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1935 Census of Newfoundland.

District of Fortune Bay, Burgeo-LaPoile
Section from Cul de Sac East (exc) to Fox Is. Hr. (inc)

Microfilm Reel # M-8049, Vol 7 & 8,
Pages 403 - 413

Community of



REL=relationship to head of household
STA=marital status
AGE=age at last birthday



Where writing in the original is difficult to decipher, the word(s) are placed
in brackets with a question mark to indicate that that's what it looks like.



PAGE 403              
85 107 DURNFORD John Robert Head M M 34
    DURNFORD Eliza Jean Wife F M 29
    DURNFORD James Samuel Son M S 9
    DURNFORD Edwin Son M S 7
86 108 WARREN Thomas Head M M 58
    WARREN Charlotte Wife F M 56
    WARREN James Son M S 9
    FUDGE George Lodger M W 62
87 109 La FOSSE George Head M M 34
    La FOSSE Sarah Maud Wife F M 29
    La FOSSE Hartley Son M S 7
    MARSDEN Etta Domestic F S 20
88 110 ANDREWS Edward Head M M 27
    ANDREWS Elizabeth Wife F M 25
    ANDREWS Winnie Florence Dau F S 4
    ANDREWS Caroline Minnie Dau F S 8mos
89 111 FUDGE Samuel Levi Head M M 34
    FUDGE Rebecca Wife F M 36
PAGE 404              
    FUDGE Ronald Son M S 14
90 112 DURNFORD Reuben Head M M 64
    DURNFORD Rachel Wife F M 58
  113 PRIDDLE John Head M M 39
    PRIDDLE Susanna Wife F M 35
    PRIDDLE James Matthew Son M S 17
    PRIDDLE Eleanor Dau F S 14
    PRIDDLE George Reuben Son M S 11
    PRIDDLE Nelson Son M S 8
    PRIDDLE Gladys Carter Dau F S 4
    PRIDDLE Sarah Charlotte Dau F S 4
    McDONALD George William Shareman * M W 39
    WARREN John Shareman * M S 24
*Transcriber's Note: A shareman was one of the crew of a fishing vessel who received a part or "share" of the catch instead of wages.
91 114 CHILDS George William Head M M 54
    CHILDS Esther Ann Wife F M 39
    CHILDS Caroline Dau F S 11
    CHILDS Beatrice Dau F S 2
    CHILDS Elizabeth Mother F W 74
    HARDY Wilfred Step-son M S 19
92 115 DURNFORD Samuel Richard Head M M 34
    DURNFORD Rebecca Elizabeth Wife F M 21
    DURNFORD John Richard Son M S 4
    DURNFORD Flora Dau F S 2
    DURNFORD Violet Dau F S 3mos
    DURNFORD Ellen MIL F W 58
93 116 DURNFORD Moses Head M M 48
    DURNFORD Emily Wife F M 44
    DURNFORD Maxwell Son M S 19
    DURNFORD Harvey Son M S 15
94 117 MARSDEN Simeon Head M M 33
    MARSDEN Emily Wife F M 29
    MARSDEN Kenneth Son M S 8
    MARSDEN Eveline Dau F S 4
90 112 (NEAL ?) James Shareman M S 26
Note at bottom of page noted he had been omitted from Family 112.
PAGE 405              
    MARSDEN Clarence Heyward Son M S 2
    MARSDEN Susie Mother F W 70
95 118 DURNFORD Samuel Head M M 62
    DURNFORD Elizabeth Frances Wife F M 58
    DURNFORD John Philip Son M S 21
  119 FUDGE Esau Durnford Head M M 25
    FUDGE Eva Frances Wife F M 24
96 120 DURNFORD George Robert Head M M 35
    DURNFORD Wilhelmina Wife F M 35
    DURNFORD Alexander Son M S 14
    DURNFORD Elizabeth Dau F S 12
    DURNFORD George Son M S 9
    DURNFORD Harold Son M S 7
    DURNFORD June Dau F S 3
97 121 DURNFORD Alexander Head M M 33
