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1935 Census of Newfoundland.

Microfilm Reel # M-8049, Vol 7 & 8,
Pages 430 - 436.

District of Fortune Bay, Burgeo & LaPoile.
Section from Cul de Sac East (exc) to Fox Is. Hr. (inc).

Town of Fox Island Harbour.

REL=relationship to head of household, STA=marital status,G=gender, AGE=age at last birthday. Where writing in the original is difficult to read, the word(s) will be placed in bracketswith a question mark to indicate that that's what it looks like.
245 300 McDONALD John Thomas Head M W 29
    McDONALD Ezekiel Father M M 79
    McDONALD Emma Mother F M 74
    McDONALD Edith Niece F S 19
246 301 McDONALD Edward Head M M 48
    McDONALD Augusta Wife F M 39
    McDONALD Cyril Son M S 5
247 302 BUNTER John Head M M 38
    BUNTER Violet Wife F M 32
    BUNTER Louisa Dau F S 12
    BUNTER Emily Mother F W 67
248 303 PORTER Elizabeth Head F W 57
    PORTER Dora Dau F S 28
    PORTER Alan Son M S 24
    PORTER Florence Dau F S 20
249 304 WARREN Albert Head M S 55
    WARREN John Brother M S 44
250 305 BUNTER James Head M M 41
    BUNTER Beatrice Wife F M 35
    BUNTER Myrtly Dau F S 12
    BUNTER Dorman Son M S 9
    BUNTER Elizabeth Dau F S 7
    BUNTER Harvey Son M S 5
PAGE 431              
    BUNTER James Son M S 2
  306 YOUNG Thomas Head M S 24
    YOUNG Rita May Wife F M 17
251 307 VARDY Edward Head M S 40
    VARDY Annie Mother F W 73
252 308 HAYMAN John Head M M 32
    HAYMAN Josephine Wife F M 27
    HAYMAN Annie Elizabeth Dau F S 8
    HAYMAN Garland Son M S 6
253 309 MARKS John Head M M 66
    MARKS Annie Wife F M 60
    MARKS John Thomas Son M S 21
254 310 WARREN Samuel Edward Head M M 48
    WARREN Elizabeth Frances Wife F M 42
    WARREN Gladys Dau F S 15
    WARREN James Father M W 82
255 311 VARDY George Head M M 42
    VARDY Annie Wife F M 37
    VARDY Florence Dau F S 18
    VARDY Abram Son M S 14
    VARDY Stanley Son M S 10
    VARDY Samuel Son M S 6
    VARDY Minnie Dau F S 3
    VARDY Louis Norman Son M S 1mo
256 312 VARDY John Head M M 47
    VARDY Lucy Maud Wife F M 40
    VARDY Ward Son M S 23
    VARDY George Son M S 15
    VARDY Annie Dau F S 13
    VARDY Ettie Dau F S 11
    VARDY Thelma Dau F S 9
    VARDY Ethel Jane Dau F S 7
    VARDY Norman Son M S 4
    VARDY Raymond Son M S 2
PAGE 432              
257 313 COLEY John William Head M M 66
    COLEY Sarah Wife F M 51
258 314 COLEY Elizabeth Ann Head F W 60
  315 WARREN Fred Head M M 28
    WARREN Bertha Wife F M 23
    WARREN Annie Dau F S 6
    WARREN Dorothy Dau F S 3
    WARREN Elizabeth Dau F S 8mos
259 316 HAYMAN John Abram Head M M 24
    HAYMAN Diana Wife F M 21
    HAYMAN Hilda Dau F S 4
    HAYMAN Hartley Son M S 2
    HAYMAN Grace Dau F S 8mos
    HAYMAN Emma Mother F W 60
260 317 COLEY Joseph Head M M 51
    COLEY Mary Wife F M 44
    COLEY Kenneth Son M S 25
    COLEY Joseph Son M S 22
    COLEY Emma Dau F S 19
    COLEY James Son M S 17
    COLEY John Son M S 15
    COLEY Cassie Dau F S 13
    COLEY Sarah Dau F S 12
261 318 COLEY Minnie Head F W 38
    COLEY George Son M S 18
    COLEY Emily Dau F S 15
    COLEY Ivan Son M S 11
    COLEY Hester Jane Dau F S 8
262 319 COLEY James Head M M 41
    COLEY Elsie Wife F M 31
    COLEY Wilhelmina Dau F S 11
    COLEY Rubina Dau F S 4mos
    COLEY Elizabeth Mother F W 86
PAGE 433              
263 320 COLEY Reuben Head M M 54
    COLEY Susan Wife F M 54
    COLEY Alexander Son M S 22
264 321 COLEY William Head M M 32
    COLEY Ellen Jane Wife F M 28
    COLEY Thomas Reuben Son M S 6
    COLEY Michael Son M S 4
