jemina Wife F M 61
    CLUETT Edwin Son M S 19
    CLUETT Effie Daughter F S 12
248 286 CLUETT John Head M M 37
    CLUETT Dinah Wife F M 37
PAGE 410              
No Entry No Entry CROSS Clara No Entry F S 20
No Entry No Entry OSMOND Almeda No Entry F S 17
No Entry No Entry DOUGLAS William No Entry M S 25
No Entry No Entry CLUETT George No Entry M S 28
PAGE 356              
No Entry No Entry MILES Mary No Entry F S 26 (?)

Transcribed Anne Keating by (November 2005)

Verified to Original Pages (November 2005 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Monday May 02, 2016 (Don Tate)

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