    DURNFORD Sarah Wife F M 32
    DURNFORD Hilda Dau F S 12
    DURNFORD John Edgar Son M S 9
    DURNFORD Clyde Son M S 3
98 122 MARSDEN Aaron Head M M 74
    MARSDEN Sarah Wife F M 65
  123 MARSDEN George Joshua Head M M 29
    MARSDEN Catherine Wife F M 19
99 124 DOLIMOUNT Thomas Head M M 50
    DOLIMOUNT Susanna Harriet Wife F M 43
    DOLIMOUNT Albert Son M S 22
    DOLIMOUNT Elsie Dau F S 16
100 125 MARSDEN Susie Head F W 62
    MARSDEN Emanuel Son M S 29
    MARSDEN James Samuel Son M S 18
    PINK Margaret Grand Dau F S 8
101 126 DOLIMOUNT John Thomas Head M M 41
    DOLIMOUNT Harriet Jane Wife F M 33
PAGE 406              
    DOLIMOUNT Levi Son M S 13
    DOLIMOUNT George Lawrence Son M S 11
    DOLIMOUNT Rosanna Dau F S 5
102 127 MARSDEN James Head M W 43
    MARSDEN Garfield Son M S 18
    MARSDEN Nina Elizabeth Dau F S 16
    MARSDEN Phyllis Dau F S 12
    MARSDEN John Son M S 9
NOTE: John was crossed out on the original page and is included here for reference.
    MARSDEN Allan Son M S 7
103 128 FUDGE John Head M M 64
    FUDGE Jane Wife F M 54
    FUDGE Rebecca Elizabeth Dau F S 20
104 129 MARSDEN Matthew Head M M 36
    MARSDEN Mary Florence Wife F M 35
    MARSDEN Ada Dau F S 10
    MARSDEN John Nephew M S 10
  130 HARDY Stephen Head M M 69
    HARDY Eleanor Wife F M 65
105 131 CARTER Edward G. Head M W 49
    CARTER George Herny Son M S 22
    CARTER Abram John Son M S 17
    CARTER Sarah Mother F W 75
    PINK Berthina Domestic F S 17
  132 FUDGE William Henry Head M M 30
    FUDGE Sarah Grace Wife F M 20
    FUDGE James Edward Son M S 11mos
106 133 PINK Stephen Head M M 71
    PINK Elizabeth Wife F M 60
  134 LUSHMAN James Head M M 28
    LUSHMAN Abigail Wife F M 22
    LUSHMAN Minnie Florence Dau F S 2
107 135 DURNFORD Charles Head M M 56
    DURNFORD Jane Wife F M 50
PAGE 407              
    ANDERSON John William Adop Son M S 17
108 136 DURNFORD Robert Head M M 63
    DURNFORD Rosanna Wife F M 43
    DURNFORD John Robert Son M S 16
    DURNFORD Roy Son M S 10
    DURNFORD Morgan Son M S 9
    BARTER James Step-son M S 21
109 137 DURNFORD James Richard Head M M 32
    DURNFORD Sarah Ann Wife F M 29
110 138 CARTER Stephen Head M M 47
    CARTER Fannie Wife F M 41
    CARTER Annie Maria Dau F S 22
    CARTER Maud Dau F S 13
  139 CARTER Martin Head M M 72
    CARTER Anne Wife F M 67
111 140 MARSDEN John Head M M 41
    MARSDEN Elizabeth Wife F M 40
    MARSDEN James Stephen Son M S 16
    MARSDEN Stuart Son M S 13
    MARSDEN Maria Beatrice Dau F S 3
112 141 WASHMAN Frank Head M M 28
    WASHMAN Olive Wife F M 28
    WASHMAN Gladys Dau F S 9
    WASHMAN Leo Son M S 4
    WASHMAN Ralph Son M S 1mo
113 142 CHILDS Samuel Head M M 40
    CHILDS Martha Lillian Wife F M 36
    CHILDS Bertha Maud Dau F S 16
    CHILDS Robert Son M S 14
    CHILDS James Son M S 9
    CHILDS Maria Mother F W 72
114 143 CHILDS George Head M M 35
    CHILDS Berthina Wife F M 32
PAGE 408              
    CHILDS Martha Ellen Dau F S 11
    CHILDS Hannah Dau F S 6
    CHILDS Jessie Dau F S 4
    CHILDS Cecil Son M S 1