    KEEPING Ellen Aunt-in-law F W 65
265 322 HAYMAN John Head M M 70
    HAYMAN Edith Wife F M 62
  323 HAYMAN Samuel Head M M 39
    HAYMAN Blanche Wife F M 33
    HAYMAN Ernest Son M S 15
    HAYMAN Elizabeth Jane Dau F S 13
    HAYMAN Maggie Dau F S 11
    HAYMAN Edgar Dau F S 6
266 324 ROSE Hubert Head M W 64
    ROSE George Son M M 24
    ROSE Harriet Daughter in Law F M 21
267 325 COLEY Thomas Head M W 58
    COLEY Ward Son M M 24
    COLEY Bessie Daughter in Law F M 23
    COLEY Sadie Grand dau F S 6
    COLEY Ada Grand dau F S 8mos
268 326 WARREN Henry Head M M 47
    WARREN Rebecca Wife F M 47
    WARREN Gertrude Dau F S 15
269 327 PORTER Edwin Head M M 31
    PORTER Anna Belle Wife F M 26
    PORTER Beulah Dau F S 7
    PORTER Rosanna Dau F S 5
    PORTER Edna Dau F S 2
270 328 ROSE Simeon Head M M 39
PAGE 434              
    ROSE Christina Wife F M 31
    ROSE Mary Dau F S 10
    ROSE Irene Dau F S 9
    ROSE Maxwell Son M S 7
    ROSE Vera Dau F S 5
    ROSE Sarah Maria Dau F S 4
271 329 HAYMAN Benjamin Head M W 56
    HAYMAN Benjamin (Jr.) Son M S 23
    HAYMAN Millie Dau F S 19
    HAYMAN Annie Dau F S 16
    HAYMAN Samuel Son M S 12
272 330 PORTER Louis Head M M 37
    PORTER Bessie Wife F M 34
    PORTER Gilbert Son M S 13
    PORTER Maud Dau F S 11
    PORTER Frank Son M S 8
    PORTER Cecil Son M S 6
    PORTER Leona Dau F S 3
    PORTER Claude Son M S 7mos
    YOUNG Minnie Domestic F S 19
273 331 HAYMAN George Head M M 33
    HAYMAN Winifred Wife F M 29
    HAYMAN Ellen Dau F S 6
    HAYMAN Margaret Dau F S 4
    HAYMAN Gerald Son M S 2
274 332 WARREN Henry Edward Head M M 40
    WARREN Mary Ann Wife F M 34
    WARREN Menorah Dau F S 15
    WARREN Rosanna Dau F S 15
    WARREN Freeman Son M S 11
    WARREN Dorothy Dau F S 8
    WARREN Leah Dau F S 4
    WARREN Melinda Dau F S 1
PAGE 435              
    WARREN Edward Father M W 73
275 333 WARREN James Wm. Head M W 52
    WARREN Leah Dau F S 25
    WARREN Alice Dau F S 22
    WARREN John Francis Son M S 20
    WARREN Susanna Dau F S 18
    WARREN Bridget Grace Dau F S 12
    WARREN Nathan Son M S 10
    WARREN Annie Morris Grand dau F S 7mos
276 334 HAYMAN Hugh William Head M M 66
    HAYMAN Maria Wife F M 57
    HAYMAN Jessie Dau F S 15
    HAYMAN Benjamin Son M S 15
    HAYMAN Rosanna Niece F S 10
  335 HAYMAN Walter Head M W 22
    HAYMAN Wilfred Son M S 4
  336 ROSE John Head M M 22
    ROSE Deborah Wife F M 21
277 337 HAYMAN Alfred Head M M 42
    HAYMAN Lily Wife F M 37
    HAYMAN Gordon Son M S 16
    HAYMAN Maria Jane Dau F S 14
    HAYMAN Annie Dau F S 12
    HAYMAN Henry Son M S 8
    HAYMAN Grace Dau F S 6
    HAYMAN John William Son M S 8 days
278 338 WARREN George S. Head M M 50
    WARREN Elizabeth Wife F M 46
    WARREN John Henry Son M S 23
    WARREN Emanuel Son M S 19
    WARREN Edgar Son M S 16
279 339 McDONALD Edward Head M M (sic) 65
    McDONALD John William Son M M 40
PAGE 436              
    McDONALD Muriel Grand dau F S 12
    McDONALD Nathan Grand son M S 9
280 340 WARREN George Head M M 60
    WARREN Fanny Wife F M 55
    WARREN John Son M S 13
  341 ROSE Ernest Head M M 31
    ROSE Sarah Melinda Wife F M 28
    ROSE Susy Dau F S 6
    ROSE Clara Dau F S 4
281 342 HAYMAN Samuel F. Head M M 38
    HAYMAN Esther Jane Wife F M 41
    HAYMAN Winifred Dau F S 16
    GRANDY William H. Nephew-in-law M S 18
    McDONALD Ernest Servant M S 23

Contributed and Transcribed by Ron St. Croix (September 2002)

Page Last Modified: Sunday December 06, 2015 (Don Tate)

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