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This file "Verified to the original pages" (December 2005 - by Mary Rawlinson)

From Blanc Sablon to Henley Harbour

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PAGE 4              
25 25 ROBERTS Abram Head M M 56
    ROBERTS Louise Wife F M 54
    ROBERTS Malcolm Son M S 32
    ROBERTS Frederick Son M M 28
    ROBERTS Blanch Daughter F S 24
    ROBERTS Donald Son M S 22
    ROBERTS Lawrence Son M S 20
    ROBERTS Wilfred Son M S 19
    ROBERTS Austin Son M S 14
    ROBERTS Christiana Daughter F S 17
    ROBERTS Marjorie Daughter F S 13
26 26 CRITCH Ishmael Head M W 68
    CRITCH John Son M S 38
    CRITCH Milley Daughter F S 26
    CRITCH Clara Daughter F S 21
27 27 FLYNN Thomas Head M M 69
    FLYNN Julia Ann Wife F M 63
    FLYNN Stanley Son M S 26
    FLYNN Raymond Son M S 21
    FLYNN Leslie Son M S 19
    ISLAND Sarah Domestic F S 18
28 28 FLYNN Philip Head M W 63
    WELLMAN James Son M W 38
    WELLMAN Cecil Son M S 10
    WELLMAN Muriel Daughter F S 9
    BUCKLE Mary Domestic F S 18
29 29 FLYNN George Head M M 70
    FLYNN Louise Wife F M 54
    FLYNN Willis Son M S 28
    FLYNN Wilfred Son M S 24
    FLYNN Beatrice Daughter F S 14
30 30 HANCOCK Joseph Head M M 39
    HANCOCK Wilhelmina Wife F M 27
    HANCOCK Harold Son M S 8
    HANCOCK Lilly Maud Daughter F S 6
    HANCOCK William Henry Son M S 4
    HANCOCK Harriet Ann Daughter F S 2
    HANCOCK James Murdock Son M S 1 mo
    BUTT Bertha Domestic F S 14
31 31 HANCOCK Arthur Head M M 40
    HANCOCK Blanch Wife F M 32
    HANCOCK Gertie Daughter F S 12
    HANCOCK Edward Son M S 10
    HANCOCK Wallace Son M S 8
    HANCOCK Flora May Daughter F S 4
    HANCOCK Clyde Son M S 2
32 32 HANCOCK Henry Head M M 66
    HANCOCK Charlotte Wife F M 57
    HANCOCK Jeffrey Son M S 27
    HANCOCK Winnie Daughter F S 25
    HANCOCK Gerald Son M S 22
    HANCOCK Allen Son M S 19
    HANCOCK Garfield Son M S 16
PAGE 6              
33 33 SALTER George Head M M 64
    SALTER Bridget Wife F M 55
34 34 POST*1 William Head M M 44
    POST*1 Maud Wife F M 37
    POST*1 Florence M Daughter F S 7
35 35 SALTER John Head M M 52
    SALTER Elizabeth Wife F M 49
    SALTER Harold Son M S 21
    SALTER Bessie Daughter F S 19
    SALTER William Son M S 16
36 36 HANCOCK Albert Edward Head M M 62
    HANCOCK Mary Wife F M 55
    HANCOCK Philip James Son M S 30
    HANCOCK Marjorie Daughter F S 15
37 37 HANCOCK Frederick Head M M 51
    HANCOCK Hilda Wife F M 49
    HANCOCK Robert Son M S 21
    HANCOCK Evelyn Daughter F S 19
    HANCOCK William Son M S 15
    HANCOCK L??? Son M S 13
    HANCOCK Steward Son M S 8
38 38 BARRETTA Maria Head F W 74
    BARRETTA Augustine Son M S 35
    BARRETTA Mary Daughter F S 40
    BARRETTA Wesley Son M S 18
39 39 JAMES Steward H Head M M 31
    JAMES Clarissa Wife F M 27
40 40 JAMES William Head M M 70
    JAMES Mary Alice Wife F M 65
41 41 JAMES Thomas Head M M 39
    JAMES Belinda Wife F M 26
    JAMES Mary Amelia Daughter F S 4
PAGE 7              
42 42 NURSNEY Sebastion G Head F S 38
    BUCKLE Eliza Domestic F S 14
43 43 HART Archibald Head M W 74
    HART William E Son M S 40
    HART George A Son M S 28
44 44 HART Kelson Head M M 36
    HART Caroline Wife F M 24
    HART Charles Son M S 2
45 45 FLYNN William Head M M 75
    FLYNN Una Wife F M 68
46 46 FLYNN Edward D Head M M 45
    FLYNN Pearl Wife F M 27
    FLYNN William Son M S 5
    FLYNN Robert Son M S 3
    FLYNN Clifford Son M S 4 mos
47 47 DUMARESQ Philip Head M M 52
    DUMARESQ Elizabeth Wife F M 44
    DUMARESQ John Son M S 17
    DUMARESQ Lloyd Son M S 14
48 48 COOKMAN Hubert Head M M 52
    COOKMAN Anne Maud Wife F M 20
    COOKMAN Maisie Daughter F S 9 mos
49 49 FLYNN John Thomas Head M M 35
    FLYNN Alexandra Wife F M 32
    FLYNN Edward John Son M S 8
    FLYNN Alexander Son M S 5
    FLYNN William R Son M S 4
    FLYNN Percey Son M S 1