115 144 FUDGE Samuel Robert Head M M 32
    FUDGE Maggie Wife F M 30
    FUDGE Jessie Dau F S 10
    FUDGE Leslie Son M S 8
    FUDGE Samuel Robert Son M S 6
    FUDGE John William Son M S 2
116 145 FUDGE Robert Head M M 58
    FUDGE Caroline Wife F M 53
    FUDGE George William Son M S 21
    FUDGE Nathan Harold Son M S 13
117 146 SKINNER Benjamin Head M M 38
    SKINNER Catherine May Wife F M 27
    SKINNER Olive Dau F S 7
118 147 DURNFORD William Head M M 61
    DURNFORD Elizabeth Wife F M 54
    DURNFORD Charles Son M S 16
    DURNFORD Hubert Son M S 13
119 148 ANDREWS Luke Head M M 59
    ANDREWS Caroline Wife F M 55
    ANDREWS Abraham Son M S 23
    ANDREWS Edna Dau F S 16
  149 ANDREWS Frank Head M M 25
    ANDREWS Lizzie Wife F M 24
120 150 ANDREWS Lewis Head M M 57
    ANDREWS Olive Wife F M 49
    ANDREWS Hughie Son M S 20
    ANDREWS John Son M S 17
    PINK Winifred Niece-in-law F S 7
  151 CARTER Abram Head M M 27
PAGE 409              
    CARTER Sarah Wife F M 25
121 152 TOUCHINGS Joseph William Head M M 57
    TOUCHINGS Emily Catherine Wife F M 54
    TOUCHINGS Violet Dau F S 25
    TOUCHINGS May Dau F S 20
    TOUCHINGS Joseph Son M S 13
    TOUCHINGS Harry Son M S 11
122 153 COLEY John Head M M 26
    COLEY Sarah Wife F M 23
123 154 ANDREWS Eli Head M M 56
    ANDREWS Elizabeth Wife F M 42
    ANDREWS Agnes Dau F S 18
    ANDREWS Ruth Dau F S 15
    ANDREWS James Son M S 11
  155 SKINNER Robert Head M M 26
    SKINNER Mary Ann Wife F M 21
    SKINNER Clyde Son M S 1
124 156 DOLIMOUNT John William Head M M 46
    DOLIMOUNT Catherine Wife F M 42
    DOLIMOUNT Wallace Son M S 21
    DOLIMOUNT Samuel Son M S 17
    DOLIMOUNT Sarah Winifred Dau F S 10
  157 FUDGE Isaac Benjamin Head M M 29
    FUDGE Rosanna Wife F M 24
    FUDGE Harold Son M S 5
    FUDGE Edith Dau F S 7mos
125 158 DOLIMOUNT John Head M M 68
    DOLIMOUNT Mary Ann Wife F M 74
  159 DOLIMOUNT Norman Head M M 32
    DOLIMOUNT Bessie Wife F M 33
    PARSONS Chesley Adop Son M S 12
  160 McDONALD Maxwell Head M M 31
    McDONALD Sarah Wife F M 25
PAGE 410              
    McDONALD Lydia Dau F S 4
    McDONALD Ruby Dau F S 11mos
126 161 DOLIMOUNT Edward Levi Head M M 26
    DOLIMOUNT May Wife F M 23
    DOLIMOUNT Leta (sic) Dau F S 9mos
127 162 DOLIMOUNT Sarah Head F W 46
    DOLIMOUNT James Archibald Son M S 20
    DOLIMOUNT Llewellyn Son M S 15
128 163 DOLIMOUNT Charles Head M M 38
    DOLIMOUNT Maggie Wife F M 30
    DOLIMOUNT Raymond Son M S 12
    DOLIMOUNT William Son M S 4
    DOLIMOUNT Leah Dau F S 4
    DOLIMOUNT Jane Mother F W 62
129 164 DOLIMOUNT Lewis Head M M 65
    DOLIMOUNT Annie Jane Wife F M 52
130 165 ANDREWS Samson Head M M 28
    ANDREWS Lucy Wife F M 28
    ANDREWS Walter Son M S 5
    ANDREWS Lillian Dau F S 2
131 166 SPENCER James Head M M 31
    SPENCER Elizabeth Wife F M 29
132 167 DURNFORD James Head M W 70
    DURNFORD Arthur Robert Son M M 43
    DURNFORD Edith Jane Daughter in Law F M 39
    DURNFORD John Henry Grandson M S 19
    DURNFORD Janet Granddau F S 16
    DURNFORD William Levi Grandson M S 14
    DURNFORD Ida Elizabeth Granddau F S 12
    DURNFORD Arthur Reginald Grandson M S 7
    DURNFORD James Gordon Grandson M S 4
    DURNFORD Mary Eva Philips Granddau F S 1
PAGE 411              
133 168 YOUNG Frank Head M M 23
    YOUNG Mabel May Wife F M 21
134 169 DURNFORD George Richard Head M M 58
    DURNFORD Maggie Wife F M 54
    DURNFORD John Robert Son M S 21
    DURNFORD Richard Gordon Son M S 16
    DURNFORD Fannie Jensen Dau F S 14
135 170 CARTER Samuel Head M M 44
    CARTER Rachel Wife F M 41
    CARTER Anna Dau F S 14
    PARSONS James William Adop Son M S 14
136 171 CARTER James Head M M 52
    CARTER Clara Wife F M 50
    CARTER Reuben Joseph Son M S 20
    CARTER Samuel Son M S 18
    CARTER Irene Dau F S 13
    CARTER Elizabeth Aunt F W 59
  172 CARTER Edward Head M M 25
    CARTER Julia Wife F M 22
    CARTER Douglas Son M S 2
    CARTER Maria Dau F S 10mos
137 173 CARTER Reuben Head M M 39
    CARTER Sarah Elizabeth Wife F M 36
    CARTER Rosanna Dau F S 18
    CARTER Bessie Dau F S 16
    CARTER Edward Levi Son M S 12
    CARTER Edith Dau F S 8
    CARTER Rita Dau F S 5
    CARTER Hannah Mother F W 77
138 174 JANES Annie Head F W 47
    CARTER Walter Son M S 27
    CARTER George Edward Son M S 21
    CARTER Susanna Dau F S 19
PAGE 412              
    CARTER Reuben Son M S 17
    CARTER Archibald Son M S 14
139 175 CARTER William Head M M 24
    CARTER Effie Wife F M 24
    CARTER Lloyd Son M S 4
140 176 DURNFORD James Samuel Head M M 49
    DURNFORD Elizabeth Wife F M 43
    DURNFORD James Robert Son M S 19
    DURNFORD Myrtle Dau F S 17
    DURNFORD Millie Jane Dau F S 12
    DURNFORD William Archibald Son M S 10
    DURNFORD Alice Dau F S 6
    DURNFORD Corwin Son M S 1
    DURNFORD Mary Myrtle Granddau F S 4
    PRIDDLE Sarah Mother in Law F W 75
141 177 DURNFORD Robert Head M M 79
    DURNFORD Amelia Wife F M 67
    DURNFORD George Robert Grandson M S 20
  178 DURNFORD George Wm. Head M W 39
    DURNFORD Catherine Dau F S 18
    DURNFORD Annie James Dau F S 16
    DURNFORD Jack Son M S 13
    DURNFORD Eric Son M S 11
    DURNFORD Julia Elizabeth Dau F S 9
    KING John Servant M S 28
    GREEN Clayton Servant M S 24
    JANES Martin Servant M S 20
142 179 LA FOSSE Jabez Head M M 65
    LA FOSSE Rachel Wife F M 58
    LA FOSSE James William Son M S 17
143 180 RICKETTS Albert Head M M 34
    RICKETTS Louisa May Wife F M 24
    RICKETTS Eileen Dau F S 4
PAGE 413              
    RICKETTS John Robert Son M S 2
144 181 DURNFORD Benjamin Head M M 42
    DURNFORD Amelia Wife F M 42
    DURNFORD Gilbert Son M S 19
    DURNFORD Lucy Jane Dau F S 17
    DURNFORD Benjamin Son M S 11
    DURNFORD Frank Andrew Son M S 6
    DURNFORD Esau Son M S 4
  182 THORNE George Head M M 37
    THORNE Mary Wife F M 33
    THORNE Jane Dau F S 8
    THORNE Matthew Son M S 4
    THORNE Jane Mother F W 72

Transcribed by Ron St. Croix, (February 2002)
Revised: February 2002 (Dan Breen)

Page Last Modified: Sunday December 06, 2015 (Don Tate)

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