    DEMARESQ Flossie Domestic F S 13
50 50 CROFT William Head M M 63
    CROFT Matilda Wife F M 58
    CROFT William Son M S 34
  51 BELBEN Herbert Brother M M 62
51 52 DUMARESQ Archibald Head M M 58
    DUMARESQ Mary Wife F M 64
52 53 ROBERTS Esau Head M M 43
    ROBERTS Victoria Wife F M 42
    ROBERTS Reginald Son M S 12
    ROBERTS Edward Son M S 11
    ROBERTS Margaret Daughter F S 10
    ROBERTS Violet Daughter F S 8
53 54 ROBERTS William K Head M M 57
    ROBERTS Leonia Wife F M 53
    ROBERTS Eli Son M S 33
  55 ROBERTS Robert Son M M 23
    ROBERTS Beatrice Daughter F M 22
    ROBERTS Flora Daughter F S 14
    ROBERTS Irene Daughter F S 11
    ROBERTS Alberta Daughter F S 9
    ROBERTS Myrtle Daughter F S 6
54 56 ROBERTS Eli Head M M 55
    ROBERTS Gertrude Wife F M 41
    ROBERTS Lilly Daughter F S 9
    ROBERTS Almond Son M S 8
    ROBERTS Annie Daughter F S 6
    ROBERTS Kenneth Son M S 4
PAGE 9              
56 58 ROBERTS Maxwell Head M M 27
    ROBERTS Melca Wife F M 26
    ROBERTS Annie May Daughter F S 1
    BASTEN Raymond Head M S 26
57 59 BARNEY William Head M M 40
    BARNEY Mary Wife F M 41
    BARNEY Bella Daughter F S 14
    BARNEY Dorothy Daughter F S 11
    BARNEY Richard Son M S 9
    BARNEY William Son M S 6
    BARNEY Patricia Daughter F S 4
    BARNEY Beulah Daughter F S 3
    BARNEY Edward Son M S 8 mos
  60 BUCKLE Reuben Uncle M M 75
    BUCKLE Gracie Ann Aunt F M 63
58 61 BUCKLE John Head M M 38
    BUCKLE Maud Wife F M 31
    BUCKLE Fredrick Son M S 12
    BUCKLE Emma Daughter F S 8
    BUCKLE Lizzie Daughter F S 5
    BUCKLE Wallace Son M S 2
59 62 BARNEY Joseph Head M W 42
    BARNEY Moses Father M W 74
60   BUCKLE Alfred Head M W 55
    BUCKLE Victor Son M S 24
    BUCKLE Mary Daughter F S 17
    BUCKLE Marion Daughter F S 14
  63 BUCKLE James Head M M 72
    BUCKLE Phoebe Wife F M 68
    BUCKLE George Son M S 23
    BUCKLE Hedley Son M S 18
61 64 BUCKLE Henry Head M M 29
PAGE 10              
    BUCKLE Annie Wife F M 27
    BUCKLE Louise Daughter F S 2
62 65 BUCKLE John Francis Head M M 33
    BUCKLE Mary Ann Wife F M 28
    BUCKLE James Steward Son M S 4
    BUCKLE Hattie May Daughter F S 2
63 66 BUCKLE Thomas Head M M 50
    BUCKLE Mary Wife F M 46
    BUCKLE Norman Son M S 17
    BUCKLE Eliza Daughter F S 14
    BUCKLE Laura Daughter F S 7
64 67 GRIMM Ernest Head M M 54
    GRIMM Laura Wife F M 50
    GRIMM Stanley Son M S 24
    GRIMM Robert Son M S 19
    GRIMM Maxine Daughter F S 16
    GRIMM Gertie Daughter F S 13
    GRIMM Ethel Daughter F S 6
  68? GRIMM Harved Son M S 6
65 69 BUCKLE William Head M M 34
    BUCKLE Effie Wife F M 25
    BUCKLE Charlotte Roslie Daughter F S 1
    BELL Arthur Lamon Uncle M W 77
66 70 BELL Herbert John Head M M 37
    BELL Delilah Wife F M 27
    BELL Caroline Louise Daughter F S 7
    BELL Mildred Daughter F S 11 mos
67   BELL Robert Head M S 34
    BELL Emily Mother F W 68
    BELL James Brother M S 37
    BELL Ivy Sister F S 30
    BELL Chesley Brother M S 9
PAGE 11              
68   FRE??? William Head M M 23
    FRE??? Laura Wife F M 28
    FRE??? Annie Daughter F S 5
    FRE??? Robert L?? Son M S 1
69   BUCKLE Edward Thomas Head M M 39
    BUCKLE Virtue Wife F M 32
    BUCKLE Samuel Son M S 11
    BUCKLE Baxter Son M S 9
    BUCKLE Herbert Wilfred Son M S 6
    BUCKLE Lilly May Daughter F S 4
    BUCKLE Rosie Daughter F S 2
    BUCKLE Stella Daughter F S 2 mos
    BUCKLE Eliza Jane Mother F W 81
70   HARRIS Charles Head M M 78
    HARRIS Lizzie Wife F M 77
    BELBIN Arnold Son M S 25

Transcribed by Mary Rawlinsin (November 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (Decemberr 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

* See the following errata

POST*1 It is felt that the original enumerator spelled the name incorrectly, and that it should be "POOLE". Brenda Smith
Page Last Modified: Friday May 26, 2017

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